I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 407


Chapter 407 The team is not easy to lead

“This area of Wall Street is shrouded in fear poison qi, including the Trinity Church, but other places have citizens who are crazy in fear, but this place is very quiet.”

In a deep, hoarse voice, Bateman explained the reason why he found this place.

“pa pa pa” Lei Xiaogu clapped his hands gently and praised sincerely: “It is indeed my favorite Disciple. It’s not difficult to find this small weak spot, but it’s hard for you to spend It was a very short time.

You stood in front of me only five minutes after the radiator burst.

Minus the time you spent on the plane spreading the antidote, you were almost in one Find me in an instant.”

This small weak spot was deliberately reserved for his lover.

Betterman doesn’t come, doesn’t fail miserably here, how can the big boss behind the scenesβ€”β€”Demoness Hallie show up?

Even if he deliberately left clues, Bateman’s reaction speed still surprised him.

Betterman didn’t take the praise of ‘teacher’ seriously at all, and only asked with a straight face: “Why did you come to Gotham? In the name of the Avengers.”

“Avengers? You said him.” Lei Xiaogu turned his head to point at the dwarf ninja in the team, lightly said with a smile: “Avengers, tell you Senior Brother, what is your real name.”

“My real name is ‘The Avenger,’ and I’ve been an Avenger from the day I kissed Uncle and killed my widowed mother,” the dwarf coldly said.

“You didn’t come to Gotham to seek revenge for her, and why?” Bateman didn’t believe what Lei Xiaogu said.

Old fogeys are the most deceiving.

At the beginning, he let others pretend to be a ninja master to lead Shadow Warrior, but as an ordinary Instructor, he taught him martial arts and became his master shifu.

“I taught you the ‘Shadow Warrior Core Concept’ back then, but you forgot?” Lei Xiaogu showed disappointment.

Batman is silent.

He didn’t forget, but he didn’t believe it at all.

I don’t believe in Shadow Warrior’s philosophy, nor what the master said at this time.

“For thousands of years, we Shadow Warriors have been on the mission to clear the rotten dynasties of mankind. We caused plagues in ancient Rome and burned London to a white field (the Great Fire of London).

Whenever there is a rotten or decayed abscess in human civilization, we will cut it off in time.”

Lei Xiaogu was emotionally charged, with a proud sense of mission in his tone.

This is not surprising.

The Sect Founding Ancestor of each cult is convinced of its own sect philosophy.

“Do you think Gotham has been corrupted and hopeless, that’s why today’s Terrorist campaign was launched?” Bateman asked.

Lei Xiaogu sighed: “If it’s not rotten to the core, you won’t try to change it.”

“I see.” Step back.

“Understand what?” Lei Xiaogu was taken aback by his reaction.

– shouldn’t he scream and pounce to stop him and be defeated by him? Why are you calm and still backing away?

Seeing that Bateman had already withdrawn from the ambush circle and retreated into the shadow cast by the opposite building, Lei Xiaogu couldn’t help but stepped forward and loudly said: “Betterman, don’t run away from reality, join us. Well.

You’re not satisfied with Gotham now, and you’re trying to save it.

But your approach is reform, not reform.

Countless Historical examples tell us that only by demolishing old buildings can new buildings that fully meet the needs of the people be built on the original site.”

He shouted excitedly, and stepped forward step by step, and the younger brother behind him followed involuntarily. forward.

“I understand two things”

Batterman in the shadows, his voice was a little erratic, as if he would be disappeared in the next moment.

“What’s the matter?” Lei Xiaogu asked suspiciously.

“The first thing, if your purpose this time is just to destroy Gotham, then you will lose.” Bateman said affirmatively.

“Hehe, did the uniform on your body make you arrogant, or did the shadow of the night give you the courage to talk big and not blush? Do you know what my plan is?” Lei Xiaogu sneered. .

“You don’t want to hear the second thing I understand?” Bateman said oddly.

“Let’s come one by one.”

“Alright, let’s talk about your plan first.” After a moment of silence, Bateman said, “You plan to destroy Gotham with fear poison qi. , right? As long as you don’t deny this, you will definitely lose.”

“Why do you stop me? You don’t even know where I hide and poison qi, and you don’t even understand me. What method do you plan to use to spread poison qi throughout the city.” Lei Xiaogu said with a sneer.

Betterman mused: “Wayne Arms Lab has developed a microwave generator for the Pentagon.

It can vaporize water into gas in a very short time. It is specially prepared for the battlefield where water resources are scarce in the Middle East.

Evaporates the lakes and rivers that the enemy depends on for survival, and can easily and efficiently destroy the nearby bases.

Venomous and very A powerful weapon.

It was stolen two months ago.

I didn’t understand before that microwave generators are rubbish in Gotham, Hudson The river and the Atlantic, can’t be steamed by any means. Gotham thieves, why steal it?

Until I found traces of fear poison qi in the sewer, which seemed to have dropped in transit, causing a gas leak. ‘”

Lei Xiaogu had an expressionless face and sneered in his heart: I didn’t kill the ‘Iron Fist’ Ma Long who was related to Demoness Harley, how could you chase into the sewer? I’m not breaking a poison qi can in the sewer, how can you find it here today? If you don’t come, how will you catch Demoness Halle?

β€œI looked down on you.” He deliberately carried a hint of annoyance in his tone.

“Humph~~~” Bateman chuckled in a low voice, “Microwaves can evaporate water, but also fear poison qi. With the working intensity of the microwave generator, you must have prepared a lot of Fear of poison qi is enough to destroy Gotham’s poison qi.”

“The amount is very, very large,” he emphasized.

β€”β€”It is so big that it is difficult to hide in ordinary warehouses, or it is difficult to hide during transportation, but it is a ship on the sea.

“It seems that it is useless to understand, the Holy Trinity Church just attracts your attention The bait, a target.

The real poison qi chamber and microwave generator are hidden in another place.

The winner is me, and I win because you don’t know Where is it?” Lei Xiaogu said proudly.

“Hey, you guys have been chattering all the time, endlessly, are you still fighting? With this time, I can rob several more banks!” The freezer held the freezer gun. , said impatiently.

The Riddler used the Tianshan Mountain mobile phone with the camera turned on as a mirror, and while arranging his hair, he casually said: “Didn’t you hear, they haven’t seen each other for many years, they meet again today, and they are each other’s enemies. Of course, you have to express your sticky emotions.”

The Destiny Academician complained: “I knew it was so boring outside, so I stayed in the dormitory and played with Jerome.”

“What else is there to do for a fool besides farts and butts?” The pig-headed man said in disapproval.

“Only a brainless idiot is only interested in his rotten ass and ass. I am a psychiatrist and am deeply attracted by his spiritual and spiritual changes.” Destiny Academician said.

Lei Xiaogu’s forehead was throbbing, and finally he couldn’t bear it anymore. He turned back angrily roared: “I’m discussing the major event to destroy Gotham with Bateman, can you be more serious?”

“Cut~~~” All the Arkham talents raised a middle finger to him, and said with disdain: “In the days of Arkham, one day we stopped planning to destroy the world, dry up Earth, and even defeat hundreds of people. Terman, even go to the gate of Quinn Manor to throw shit?

Destroying Gotham is like robbing a bank, it’s just a daily routine.”

“What’s the shit? Listen Your tone seems to be beyond destroying Earth.” The dwarf avenger said strangely.

“If you can do it, then Arkham is the most respected ‘big brother’ in the entire Gotham Road.” The puppet master indifferently said.

Barbara sighed: “Tai Sui’s head broke ground, and Harry pooped in front of the door, which is probably the same meaning.”

“Cut~~~” The dwarf avenger said to the Arkham Yingjie raised his middle finger and said with a smile: “A group of country bumpkins who have never seen the world, don’t understand at allβ€””

“Shut up!” Lei Xiao Gu Tieqing Roaring with a sullen face, “Shadow Warrior obeys orders, no matter who it is, if he dares to talk nonsense again, kill him immediately!”

“shua~ shua~ shua~!” Arkham Yingjie was faintly surrounded, and the Gotham Black States also drew their guns to cooperate with them.

The heroes just shrugged their shoulders and kept their mouths shut, without much emotional change.

Judge Barnes’ eyes were blood red, “Trash, scum, scum, sooner or later I will make you accept the judgment you deserve.”

“.You are the salt of the world, If the salt has lost its taste, how can it be made saltier again? It will be useless in the future, but it will only be thrown out and trampled on by others.”

The angel of death, Galaven, is independent and does not care about the outside world. He chanted the bible in a low voice while holding the great cross.

Shadow Warrior Take a look at Lei Xiaogu.

Just now he said that whoever talks nonsense will be killed, not whoever speaks and kills.

This ‘random’ speech is highly subjective and not very good to judge!

Lei Xiaogu glanced coldly at the Judge and the Angel of Death, turned around, and did not give any orders.

“You go on,” he said to Bateman.

Betterman was silent for a long time, just when everyone thought he had disappeared into the shadows, he shouted: “Where did you say it?”

Lei Xiaogu was stunned, Yes, where did you say it?

After thinking for a while, he sorted out his expression and mood, and said with a mocking expression and a gloomy tone that the villain should have: “This place is just a bait, the place to hide the microwave generator and the fear of poison qi is only me. One knows.

If you choose to fight, you lose, join us.”

“No.” Bateman said solemnly.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you believe I have the fear of destroying Gotham?” Lei Xiaogu asked.

“It wasn’t the topic just now.”

Lei Xiaogu tried his best to suppress the tiredness in his heart, “That’s what I’m talking about. Besides, the point is not the topic, it’s my victory, you Can’t stop me.”

β€”β€”This topic is getting weirder and weirder, he and Bateman are both handsome, cool, and no-nonsense characters, shouldn’t use ‘Arkham’ Yingjie’s way of dialogue ah!

“Battman was saying that he understood two things just now.” Edward the riddleman put down his phone and sighed, “Can you hurry up? I’ve finished my hair.”

“I said earlier that they were too grumpy.” The Frozen Man coldly said: “Although the Shadow Warrior crime team is veteran, it is too unprofessional and too low.

The whole Gotham is unworthy. To be my teammate, the Lone Ranger is my destiny.”

“You bullshit, when I was in Gotham, fighting Sheriff Gordon and the Mayor, you hadn’t debuted yet!” The Hatter sneered, “And, I was eventually arrested by the Mayor, and there was no one in Gotham who could help me except her.

How about you? A trifling clown in a civilian suit, just three In four days, I’ll get you done.”

The riddleman said with a smile: “You were all arrested, unskilled and unstyled, but I left my name on the crime In the riddle at the scene, I was-“

“Shut up!” Lei Xiaogu’s expression was grim, and his mind was filled with a crazy thought–Before ambush Demoness and defeat Bateman, come first A vigorous and hearty infighting has wiped out all these Arkham scumbags.

(end of this chapter)

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