I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 403


Chapter 403 Gordon & Bateman

The week before Christmas Eve.

The night is like thick black ink, splashed on Gotham Pier Seven.

The rain fell, like the tears left by a woman mourning for her only son who died on the street, full of cold bitterness.

The air is like a sponge soaked in water, you can squeeze out the water with a slight squeeze.

The street lamps cast a dull yellow light, like a dead cat staring at the lone traveler under the lamp with its tarnished eyes.

“pa ta pat.”

Walking on a quiet street, Gordon could clearly hear the sound of his shoes stepping on the water on the ground, as well as the dark alley nearby, which seemed to be hidden whispering.

He was wearing a dark, hooded, waterproof trench coat, his left hand was in his pocket, and his right hand held a firefly-like cigarette.

Squinting and holding the cigarette to his lips, Gordon fell into contemplation: The Red Ribbon Gang at Pier Seven was swept away, and the Gang Lord ‘Iron Fist’ horse dragon corpse was separated, and it was horrible to watch.

The available evidence indicates that the murderer was the shooter from Brother Xi in Mexico.

But he’s a hell detective who can teach the dead to speak.

From five years ago, the repercussions of black magic have gotten worse, and he even saw the shadow of the dead in the mirror above the tap when he woke up at night.

For example, his father.

Sometimes in a trance, he could hear his dead father speaking to him.

Xiao Lai is a doctor. After discovering his condition, he had to take away the devil’s horn and throw it into the liquefied gas stove.

He found that Harry was right, having seen the magic of magic, it was hard to leave it.

He stopped Xiao Lai and vowed to use black magic to solve crimes as little as possible in the future.

But today he used demon horns again. Because more than 20 people from the Red Belt Gang were exterminated, it was a major event.

More serious is Iron Fist Malone’s identity.

Nine years ago he was Harley’s ‘Guard’ – the gunman who only obeyed her orders.

Only kings have Guard.

Harley Quinn is the Emperor of Gotham.

Even though she was completely washed ashore, her ‘Guard’ was not revoked.

They are no longer gunmen, but bodyguards with legal documents.

Even bigger and stronger in size and strength.

Iron Fist Malone “retired” five years ago when he was thirty-five years old, past the pinnacle years.

Harry handed over the oily Pier No. 7 to him for ‘retirement’.

The two don’t seem to meet anymore.

But Gordon knew, as did Gotham’s black and white forces, that Malone was her person and should not be easily provoked.

Now not only is someone provoking him, but he’s also beheaded.

“Who is the Avenger, and is the Avenger’s target Harley?”

Gordon frowned.

Malone told him personally: It was the Avengers who killed me. He was a 1.2 meter tall dwarf who called himself the ‘Avengers’. The Avengers made me allegiance to him and used Pier 7 to smuggle Du Ping and Illegal immigrants. I swore to Boss Quinn that I would never do those two businesses. He killed me, and the Avengers killed me

“Hey, this is not the place you should be.”

While thinking, Gordon was suddenly pushed from behind.

Wait for him to stand firm, and four gangsters with studded leather jackets and multi-colored hair, armed with pistols, gathered around.

“I’m looking for ‘Eagle’ Hawk.” Gordon said indifferently.

“Who are you, you need to find our boss.”

“Jim Gordon.”

Gordon secretly sighed, the law and order of Gotham It seems to be getting worse.

A year ago, he was able to walk directly to the gate of Hawke’s warehouse, and even if he was stopped, he would not be pointed at a gun.

“Ah, you’re the Gordon Superintendent of Gotham Old Town, known as the ‘Hell Detective’?” the gunman exclaimed.

“It’s me.” Gordon likes the title of ‘Hell Detective’, which is very bluffing.

A short while later, he came to a large underground warehouse. There were more than 20 men and women, young and old, busy putting together mobile phones, tablets, and computers in Tiantian Mountain. New Jersey Oranges’ label in a large cardboard box.

“Superintendent Gordon, with such a great character, you must not be here to catch smugglers, right!”

A bald robust man with a height of two meters pointed at Gordon. Den, laughed came.

“Iron Fist Ma Long died, it is said that Brother Xi did it.

I know you used to say harsh words and kill him sooner or later.” Gordon said indifferently.

The smile on Hawke’s face subsided, frowned: “I’m from Brother Xi, and many of my younger brothers are from Brother Xi, that’s right.

I always rely on No. 7. It’s not wrong to hate Malone for too high a fee.

But I’m still thinking, if I kill Malone today, I have to sink the Hudson River on the second day.”

“I believe in you, but you have to convince the people who are going to kill you.

You know, Malone has a hot temper and doesn’t have many brothers, but he’s a ‘Guard’, Gotham at least There are 80 ‘paoze’ he used to be.

All of them are big bosses, and Malone is a bad guy.” Gordon said.

โ€œI know that they have always looked down on me.โ€ Hawke ugly complexion, pointing to the Chinese banner hanging behind the door โ€œUnfortunately defeated the firstโ€, scolded: โ€œBut Lao Tzu is also the first Martial Arts field. I came out, and I was personally instructed by the boss of Quinn, why do you keep treating me as a third-class citizen?”

Gordon said with disapproval: “Nowadays, who is not in the first Martial Arts of Gotham? Have you ever practiced on the field?

Her true cronies have all been washed ashore and become celebrities in the political and business circles.

And then there is the ineffective ‘Guard’, which is considered a first-class in the hey road Citizens.

The people who have messed with her and called her ‘BOSS’ seriously are second-class citizens.

There are countless people like you in Gotham. He’s really just a third-class citizen.”

“I’m different. I’ve participated in the King of Fighters fight, only lost to Quinn, and got the title of ‘Flying Eagle’.” Eagle Hawk exclaimed excitedly. .

“The King of Fighters tournament is held once a week, and there is a ‘lose first’ every week, which is really not very valuable.” Gordon said.

Hawke said while staring: “I have received personal instructions from BOSS, and she also taught me a set of ‘Kui-style Muay Thai’.

According to the tradition in Hong Kong martial arts films, I should call her ‘Master Shifu’, she’s closer than those gunmen.”

Gordon said curiously: “How did she point you?”

Hawk’s eyes blurred, He recalled: “At that time, 30 of us stood in five rows, and she saw at a glance what was special about me and yelled at me – she taught me several times, and she couldn’t even do the basic elbow strikes, it was stupid. “

The corners of Gordon’s mouth twitched, “I’m not looking for you today for a heart-to-heart talk.

The sooner Mark’s case is resolved, the better for you and me.”

“The Mexican Brother Xi is different from the Mexican Brother Xi. I came to Gotham more than ten years ago, and I have an identity and status.

In the past six months, many foreign forces have entered Gotham , Brother Xi Gang, Celestial People, Neon People.

They are pure outsiders, unlike us, they are not attached to any forces in Gotham.

A group of people trying to rely on their own The outlaw of blood and courage changes fate.

I and those Brother Xi people are not the same at all.” Hawke sighed.

“But you must know where they are, right?” Gordon asked, staring at him.

Hawke firmly said: “I know, but my basics are Brother Xi people. If I betray them today, what will my younger brother think?”

“We After chatting for so long, you gave me such an answer?” Gordon frowned.

“Gordon, you shouldn’t have come looking for me.”

Hawk stepped back a few steps, and the surrounding Brother Xi took a few steps closer and surrounded him.

Gordon sighed then said, “OK, I’ll go now.”

Hawke watched him leave uncertainly.

“ka-chaโ€”” An hour later, the electric switch suddenly tripped, and the underground warehouse was dark.

“hu huโ€”โ€”” From the darkness came the sound of wings flapping the air, faint but thick, like a wyvern cautiously preying on it.

“Who is it?” Hawke snapped.

“Old. Boss, it’s a bit like the legendary Bateman!” said the younger brother in a trembling voice.

“Omg, Bateman came to see me?”

Hawk’s voice was strange, not only with surprise and fear, but also with inexplicable joy that could not be concealed.

In the past, the ones targeted by Bateman were all bosses, but now he was raided by Bateman, does that meanโ€”โ€”

The iron-like palms come out of the darkness Reaching out, he pinched the neck of Hawke who was thinking wildly.

He was confused and didn’t know anything.

The warehouse was so silent that I could hear my own breathing.

“Boss, Boss Hawk?” After a long time, the younger brother’s uncertain call came from the darkness.

In the alley two blocks away, Gordon stood against the wall, his cigarette butts dimmed with his breathing.

“Go back, this matter is left to me.” A low, hoarse voice suddenly appeared above his head.

“Hawk said it?” Gordon asked nonsense, and immediately said: “Where are the Brother Xi who slaughtered the Red Ribbon Gang?”

“Western District Sewers .” said the shadow in the dark.

Gordon threw away his cigarette butts, adjusted his windbreaker, and said, “The sewer environment is complicated, you need help, I’ll go with you.”

“I have help.” Dark A faint blue light is lit in the middle, which is Batman’s bat watch.

“Call Flying Robin Cat, Bateman needs help.” said a low, hoarse voice.

“Wait a moment, Robin cat is doing her hair, what type of task is tonight?” Lazily said in a soft female voice.

“Sewer tracing.” Bateman said.

“Aiya, I’m going to the smelly sewers, my hair is not gray?” Robin cat cried.

“It’s so boring to go to the sewers in the middle of the night.”

Gordon listened carefully, and this sentence seemed to be Harley’s voice.

Betterman glanced at Gordon, who was eavesdropping, and shouted in a tone like a husband calling his wife to buy cigarettes in front of his poker friends: “Robin cat, the task is first, come quickly. !”

Hanging up the phone, he still said to himself, “This Robin is not very reliable, I should find a new Robin.”

“Don’t , just fly the bat cat!” Gordon said quickly.

โ€œWhy?โ€ Bateman wondered.

Although he was hiding in the dark and couldn’t see it very clearly, Gordon looked him up and down and sighed: “Bruce Wayne adopted a child the day before yesterday, and I was surprised that you are not too old. When Iโ€™m young, itโ€™s time to start a family and start a business.

If you abandon the Flying Batcat, the road to the relationship between the two of you is already very bumpy, so donโ€™t artificially add obstacles.โ€

“Well, I think, since you like children, you can try to have one yourself.

Trust me, after being a father, you will find yourself suddenly a lot more mature.” Gordon Said very emotionally.

Betterman was silent for a moment, then said hoarsely: “Bruce adopted Dick Grayson not because he longed for a child, but because he saw his own shadow in that child.”


“Are you going to train him to be Robin? He’s too young to be ten.” Gordon frowned.

Betterman shook his head again and again, “Of course not, he should have a more complete life than Bruce, going to high school, making friends, going to parties, going to college, getting married and having children. Bruce is crazy to let Dick be my Robin.”

(end of this chapter)

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