I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 421


Chapter 421 Drinking in the Living Room on Heroes

“Mage friends, Spiritual God friends, passing demon brothers, what would I do in the past? I have offended everyone, and I have resentment and hatred in my heart, please hold it back.”

After the Stranger and Gabriel left, Harry stood in the middle of the open space, looking all around, He shouted triumphantly: “If you can’t hold back, you have to hold back, otherwise what can you do?

I can’t hear you scold me behind my back, and it’s dangerous to scold me in person.

Perhaps, Like Rascoff, form a squad that hunts me down?

hehehe, I lose a villa, and they lose 70% of their lives.

Or, like Gabriel the Angel King Lie, have a ‘iron head game’ with me?

Well, I’m really scared, my brain hurts, and I can’t kill you guys, so don’t come to me to compete! “

“Demoness, don’t be arrogant, the mud under your feet is soaked with blood dyed.” Spiritual God, who was hiding in the dark, said angrily.

“I’m going to be arrogant, come, come and teach me a lesson!” Harley stretched her neck and shouted, “Come and compare your head with me!”

“Demoness is crazy , the head was broken.” A mage said in shock.

“What is crazy, was she very humble before?” Some people also disagreed.

“Don’t be impulsive, Demoness is fishing, you see, Torn Man and Wonder Woman are on the side.” Someone found clues.

“Demoness cunning, let’s all leave.”

For a while, the space door continued to flash, and the ruins of the manor that had been very lively just a moment ago were only half a minute, and only a few were left. people.

“Harry, I won’t help you ‘entrapment’.” Superman said solemnly.

“It’s up to you, I’ve died hundreds of times.” Halle rolled the eyes, said ill-humoredly: “When you released the Kryptonian captives, you promised me that if there was a demon attack I, come to support immediately.

Are you here today?

Oh, you are here, but you are not in a hurry to watch the big play when I need you the most! “

Superman looked embarrassed and shyly said: “It’s not that I don’t want to come, there is a major event at the Metropolitan subway station, so hundreds of people are trapped underground, I can’t save them and run away halfway. Open it?

Also, I use my super hearing to listen to what’s going on on your side, to make sure you always have the upper hand.”

Harry said meaningfully: “You are believing or not, today If you leave the dead citizens in the subway station to the firefighters, and immediately come to Gotham to help me, you will save more people.”

“Saving you means saving more people? You are so arrogant.” Wonder Woman said with a sneer.

“Hi, Ladies, I’m your fan, thank you for saving me.” Harley waved at her and smiled.

“I’m here to watch the fun, I didn’t even think about saving you.” Diana said indifferently.

Harry frowned: “I’m straight, sincere, not good at beating around the bush and eloquent words, so. Is there any misunderstanding between us?”

“I’m also kind Straight, there is no misunderstanding, you asked the navy to blackmail me on the Internet, because in the Krypton invasion incident, I do not want to work under your command.”

Diana is really straight, and without embarrassment I spoke in my heart.

Harry cried out in grievance: “What a big misunderstanding!”

“I have a definite source, and it’s useless for you to deny it.” Diana’s tone was confirmed.

Harry glanced at Bateman.

Betterman shook his head lightly, “I didn’t have time to say–the people who posted on the Wonder Woman section tonight, 80% are also your navy leading the rhythm.”

If you don’t have time to say it, don’t say it!

Harry looked blank.

“What, are you doing the trick tonight? But none of those accounts are trumpets, or zombies.” Diana was shocked.

Harry clapped her hands, “There is no living room, how can I entertain guests?”

“Whoosh-” The sky suddenly darkened, and seeing the crowd above, the black warrior held up three actions. The floor-to-ceiling villa flew over.

The site below the villa is made of two I-shaped steel plates crossed into an “X” shape, and above it is a brand-new building composed of turning heads, alloy steel and special glass, covering an area of 200 square meters and three Floors, modern minimalist style, silver and white, very beautiful, very fashionable.

On the ruins of the original manor, thousands of vines wriggled, pulling the ruins aside, leaving a large area of flat land.

Then Carlisle led a group of 12 priests to appear, using stones and magic beams that flickered with magic light, hexagram arrays in the mud, and some strange runes.

Finally, a space door emerged against the ground, and the black warrior slowly fell, landed in the circular space door, appeared from the other side, and the huge villa landed smoothly.

Saplings grow near the new villa, and clusters of delicate flowers form a spring-like flowerbed in front of the house.

The three giants of Zhenglian are stunned. Under the watchful eye, the new Quinn Manor took shape in just 3 minutes.

Entering the living room of the villa, Bateman and Superman are shocked again.

They had been to Quinn Manor before, and they saw familiar furnishings and furniture in the new living room of the manor.

Although the styles are the same, they are all new.

This shows that Harley’s villa is not tonight’s dive light flashed, she has been ‘prepared’.

“Ai, I originally planned to get along with you as an ordinary person, but in exchange for a lot of misunderstandings.” Harry poured a glass of ‘Holy Water Wine’ (ps) for the three and sighed: “Forget it, don’t pretend, I have a showdown, I am the director of the Superhero Supervision Bureau!

All heroes in uniforms must accept my review and test.

In a word, I’m your BOSS!”

Battman’s voice said solemnly: “I’ve never heard of the Superhero Supervision Bureau.”

“You haven’t heard of it. There are a lot of things to do, since three years ago, before you debuted, the Supervision Bureau has taken shape.

Or, do you think this department should not appear?”

Ha Li glanced at the three of them and said with a smile: “If some deceiver, in the name of a hero, is greedy for life and fear of death when Earth encounters a disaster, hiding aside and doing nothing, can the government and government tolerate it?”

You must know that just a few years ago, the United States still had the “Kean Act” that requires real-name registration of superheroes!

The “Kean Act” is more than ten times more stringent than the Supervision Bureau , you should be fortunate to be born in a beautiful new era.”

“I’m not afraid of death. On the day of Krypton’s invasion, I went to Metropolis, but I didn’t have the opportunity to contribute.” Diana said firmly.

“Who knows if you’re going or not, anyway, I don’t know. So, I will use clever means to spur you and teach you to be a true hero who knows honor and shame and shame.” Halle shamelessly shameless Say.

Diana blushed, “You taught me to do things? I’ve been in combat for longer than your Old Ancestor mother.”

Harry sneered: “Whatever you want. A demon king who died in my hands is the same age as your mother, Old Ancestor.

If age and experience can decide everything, Gabriel and I don’t have to compare with ‘iron heads’, directly Report your age.”

Diana’s red lips parted slightly, but she was speechless.

“cough cough, Harley, I don’t agree with your statement.” Superman glanced at Diana comfortingly, and said, “Every superhero is free from mind to body. They Have the right to choose or reject which battle to fight, and the right to choose your preferred battle method.

I can testify for Wonder Woman that she was in the Met that day.

I feel When you see her, you also hear her voice.

Even if there are heroes who don’t go, they shouldn’t be criticized.

Law and morality only constrain people not to do bad things, and A person cannot be ordered or forced to do good deeds.

When an ordinary person puts on a uniform and takes his first step as a drag hero, we should encourage him and praise him, even if he does a great thing I didn’t do it.

Because the desire to serve the people is sublime and great in itself.”

Diana stared blankly at Dachao, her big blue eyes showing gratitude, Admiration and unspeakable affection.

Betterman also looked complicated.

“That’s good,” Harry clapped lightly, “but, do you know why there was an accident at the Metropolitan subway station tonight?”

“I know, I’m afraid Attack.”

“Who did it?”

“I’m investigating.”

“Don’t investigate, I tell you, it’s Rascoff The devils arranged it.

They want to drag you in the metropolis.

Today you go with their ideas, tomorrow, the day after, the same thing will happen countless times, when When someone wants you to go or stay where you are.

When the time comes I don’t know how many ‘meat tickets’ to die.

Now, you still feel that heroes have the freedom to choose right?” Harley sneered.

Superman’s face changed, and he finally said firmly: “I don’t know the future, but I can’t turn a blind eye to what happened in front of my eyes.

Then, thank you for your reminder, I will I will work harder and give those who imitate an unforgettable lesson.”

“Work harder.” Harry looked dazed for a while, “I seem to have heard someone say this.”

“Jim Gordon,” Bateman blurted out.

After he finished speaking, he patted his thigh angrily.

I was so impressed when I was a teenager, Gordon tried so hard, and his mouth slipped.

“Oh, yes, that’s him.” Seeing Bateman’s expression, a smile appeared in Harry’s eyes.

Betterman glared at her and said solemnly: “Superintendent Gordon still adheres to his former ideals and never gives up his efforts to change injustice and injustice.”

“Some Things can’t be done with effort.” Harley sighed: “I think when an ordinary person puts on a cross-dressing cloak and takes the first step of being a superhero, we should guide him and educate him, even if he Innate With Divine Strength, you can easily accomplish great things in the eyes of others.

Because a hero not only represents honor, but also bears a heavy responsibility.

The higher the honor, the greater the responsibility The bigger it is.

There is no doubt that I, who lead the group to save the world, is the most suitable superhero mentor.”

“You are so shameless.” Bateman said with a sullen face. .

Superman and Wonder Woman nodded agree.

Harry shook his head and sighed, “The courage to serve is called shameless by you, fear of death and avoiding responsibility has become ‘freedom’.

Alas, it seems that the superhero world really needs Remediation and supervision!”

“Harry, I think you need supervision the most, what’s the matter with the black warrior?” Batman asked with a sullen face: “He must be a Kryptonian! Minos! The general’s worries are right, the day the Krypton mothership fell, you secretly let the Kryptonian captives under your control hide a lot of contraband, including Kryptonian scientists.”

Superman sighed and fell silent. Don’t say anything.

“Ai, I won’t hide it now.” Harry looked towards the door, “Black warrior, tell them who you are.”

The black warrior stepped on Iron armored boots, “clang dong clang dong” walked in, lifted the mask, revealing a strange and ordinary male face.

“I don’t want to hear about his random made-up identity, he must have had plastic surgery.” Batman said.

“Hmph, I’ve seen you, and you’ve seen me, Bateman.” The black warrior’s tone was cold, and his feet stood side by side, “Look who I am!”

The surface of the black crystal helmet flashed with the text of Magic Talisman, and a faint light shot from the eyes of the black warrior, condensing in the air into the appearance of a majestic female general.

(ps: Holy water wine, made with high holy water and magic, Harry has a holy water pool that can absorb the power of faith and bubbling, hidden in the underground of Gotham Cathedral.)

(end of this chapter)

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