I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 416


Chapter 416 Gotham Sitting Tiger VS King of Angels

Being scolded as ‘dog-eyed’, the good-natured Kent also looked bad, “Harry, I’m not saying what you’re doing is wrong, and I’m not judging your actions with justice.

I’m just analyzing the interests for you-“

“It’s okay. Now, stop analyzing, what’s the point of analyzing and analyzing?

You have never analyzed from my standpoint.” Harry said impatiently.

“Why not? Let Omani be spared, and you will lose six enemies of the Demon Lord.” Destiny Academician said.

“Look, you are believing oneself infallible again, aren’t you?” Harry said with a sneer on his face, loudly said: “When did I say that I was afraid of those six chops?

I, Harley Quinn, are enemies with the Sannomiya, and the countless Demon Kings in hell. I donโ€™t care about the whole hell. You told me, for my own good, let me Six less scoundrels, the ‘big enemy’?”

Fate Academician’s expression froze, and he was embarrassed, embarrassed, and angry.

“Demoness is so true and cannot be refuted!”

The sage of Aoqi, who was watching from a distance, sighed to the stranger beside him: “She dares even Satan. Lie, even the Sangong Demon has been offended to death, I really donโ€™t care how many more enemies of the Demon King, compared to the Demon King and the owl Evil God, the Seven Demons are indeed like little scoundrels.โ€

“I knew she was very daring, she didn’t have any extraordinary power when she was 14 years old, she still used a shotgun to hit the San Gong Mo and hit me in the head with the butt. God-like power, how dare you sneak attack me.” The stranger said with a sullen face.

“She is also a wonderful person. Ordinary people are as rambunctious as her. She has died hundreds of times early, but she has survived until now, and her childhood has become more and more nourishing.” Sage Aoqi sighed.

Mrs. Shangdu leaned over and said with a smile: “It’s not a good day, everyone, gods, and demons are looking for trouble for her, no, what a beautiful manor, it will be destroyed tonight. Yu once.”

“Do you think she cares about that little money?” Sage Orchi said disapprovingly.

“She certainly doesn’t care about money, but you don’t know what she lives all day.”

Mrs. Shang Du sighed and said, “Don’t say leave Gotham. In other cities, even if she goes shopping, she is worried about being ambushed.

Always let the blimp follow closely in the shadow world, ready to run away or fight back.

When there is trouble , immediately summon Carlisle’s group of ‘Paradise Mountain Team’.

In her early years, when she didn’t get the Heavenly Mountain Duke’s Armor, she wore bulletproof armor whether she stayed at home, went to work, or went out to play, whether in winter or summer.


In fact, she doesn’t have anything in her closet that doesn’t have bulletproof effects.

Talking to people and worrying about what crafty plots and machinations they’re doing – like She did it herself.

Eating out, and worriedโ€”well, she never seemed to be afraid of being poisoned by others, nor did she know any way to avoid it, so confident.

In short, she lives every day when she worries about others plotting against herself, and then is full of crafty plots and machinations, always ready to plot against others.

That’s not a normal person’s life, anyway, my day I can’t stand it either.

I miss her family’s manor so much, but I haven’t dared to go to her house in recent years, for fear of encountering such a thing today.”

“Perhaps she enjoys it?” sighed the Stranger.

The Fate Academician was speechless and retreated silently.

Gabriel is still standing there, indifferently said: “Harley Quinn, I don’t care about your position, I only care about the balance of power in heaven and hell in Earth, and the safety of human civilization.

You have broken the balance many times, broken promises, and brought the disputes between gods and demons to the world.

For example, Gotham was almost destroyed because of you tonight.

I don’t want Earth to be implicated by you one day in the future.”

Harry was angry and sneered, “You want to save this iron giant, right?”

“You have broken the balance between Earth and the gods, causing many battles. I don’t want the balance of the galaxy to be broken.

I don’t care if you and the seven demons live or die, I don’t care. Onlyโ€””

“No one here wants to hear your high-sounding bullshit, you just say, are you trying to save this bastard?” Harry said impatiently.

Gabriel stared angrily, “I justโ€””

“Fuck!” Harley raised a middle finger at him, pulled out God’s stick and threw it at the On the other hand, he pulled off the big cross on his neck with his backhand, and he had to stab a “sword” into the big hole where blood was coming out.

“Stop!” Gabriel roared.

Harry really stopped, turned around and loudly said: “Are you going to save him?


Don’t mother-in-law, cover up Cover up and speak your inner thoughts out loud.”


A few kilometers away, there are many demons, wizards, and Spiritual Gods hiding in the dark and peeping. laugh out loud.

Gabriel gnashing teeth, pointing at Harry, said in a commanding tone: “Let Omani go, I will help you make peace with the seven demons and teach them to swear never to enter Earth again. “

“That’s why it’s so simple!” Harry’s mouth curled into a sly smile, and said, “Have you read “Eternal Heaven and Dragon Slayer”? A novel written by a Chinese.”

“I don’t want to fool around with you, and I won’t be deceived by any of your rhetoric.” Gabriel coldly said.

“Are you afraid of being deceived by me?” Harley sneered.

“Put away your little tricks, I won’t eat this one.” Gabriel scolded.

Harry, each minding their own business, said: “There is a plot in “Eternal Dragon Slayer”, which is very similar to the scene at this time.

A believe oneself infallible, open one’s mouth and close one’s mouth, benevolent, righteous and moral The hypocritical villain, when the nuns and maids are eliminating evil for the people, punishing evil and promoting good, and enforcing Justice on behalf of the Heaven, she actually delusionally wants to intercede for the heretical path of the devils by her petty body.”

“Talk nonsense, obviously Old Witch kills innocents, choose honor over life, a noble young hero.” Gabriel grinned.

The hypocritical villain who believes oneself infallible, opens his mouth and closes his mouth, is benevolent, righteous, and moral is a different way to scold him face to face!

“Hehe, have you seen it?” Harley laughed, “Since you have seen it, it’s easy to do, the nun said to Zeng Aniu – to stand out for others, you must first Look at your identity, are you a martial arts Supreme? Even if you are, you have to try my Heaven Reliant Sword first.”

“My identity? Hmph, I am the king of the gods in the world.” Gabriel With his hands on his back, his chin slightly raised, his star eyes flashed with pride.

The majestic breath spreads from him in all directions, and the time and space are sticky and solidified like glue.

Even the Universe Principle acknowledges allegiance to him, manifesting at his feet as one after another golden thunder.

He is still dressed in modern clothes and seems to be unremarkable.

But anyone who sees him stepping on the thunder sea and freezing time and space as soon as he speaks will have a vision of golden armor Giant Spirit God in his mind: his hands are holding up the sword of Heavenly God, which is brighter than the sun. The wings are slightly drooping, and the tips of the wings are like arms, hugging a blue planet – the world, the Garden of Eden, the Earth.

In fact, there are not many people who are qualified to look at him directly at the moment.

The fish and insects of the Hudson River below, the Ivy and Carlisle on the ground, and the transcenders hidden in the dark. Like the insects in amber, they are solidified in the ‘glue’ of time and space, and they cannot be seen or seen. Can’t hear.

For example, Mrs. Shangto, who was full of excitement and waiting to eat a big melon, had her excitement frozen on her face and was stuck there like a puppet.

“This is what Gabriel’s ‘Angel King’ is, he’s really angry.” The Stranger muttered.

“Harley is a little bit clueless.” Destiny Academician said angrily.

Well, he knows better and better, and knows how to advance and retreat. After being overturned by Harry, he understands that nothing can be done, and he is ready to go back to the Tower of Destiny to be sullen.

Having glimpsed the Stranger and other old friends on the way, he turned back again.

The Naboo helmet is like a small sun, emitting a faint radiance around it, and the time-space freeze is immediately released.

“Kent, thank you.”

Sage Oki, Mrs. Shangdu and other mages were deterred by the invisible force of Fate Academician, and ‘defeated’ him to Harley before. The indifference of the mouth disappeared, and there was even more awe in his eyes.

The Academician attitude of Fate is naturally gently dejected.

He is also qualified to pretend.

The only Spiritual God on Earth who is qualified to deny Gabriel’s ‘Divine King on Earth’ is him.

Lady Shangdu worriedly said: “There are three kings of angels, King of Hell Lucifer, Michael the king of heaven, and Gabriel the king of earth (Eden).

They are all With the authority of God, the creation of the world is also in my thoughts.

Has Harry gone crazy? She actually provokes Gabriel.”

“Perhaps she wants to take the opportunity to step down?” The sage recalled: “I also watched “Eternal Dragon Slayer”. The old nun killed the young superhero with three palms. After three palms, the nun released the black mages.”

“Not quite. Like,” The Stranger shook his head, “she has long been full of grievances against Gabriel, and now she really wants to find him unlucky.”

“Why is she?” Sage Orchi said in disapproval: ” Gabriel stood there and let her fight, but she couldn’t move, the two sides were not on the same level at all.”

“Harley Quinn is going to be unlucky this time.” Fate Academician agreed.

“You are the King of Angels on Earth, but you can’t control Gotham.” Harley lightly said with a smile: “If you want to save the devil, just follow the routine of “Eternal Dragon Slayer”.”

“Are you confident that three palms will knock me down?” Gabriel said with a sneer.

Harry jumped off the ‘corpse’ of the iron giant, picked up the great stick of God that had been thrown aside before, and said: “If only I beat you, even if I beat you at the time, you will not be able to do it afterwards. I won’t be convinced.

Let’s be fair and play a game of ‘iron head’ — you hit me three times in the head, I hit you three times, and whoever can’t hold on loses.

Since you and I are ministers in the same temple, we can’t kill you.

So, let’s hit each other with this Saint Artifact, the heaven that can’t kill people.”

Gabriel Column stared at God’s stick and fell into contemplation

โ€”โ€”Demoness’s proposal must have a trap. I can’t see where the trap is yet, but three points can be confirmed: First, Demoness is afraid of death and knows hard power It is not as good as him, and only uses the penitent stick as a weapon; secondly, he is not afraid of the penitent stick at all; finally, it is just a trifling holy relic, the King of Angels can distort its attribute with no difficulty, making it from Saint Artifact, which cannot kill people, to murderous souls. Demonic Artifact.

But the question goes back to the original point, where is her trap?

“Hey, Gabriel was fooled by Demoness’s cunning name, guessing that there was a trap in her suggestion, and didn’t dare to agree.” A femininity and teasing laughter came from a distance.

“Inner dragon?” Harry turned to look, and saw dark clouds swaying two kilometers to the west, dozens of Demon Kings, expressionless, gathered together to watch the big play.

One of the familiar green robe silhouettes is smiling and waving to her.

is the Inner Dragon, the Lord of Hatred.

โ€œYou guys are so daring, trifling mental projection, you dare to appear in front of me.โ€ Gabriel coldly said.

“You also said, mental projection, I don’t feel bad if I lose it. And I don’t know how many people are hiding around, not many of us.” Neilong said with a smile.

“Don’t go too far, Gabriel, just be a man, or you can go back to heaven and change into women’s clothes and women’s bodies.” Harley shouted loudly.

The “hehehe” group of demons sneered.

Gabriel blushed and clenched the teeth, “Isn’t it better than an iron head? Demoness Harry, I want to see how hard your brain is!”

( End of this chapter)

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