I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 412


Chapter 412 Unintentional harm, strong insults

“Bang!” Harry dodged quickly, but hit a transparent golden rune wall superior.

At the same time, her power vanished out of thin air.

It disappeared very suddenly, very quickly.

In addition to her, the iron giant was also shrouded in the golden array falling from the sky because of its huge size.

Although the array is only ten meters in radius, and the iron giant is thirty meters tall, only a part of it shrouds the pale-gold beam of light, he still wailed and collapsed into the array, shrinking.

Harry lost his extraordinary physical strength and speed, and the iron giant also lost his magic power and magic. His body grew from thirty meters tall and shrunk to seven or eight meters.

Even the shiny stainless steel exterior is much duller.

“Follow me to guard the array!” Flatulence wiped the blood from his lips, yelled, and flew towards the slowly rotating ‘floating island’ that projected the array into the sky.

At least half of the mages and demons, follow closely from behind, land on the floating island.

In an instant, the dazzling radiance of guardian magic formed an oval blue eggshell, covering the floating island.

“Hahaha, Demonness is over!” The demons laughed happily in the sky.

“What Formation is this?” Harry asked.

“The newly invented ‘ancient’ prisoner Divine Formation in the last century can trap Supreme Existence,” the second Crown Prince Rascoff approached the golden beam of light excitedly and nervously, “Do you feel weak? Whoever falls inside will become an ordinary person, even Supreme Existence.”

“No, why is she still standing and watching?” Alex in the guardian array Surprised.

“Why cannot I stand?”

Harry tried to activate the Punishment Array.

There is no response, and the activation information in her body cannot be transmitted.

“In the Divine Formation, not only all the super-mortal body and magic have disappeared, but even the normal physical strength can’t be maintained.” Alex’s expression was solemn, sensing the operation of the array, but he did not find any abnormality.

The Divine Formation has not gone wrong.

“My super mortal body has indeed disappeared.” Harry said.

The force field of God and the force of connection did not fail, but attributes such as strength and speed all dropped to around 20 points.

The defense completely ignores this Divine Formation and is still extraordinary.

The same goes for Defense feats.

The attribute increase brought by the defense boost has not disappeared, only the enhancement of the physique by Bloodline Power has been eliminated.

“Look at him!” The second Crown Prince took a few steps back cautiously, pointing at the iron giant slumped to the ground like ooze.

“You can’t even stand up?” Harry clenched his fists, begin to stir.

“Fake, why are you talking so much nonsense, get rid of her!” The iron giant struggled for a long time, but only sat up, his voice weak like moaning and groaning.

“Can you still kill people in the Formation?” Harry’s eyes lit up, and he rushed over immediately, fists the size of ugly oranges, punching punch after punch on his iron head.

โ€œdong dong dongโ€ is like wrought iron.

The iron giant is not as powerful as her, so she can only hold her head and shout: “You can’t hurt me, even in the Divine Formation, my body is N goldโ€”Ow!”

“Boom!” The quantum critical strike was triggered again, and a direct presence force field attack broke his N metal arm.

โ€œDemoness, Hugh, letโ€™s see who he is!โ€ Two Crown Prince Rascoff shouted angrily.

Harry ignored him at all, and continued to beat until the familiar voice of malice appeared behind her.

“Harley Quinn, do you remember the contract you signed with me?”

“Joseph?” , and several instruments guarded by demons in the center.

Tachyon Cannon, Faraday-Manhattan Cage, Zhao Yu’s Quantum Centrifuge.

“This is your final trump card?” Harry looked oddly.

“Harry, don’t take the risk, let the black warrior deal with them immediately.” Richie’s nervous voice sounded in his earplugs.

Harry didn’t respond.

No response means no agreement.

“You are a perfidious thief, tonight I will take back the power of Manhattan that belongs to me.”

Joseph’s eyes flickered, sometimes resentful, sometimes full of greed.

“What a huge injustice, how could I betray my promise?” Harry said aggrieved.

“You have betrayed the covenant – the sacred covenant recognized by heaven!” Joseph angrily denounced, holding the book of Jacob.

“There are five contracts in total, only the first three are binding on me. Which one have I violated?” Harry asked.

First, she must not leak or sabotage the 7th Knight Regiment’s ‘Hydrogen Bomb Power’ stealing plan by any means.

Second, she must tell the 7th Knights her analysis of Manhattan’s Academician without concealment.

In the third article, she was the first to receive the indoctrination of ‘the power of the hydrogen bomb’, and after making sure that she was safe, she handed the Paradise Card to Joseph.

Joseph said resentfully: “You violated all three of the three rules. You concealed some information and stole the power of Manhattan that belonged to me. In the end, you didn’t give me the Paradise Card.”

“Yes, I withheld some information, but that information is only related to Zhao Yu, not the conjecture about Manhattan’s Academician.

The person who sabotaged the plan of the cavalry regiment is also Zhao Yu, and I have nothing to do with me. Money.

If I really broke my oath, why not cut weeds and eliminate the roots after the fact?

Also, I did absorb all the power of Manhattan

According to the contract, I should have been the first to receive quantum power infusion.

I was not the only one who entered the transformation chamber.

The last is the Paradise Card, I will give it to you when I am safe.

Do you think I am safe now?” Harley laughtered.

Joseph was stunned and cried, “Sophistry, I won’t believe your nonsense anymore.”

Harry glanced at the second Crown Prince, sneered: “You put Joseph I asked him to activate the penalty clause in the contract?

You can try it and see if God will punish me.”

Second Crown Prince smiled coldly, ” The dead duck’s mouth is hard, and the first sentence is perfectly clear – the plan of the cavalry regiment must not be sabotaged in any way.

You know Zhao Yu’s conspiracy, you know there is something wrong with the converter, but you deliberately hide it, this is back I swear.”

“Try it, see if God listens to my explanation, or listen to the false accusation of your devil.” Halle both hands crossed near chest, said leisurely.

The second Crown Prince stopped the ink and said to Joseph: “Use the incantation that Giles taught you to activate the contract.

If she really breaks her oath, even if she doesn’t die, she will lose heaven. With God’s care, ‘God descended’ is no longer used.

She can stand and throw her fists only because God descended.

She is now at ease, looking She is not worried about the tachyon gun, nor did she call her subordinates to save her life, or because of God, she is confident that God can help her stop the tachyon gun.”

Joseph looked solemn, and raised Jacob with both hands The Book of Cloth, shouting to the sky: “Lord Almighty, this is the covenant of sage Jacob’s testimony, and Christ has promised to keep this covenant.

Today sinner Harley Quinn, perfidious and contemptuous Holy.

Please use death, or deprive her of God’s blessings, to punish the fallen people who blaspheme the Lord!”

The paper of the contract burns without fire, the ashes are scattered, and the golden text is written For the shredded light, it shot straight into the sky and disappeared without a trace.

In the next instant, a golden lightning bolt appeared in Harley’s Sea of Consciousness.

Like an axe on the soul.

‘Mongrel’ Giles isn’t lying, the Book of Jacob can really activate the power of the heavenly covenant.

Harry lied.

She really broke her oath.

No matter how sophistry she made, her series of actions that day had already violated the rule that “the plan of the cavalry regiment shall not be disrupted in any way”.

‘Any way of last resort’ is the point.

God (golden great hall in Silver City) fulfilled the duty of ‘guarantor’ and immediately sent down divine punishment to kill Harley’s soul, because God did not give her any blessings at all, nor would he care for her .

“Stab, stab, bang!”

One blow didn’t shatter her soul, and the golden lightning of one after another exploded in her Sea of Consciousness, blowing up She was dizzy and confused.

“Pu pass!” Harley’s mouth was sweet, and gold stars appeared in front of her eyes, and she fell to the ground with a fart.

โ€œGoo-dong-guk-dong.โ€ A series of small bubbles popped from the Sea of Consciousness experience jar.

The God Force Field is immune to all magical damage from God’s Power, including the power of the Heavenly Covenant.

To put it bluntly, what if she broke her oath?

God can’t help her, just like the Crown Prince who killed San Gong San a few years ago, the law of hell is invalid for her!

But God’s punishment still caused slight physical shock damage to her body, so the experience jar had bubbles popping out.

“shit! The power of the heaven contract is Rule Power, the damned traitor who shouldn’t be malicious.” Harry cursed in a daze, canceling part of his immunity to God’s power.

The next moment, her body softened and she fell on her back, blood spurting wildly.

Seeing her weakly slumped to the ground, the second Crown Prince laughed ecstatically, “Hahahaha, Demoness Harley has lost God!”

Before she was calm, he also Uneasy in my heart.

It’s not that she doubts whether she has broken her oath or not, but that she is worried that God favors her too much–even God’s divine skills have been bestowed on her–to say she can’t give her the green light.

“Goodong!” The jar was bubbling and overflowing, Level 58!

For a long time, Harry shook his head and opened his eyes, ignoring the two Crown Princes who were happily erecting tachyon guns not far away, and cried out to the sky: “I was wrong, I broke my oath, God you Punish me!”

โ€”โ€”In her life, she has never experienced such an astonishing increase in experience surge, ‘God’ punishment should not stop!

“Hey, I feel despair nowโ€”the three palaces are on top!”

The second Crown Prince was even more happy when he heard the pleading of the old rival, and was ready to turn back and sneer a few more words, but In the next second, he and the group of demons behind him all screamed, “This is impossible!”

Haley ignored them, just jumped her feet and shouted excitedly to the sky: “God, I Breached the sacred covenant with Joseph, written by Jacob parchment, and testified by Christ.

Please don’t pity me because I am your most beloved Duke of Paradise Hills.

must fiercely Punishing me, not punishing me is not enough for the people to be angry!”

โ€”โ€”She actually stood up, still jumping, and her voice was loud

“This is impossible.” Two Crown Prince lost his soul Disappointed, he shook his head again and again.

“She’s crazy?” Joseph didn’t know what to do.

“She’s mocking us by pretending to be crazy!” Two Crown Prince gnashing teeth, his face full of anger, “God’s bastard is just and honourable to bend the law for personal gain.

In order to protect Demoness, Harry, don’t even want her face.”

“What? God thinks she didn’t breach the contract?” Joseph then reacted and roared frantically: “How can God be more shameless than the devil? God, this world Does God still exist? It’s too dark.”

“God, do you see that?” Harry pointed at Joseph, even more excited than him, “Your believers are on the verge of depravity because of misunderstanding, hurry up and punish me , let him know that you are fair and just.”

“You, you” Joseph turned pale, his hands trembling, and pointed at her, “Well, you Demons Harley, to humiliate in such a vicious way. Me!

No wonder God loves you so much, you jackals of the same tribe, the same shameless extremely.”

“Joseph, I really feel sorry for you.” Harry’s expression was unprecedented. sincere.

โ€”โ€”Experience come!

“puchi!” Joseph was so ashamed that he spit a mouthful of blood and fell to the sky.

“The contract is invalid, the plan has to continue, but you are completely useless.” brain.

“Black, this world is so dark, Nigerou is black, Earth heroes are black, demons are black, God is also black, it’s too dark”

Joseph’s soul drifted away from the wreckage, leaving behind A word and a tear, and I went to hell.

“Even if you have a god, so what if you are not trapped in Divine Formation yet?” The second Crown Prince raised the tachyon gun and aimed it at Harry, “Today I will bet with you, I bet you can’t stop the tachyon gun.”

He pulled the trigger, and the bucket-thick beam of red energy shot through the Divine Formation and landed on Harry.

(end of this chapter)

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