I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 417


Chapter 417 The Big Three by Fate

The black warrior jumped out of the Archimedes airship and hit the Array Grandmaster at a dozen times the speed of sound On Lex’s guardian array, the ground in the shock wave undulates and rolls like waves – “ka-cha!”

The picture freezes, and Diana looks at the photos on Paradise Mountain’s mobile phone and is satisfied.

Then, she threw the Heavenly Mountain mobile phone into the air, took out the mantra lock sleeve with her right hand, and threw it lightly into the sky.

“pa-ka-cha!” Another photo generated on the phone.

With the lasso hanging back around her waist, Diana reached out to catch the dropped phone and flipped through the photo she had just takenโ€”her silhouette appeared in the camera with the dusty Quinn Manor.

“Well, with these street shots, the people of Gotham understand that although I didn’t show up again, I listened to their calls for help and rushed to Gotham myself.” Diana nodded with satisfaction .

This is what Jessica the broker taught her.

There are pictures and truths.

Tonight, the Wonder Woman section of the puppy video network was screened again by distress messages.

Hundreds of thousands of ‘Gotham netizens’ shouted: Wonder Woman help, cult members colluded with demons to destroy Gotham, only you can save us, come quickly!

It can be seen from the IDs of netizens that they are not navy, the level of each account is higher than the primary level, and there are normal posting records, not zombie accounts.

Leave a message under their post and get a timely reply from the host.

โ€”โ€”Even Gotham has my fans, but I have never done anything to the people of Gotham.

Diana was a little excited, and she felt a sense of making sure Gotham Security’s sense of mission.

So, she didn’t even eat dinner, immediately stepped on the colorful lightning, and rushed to Gotham ten minutes later.

When she came to Gotham, she discovered that the city’s Guardian, Bateman, had begun to act.

So, as in the past, she hid and observed quietly, waiting for the moment when she was needed.

Well, if a ‘mortal’ can solve a problem on her own, she usually won’t intervene, especially if the other person is also a superhero.

She respects him and will not rob him of his responsibilities.

This wait, just wait until a loneliness.

She came back in vain.

But this time she didn’t walk away.

She is not a hero to be praised, but the praise and love of the people will definitely make her feel happy and work well, and the curses and misunderstandings of the people will make her unhappy.

So, she followed Jessica’s advice and used her phone to leave evidence of her “visit here”.

Go back and send the photo to Jessica, and Jessica will arrange for the ‘passing fan’ to upload the street photo.

Then, there will be a post on the Wonder Woman forum: Wow, God bless, I was about to be terrorized and scared to pee, didn’t expect to bump into my Goddess by accident, she came to brother Tan it! No nonsense, beautiful pictures are presented, pure raw pictures without any beauty modification!

Then, someone will follow up.

Netizen A: What are you doing in Gotham at this time and place?

Netizen B: I guess it must be for the terrorist attack.

Netizen C: Alas, WW (wonder women, Wonder Woman) is too low-key, too cold, and she doesn’t even want to reveal her face when she comes to Gotham for a mission.

Netizen D: This is the normal WW, rational and humble, hiding in the dark to observe the enemy, not arrogant, and sabotaging Bateman’s actions.

Netizen E: I love WW!

A series of “Love WW” from all netizens.

“Wonder Woman, are you going to help?”

After taking the photo, Diana was looking around the manor curiously when a hoarse male voice suddenly came from beside her.

“Hera is on top, who, who is hiding there?” Diana was startled, she quickly turned to the direction of the sound with her shield, and drew her sword to be alert.

“I didn’t hide, I’ve been here all the time. I only greeted you when I saw you passing by.” The shadow explained.

Diana looked intently, the other party did not hide, just crouched behind the wild hawthorn bushes on the roadside, no more than five meters away from her.

Black’s cloak hides most of his body in the dark, and black’s pointed ears and headgear Bateman?


“Well, it’s me.” Bateman stood up, the black armor under the cloak, and the huge caliber rifle in his arms, all facing the opposite. The heroine is revealed.

The outer skeleton armor is dark, with scratches and bloodstains from battles on the surface.

The muzzle of the rifle is as thick as the body of a mineral water bottle, and a lot of high-tech components have been added. A bullet belt hangs diagonally on Bateman’s shoulder.

“What’s your relationship with Demoness Harley?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Why do you ask that?”

“You were hiding on the side, but I didn’t notice it. Isn’t that the Disciple of Asar Goddess?”

100 Terman was silent for a moment, then said, “You just lost your mind, I haven’t seen Asal.”

At least not yet.

Harry promised to help him introduce Asar, but has yet to keep his promise, because he can’t use a punch that has killing intent on her.

“How do you solve the fear of poison qi?” Diana said curiously.

“How do you know that the crisis of poison qi has been lifted?” Bateman asked in confusion.

“I heard what the devil in the manor said.” Diana pointed to the manor in the chaos and said, “Because I learned that the devil, Marquis Salos, died, the tanker carrying the fearful poison qi disappeared. It just started.”

“Listen with your ears? You also have super hearing?” Bateman asked.

Diana shook her head, “I’m not as good as him, I can only hear sounds within a few kilometers.”

Her super hearing, true hearing, listening to sound waves, comes from hunting Goddess Blessings of Artemis – Super senses including hearing and sight.

Superman doesn’t listen to sound waves at all.

He could hear the sound on the other end of Earth instantly, but even if the sound wave didn’t decay, it would take at least an hour to travel across the crust and the center of the earth to Superman’s side.

“I killed Salos and the two black magicians, and I stole the tanker too.” Bateman answered her previous question.

Diana strangely said: “How did you do it?”

Batterman patted Battle Armor and giant rifle, did not go into detail about the battle process, only said: “I want to Going to the manor to fight the devil, do you want to join us?”

Diana shook her head and said, “Demoness Harley doesn’t need help, and she and the devil are inseparable between good and evil, I don’t want to get involved. I Come to Gotham, just to save the people of Gotham.”

โ€”โ€”The people of Gotham have Bateman!

Betterman glanced at her with a sullen face, covered his body with a big cloak, and quickly disappeared in the darkness.

Diana had planned to leave, but Bateman’s appearance aroused her curiosity again, so she stayed near Indian Mountain and listened to his battle with her ears.

Can’t hear it.

As he walked, there was no sound.

That’s weird.

Her super eyesight couldn’t find him in the dark either.

However, from time to time she could spot him, because the sound of his rifle was so recognizable.

She listened to it for seven or eight minutes, and Bateman actually used a rifle to kill three low-level demons and two black magiciansโ€”all deserters running from the air after the space was blocked.

As the demons and black magicians all fled from Indian Mountain range, Bateman lurked again and disappeared.

Diana circled around Indian Hill and was about to leave.

Suddenly a violent wind erupted, and a person fell beside her.

“Hey, Wonder Woman, are you here too?”

A handsome square-faced, with black curly hair on his forehead and a huge “S” on his chest, Scarlet cloak .

“Tear Man, what are you?” Diana was a little surprised.

“I just came here, and I used super sight to observe the battlefield from 50 kilometers away, and when I caught a glimpse of you, I came over to say hello.

Well, it seems that Halle has won and doesn’t need my help. ‘ explained Superman.

“Why help her?”

“She’s my friend. Aren’t you here to help her?”

“I’m watching the fun.” Diana is honest.

Superman was silent, he thought she was also Harley’s friend

“Gotham is over, you can go back.” A dark shadow suddenly emerged from the wall of the trees next to it .

“Hera is on top, Bateman, youโ€”” Diana was startled again.

“Scared me, where did you come from? I didn’t see you before.” Superman said in surprise.

“I saw you in the bat glasses and came over.”

Batman was vague and refused to elaborate.

Superman opened his super eyesight and observed carefully, and soon found a fly-sized ‘mechanical bat’ on the leaves ten meters away.

But he couldn’t see through Bateman’s body and couldn’t hear his heartbeat.

“You’re wearing lead-painted underwear?” Superman asked sternly.

This is obviously to guard against him!

It’s a shame that he still treats him as a friend.

The two are not in the same city, but it is too much to wear lead-painted underwear at night.

Well, Superman took Harry’s advice, listened to his new friend Bruce a few times, and found out who he was as Bateman.

Betterman glanced at him with a complicated look, and said in a muffled voice: “It’s not a lead-painted underwear, it’s a radiation-proof lining.”

โ€”โ€”There is a lining outside the lining. layer of lead nanocoating.

Don’t blame him for being wary of him.

Without eavesdropping on his life, would Tornman know that Bateman is Bruce?

Diana glanced around the two men, said curiously: “You know each other?”

Superman nodded, “We’re friends.”

100 Terman shook his head, “I don’t know.”

The two spoke at the same time, and then Superman looked embarrassed, and Bateman glared at him with a blank face.

“What’s wrong?” Superman asked with a frown.

โ€œBe careful with the confidentiality of information, especially identity-related information,โ€ Bateman sighed.

“Wonder Woman is not a bad person.”

Just after he finished speaking, Superman added: “I mean, meeting is fate, and we have a good conversation, and we can become Friends.

When necessary, we can work together to deal with crises that are difficult to deal with alone.”

“At present, I have not encountered a problem that I cannot solve.” Diana proudly said.

Bateman pondered: “This issue can be discussed later, but next time you come to Gotham, you’d better let me know and see if I need you and what I need you to do.”

The meaning is obvious.

Gotham is Bateman’s city.

Diana brows slightly wrinkle, “The people of Gotham need me, and I’m only here for them.”

Superman also said: “The people of Gotham called me, and I came here. .”

Bateman’s cheek muscles twitched a few times, and said, “You are being held by Harleyโ€””

The time and space were frozen, and the three of them were like insects frozen in amber.

But the three of them are extraordinary people, and when time and space return to normal, they immediately notice the anomaly.

Betterman didn’t care to expose Harley’s black material, facial expression grave: “What happened just now?”

“It seems.” Superman and Diana flew into the air, Turn on super perception, and his eyes fall on Gabriel.

The three were at the foot of the mountain, and Quinn Manor was halfway up the Indian Mountains. Bateman stood on tiptoe for a while and saw nothing.

Superman glanced down at him and suggested, “Let’s go to the manor.”


Betterman was here to do it Li helped punch.

Diana didn’t object this time.

When the three of them arrived halfway up the mountain, there was already a circle of people, gods, demons, and everything.

(end of this chapter)

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