I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 415


Chapter 415 Persuade

Harley is not washed, the chief scientist of Krypton.

After she rescued him and healed his wounds that day, she said: As my secret prisoner of war, you have only two choices, either become my subordinate, or be brainwashed and brainwashed and become my puppet and slave. In short, your Kryptonian is in good shape, and I will not give up no matter what.

The chief scientist is not stubborn.

As a wise scientist, I can’t bear to lose my mind the most.

He then asked Ivy to plant a ‘kryptonite seed’ in her body and officially became Harley’s bodyguard.

In the days after that, Harley played against him every day, adapting to the strength and speed of the Kryptonian is one thing, but another reason is to observe his “slavery”.

By recording the daily changes in maliciousness, see if he can mature.

If the maliciousness continues to remain the same, it means that her method of subduing him is not right, and she will adjust the method.

If the malicious degree is higher than one day, it means that he is untamable and should be handed over to Strange ‘Divine Doctor’ immediately to cut the brain lobes, reconstruct the memory, and make it into a Flesh Puppet.

If the maliciousness keeps decreasing, it means he has the innate talent to be a minion.

The test results show that the chief scientist is a good seed.

After Harley agrees to hand Zod and other captives to Superman, his maliciousness drops by 20%.

After Harry introduced Fiora to him, his maliciousness dropped by 40%.

After getting along for a while, his maliciousness everyday all decreases.

Harry guesses that he, like Fiora, Adjani and other warriors, has the gene to obey the leadership of the superior.

Even though the Chief Scientist was doing well, Harry remained vigilant and deliberately gave him the name ‘Black Warrior’ Darth Vader.

Others guess because of his black armor and black helmet, or maybe she’s a Star Wars hobby.

In fact, Harry reminded herself secretly: She is the Great Emperor Palpatine of the Sith, and the chief scientist is Darth Vader.

The black warrior used to be loyal to the Emperor Pa, and made great contributions to the Galactic Empire, but when it came to his relatives (son and daughter), the black warrior still cut down the Sith master.

Harry doesn’t want to be a queen.

Also because of the frequent testing of the black warrior’s maliciousness – against him, Harley discovered his weakness very early.

Superman and Fiora’s strength, defense and other attributes can reach 90+, but the black warrior is at least 20 points worse than them.

What’s more, the black warrior has poor combat experience, and the ability to learn combat is almost zero.

Haley taught him the “Divine Art Secrets” of Earth martial artist, and he couldn’t learn a thing.

Fiora is just the opposite, a born warrior, but without a body.

Harry also bought her a ‘True Grass Head God’ identity of the same style as Richie, Power of Faith can be used to condense the body, but the shallow Power of Faith harvested by the guardian dog is not enough to create a body that fits the soul – the body of Krypton.

“Can you let Fiora use the identity of the black warrior during the battle?”

This idea suddenly appeared in Harry’s mind, and then quickly became a realityβ€”β€” Via Richie’s Soul Quantized Helmet.

When Richy’s fleshy body was burnt and his soul had nowhere to go, didn’t he plan to find another body to store?

Zha Kang was worried that he would occupy other people’s bodies all the year round, and the temperament stepped into the demonic path before unplugging the power cord.

At this time, seeing the flatulence and laughing wildly, the black warrior was beaten and screamed, Harry sighed then said, ordered: “Fiora, you go get the toad.”

Long-term use of other people’s bodies may indeed lead to alienation of the mind, and eventually into the devil.

Normally, she wouldn’t let Fiora enter the black warrior’s body.

“Darth Vader, turn on the ‘True Black Warrior’ mode.” Fiora gave the chief scientist an order first.


The surface of the black crystal helmet of the black warrior flashes a string of rune quickly.

The spirit strength sub-magic paradigm is activated.

The soul of the chief scientist is transformed into quantum data and uploaded to the Heavenly Mountain database.

Fiora’s quantum spirit transformation soul information flows into the black warrior helmet, the helmet harmonizes her spiritual frequency to the chief scientist, and landed on the black warrior’s body like water and Ru blending.

The Kryptonian commander Fiora is here again.

“sou!” moved gracefully and swiftly, flashed the black magic that came flying, and took advantage of the trend to come to the side of the grinning flatulence, with a simple and handsome uppercut.

“Bang!” The Demon Lord lifted his body off the ground, flying 100 meters high, the black warrior kicked his feet on the ground, came first, jumped to the top of the flatulence, a momentum is big, power is deep The next split, the right leg is like a battle axe, chopped on the head of the ‘toad’.

“bang!” The flatulence was like a meteorite, smashing a mud crater dozens of meters deep in the river beach.

“It doesn’t make sense, how did you suddenly become stronger?” he wailed in disbelief.

The battle was reversed outside the manor, and the flatulence was beaten by Fiora.

In the ruins of the manor, Harry is also about to achieve the final victory.

The iron giant Omani is a dignified devil, and he is also covered with N metal, without a weak spot, his strength and defense are not weaker than Superman, and he should not have behaved so sloppy.

However, his best black magic is ineffective against Harry, the second strength – N metal defense, is broken by the presence of force field crit, the third strength, because speed and dexterity can not keep up, Can’t pose a direct threat to Harley

It’s okay if her personal skills are restrained by Harley. Finally, she is a demon, and she has an N metal body. At least she can hold her head and run away with great strides.

Before incarcerated in Divine Formation, his body shrunk, and Harry deliberately interrupted his legs and hands, making him lose the ability to move quickly.

Even if the Divine Formation was revoked and his body swelled back into an iron giant, those broken injuries did not heal immediately.

And there should be Ivy on the side!

The magic vines she cultivated over the years are hidden in the bottom of Quinn Manor, like a ball of snakes the size of a football field.

At this time, green vines emerged from the ground, wrapping the iron giant layer by layer, and the iron giant broke his hands and feet, resisted weakly, and fell to the ground, but he was unable to move anymore. .

“Boom–” God’s stick was in his hand, and there was another critical strike.

“ao, no, Demoness, you can’t kill me, I’m Omani, I have six brothers, and my big brother is the head of the seven demons of Megatron – O’Fuck!”


The iron giant threw himself into the ruins of the rubble, his arms and legs seemed to be made of stainless steel, all twisted and broken unnaturally, a valiant and formidable looking warrior woman stood on the back of his head. The location of the macroporous region.

A one-meter-long rod embedded in one-fifth of the iron meat.

“didn’t expect human’s slain hole also works for demons.” Harry said joyfully, startled.

Before she punched him more than a thousand times, and hit him dozens of times, but she was always injured and not killed.

At this time, only the “layer of skin” on the back of the head was pierced, and the iron lump collapsed to the ground, unable to exert any strength.

He also begged for mercy.

It means that this key point can really kill him!

Thinking of this, Harley was full of energy, and again “Oh la oh la oh la”.

But instead of hitting him with her fists, she slapped God’s stick with her palms, like nails.

“pΔ“ng pΔ“ng pΔ“ng – ε•΅!”

“ao wu ~~Demoness stop, listen to me, we have no irreconcilable contradictions, I have a deep background, and our seven brothers are all overlords of the galaxy.

You can’t afford to offend you. ‘Seven Demons’, Earth can’t afford to offend the interstellar civilization we control.” The Iron Giant screamed threateningly.

“Is it very difficult to deal with the famous Galaxy? I’m still a multiverse Little Overlord!”

Harley took time to reply to him, and continued “Oh, oh, oh! Oh la!”

“ε•΅~~ε•΅~~~” After two more critical hits, the stick was half a meter deep into the flesh, and the silver white brain juice with a thread of blood ran along the body of the stick. Infiltrated, the iron giant twitched all over, unable to speak.

A golden thread streaks across the night sky, shrinking over the sky in front of Harley, turning into the Fate Academician of bright golden helmet, blue cloak, blue mage robe.

“Harry, please don’t kill him!” he shouted.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!” Harry ignored him and continued to slap, but in his heart began to call the black warrior: Forget about that toad, and come back home.

“Boom~~~” God’s stick is half palm-length deep.

The Fate Academician stepped forward and persuaded: “Omani is one of the seven demons. If you kill him, his brothers will really avenge you.”

“Oh la oh la oh la!”

continued to ignore.

Fate Academician sighed then said, and continued: “Have you ever wondered where the N metal on him came from?”

Harry didn’t even look at him.

Fate Academician raises his voice and becomes serious: “There is a powerful alien civilization called ‘Senagan’ in the North Pole galaxy, and their basis of civilization is N metal.

The N metal on Earth came from a Senagon spaceship that landed in Egypt tens of thousands of years ago.

It was possible to carry out interstellar flight tens of thousands of years ago, and also has a large amount of N metal. It is conceivable that Senna How strong is Gang’s technology.

And Senagon is only one of the followers of the Seven Devils.

If you kill Omani, his brothers may really bring aliens The army is coming to Earth.”

Harry finally stopped ‘oh la oh la’, and kept moving her hands, but replied: “Since his background is so strong, why are you watching him come to my house? To die?”

“Didn’t I come to persuade you?” Destiny Academician said.

“From the moment he stepped into my house and attacked me, the outcome of his death was doomed. If you want to persuade, you should persuade and persuade him before, not now, here. Persuade me.” Halle said indifferently.

The Academician of Fate was silent for a moment and said: “If the Seven Demons are full of malice towards Earth like the Sannomiya father and son, I will not advise you.

But the Seven Demons’ The attention is always on the outer planet, which is harmless to Earth.

Once you kill any of them, the other six demons must be eyeing the Metropolis and Smallville during the Kryptonian invasion of Earth.

, adding up to more than 1,500 deaths and more disabled people.

The scale and harm of the Kryptonian invasion is definitely not comparable to a complete high-level interstellar civilization.”

“I don’t think about future issues now.”

Harry began to slap the stick sideways, causing it to slant back and forth, left and right.

“Harley Quinn, you should think about it.”

Gabriel in a woolen coat and a plaid cashmere scarf appeared in the air on the other side and said solemnly: “Do you want to Think about the series of major events that resulted from the killing of Suge (the three Crown Princes killed by the Forgotten Bar).

Killing Omani will surely start another series of wars.

You are arrogant and despotic, rampant, whatever the outcome, you deserve it, but you shouldn’t let other people be implicated.”

Harry sneered: “Just you With a majestic, righteous face, and a mouth full of great truth, 80% of those who don’t know think that I am standing at the gate of heaven and slaughtering pure angels.

Then the two sage earnest and well-meant advised, I put down the butcher knife and became a Buddha on the spot, repent and be saved.”

“Open your dog’s eyes and see, I’m killing the devil who broke into my house and wanted to kill me! I am justice! ”

(end of this chapter)

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