I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 413


Chapter 413 The stock market makes the devil crazy

Fifth Defense Specialty, Linking Force Defense Specialty, Level 9: Quantum Energy Attack immunity, time attack immunity, normal power attack immunity 30% – 50%.

Tachyon Cannon, the full name is ‘Tachyon Quantum Cannon’.

The tachyon cannon can damage the Manhattan Academician because it is the same quantum energy attribute as the Manhattan Academician.

Harley did absorb a large part of Manhattan’s power, although she did not become blue Harley, her body does have quantum attributes, so she can play ‘quantum fist’.

However, she not only used the power of Manhattan to transform her body, but also used the power of Manhattan to open the fifth defense feat.

Also Level 9.

“Even if you have the magical skills of God, I bet you can’t hold the tachyon cannon that kills the ‘blue God’.”

The second Crown Prince started with a grim expression Speed gun.

“Boomβ€”β€”” The bright red energy column thick in the bucket immediately passed through the Divine Formation, strikings on Harry’s face.

Her head, neck, and chest were also covered by the red tachyon rays.

“Uh~~~~” Harley is like a balloon being squeezed by a naughty child, her head is bulging and shriveled, her mouth is twisted to the size of her head, and her head is shrunk to the size of a fist. , the chest expands and the washbasin is big.

“The tachyon gun really worked.” The second Crown Prince was overjoyed, looking back with anticipation and asked: “How much energy appears in the Faraday-Manhattan cage?”

“No energy, Demonness Harley is still struggling.” A black magician replied.

“Can you increase the attack power of the tachyon gun?” a voice asked.

black magician subconsciously replied: “Shouldn’t–I-mai, you, you, Demoness Halle, are you still talking?!”

“Fake!” Two Crown Prince lost self-control shouted: “This is unscientific! The tachyon cannon can kill even the real Manhattan Academician, you are just a broken stock without awakening the power of Manhattan, there is no reason to kill you.”

“Why do you think I didn’t get Manhattan’s invincible skills? Knowing that I robbed Manhattan’s power, you still dare to come to Quinn Manor to seek death, not afraid that I will kill you with one finger?”

Harry Continue to be like a balloon man, the existence field is squeezed and squeezed by the tachyon energy, but the sound comes out neither fast nor slow.

“Fate Academician himself said, you don’t get Manhattan Academician’s ability, you can’t surpass time, you can’t inflict multi-universe level lethal damage (the attack that directly destroys the existence force field).” 2 Crown Prince excitedly said.

“Hmph, about blue Manhattan, Fate Academician knows a hammer.”

Harry looked disdainful, and cursed Fate Academician ungrateful in her heart.

In the Xiaoheidou incident, although she kicked him, she also saved his life.

He never came to her house to thank him for all these years, and now he is exposing the secret of ‘life saving benefactor’, the hero of saving the world, to the devil with ulterior motives.

Well, she’s misunderstood Destiny Academician.

He did tell her secrets to others, not demons and black mages, but his Grandmaster friends before word got out.

“He has observed you in detail at the Tower of Destiny, and he will never go wrong.”

Having said this, the two Crown Princes first showed a sudden look, then grimaced and grieved. Curse: “I see, it’s the old bastard of God again!

Fate Academician’s observation is right.

You’re a ‘handicapped Manhattan’ and you can’t use him at all The ultimate skill.

The tachyon cannon is no problem, it can kill you.

Crushes you like black Manhattan’s body.

But the God of Gouyue used ‘God descended to earth’ to protect you.

That’s why you are so confident that you haven’t let your little brother come out to rescue you yet.”

“God of the dog!” The demons and the black magicians understood and cursed.

“Aiya, two Crown Princes, Your Excellency Flatulence, I suddenly remembered one thing.” Phoenix Faust complexion greatly changed, anxiously said: “My 30-year-old ‘Magic Great Revitalizing’ Pill ‘released today, at this very moment, the time is urgent, sorry.”

“sou! “Blue space ripples flashed, the veteran Great Grandmaster of the golden crown and blue robe, disappeared.

The two Crown Princes and all the demons were stunned, not responding for a while.

Suddenly, black magician slapped again and shouted: “I also remembered, I boiled a pot last night-“

“Nikola, I know You, you don’t know how to make potions at all.” The second Crown Prince scolded angrily.

At this time, he also suddenly woke up: Seeing that he couldn’t help Demonness, Demonness still had no cards, and the cunning black magicians were about to break up and run away.

Nicholas smiled shyly, “I didn’t boil the medicine. I mean I boiled a pot of white fungus soup on a small stove last night. It’s almost mushy now. I’ll go back and have a look first.”


After speaking, the Crown Prince immediately opened the Transmission Gate and ran away.

A demon count shouted: “Oh, I remembered, my wife’s maternity period todayβ€””

“No one is allowed to leave!” Flatulence on the floating island Roar: “Demoness is still trapped in the Divine Formation, she’s a fish to be slaughtered and can’t hurt us.

Even if she has Carlisle and Zatanna or someone else for backup.

Our three Demon Lords, dozens of Archfiends, seven or eight Magical Grandmasters, and meet force with force don’t need to be afraid of them.

And we didn’t lose, even if we couldn’t take her Manhattan Power, at least plan c can guarantee to kill her.”

Seeing that the demons and mages still looked hesitant, their eyes wandered, and they made eye contact in private, the conceited king coldly said: “You all know that for the sake of In this operation, I have crushed my entire net worth.

At least until the fear of poison qi sweeps Gotham, whoever dares to leave will be the enemy of my flatulence.”

“It’s been so long. Well, the Bateman side isn’t over yet?” Harry asked impatiently.

Looking at the southern sea with flatulence, he sighed, “I also want to knowβ€”shit, Demoness, what do you mean?”

It turned out that Demoness was talking to himself. Jump three feet high.

“I’m also waiting for news from Bateman!” Harley sighed. “He said he would solve the fear poison qi crisis, so I’m here to hold you back.”


“Hold us down?” flatulence said with a sneer: “Just brag, if you can break free immediately, just rush over to help him, why don’t you need to delay?

I’m not afraid Let me tell you, before we got to Quinn Manor, the Marquis of Salos led two mages to hunt the Bateman and the Antidote missile ship at sea.

You can only wait for the missile ship to explode in the open sea, and wait until the attack. Heavenly Fire rises, wait until Marquis of Saros returns with his bat head.”

“Well, wait until Bateman wailes for help, I’d love to see him make a fool of himself.” Harley laughed.

“Then let’s drag each other to see who can win the last.” Flatulence coldly said.

Seeing that Harley was still twisting and deforming in the beam of the tachyon gun, the second Crown Prince looked gloomy and uncertain, and asked: “Why don’t you dodge? I don’t believe that the tachyon gun does no harm to you.”

“Uh, the pain is a bit painful, but it’s like a Thai Anmo, the pain is soothing.” Harry said shyly with a smile.

The tachyon gun couldn’t make her disintegrate, but kept “rubbing” her existence force field, which was more ecstasy than soul massage.

She is not only very comfortable, but is gradually feeling her own existence field intuitively.

Before, she was a complete novice, inexperienced, relying solely on the instinct of quantum crit to hit the presence field attack.

Theoretically, after she is fully proficient, like Manhattan Academician, a casual strike is a field attack.

“Are you very comfortable?”

The second Crown Prince felt uncomfortable to the limit, and immediately turned off the tachyon gun.

Harry couldn’t feel comfortable anymore, so she turned around and practiced the ‘Fist of Existence’ on the Iron Giant.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

“Oh, no~~~” The quantum critical strike was triggered, a fist mark appeared on the Iron Giant, and his mouth uttered a shrill voice howling.

“Demoness is too arrogant and self-confident. It can’t continue like this. If there is no other ultimate move, we’d better break up immediately.” The demon count loudly said with his wife approaching the delivery period.

“There are ultimate moves, and plan C. Use Plan C to kill Demoness. My iron skull is about to be smashed, pain deep into bones!” The iron giant urged in a whimper.

“Whatever the ultimate move, use it!” urged the demon count.

The gas hesitantly said: “Before the exposure of black Manhattan, we never thought about using the tachyon gun to drain her power.

According to the original plan, we will put her in prison. Divine Formation pulled into the shadow world together, and then contacted the Demon King to besiege her.

At that time, no one could save her.”

β€”β€”Harry, Carlisle and Ivy all Can’t wait, release the black warrior, don’t play it off.

Ritchie connects to Halle’s big cross through the “golden great hall server”.

Well, just like in Tulsa that day.

β€”β€”Tell Ivy and the others not to be impulsive, I am indeed procrastinating, not to see Bateman embarrassing. Well, only a small part of the reason.

Tie Kandao is a different-dimensional demon, and I don’t know if it was born, or if he used some special magic, so that he was covered in N metal.

Thirty meters high and hundreds of tons.

The Divine Formation was trapping me, but it also made him lose his transcendence. I’ll try to see if I can grind him to death.

Harry continued “Oh la oh la oh la” and replied Richie in her heart.

At this time, God’s power is revealed once again. The Divine Formation can isolate magic and super mortal body. People from outside can’t use magic against the people inside, but the ‘Heaven Server’ has been able to. Keep in touch.

“Since the C plan for the lore has been prepared, what are you waiting for now?” urged the demon count outside the array.

“When Lei Xiaogu’s fear of poison qi sweeps across the city, we will not only kill Demoness Harley, but also Gotham.

Even if we kill Demoness, it will be like the US stock market. If I don’t fall, I will still be on the rooftop tomorrow.” He sighed.

“What does this have to do with Plan C? Killing Demoness, Lei Xiaogu can naturally destroy Gotham.” count wondered.

The flatulence stretched out his head and looked towards the sea mouth in the southeast, brows tightly frowns, “If we enter the shadow world, we won’t be able to make it in time. I’m worried that there is another problem on Lei Xiaogu’s side,

Theoretically, we trapped the Demoness, and Salos killed the mortal Batman and destroyed the missile ship earlier.”

“You bastard, just take care of your own stock, don’t see me Are you being beaten by Demoness?” the Iron Giant in the Formation wailed miserably.

“Do you have an N metal physique, or are you a dignified devil, you can’t hold on to your kung fu right now?” said flatly coldly.

The second Crown Prince also advised: “flatulence, the overall situation is the most important, kill the Demoness first, so as to avoid extraneous problems, and ultimately nothing will be achieved.”

“Demoness is in the Divine Formation, impossible to move, we have time.” Flatulence said.

Second Crown Prince said: “But she has a younger brother hiding aside, and she also hides a lot of terrifying cards.”

If it wasn’t for fear of her cards, he would have gone up to fight with her before. She fought hand to hand.

One-on-one, he’s not afraid of her at all.

“Don’t be afraid, except Superman, everyone else is garbage.” said flatulence and conceited.

“Hey, is it too arrogant for you to discuss Plan B and Plan C in front of me?” Harry exclaimed unhappily.

“How can you?” Flatulence sneered.


The south-east direction suddenly lit up with a group of red light, and after half a minute, the aftermath of the explosion came.

“Hahaha, it’s better to be late than never, that bastard from Salos finally solved the antidote missile ship.” The boulder fell in his flatulence, and he laughed happily: “Demoness Harley, if you have any cards, just do it as soon as possible. Use it, the green poison mist is about to-“

“Rascoff, what happened, why did my brother die?” Suddenly, Belur’s mental projection appeared in the second Beside the Crown Prince, he asked angrily.

“What, Saros is dead?” Two Crown Prince complexion greatly changed, “What happened to the explosion in Haikou?”

(end of this chapter)

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