I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 411


Chapter 411 Divine Formation of Ancient Prisoners trigger.

Harley bangs continuously on the Iron Giant, and also has the idea of a pile of numbers to inspire crit.

But she absolutely couldn’t think of it, a stick penetrated into the ‘iron flesh’, as if it were welded in, and it couldn’t be pulled out.

Theoretically, with her current strength of 40+, even if she attacks three times, she can’t break the defense of N metal. Give the devil severe pain, impossible into the flesh dozens of centimeters deep.

40+ three times the power, not 120, the effect is equivalent to increasing the power attribute by four or five points at most, because the attribute does not increase uniformly with the attribute value, but increases exponentially.

Harry’s strength is 44, which can lift up to three or four tons of cars, and the super strength is 99, which is more than twice that of 44, but the super impossible can only lift eight or nine tons.

He can lift Earth!

Harry hurriedly checked her own state. The attribute and level were very stable, and they did not suddenly become stronger. The God force field and hey, the existence force field of the fifth defense specialty was also activated.

The fifth defense feat obtained by absorbing the power of Manhattan, also known as the linking force defense feat.

In addition to the passive two defensive features – quantum energy and time attack immunity, cosmic restart immunity, there is also a skill that activates the force field of connection.

Like the God Force Field, it has a strong defensive effect: it eliminates the fatal effect of any regular attack in the multiverse, and its own eigenfield is indestructible (in the multiverse).

Harry suddenly had a clear comprehension.

The Force Field of Linking is a purely defensive skill. It has no bonus to attacks, but she also absorbs a lot of Manhattan’s power. It is a “blue Harley that has not turned blue”.

The special effect of the quantum triple attack is derived from the ability of “white Manhattan”, not the defense expertise.

But when she opens the power of connection position, the quantum crit not only has the physical attack attribute, but also has the presence of the force field attack attribute.

She smashed the existence force field at the crotch of the Iron Giant with one stick.

Manhattan Academician can smash other people’s existence force field with one finger, making the whole body explode into an atomic blood mist.

She can’t shatter the entire existence force field of the iron giant, she can only destroy part of it, and it must be triggered with the quantum crit, not every move is the existence field attack, it is a severely disabled version of Manhattan .

There are a lot of thoughts in my mind, but in reality, there is only one breath in the past.

As the iron giant wailed and slapped his iron crotch, Harry was as light as a swallow and jumped onto his lower abdomen.

Without the wings of the Heavenly Mountain Duke’s armor, she can step on the air and stand firm.

This is another benefit of being a “white Manhattan”. The power of connection in the body and the resonance of the universe can break some of the physical common sense of Newtonian mechanics.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohβ€””

She let out a strange cry, double fist speed extremely fast, and shot one after another afterimage.

“dong dong dong β€”β€”bo!” When the iron giant bent over and pulled out the God’s stick in his crotch, Harry struck again.

The trifling doubles the critical strike.

It was still punched with a fist, which should have done little damage, but left a finger-deep fist mark on the iron giant’s steel skin.

The steel muscle suddenly felt as soft as wood.

Her guesses were confirmed, and it was really a special attack against the existence force field.

The iron giant let out a painful howl again, like swatting a fly, and slapped Harley in the lower abdomen.

Harry stepped on the air, but it was as if she was stepping on the solid ground.

“Pa!” The slap slapped the giant’s belly, and the gust of wind it brought up made Harry’s hair messy.

“Aleler – oops!” Harley developed a new trick, and she was proud of it, and wanted to repeat the old trick at the giant’s throat, but the iron giant was not alone, behind him There are also two demon kings, dozens of demons and black wizards.

The second Crown Prince suddenly stuck his head out from the back of the giant’s neck, and his four eyes shot out the arm-thick pillar of red light, which landed on Harry’s face.

The flatulence opened her mouth and spit out a white unrolled bolt of white silk like a soft sword, “Stab!”

Harry was slashed by the soft sword in her left shoulder, almost her body Cut in two, the white unrolled bolt of white silk directly penetrated the Duke’s armor and dived deep into the flesh.

“Gudonggudong.” The Sea of Consciousness experience jar was sprayed wildly, increasing by one tenth in one go.

Harry looked sideways and saw that the white unrolled bolt of white silk was not a metal blade.

Not a fleshy tongue, but a piece of paper.

A bond, written: Party A’s Harley Quinn loan 0.0001 hell soul coins, time 0.0001 seconds, interest 99999999, unable to repay, mortgage its own soul to Party B – banker flatulence; Party A ha Li Quinn bought a certain oil treasure with a debt of 999,999, unable to repay, and mortgaged her soul to Party Bβ€”financial and financial management steward flatulence; Party A, Harley Quinn, delusionally buys the bottom as a retail investor, and eventually liquidated her position, paying 999,999 handling fees, unable to pay, Party B needs to compensate Party B with his own soul – the big dealer is flatulent; Party A Harley Quinn took out a loan to buy a house, but was unable to repay the loan, sealed up the property, and had to continue to pay the arrears of the loan, totaling 999,999, unable to.

tens of meters Long scrolls filled with various financial debts.

“Mother Fake, what kind of attack is this?” Harry spat out a mouthful of old blood, stunned.

“Hahaha, this trick is called ‘Financial Debt Sickle’. It is a Life Source skill that I cultivated based on financial laws. It can harvest everyone’s life in the world.”

Flatulence triumphantly said: “Finance is like air, and everyone is inseparable from it from birth to death.

Therefore, this trick has an attack attribute that must be targeted.

Finance Debt is like a guillotine under the neck of a human being. If you’re not careful, it can kill you.

So, it’s a quiet, unpredictable trick.

Financial Debt It’s still a big mountain that weighs down all the living.

So, it’s a combination of killing, suppressing, and trapping the enemy.”

Harry stepped back, the debt scroll Sure enough, he flew after her, and the paper blade that had cut into her body was still slicing into the flesh.

“Hey, Demoness Harley also merely this, maybe I can solve her alone.” Flatulence smiled and said to the demon next to him.

Harry sneered in her heart, and the anti-injury spell was triggered, all falling on the iron giant, and then she flew quickly, bypassing the iron giant’s arms, torso, and legs. The debt scroll is infinitely stretched, and follows along the way. .

“Uh, my head” The iron giant wanted to hug his head and wailed, but was bound by a scroll, making it difficult for him to move.

“Damn, flatulence, what are you tying me up for?”

“Satan is on top, why can Demons still move?” The smugness on his flat face was replaced by shock, “Financial debt is a huge mountain, no matter whether you are ordinary people or giants and officials, once you are entangled, it is like Press Mount Tai on top of his head, unable to move even a little bit.”

“bang!” The ‘big mountain’ is useless to her, so hurry up and undo the attack.”

The scroll spewed out of the flat mouth, like a long tongue, unable to escape, and he also fell uncontrollably.

“No way, financial debts will never disappear, chase you to death. I won’t kill people and steal souls, and I will never undo it.”

“You bunch of living treasures, do you plan to Make me laugh by being funny?” Harley landed on the iron giant’s temple, and let the mages and demons throw multi-colored magic on herself, and even the forbidden spell of single attack.

She only punched with both fists, and said “Oh la oh la oh la”!

“bō bō bō!” A series of critical strikes appeared, like beating hard dough, and Harry made a pothole the size of a basin in the side of Iron Man’s brain.

“ao noβ€”” the iron giant Human Demon surged with all his strength, “thornsβ€””

The debt scroll exploded into golden silver light , the flatulence Life Source spell was forcibly broken, his face turned pale, and a blood fountain composed of dark red crystals the size of rice grains spewed out of his mouth.

If you look closely, you can see that inside each grain of rice, there is a soul with a painful expression.

This is the soul currency of hell, and the bloated body is the bank of currency.

“They all use physical attacks. Demonness can enable God to descend to earth, and hell magic has no effect on her.” Out, not close to fighting her, only hiding in the distance with the magic eye lasing.

“It’s not magic, it’s unreasonable, how come God is so powerful?” Phoenix Faust exclaimed in disbelief: “We are black magician, and the strongest attack is the dark forbidden spell.

But we have all used forbidden spells, and she has suffered at least 20 single forbidden spells with lethal effects, so she should die early!”

“God’s Old Dog Prefer her, what can I do!” The second Crown Prince shouted: “Use magic with physical attacks, don’t use pure elemental power spells.”

Bone Spear, Rockfall, Ice Cone Technique Fall like raindrops.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Harley didn’t care about anyone else at all, and only focused on beating the iron giant.

“Gudonggudong.” Demon Lord, Demon Noble, Black Magic Grandmaster, more than 20 people attacked together, the experience jar was bubbling frantically, and it was not far from Level 58.

“Alex, what are you waiting for? Use lore!”

The iron giant Omani roared in pain and anger.

According to the original plan, his Inextinguishable Golden Body is made of N metal. Although it moves slowly after the giant transformation, it is powerful and has unparalleled defense. It is the highest quality main tank, responsible for containing and enduring the attack of Demonness. .

The flatulence is controlled remotely with the financial sickle, confining the Demoness’ actions.

With the cooperation of the two, even if they can’t kill Demoness, they can be stable and not defeated.

But now the flatulence that should have limited the speed of Demonness, throwing up blood.

Not as fast and agile as Harley’s Iron Giant, and was defeated by Demoness with unfathomable mystery tricks

She hasn’t even activated Satan’s Punishment Circle yet!

“Who’s Alex?” Harley turned her head around, alert.

A few black magician subconsciously looked towards the lanky British guy in the team.

“Fake, what do you think I’m doing? I’m not in full control of this space.”

Meeting Harry’s gaze, Alex cursed, Immediately stamp with both hands.

A cylindrical golden rune wall, rising from the ground beneath his feet, holds him firmly.

“This is the guardian formation.” cried the second Crown Prince.

“Of course it’s the guardian formation, I have to protect myself first.” Alex said.

“Alex, if you scoff again, I will tear you apart.” The iron giant growled.


Alex’s arms seemed to be lifting an invisible weight, and his expression began to twist because of too much force.

The huge blue array, with him as the center, spreads rapidly to all directions.

“ka-cha, ka-cha” Over the Quinn Manor, there was a sound of glass breaking.

Carlisle’s anxious voice sounded in Harry’s earplugs: “Stop playing, that British guy is actually the rarest Array Grandmaster, he broke our Space Imprisonment technique, and there must be a bigβ€” β€””

“Boom–” The sound of mountains burst and ground split came from the mountainside, and then the sky over Quinn Manor suddenly darkened, adding another layer of ‘sky’.

A piece of island land the size of a basketball court, through Time and Space Transfer, from the mountainside two kilometers away, instantly moved 30 meters above the garden, and buckled on top of Harry’s head.

“Shit, is this moving mountains and reclaiming the sea?” Harry dodged immediately, but next moment, the island and land in the sky lit up in a circle of golden arrays with a radius of ten meters, and the golden light scattered and solidified around Harry. Circle golden cage.

Endless weakness hit Harry like a tide.

(end of this chapter)

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