I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 396


Chapter 396 Diablo Super League of Legends

Before leaving the Metropolis, Harley went to the FBI headquarters to check All Watchmen-related secret files.

“We people are dying, retiring, retiring, out of date, what do you still care about us?” Laurie sighed then said, carrying a suitcase-sized metal box for her.

After opening it, there are dozens of cassettes, more than 100 documents, several photos and newspapers.

“Learn about it, so as not to encounter a suspended Metropolis Captain in a few days.”

Harry picked up the tape marked Metropolis Captain and stuffed it into the VCR. .

“He’s really dead, Magistrate is very cautious with the hood, and has never revealed his identity to the outside world, but Nelson (Metropolis Captain) was born in the military, and from the very beginning was recorded in the government and government. Archivesβ€””

“Ommaiga!” Harry exclaimed, staring.

After a few seconds of snowflakes, a very impactful picture suddenly popped up on the TV.

A real impact.

That’s right, the Hood Magistrate!

A black cloth bag with only the eye sockets exposed is wrapped around his neck, and a hemp rope noose as thick as a wrist hangs from his neck.

Bai Zhanji young man Harry didn’t know him, but he recognized it at a glance.

Because he’s wearing the Metropolitan Captain uniform.

What makes Harry want to complain in particular is that the overall uniform of the Metropolis Captain is red, while the Captain of the United States of Marvel next door, the uniform is mainly blue, apart from this, the uniforms of the two are in the style very similar.

“Shit, what are they two doing?” Harry cried.

“Can’t you see?” Laurie said with a sullen face.

“I know them – but why are they wearing uniforms and shooting small videos.”

The camera is almost stunned, and there were no pinhole cameras in those days.

Apparently they made the video themselves.

Shit, it’s a shame they figured it out, the Metropolis Captain was happy to cooperate. “

She thought of a video she saw in the 2020 Freud affirmative movement, black people sticking out their shoes, white women kneeling in front of him one by one, most mouth licking.

Metropolis Captain seems to be an extreme left white too.

Or, just conquered by the Big Black Ox-like hood Magistrate?

β€œNo matter how privately they are, they are the one Heroes of the era. And as the Hood Magistrate said, whether a militia or a watchman, every member is a human being.

You are insidious and cunning, even robbing Joan’s power, and turning your face ruthlessly, forcing Werther to hand over the secrets of kung fu, don’t we also recognize you as a qualified watchman? “Laurie said.

“Ai, I’m not sure right now whether the Watchers are heroes or not.” “Harry sighed.

Fast forward to finish playing the two short, men’s movies, and she changed another box.

Well, fast forward is not to see the ending, Instead, listen to the conversation between the two.

Communications in private situations can reveal more secrets.

For example, Hood Magistrate is preparing for divorce.

For example, Hooded Magistrate is very unhappy with the militia’s indifference to black victims.

For example

Well, I’m blind and only hear trivial things.

Harry rubbed her face in embarrassment and said, “Fortunately, the cameras in the 1930s and 1940s had low pixels and distorted sound, so I switched to high-definitionβ€””

“I hate that it’s not high-definition. “Lauri licked his lips, his face still full of interest.

Harry was dumbfounded.

Second box.

But this time the male lead was changed, no The Hood Magistrate again, but another white middle-aged man.

“Who is he? Unlike hundred dollar bills, is it a mothman? “Harry wondered.

Bill is also a handsome blond guy, but the man on TV has black hair.

“It’s Hoover, the most famous director of the FBI. “

“shit,” Harry said incredulously.

“See for yourself, the documentation has the answer.” ” Laurie pointed to the box.

Harry turned off the video recorder and looked at the text and photos first.

She was grinning and her views were broken.

The videotape is only for pediatrics.

The content recorded in the document is more exciting.

But it is mainly political.

Metropolis Captain hopes to pass Befriend Hoover and improve the militia’s social and political environment.

Look what Laurie did to Mr. Shadow.

As long as the FBI gets serious, all mortals’ Militia’, no one can escape.

This is completely different from the Justice League and the Avengers.

A large group of superpowers from Zhenglian and Avengers are not afraid of national power at all. .

But the most powerhouse in the militia is not necessarily comparable to Hawkeye and Black Widow.

Most of them are ordinary persons who rely on blood and courage.

Can’t get up.

In the end, the Metropolis Captain died at the hands of Hoover because of this tape.

Well, the tape was secretly filmed by the Metropolis Captain and used to Threatening Hoover.

On the surface Metropolis Captain died in a car accident. In fact, the car accident was arranged by the FBI director.

The bad thing about Metropolis Captain is actually pediatrics.


Compared with the profile of the joker, it is nothing compared to that.

The profile of the joker is palm thick, more than ninety-nine percent, and records the dirty work he did for the U.S. government and government Live.

Any American who sees that file must, like Hood Magistrate and Rorschach, firmly recognize the identity of the joker patriot.

The joker killed A lot of people, but he is not a cold-blooded butcher.

It doesn’t feel different from killing a pharaoh at all. The joker often falls into mental torture that violates morality, conscience and humanity because of the killing in the mission.

In fact, he suffers from mental illness, often needs to see a psychiatrist, and takes medicine every day.

The story of the joker’s single-handed solution to the political leaders of South America who oppose the United States, Harley only roughly skips , didn’t feel anything after watching it.

She was only attracted by the other three major events he participated in: First, he was very close with the Kennedy family, and Da Ken was as close to him as a good buddy. At the request of Daken’s wife, that is, the president’s wife, the joker killed Daken’s lover, Monroe.

Well, it was the world-famous sexy actress, Marilyn Monroe.

It was the comedian who sneaked into Monroe’s bedroom, injected her with an overdose of sleeping pills, and took Walk the diary that records Kennedy’s brother’s secrets.

The second event is related to the death of Daken.

The joker is a staunch supporter of President Daken, and Daken is also the biggest backstage of the Watchmen.

JFK is pretty much a watchman who doesn’t wear a uniform and doesn’t officially join the Watchmen.

In the forty-fifty era, the Metropolitan Captain had to rely on his ass and butt to protect his teammates. In the Kennedy era, in the 1960s, the Watchmen received 100% official support.

Not only was there no trouble with undercover agents or police officers looking for the watchmen, Kennedy also took the initiative to legislate for the watchmen, granting them the power to conceal their identities.

The Keene Act, which requires drag heroes to register with the authorities, comes from Nixon.

Kennedy and Nixon had completely opposite views. He advocated that cross-dressing heroes should cover their faces and conceal their identities to protect themselves. At the same time, the government and government should also believe in those heroes and hand over law enforcement and judicial power to cross-dressing. hero.

Let Manhattan Academicians join the militia and reorganize the militia into ‘Watchmen’, with President Daken’s shadow behind him.

Dakken was assassinated, Hoover did it.

Hoffer first used a mission to assassinate a foreign anti-American leader to transfer the joker away, and then arrange someone to get rid of Da Ken.

In less than ten years, the joker avenged his good friend Daken.

The reason why the comedian had to wait for several years, or in other words, to assassinate Hoover in 1972, was also related to the political environment at that time.

In fact, it is also about the third major event of the Joke – Joke helped Nixon kill his competitor Ken.

Aren’t Ken and Joke good buddies?

Yes, they are also good brothers.

The joker is even Xiao Ken’s campaign guarantor, and as a hero in disguise, he casts votes for Xiao Ken’s platform.

In opinion polls, Ken is far better than Nixon.

However, during the party’s pre-election period, Ken did two things that made the comedian very unhappy: First, Ken made a public and sharp attack on the United States’ Vietnam policy.

And the comedian was in Vietnam at the time.

He was the only one of the watchmen who actively responded to the call of the country and went to participate in the Vietnam War (Manhattan was sent, not actively).

When the news that the US military encountered difficulties in Vietnam came back to China, the joker made up his mind: the US must not lose!

In order to help the motherland win the war, he participated in the most dangerous raid missions, survived countless times, and dyed his hands with blood countless times. Harley saw more than one picture of a joker slaughtering a village with a flamethrower.

Little Ken told the joker that when he was elected, he would withdraw from Vietnam and publicly acknowledge the failures and crimes of the United States to the international community.

He asked the joker to be a ‘stained witness’.

The joker participated in the massacre and clean-up of the base area for many times.

There is no doubt that Xiao Ken is asking the joker to sacrifice himself to fulfill him.

If the joker opens up about the shit he’s done in Vietnam, he’ll be doomed.

Let’s not talk about drag heroes, jokers can’t even do it.

Little Ken said: Don’t worry, when I become president, I will give you an amnesty.

The laughing man agreed with a smile, and solemnly promised to his good friends: I swear to protect you and not let any enemy’s bullets touch you.

Turning his head, he broke Ken himself.

What does the comedian Beng Xiaoken have to do with Hoover and Nixon?

The joker first secretly took refuge with the old man who had exactly the same political views as himself – the old man even sent Manhattan Academicians to Vietnam in order to win the war – and then Hoover planned for the old man and arranged for assassin to enter. Xiao Ken’s speech party, in the chaos, the joker collapsed Xiao Ken who was behind him, creating the illusion that Xiao Ken was killed by assassin.

Dark Ken died of an assassination attempt. Of course, Ken took strict precautions. Ordinary means couldn’t kill him.

The joker’s ability to do dark work is too strong.

Nixon was still wary of him, but the President of the United States had too much dirty work to do, and he had to rely on a comedian like Daken for the next few years.

After becoming Lao Ni’s favorite and important minister, the joker can get rid of Old Hu without any trouble.

Old Nimer allowed the joker to kill Old Hu, and Old Hu’s younger brother also planned to take revenge – the Watergate incident.

As a result, the comedian came out and turned the major event that should have caused a sensation in the world into an insignificant little thing – a certain name was killed by the family, just like Monroe and countless anti-Americans. like foreign leaders.

“Dark, too dark, and too realistic! There’s no fairytale like a superhero should have.”

“Reality isn’t a fairytale.” Laurie sighed.

Harry threw away the folder and said in a complicated tone: “But your father is really good, the president and courtiers are like waves on the seashore, they have ups and downs, come and go, only he is always proud. Standing on the beach.”

The comedian violent death, but he did not die in a political struggle, but after retirement, he was killed by his teammate Pharaoh in a luxury apartment.

He died of fate.

In the early years, the joker tricked a generation of night owls into killing his teammates ‘Hood Magistrate’, and finally died at the hands of his teammates.

Killing teammates seems to have become a tradition for the Watchers.

No, the new Captain Harley has done the Manhattan Academician who did the Rorschach, and the Pharaoh who did the comedian.

The dark cycle of cause and effect.

(end of this chapter)

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