I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 399


Chapter 399 Demoness Hunting Squad

Lucy was brought by Jessica when she was an artist manager in Hollywood The last starlet.

Not well-known, she also played a supporting actress in a hit drama on a regional TV station.

But Jessica is very optimistic about her potential. Her acting skills are immature, but she is very spiritual and has a pleasing appearance. She has practiced taekwondo since she was a child.

The development route she made for her is to be a female star.

Therefore, when Tommy’s new action drama was cast in public, she used her connections to get a very good role for Lucy, who is a complete newcomer to the film industry.

As long as Lucy follows her requirements, obediently and honestly through the audition process, the casting director will definitely choose her.

But Lucy ‘rebelled’ at a critical moment, threatening her to get an endorsement for her “Nth Generation Hundred-Yuan Bills”, otherwise she wouldn’t go to the audition.

Jessica was almost mad when she got a phone call that changed her fate – Harley told her to go to Gotham to discuss being an agent for Superman.

“Hi, Jessie.”

Lucy’s figure has not changed. She loves fitness and still maintains a beautiful body line.

However, after not seeing each other for a few months, the arrogance and wildness in his eyes have almost disappeared, and there is a flattering smile on his face that has never been shown to her before.

“What’s the matter with me?” Jessica went straight to the point, not wanting to waste time.

Lucy cautiously said: “I heard that your Shining Stars also have a business of helping ordinary people become superheroes?

It’s the ‘Rising Star Project’, in Puppy. Toutiao advertises to invite people with lofty ideals to join the team of superheroes.”

Jessica smiled oddly, “Building superheroes is a traditional craft in my family.

For example, a generation The silk soul was ‘created’ by my grandfather.

Later the first generation of silk souls used the same method to cultivate the second generation of silk souls.”

“What do you think of me? You said that day that I am agile, can I join your Rising Star project?” Lucy looked at her eagerly.

Jessica shook her head and said, “No, you don’t have superpowers, and you don’t have the determination and will to become a hero.”

“The Rising Star Project is not the same as first under the heavens Martial. Is there any cooperation in Arts field?

Reserve heroes can go to Gotham to participate in martial skill training, have professional martial artist as teacher, and even get personal instruction from Gotham boxing champion Harley Quinn.” Lucy excitedly said.

“You don’t have what it takes to be a hero.”

“I do!”

Jessica asks: “Martial Arts training will make you You have pimples all over your body and your body is no longer symmetrical, would you like it?

After all, no muscles have no strength.

A heroine and a female star are completely different, one is really fighting for life, the other is fake Acting,”

Lucy said in disbelief, “Harley Quinn is the first Fist king in the United States, but her body is almost perfect.

Every girl who enters the gym for the first time , will take her photos and ask their fitness coaches if they can practice like her, the perfect fusion of women’s softness and health and vitality.”

“Don’t use her as an example. The meals are as plentiful as a palace feast, including foods high in sugar and fat, but she has never gained weight.

She exercises for more than four hours a day. Her muscle pimples aren’t as obvious as yours.” Jessica said enviously.

“If I join the superhero training camp, will she teach me the skills to maintain a perfect figure, with strength and figure.” Lucy asked eagerly.

“No, because there is no such skill at all. If so, do you think I don’t want to be as sassy and beautiful as her?”

“But Silk Soul also seems to have a good figure Ah.” Lucy said.

“The times have changed, and the silk soul will only be able to embroider its fists and embroider its legs, and it cannot be a hero at all in modern times.” Jessica sighed then said, “Let’s put it this way, either you have superpowers and eat innate talent.

Either you have the same perseverance and innate talent as Green Arrow and Bateman, and you have worked hard for many years to become a top Martial Arts Master.

By the way, you have to be rich, The million-dollar bulletproof armor can be changed at will, and all kinds of cool high-tech equipment are updated every few days.”

“Don’t superheroes need to be responsible for the appearance? You can arrange for me to join a certain hero squad. , I’m in charge of external affairs.”

Jessica shook her head again and again, “Don’t think about it, you have to become a hero before you can be accepted as a teammate by other heroes.

Change Be yourself, would you be happy to have Wonder Woman be the face, or an ordinary person with an unfathomable mystery?”

Having said that, she looked at her watch, frowned: “Lucy, let’s do it another day. Let’s talk, I have an appointment later.”

“You want to meet Spielberg?”

“How did you know?”

Jessica was surprised, did the front desk secretary dare to reveal her schedule to outsiders at will?

“My current manager is Lina, she told me it’s not a secret.

Superman is going to shoot a public service advertisement for the United Nations Foundation for Disabled Children, Spielberg himself came out. Hollywood knows what a sensation it is, and knows that advertising needs a heroine.”

Speaking of which, Lucy looked expectant and tentatively Q: “Do you think I’m a good fit? I’m tall and tall, 1.75 meters tall, and I just happen to play with Tearman.”

“You can’t, I’m arranging this ad for Superman for only one purposeβ€” β€” Dilute the difference of his Krypton bloodline and improve his affinity in the hearts of the people.

So, the heroine must be an amateur who is engaged in charity.

Lucy, I advise you to be down-to-earth, hone your acting skills and cultivate your contacts through small roles first, and don’t think about ascending to the skies with a single leap through crooked ways all day long.” Jessica said bluntly.

Lucy’s face turned red and white, and she left the office building with gloomy eyes.

In the lobby downstairs, a woman in business attire with thin lips and thin eyes and a big face saw her, stood up quickly, walked over and asked in a low voice, “How?”

“Then The wide-forehead splatter doesn’t care about the old feelings at all, and won’t give me the slightest benefit.” Lucy said with a grim expression.

“Ai, you were with her that day,” the pancake-faced woman sighed then said and fell silent.

If you didn’t accumulate good deeds in your early years, you don’t have any good news today. Who’s to blame?

“The new season of Game of Thrones is about to start, and I got you in touch with a Dothraki savage character, about three seconds of frontal shots,” she suggested.

“Female savage? Three more seconds?” Lucy called out, “As long as you have some ability, at least arrange for me to sleep with a famous director, and get a female second and third female lead. ?”

“Shh, keep your voice down, this is on the street, everyone is looking at you.”

The big cake-faced agent all blushed for her.

“Hi, are you Lucy Katie?”

A black man with a pointed mouth, monkey cheeks and a multi-colored head leaned over and looked at the ‘female hit star’ inexplicably. , smiled and handed over a black card, saying: “Your conditions are really outstanding, you can try this place, and the people there can fulfill all your wishes.”

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Lucy asked suspiciously.

“I’m just a nobody sending out hope, you don’t need to pay attention to me.” The short black man laughed, put his hands in his pockets, hummed and walked away.

Lucy looked down at the card in her hand, like the darkness of the night, like the twisted words flowing out of blood: Ernstrom Street, 1247, DreamWorks Store Seven.

“Lina, does DreamWorks have a branch?” she asked in confusion.

The pie-faced agent thought for a while and said, “It should have nothing to do with DreamWorks Studios.”

Lucy gently fumbled for the black card in her hand, and a feeling of difficulty rose in her heart. Restrain the urge.

“Let’s go and see.”

An hour later, they came to the front of a large estate by the sea.

The agent Lina was uneasy, “It seems that few people come to the manor.”

“It is close to Marbury and is a typical wealthy area, of course, it is not as noisy as the city. Lucy was even more excited, walked to the big iron gate, and tapped the ring on the door lightly.

In just a few seconds, a fat white man in a tuxedo trotted over, “Sorry for keeping the two guests waiting, come in quickly.”

“You’re waiting for me. ?” Lucy asked suspiciously.

“DreamWorks No. 7 store is always waiting for all those who have dreams, come in and talk.”

Fatty opened the door and laughed out his hand to invite.

Lucy handed over the black card and said hesitantly, “Someone gave me this and said you could help me realize my dream.”

“I understand.”

fatty didn’t change his expression and didn’t reach for the card, he just led the two girls into the hall.

“Oumai, she’s Jennifer?”

As soon as they entered the door, they saw a new Hollywood actress, wearing a sexy rhinestone-studded mini dress, Talk and laugh and enter the elevator with a middle age person who looks like a steward.

“You can be her too.” The fat white man said softly.

“What can you do for me?” Lucy’s eyes lit up.

“We only do one thing, to satisfy all your wishes.”

“What about the conditions? What do we need to pay?” The agent asked quickly.

fatty curled his lips into a smile, and there was a kind of weirdness in his kind smile, “It’s very simple, sign a contract with us.”

Ten minutes later, the female agent returned by herself. Going to the car outside the gate, Lucy changed into a sexy short skirt similar to Jennifer’s, black stockings, and hollow high heels.

Following the fat man, her heart was pounding, not fear.

She guessed what she was about to do, but she would gladly trade her youthful body for a bright future with starlight.


The elevator stopped on the fifth floor, the door hadn’t opened yet, and the loud music and laughter of men and women came to my ears.

The elevator doors were opened to both sides, and a pink mist wafted towards him. The smell of fishy sweetness was inhaled into the abdominal cavity. Lucy’s pupils instantly turned red, and her expression became excited and hazy.

Overhead is a huge glass dome that reflects a dreamlike brilliance under the lights.

In front of it is an indoor swimming pool. The water in the pool is bright red, and the water vapor of pink comes out, so that the whole hall is shrouded in red mist.

“Haha, the second Crown Prince, another newcomer is here. Today you are the guest of honor. You will enjoy it first.” From the depths of the fog.

Lucy smiled shyly, a shy flush on her cheeks.

Part of her mind is sober, she can see, hear and feel, and she knows what she’s doing.

But she is confused again, losing the normal response to what she hears and sees.

For example, when she was near the swimming pool, what she saw was not a puddle of water, but a thick, snot-like flesh and blood mud, full of fermented stench and filth.

For example, the fat gentleman next to her has taken off his human form and has a big pig’s head on his neck.

For example, on the lounge chairs behind the pool, there was not a single human being among the VIPs who were carefully served by several actresses.

Lucy seems to have been installed with a navigator, and automatically walks to the man who is 2.5 meters tall, with rough skin and a pair of yellow eyes on his forehead, and the sweetheart star Jennifer. Together.

Sannomiya Crown Prince drowsily said: “Belur, how are you thinking? Would you like to join my demoness to hunt the squad?”

(end of this chapter)

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