I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 409


Chapter 409 Gotham Detective

“You suspect Bateman is now flying to the USS Nimitz?” Two Crown Prince road.

The flatulence said ill-humoredly: “He didn’t even care about Lei Xiaogu’s life or death, and left directly in a bat fighter. What else can he do except go back to the cruiser and guard against our fearful poison qi attack?”

“Then do we still want to carry out the Demonness hunting plan?” the Iron Giant asked.

Flatulence and shaking his head: “Give up plan B and just do plan A to destroy Gotham.”

“I have a problem.”

Sit down , Array Grandmaster Alex (ps), who has been silent, said solemnly: “If only Gotham is destroyed and Demoness is ignored, then when we go to destroy Bateman’s Antidote missile boat, won’t Demoness intervene? ?”

“This” flatulence and fat face wrinkled like a bun, “Alex wizard, your reminder is very reasonable.

It’s just that you also understand , Gotham must be destroyed, the U.S. stock market must collapse, if the U.S. stock market does not collapse, the currency system in hell must collapse.”

β€œMy big brother bet all his fortune, and followed your flatulence to short the U.S. stock market. The U.S. stock market must collapse, Gotham It must be destroyed!” cried a demon that looked like a triangular sweet potato.

He is Salos, the demon marquis from DreamWorks Los Angeles No. 7, the younger brother of the primordial Duke Belur.

The second Crown Prince said slowly: “If you simply destroy Gotham and don’t deal with Demoness, the best option is to act in secret.

Quietly, even Bateman Don’t be alarmed, just run away after one vote.

Now plan A is no longer a complete plan, its purpose is no longer simply to destroy Gotham, but to force out Demoness by destroying Gotham haha Li.

So, this Plan A must reveal some information to the Gotham people, to Bateman.

Let Bateman investigate the Plan A without a trace,’ Naturally, we alarmed Demoness Hallie, and gave us the opportunity to continue with the following plan B.

Now that plan A is halfway through, there is a big problem in the small part of trifling Bateman, not only plan B is facing premature failure, The plan A that simply destroys Gotham can’t go on.”

Flatulence excitedly said: “If it can’t go on, you have to continue! You didn’t pay any price. People, continue to engage in Demoness Halle after a few years.

But I put all my money on for you.

I am a big player. I don’t want to jump on the rooftop tomorrow.”

“Hey, Lei Xiaogu is sending me a message.”

The second Crown Prince was surprised and asked several companions with his eyes.

This is the flatulence Demon Domain, allowing Lei Xiaogu to enter, flatulence has the final say.

“He’s not dead yet?” The flatulence pointed to the air, and the interior of the Trinity Cathedral appeared in front of the demons.

Lei Xiaogu’s condition is very bad, his arms, thighs, chest and abdomen, not only broken bones in seven or eight places, but also serious puncture wounds, blood stained his whole body, complexion pale.

Rubber bullets are just not easy to kill people, and if they are too close, they will still shoot through the flesh.

In addition to him, there are still a dozen or so Shadow Warriors, three or four gang members, and fourteen or five Arkham troupes.

It is indeed the legendary GCPD.

Not only did Shadow Warrior take back Lei Xiaogu’s ‘corpse’, but also formed a deadlock, failing to immediately take the Trinity Church with an absolute advantage.

“Lei Xiaogu can’t come in, it’s not worth exposing our position for him.” He said flatly.

In the end, the second Crown Prince still used magic to extract a ray of Lei Xiaogu’s soul and help him get a mental projection.

A little Lei Xiaogu the size of a slap stood in Rascoff’s palm.

“I’m sorry, I underestimated Bateman.” Lei Xiaogu simply admitted his mistake.

In fact, he is taking the blame for the second Crown Prince.

Because only the original plan A was made by him – shoot secretly, no one is alerted, and run away after throwing fear poison qi.

The follow-up plan B, and even changing the plan A to what it is now, is Rascoff’s idea.

However, as the executor, he did make a big mistake with Bateman.

“It’s not that there is no remedy.” After admitting his mistake, he immediately stated the reason why he was looking for the demons: “Remember the plan C that set the Quinn Manor on fire?

We assumed that the Heart Demon girl would not go home on the day of Holy Son’s descent, so we set up a Divine Formation and a large Time and Space Transfer formation in the mountainside of the manor.

We also plan to wash Kui with blood tonight. Yin Manor, set fire to her luxurious villa and forced her to go home to rescue.

Now we can still do Plan C.

Even if we don’t kill Demoness, trap her and make her too late Help Bateman to protect the antidote missile ship, we can at least destroy Gotham and achieve the purpose of the original plan A.”

Flatulence only hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said: “Although it is a bit risky, we can There is no choice.”

“I have no opinion.” The second Crown Prince gently nominated.

Demoness was the one who led the formation of the Hunt Squad, and he was responsible for his teammates.

The iron giant shouted, “It’s not a little risk, the risk is very high. Even if it is Plan C, we will destroy Quinn Manor first, and destroy the defensive weapons and arrays she arranged in Quinn Manor. , instead of rushing and punching like this now.”

He just obeyed his brother’s order and came to help out, and there was no conflict of interest with Demonness at all.

And their seven brothers never touch financial products, and it has nothing to do with him whether the U.S. stock market crashes or not.

The flatulence said ill-humoredly: “Here are you and me, the Crown Prince, a total of three Demon Lords, and Alex and Faust, two magic Grandmasters, Saros, Willy, Kelvin and other demon nobles.

With such a powerful strength, even if you can’t kill Demonness, it will definitely be no problem to retreat.

Don’t forget, Demonness’s biggest helper Superman, this I can’t help her this time.”

“I declare in advance that if something goes wrong, I will not fight to the death with Demoness.” The iron giant Omani said.

“Of course, we will not fight with her, hold her back, buy time to destroy the antidote missile ship, even if the basic task is completed.” Flatulence nodded and said.

“Shit, Batman steals my trick.” Seeing Batman hitting Lei Xiaogu and a group of Arkham heroes with the Vulcan, Harley sat up from the sofa in shock.

“This is unreasonable, unscientific.” She muttered with a frown.

“I thought Bateman used the Vulcan to kill people, but it turned out to be just a rubber bullet!” Ivy was only shocked for a moment, and then said with disapproval: “This is very Batman, no matter how critical the situation is, Even if it is a small loss, he will not kill people.”

“No, this is not Bateman.” Harry said with a smile: “Although Bateman has the ability to make money, he is accustomed to using high-tech weapons. Crush the enemy, but in the face of a BOSS like Lei Xiaogu, at least you have to fight melee for a while, otherwise”

If Bateman fires the Vulcan cannon every time, the Joker, Bane, Penguin, The Riddlers are a group of Arkham Sky Groups, who can stand it?

Every time I use high-tech weapons to knock down the enemy with one shot, the movie “Dark Knight” can’t be made, and the comics can’t be drawn. The plot is too simple and monotonous.

Ivy glanced at her, “In such a critical moment, delaying one more minute may lead to the destruction of the city. Moreover, there are a large group of enemies, and there is no victory in one challenge, so Bateman rushed forward. It is unreasonable to fight with the enemy to the flesh.”

Harry said: “The more reasonable, the more realistic, and the more realistic, the more boring the story.”

“I don’t understand. , you don’t say strange things.” Ivy frowned.

“Okay, no kidding.” Harry waved his hand, said resolutely: “This time is really not Bateman’s style, I was shocked when the bullets spilled out.”


“Harry is right, using the Vulcan to cut the wheat is indeed not his plan.” The voice of Robin Cat came from the TV, she passed the video message for them, and could hear their conversation.

“He said Lei Xiaogu knew him well, but he needed to deal with him quickly. To do that, Bateman had to use unexpected tactics.

Then, he asked me to devise tactics.

In this way, Lei Xiaogu could be completely unprepared.

The battle of the Harley Vulcan swept the Crusaders of the Holy Land was the most lethal I was the most impressed, and I suggested that he imitate you.

Here, Robin said with a smile: “By the way, Harry, he is worried that the bullet will hit the enemy’s eyes, temples and other vital points. , causing serious casualties.

Because his laser guidance technology is not accurate enough.

I lent him the owl glasses you gave me.

Now that Lucius has completely learned your skills, is there any problem?”

Harry grinned and said, “It’s not a big problem, just wait for his superman in the future, Or the anti-bat Battle Armor comes out, you remember to copy a detailed data for me. “

“No problem at all. “Robin Cat readily agreed.

“It’s very problematic, I won’t let her see my armor. “

Battman burst in with an exasperated low voice.

“Shit!” How can you speak? “Ivy and Robin cat both screamed.

“My bat war chariot, bat fighter, and bat cave all have abnormal signal monitors to prevent others from leaving trackers in my car, eavesdroppers and the like.

So, I knew there was something wrong with Robin the cat.

Later, I deliberately checked the cat helmet and left a Trojan horse program in it! Bateman speak frankly.

Robin cat wondered: “When did it happen?” During non-combat time, my angel wildcat armor will become pendant and hang on my chest. “

Bateman said hesitantly: “When you fell asleep.”

Robin Cat was stunned for a while, then yelled in embarrassment: “Okay, Bruce, on the surface.” Playing with me in uniform, but secretlyβ€””

There was a sound of fighting from the opposite side.

“Hey, don’t scratch my face, I’m flying a plane~~~” Baxter Mann screamed in panic, “Robin Cat, I have something important to tell Harley Quinn. “

“I really don’t want to talk to you right now.” “Harry sighed.

“You must listen to me!” Bateman said solemnly: “Since you watched the call with Lei Xiaogu through the lens of Robin Cat, you should have noticed – I said at the time that after I came to Wall Street and had a preliminary communication with Lei Xiaogu, I understood. two things.

I only said one thing to Lei Xiaogu. β€œ

β€œAnother thing about me? “

“There are people behind Lei Xiaogu, their purpose is not me, nor Gotham, but you.

More importantly, they were so confident that a trap must have been set on the ground in front of the church door, and they were about 147 meters away from the church door before leaving the trap range. “Betterman said seriously.

“How did you calculate 147 meters?” “Harry said strangely.

“At that time, I stepped back step by step, always paying attention to Lei Xiaogu’s micro-expressions-three years of master and apprentice, he is familiar with me, and I am familiar with him.

I have a mask and bat glasses, he can’t see my expression, but I can see his.

The closer he got to 147 meters, the more he pupil shrinked and the more anxious he became. When I left the range of 147 meters, he became less anxious. “

“I thought you retreated into the shadows to pretend.” Halle muttered.

(ps: Many readers speculate that the Array Grandmaster invited by Demoness to hunt the squad is scum Kang, it’s not actually, Zhakang’s morals are low, but it’s not so low – the key is that cheating Harley can’t save the world.

Well, cheating Harry like this can make the world a better place, Zhakang Really sucks, just like he sucks other teammates.

The Array Grandmaster Alex here, he’s just a shadow of another major event.

I said earlier However, Lucifer’s Punishment Array, and even Cain’s Curse, are just to help Harry get through the “whitebeard great grandfather” that is difficult for novices. One day, Harry will be a “dignified” person – just rely on myself, no longer relying solely on swindle.

Alex, Array Grandmaster, has something to do with it.)

(End of this chapter)

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