I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 419


Chapter 419 Someone asked Harley to play a fake match again

Gabriel tried hard to hold back her cry, almost not holding back her tears come out.

He really regrets it!

I regret competing with Demonness for the ‘iron head’, knowing that there must be a trap in her proposal, but she is still confident and arrogant.

“Hera is on top, Demonness puts Gabriel on the table. It’s bloody!” Diana exclaimed.

The gods and demons who watched “Oh my God, it’s unbelievable 1” also boiled.

They were still betting that Demonness couldn’t break Gabriel’s defenses.

But it was only five hits now, and a blood flower exploded above Gabriel’s head.

The King of Lies was so shocked that the mental projection jumped out of the subspace directly.

He took a closer look and wondered, “How did Demoness do it? Her speed and strength don’t seem to increase, nor does she have any magic fluctuations.”

Other Demon Kings He Mojun, Gods and Demons, and even Stranger, Fate Academician and other bigwigs also showed their bodies, because hiding in the sub-space ‘seeing’ is not real, and some subtle magic fluctuations may be ignored.

“Ah, Demon King. The Demon Kings are here too.”

Their appearance caused exclamations in the onlookers.

“Dongβ€”β€”” Harry was distracted, and knocked two more sticks.

None of the critical hits were triggered.

The heart that Gabriel held, let go with doubts.

“Dong, dong, dong!”

His three attacks were very smooth, and he used all his strength to hit Harley’s skull with blood and even a few pieces sticking to it. The flesh of the hair, along with the stick body, fell off to the ground.

It looked miserable.

But no one thought she was really miserable because she grinned and kept shouting “come on” and “work harder”.

β€œdong dong dong” Gabriel swings.

“Gudong gudong.” The experience jar bubbling.

“Hahahaha!” Harry burst into blood and laughed ‘crazy’.

Well, the increase in experience is something to be happy about, but she is now triggering the curse of power greed.

You can only feel pleasure in pain.

Also activate the anti-injury attack from time to time – the brain spell, which makes Gabriel twitch.

“dong dong dong” Harley swung the bat, normal damage, but Gabriel didn’t respond.

“Boom–” The critical strike was triggered, Gabriel was furious, his teeth were clenched, and his head was bleeding.

Everyone gradually went from shock, disbelief, grinning, teeth sore and heart quivering, incomprehensible. All emotions were exhausted in hundreds of blows, and finally only numbness remained.

“Demoness Harley is the real Peerless Great Demon leader! He actually came up with such a crazy way of fighting.” The Demon Kings felt panicked when they saw it.

“Fortunately, I didn’t insist on forcing her to let her go”

Fate Academician wiped the sweat from his forehead, his face full of fear.

Watching the two bloody bottle gourds beating each other’s heads with sticks like crazy, Superman felt a little uncomfortable and wanted to vomit.

He touched Bateman and asked, “Who do you say can’t hold on first?”

Bateman said in a deep voice, “It’s a quarter past eight o’clock in the evening now. They fought each other for 45 minutes, a total of 217 rounds, 650 hits against each other, Harley lost 1273cc of blood, Gabriel lost 317cc of blood

In theory, the angel Gabriel is more dominant than the human Harley

But Harry’s complexion is still ruddy, not only rosy, but also a little excited, his eyes are frantic, but he has not lost his mind.

Now the power of each swing seems to be stronger than when he started Even stronger.

It was Gabriel, whose expression was distorted from time to time, as if he was in great pain.

There was not much blood at the moment, but the cold sweat soaked his body. Cashmere vest.

So, I’m optimistic about Harley.”

“Are you sure, the blood loss can be accurate to 1cc?” Diana doubted.

She just grinned and got goosebumps. She didn’t go and couldn’t count their blood loss.

“Roughly right.”

“Have you seen Demoness Halle’s secret?” Diana asked again.

– As you probably guessed, it’s like a random crit in the game, with a special attack attribute.

Combined with the information revealed in the conversation of the nearby ‘demons and ghosts’ – two days ago, Halle robbed the power of Manhattan’s Academician – although she did not turn blue, she finally got the power of Manhattan.

Critical strikes fit well with the uncertainty of quantum forces.

Taking into account the archives of the Manhattan Academician that I read in the early years, Manhattan’s best attack method is to crush the eigenfield (existence field) of the creature.

In the end, it can be concluded that Harley triggered the eigenfield attack in some unknown way.

As powerful as the Angel King Gabriel, he cannot block direct attacks from the Eigenfield.

Betterman thought about it a lot, but without any hesitation on his face, he shook his head calmly, “I can’t guess at all.”

β€”β€”He only knows Harley’s secret. Now, Wonder Woman is a hero, but at least for now, she has not gained his trust.

However, the ‘anti-Halle program’ has to be drastically revised.

If a layer of ‘strong eigenfield’ is added to the surface of the ‘anti-Harry Battle Armor’, it may be able to withstand Harley’s “copycat Manhattan attack”.

If I can simulate Harley’s eigenfield attack, I might be able to upgrade this set of “Anti-Demon Battle Armor”.

Batman hugged his chest and groped his flesh with his fingers Dudu’s ass and chin fell into contemplation.

“Stranger, you have a good relationship with Demonness Harley, please tell her to take the initiative to admit defeat!”

After another critical hit, Gabriel couldn’t help it.

He went over the voice of the sky and used the ‘gold great hall’ directly to message the Stranger.

The strangers on the outskirts of the crowd were stunned for a while.

He absolutely did not expect to receive a message from Gabriel, or a ‘SOS’.

The Angel King’s tone was still aloof and remote, but he could hear anxiety and pain.

“I’m afraid it won’t be easy,” The Stranger pondered his words. “She was like a little wild horse with a single tendon since she was a child. She was unruly and daring.

Hit me on the head with the butt of a gun, play Lucifer, kick the Fate Academician, and swindle in the name of God.

Just two days ago, she also regarded the Apocalypse’s war lord wasteland wolf as a little boy Bitch, just kill and take away the power of the Academician in Manhattan.

I just can’t imagine who could teach her to do things in a commanding tone.”

He and Gabriel They are all human angels, but the status gap is a bit big.

Gabriel is the king of angels, crowned and high in the house of honor.

He is an exiled half-fallen angel (ps) who specializes in black work for the Voice of Heaven.

Normally, even if they happen to meet – Gabriel lives in Manhattan, Stranger lives on Long Island, and both are in Gotham – the ‘snobby’ Gabriel will not take the initiative to meet. he speaks.

The Stranger might not feel inferior when facing Gabriel, but he was a little flattered when he was approached and asked for help.

However, he also understood Harley’s character and agreed without hesitation.

“Coercion doesn’t make bait, and offers her hard-to-reject conditions.”

Gabriel is not stupid, knowing that empty words can’t convince the ‘greedy’ Demonness.

“On what terms? Where is the bottom line?” The Stranger said curiously.

Through Gabriel’s bottom line, you can also guess how bad he is at this time.

It’s not bad and will not “surrender”.

Have you not seen Harley still laughed heartily, laughing with sore teeth and soft legs and goosebumps all over her body?

“I want to end this shameful farce immediately.” Gabriel insisted: “Look at the people around you, they see us as a monkey trick.”

The second half The Stranger didn’t listen at all, he was only thinking about the word ‘immediately’.

This shows that Gabriel is willing to pay any price.

“Harry seems to be more embarrassed than you, bleeding all over her body, and her white skull is exposed and cracked.” The stranger said tentatively.

“It’s not a question of who is more embarrassed.” Gabriel said impatiently, “The confession stick can’t kill people, I originally planned to make it a murder weapon, and a stick knocked Demoness’s little brain into rot. Watermelon, but God”

“His preference for Demoness Harry seems to surpass Adam and Holy Son (Christ).” His voice was full of resentment, “I now somewhat understand what Lucifer was thinking back then. I’m done.”

The last sentence made the Stranger’s heart skip a few beats.

He immediately decided in his heart that he had to help the Angel King in the world no matter what.

Adam was the first human being created by God in the Garden of Eden (earth).

After Michael took him into heaven, the angels had to bow to him.

Lucifer stood proudly and insisted on refusing to visit the shrine, and conflicts arose.

Later, God asked the angels to swear allegiance to Holy Son, Lao Lu pointed his middle finger, and simply pulled the flag to rebel.

Well, it wasn’t that there was Jesus first and then the Holy Son, but the Holy Son Christ came down and was reborn as Jesus.

Today’s second Holy Son coming is not the birth of the second Holy Son, but may be the Holy Son Christ’s second entry into the palace, the Holy Mother’s womb.

The Stranger fears that Gabriel will go back to his old ways, degraded by jealousy and pride.

“Actually, Harley is not very favored by God. Really, you can see how miserable she has been in these years. Also, her descent from God is not necessarily related to God,” he advised.

“Don’t say good things for him, ‘God descended to earth’ is 100% his power, I know this better than you.” Gabriel gnashing teeth, his tone with great certainty.

Because he has the ‘Gabriel skin’ himself.

The Satan skin obtained by Harley at Level 8 of the Fourth Defense Specialty is actually the prototype and incomplete product of the God Force Field.

Until Level 9 absorbs the power of heaven, Satan’s skin evolves into God’s skin, and Level 10 absorbs the origin of Little Black Bean, the final form of God’s force field is opened.

Gabriel and Michael also have their own “skins” – small force fields, so ordinary magic can’t hurt them at all.

So, Gabriel could feel that Harley’s God force field and his have the same origin, but several levels higher than him.

How can this prevent him from becoming unbalanced, envious, jealous, and hateful?

“Harry, you’re in a state of greed for power again. It’s very dangerous. Let’s forget it. I can help you to intercede so that Gabriel will no longer interfere with you and the Seven Devils.”

Harry was stunned before she realized that it was a stranger trying to persuade him to fight.

“You have a hundred hearts, a confession stick can’t kill anyone. Besides, before the fight with Gabriel, I ate a belly full of high-energy magic food, and I only digested a tenth of it now. One.”

Harry is very optimistic and very rational.

The Stranger could not guess that food and injury recovery were closely related, but he also understood that Harley was in control, so he changed his rhetoric: “Everyone is treating you as a joke, you are ashamed, and so will heaven. Disgrace yourself.”

Harry vaguely understood the Stranger’s thoughts, and said meaningfully: “So I want to disgrace Gabriel, the worse he is, the happier I am.

My happiness is enough to offset the shame of being seen as a monkey.

Anyway, when I win the final victory, they will only look at me with awe and no more contempt.

So, Gabriel doesn’t cry and shout ‘repentance’ in public, I won’t stop.”

Stranger sighed then said, “Let me tell the truth, the voice of the sky wants you to end it immediately. Bidou, you can open the conditions as you like.”

Well, the poor voice of the sky is really used by a group of ‘fallen’ angels as a toilet, and anyone can use it.

(ps: If every angel has a priesthood, then the Stranger means betrayal.

When Lucifer rebelled against God, the Stranger also betrayed God and joined the Lucien array camp, As a result, he gave up halfway, betrayed Lucifer again, and returned to God’s command.

Then God banished him to the mortal world and became a wandering “God’s little black hand”.

For example, he did Judas, betrayed Jesus.

For example, Jim Corrigan, the host of the ghost, was also betrayed by him and died, and the soul combined with the power of God’s vengeance to become a ghost.

For another example, Mrs. Shangdu and Raven Girl.

In addition, about Harley’s new skill, it is actually the critical damage with attribute attack, which is described in game terms: there is a x% probability of hitting double or Multiple physical attacks, and stimulates real damage against the presence field.

As for where the extra crit power comes from.

It can be considered that she lost part of her energy in the past or in the future to Now


(end of this chapter)

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