I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 414


Chapter 414 Commander Krypton is online again

“Saros is dead, the previous explosion.” The flatulence still held the last glimmer of hope, “Could it be that Salos is brave and fearless, and perished with the enemy ship?”

Belur was about to laugh angrily, “Why do you want my brother ‘fearless sacrifice’?”


“Sacrificing for a great cause is better than dying worthless.” Flatulence looked down at the second Crown Prince below and shouted, “Ask Lei Xiaogu, why haven’t you released the fear poison qi yet.”

Rascoff’s fingers flicked in the air in front of him, and a scene was projected in mid-air, with Lei Xiaogu in it.

He left the church and hid in a dark warehouse with a very anxious expression. Before the Crown Prince could ask first, he called out, “His Royal Highness, I was looking for you. The tanker suddenly lost contact, please send a fast-flying mage to check it.”

“Lost contact? How could such a large 10,000-ton tanker disappear?” The demons exclaimed together.

“The Shadow Warrior on the tanker lost contact. Whether the tanker disappeared off the coast of Gotham, I don’t know, so I need to send someone to check.” Lei Xiaogu said eagerly.

“What happened on the tanker?” Rascoff asked.

Lei Xiaogu shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Originally, every five minutes, the people on the tanker would send me a message to report the situation.

Now it’s not confiscated for more than 20 minutes. When I got the information, I was 100% sure that the tanker had an accident.”

“Waste! How could I be blind in the first place and cooperate with you.”

If the tanker loaded with fear poison qi is lost, the plan to destroy Gotham is in vain, and if the US stock market does not plummet, he will have to go to the roof.

The second Crown Prince glanced at him blankly, and then asked Lei Xiaogu, “What happened to the big explosion in Haikou before?”

“I don’t know, GCPD is chasing him tightly, I have no time to take care of him.” Lei Xiao said.

“You can’t handle the trifling GCPD?” The second Crown Prince frowned.

“I have 18 bones broken on my body, and there are too many of them. All of them are wearing high-end bulletproof suits that can block bullets and knives.” Lei Xiaogu said apologetically.

Two Crown Prince canceled the projection screen, said solemnly: “flatulent, arrange a few mages to find the tanker, we must immediately start the Fallen Array and pull the Demonness into hell.”

“Saros is a marquis, even he is dead, what’s the use of trifling several mages?” exclaimed flatulence.

“You really don’t have a big picture.” Harley continued to throw her fists and complained: “Destroying Gotham and drawing me out is your goal.

What now? Put the cart before the horse, leave me unsolved, and waste time arguing about minor matters here?”

“Demoness, shut up, don’t try to sow discord.” Flatulence scolded.

“Demoness is right.” The iron giant moaned and scolded: “I’m about to break my head by her, and you guys are still chattering, wondering where the fear of poison qi has gone.

Grandma Cao Ni, I knew you were so unreliable, I will not come to this stall.

Rascoff, you are the principal, early Make a decision and save me from danger.

Otherwise, if I have three strengths and two weaknesses, my six brothers will not let you go.”

“flatulence, you see” two Crown Prince looked towards flatulence.

The flatulence looked down at the bustling Manhattan night scene in the west, and a ferocious color flashed in his eyes, “Rascoff, you throw two large-scale forbidden spells into the center of Manhattan, and I will immediately follow you to the shadow world.”

“This” the two Crown Prince hesitated.

“You can try.” A warm and magnetic male voice came from the sky, “Even if humans destroy Earth, I don’t care, but if a demon or an angel dares to massacre in the city, I will kill him first. !”


The demons looked up and saw a handsome young man in a dark brown woolen coat, a blue and white plaid long scarf, and his hands. Putting it in his pocket, he stood calmly in the sky.

“Boss Gabriel, are you here to save me?” Harry shouted.

“We don’t know each other.” Gabriel said indifferently.

“You save me once, and we’ll get to know each other.” Harley laughted.

Gabriel gave her a deep look, and his body slowly disappeared.

“I can’t wait any longer, Gabriel has appeared, and I don’t know how many people are hiding around.” The second Crown Prince said solemnly.

The flatulence and bitterness nodded, “Human mages are all going to the sea to help Lei Xiaogu find the oil tanker, we will start–” It roared from high altitude, more than ten times the speed of sound, the sound of breaking through the air has not yet arrived, the silhouette has been like a bullet, shooting through the sky and projecting the floating island of the Divine Formation, and the speed does not decrease, hitting the golden guardian of Formation Master Alex on the array.


The violent air waves caused by the impact not only blew the surrounding demons and black mages to the side, but also made the ground like the sea, setting off mud waves.

Harry’s villa on the hillside of Indian Hill collapsed.

In the smoke and dust in the sky, the black warrior with black armor and black cloak, with his fists stretched forward, in the classic superman flying posture, is like a nail on the golden guard array.

“ka ka ka β€”β€”” The guardian formation was not broken, and a spider web-like black crack appeared centered on the black Iron Fist.

“Who are you?” The Formation Master was pale and terrified.

In order for the array to block Iron Fist’s impact, he used up all his magic in an instant.

“pΔ“ng pΔ“ng pΔ“ng” responded to him with the continuous strikes of the black warrior.

At the same time, the earth looks like an Earth Dragon turning over, countless green vines and bright flowers grow from the ground, the vines entangle demons and mages, and the flowers are sprayed with a multi-colored poison mist. .

A tunnel cracked open in the ground around the manor, and hundreds of drones loaded with energy weapons and infrared cameras flew out, activating at the enemy’s key points with full power.

In the collapsed Quinn Manor, screams immediately sounded.


The Iron Fist of the black warrior hadn’t smashed the guard array yet, but Harry’s prisoner, Divine Formation, shattered by himself.

The Guardian Array is a very powerful defensive Formation that will never be destroyed as long as it has enough magic power.

The problem is also here.

It takes mana to resist foreign attacks. In the face of the full attack of the black warrior, Alex can only put his little mana and spirit strength on his own safety, that is, on the guardian array. .

The Divine Formation was unmaintained and collapsed naturally.

“Boom!” The floating island the size of a basketball court in the air, all split up and in pieces, was covered with a layer of soil asbestos quilt on the ruins of the manor.

“His Royal Highness Rascoff, Your Excellency Flatulence, save me!” Alex cried out for help.

“Who are you?” The flatulence realized what the Array Grandmaster was doing, and flew down immediately.

The man was in mid-air, and first spit out a white unrolled bolt of white silk — three thousand financial debts that will kill you.

“God force field, open!”

Harry, who was stepping on the back of the iron giant’s neck and slamming a fist, immediately turned around and put the magic resistance buff on the black-armored person.

“bang!” The black-armored person punched on the blade-like unrolled bolt of white silk, tearing the paper and shreds flying.

“courting death.” With a roar of flatulence, his fists turned into pure gold, punching fists with black-armored person.


The violent air wave forms a substantial air ring, carrying the broken bricks and wood on the ground, and shoots outwards like bullets and cannonballs.

“Hahaha, I’m shocked, it turns out you’re not a superman.” Flatulence sighed in relief, laughing and shouting: “Rascoff, come and kill this iron man with me.

He is not a superman, he is stronger than me, but not overwhelming.

He should be the last card of Demoness.

The two of us join forces and take him out first. , and then kill Demoness.”


No one answered him.

The bloated and stiff face looked around, the night and dust could not block the Demon Lord’s sight.

all around is not empty, chaos is taking place, but the two Crown Prince Rascoffs are nowhere to be seen.

“Rascoff immediately fled, and the bastard didn’t take me with me.”

Outside the manor, the demon count of ‘wife in labor’ howled: “Who would Open the space door, please help me, my wife is really about to give birth, the child can’t be without a father!”

“I’m a slap in the face of the Sangong Demon!”

“Bang bang bang!” The black warrior didn’t go to fight with the Demon Lord, so he didn’t provoke him because of his flatulence, so he continued to beat and kick around the Guardian.

“Your flatulence, I really can’t stand it anymore.”

Before running out of magic power, Alex wailed, opened the Transmission Gate, and escaped.

“Ah, the space is imprisoned again.”

Another mage who wanted to run, failed to open the Transmission Gate, and could only fly in the air, but was hit by a phase cannon halfway. into two pieces of coke.

The Array Grandmaster not only maintains the Divine Formation, but also uses the Formation to break the time-space blocking formation of priests such as Carlisle.

“The Holy Word of Light!” Carlisle let out a long roar, the power of Michael came upon him, holy light suddenly erupted, one after another hugged the thick golden pillar of light, rising and falling on the ground, one after another like a burst ocean waves.

“Uh Ahhh ~~~~” The demons were scorched in the holy light, screaming and running away.

“Don’t let one go.” Harry looked around, Ivy’s vines couldn’t stop the high-level demons at all. “Where is the swamp monster?”

“The swamp monster said that there is a major event to do today, and there is no time to help you.” Ivy said.

“shit, what major event is more urgent than my side?” Harley scolded lowly and started the punishment formation, her body like a blood-sucking leech, nailed to the iron giant’s back.

Well, the Divine Formation was revoked, and that stuff got bigger again.

“Demoness Harley, we don’t have a fundamental conflict, let me go.”

The iron giant was severely injured in the Divine Formation before, and now dragging his body, Like swatting a fly, I want to slap Harley to death, but my movements are slow and not as flexible as her.

He is a demon king, and he will also have forbidden spell-level magic that falls on her, with little effect.

But when her crit hit him, it was a pit that couldn’t be healed, and the Satan attack around her made him even more painful.

“From the moment you stepped into the manor, you and I had a life-and-death feud,” Hallie turned her head and shouted, “Ivy, find my God’s stick, fist The effect is not good enough.”

She remembered that a stick had penetrated a few inches into the Iron Giant’s body before.

If you have a stick when you are in the Divine Formation, maybe you can hit it with a single blow. In the Divine Formation, the power of miracles disappears. The stick is just a holy relic, and I am afraid it will lose its special effects.

“Harry, then!” After two breaths, the green vines all over the manor found the stick that fell in the corner.

Well, I was dug out by the Iron Giant and threw it aside.

“Ahhhβ€”β€”” Suddenly, a shrill and miserable howl came from a hundred meters away.

Harry face changed, is a black warrior.

“Harry, the black warrior can’t beat the toad (flatulence).” Richie said eagerly.

“How can I not beat him, he is my ‘Tear Man’!” Harry exclaimed.

“The black warrior is a scientist, his physical fitness is several grades worse than that of ordinary Kryptonians, and his battle awareness is completely zero.

General Zod never even let him wear a weapon.

You’re using the chief scientist as a warrior, and it’s like burning a piano.”

This is Fiora’s voice, and she is now used to life as an antivirus software.

“Hahaha, so you’re a silver wax head gun. You stop me, right? If I don’t run away, I will kill you first, and then kill Demoness Harley.” Laughing wildly.

Harry clenched the teeth, ordered: “Fiora, you go get that big toad.”

(end of this chapter)

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