I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 422


Chapter 422 Justice League

“Omaika, Fiora?” Both Superman and Batman exclaimed .

“hmph!” Fiora glanced coldly at the Big Three, then returned to the black warrior’s body, turned and left without saying a word.

“She has such a cold and arrogant character, don’t mind.” Halle said with a smile.

“Isn’t Fiora dead?” Superman asked quickly.

Just two days ago, he thought he had seen through the identity of the black warrior-the chief scientist who had been plastic surgery by Harley, and acquiesced in Harley’s “employment” of him.

“She is indeed dead, and what you just saw is her ghost.

Well, I rescued her from hell and brought her to heaven to be ‘The Queen’ God of grass.

Betterman, what else do you have to say now?” Harry said proudly.

“You’re amazing, I have nothing to say.” Bateman stood up, ready to leave.

Diana quickly drank the holy water wine from the glass and followed Bateman.

Superman sighed then said, saying goodbye to Harley.

After going out, Bateman stopped Superman and Wonder Woman, who were planning to soar into the sky, and walked to the road at the foot of the mountain in silence before saying, “I’m not talking, I’m worried about Harley Quinn. Install surveillance devices in the vicinity, such as magical vines that listen.”

“What do you want to say?” Diana asked.

Bateman touched his butt and chin, and said in a deep voice, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Superman’s previous suggestion of forming an alliance makes sense.

Wonder Woman, you can’t either. Denial.

You can’t deal with the gods and monsters at Quinn Manor tonight, right?”

Diana sighed, “Don’t talk about dealing with everyone. Now, any of those Demon King, Demon Lord, Spiritual God, and Archangel can destroy the world with no difficulty.”

“So, you need allies.” Bateman said solemnly, “We need Build alliances, even to deal with what Harley Quinn calls ‘government, government regulation’.

Superheroes must never be the goons, pawns, toys of the government, the government and some politicians with wild ambitions.


Even a superman cannot deal with this situation alone, only an organization can fight against an organization.

We must not only defend the rights of superheroes, but also have a bigger ideal – put our own The idea is extended and carried forward to make the world a better place.”

“Looking at the tone and attitude of your conversation with Demoness Harley just now, you seem to be friends.” Diana wondered.

Batman said solemnly: “Batman and Demonness Harley are not friends, the person under the mask is.

So, I know she has a big fight tonight, but first To solve the crisis of poison qi, I rushed to the manor to help out-although she doesn’t need it, but this is what I should do as a friend.

She has at least one sentence right.

Superheroes not only represent honor, but also bear a responsibility to the people and society.

This responsibility does not allow us to mix our personal emotions with the implementation of justice and justice.”


As he spoke, he deliberately glanced at Superman.

Superman has always considered ‘Superman’ and Harley to be friends.

Diana looked at Bateman with a little more admiration and recognition.

“Betterman, I am willing to form a team with you.” She said seriously.

Batman’s character wins her trust, and his ability is also proven in solving the demon Marquis Salos.

Superman smiled and extended his right hand to Batman.

Batman held him, Diana put her palm on it, and the three smiled at each other.

“What’s our team called?” Diana asked excitedly.

Superman excitedly said: “We come together for justice and it’s called the ‘Justice League’.”

Bateman nodded and said: “It’s a good name, but still We can’t announce the alliance.”


Betterman sighed: “Not when the time comes, first of all, we still need teammates, three people are too much Less.

Scouting other superheroes and recruiting them takes a lot of time and effort.

Secondly, we temporarily lack a common goal, one to get the Justice League out there. The opportunity to be immediately accepted by everyone.

For now, we can all handle the crisis in our respective cities without needing to join forces.

I have studied the organizational structure of the watchmen , they seldom get together, usually in twos and twos, which is enough to solve most problems.

If we suddenly announce a group, the people will be puzzled, and the government and the government will be more vigilant.”

Diana said: “I think Demonness Harley should be the first target of the Justice League.”

“What did Harley do?” Superman frowned.

“It’s not against her personally, but the Supervision Section of the government and government headed by her.” The woman said.

Bateman said: “This is possible. It’s just a government and government regulatory agency. It’s not worthy of our attention, but the department headed by Demoness Harley must be on guard.”

“As for? Harley doesn’t seem to have done anything bad.” Superman hesitantly said.

Bateman looked back at the quiet and peaceful Quinn Manor halfway up the mountain, then turned his head and looked towards the brightly lit downtown Manhattan in the west, sighing: “Superman, where do you say Gotham’s power center is? ?”

Superman also looked back at the brand-new villa, “Isn’t it the mayor’s office?”

“hehe.” Bateman smiled wryly, “Last night, I asked the police After the staff ended their vacation and blocked the whole city, the director had to ask Harley Quinn for instructions.

Later, I persuaded the director, and I ran into trouble with the mayor againβ€”he also asked Harley Quinn for instructions.

Please ask for instructions.

Later, the governor also said that although he is the governor of a state, he still has to ask the trifling state legislator for his opinion on Gotham.

Finally, even General Snowfin of the State National Guard also said embarrassingly, he dared not bring troops into Gotham without Harley Quinn’s permission. This is the rule.

In the end, I still did not I can convince them with reason.

But when I found some of Harley Quinn’s cronies, they did it with no difficulty.

She doesn’t do bad things , it’s not that she didn’t do bad things, it’s that everything she did was put on a coat of legitimacy.

If we don’t want the superhero circle to be branded as ‘Harley Quinn’, we need to Treat her as an enemy.”

“Hey, I didn’t think Demonness Harley was so bad, I thought she was only bad in the wizarding world,” Diana exclaimed.

At the foot of Indian Mountain and beside the grass, which is enough to become Zhenglian’s ‘patriotic education base’ in the future, the three giants are like passengers waiting for a taxi, squatting on the side of the road, establishing the establishment and organization of Zhenglian. name, goal and action plan of the 1st Stage.

Well, it would be more flavorful if everyone had a cigarette.

Later, the ‘taxi’ really came, Batman got on Alfred’s bat war chariot, and Superman and Wonder Woman soared into the sky.

“Superman, let me ask you something, on the day of Krypton’s invasion, did you really notice my sight and hear my voice?” Diana doubted: “I received the highest warrior training since I was a child, I would never make such a low-level mistake.”

Superman smiled brightly at her, “I was so dizzy when Fiora beat me, how could I have the energy to pay attention to people and things outside? I’m lying , but I believe in you.”

Diana stared at him for a while, then whispered: “Thank you, you are really a gentle and good person.”

“You are also honest and sincere. good friend.” Superman said with a smile.

Diana sighed: “I have come to this world for several decades, and only today have I met two friends who can open up my heart.

You are considerate and kind, although Batman has no superpower, But it gives me a feeling of trustworthiness and safety.”

“Fuck, help me collect all the information about Wonder Woman.”

On the Batmobile,’ Trustworthy’ Bateman is also talking about new friends.

“What are you doing? You have never cared about heroes in other cities.” Ah Fu wondered.

“I just formed a superhero team with Wonder Woman and Superman, the Justice League.” Bateman couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Ah, Young Master, you finally have a new friend.” Ah Fu happily said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I will definitely collect information to let you know more about her hobby and habits.”


Betterman shook his head gently, “You got the point wrong, I want to find her fatal point.”

“What?” Ah Fu almost tilted the steering wheel and drove the car into the in the ditch.

“You just said she was your teammate?”

“Yeah, Superman’s weaknesses are too obvious, and a plan to deal with him has already been made, but Wonder Woman just came into contact, before I never thought about making an ‘anti-Wonder Woman plan’, and I haven’t collected her information, so I need your help.” Bateman said as it should be by rights.

Afumu said with a face: “Why do you want to deal with teammates?”

“Not dealing with them, but preparing to deal with them. Only teammates who ensure that they will not completely lose control will be able to deal with them. A good and safe teammate.”

Batterman, who is considered a ‘safe and reliable’ friend by Wonder Woman, said.

“Young Master, you’re stunned, anti-Quinn project, and a plausible reason, Miss Quinn is your friend and a potential crime emperor.

It’s amazing Heroine and Superman are both heroes, and they are your like-minded teammates!

Aren’t they sick to prevent them from getting sick?” A’Fu severely criticized.

β€œI even take precautions against myself. If I don’t take precautions against them, they will get sick.” Bateman said indifferently.

Thinking of the ‘anti-Betterman plan’, Ah Fu was completely speechless.

Betterman sighed: “I understand what you think, and friends should be sincere.

I did choose sincerity.

And I am sincere. The way to treat friends is to ensure that when a friend loses control one day, he will not take the wrong path that he would never choose when he is rational.”

“It’s not easy for you to make friends like this.” A Fu said with a bitter smile.

Betterman’s mouth twitched, proudly said with a smile: “On the contrary, I now have a number of trustworthy, safe and reliable true friends.”

“Only if you Don’t expose those plans.” Ah Fu worriedly said.

Betterman purse one’s lip, and it took a long time to say softly: “Even if it is exposed, they should be able to understand, doesn’t Harley not care at all? She understands that I have no bad intentions.”

“Ai, aren’t you tired? The plan to deal with Miss Quinn hasn’t come out yet, and now there’s another Wonder Woman.” Ah Fu sighed.

“I have found a way to deal with Harley.” Bateman was shocked, “Earlier, my thinking entered a misunderstanding, and I always wanted to deal with Harley myself.

Now that I have the Justice League, I can flexibly use the power of the Zhenglian to restrain Harley, and then use various plans to restrain the members of the Zhenglian. In this way, the anti-Harley plan has become.”

A Fu’s expression is distorted. :Miss Quinn is very good at treating mental illness, especially the ‘stick therapy’, which is a must, famous in Gotham, and a lot of old money in the Upper East Side, who tied and beat Young Masters and Young Ladies. Young Master sent for a knock?

The ‘Divine Doctor’ Harley, who was being talked about by Ah Fu, was holding the Old Dog’s body and howling: “Duoduo, Duoduo, you can’t die, you have been with me for so many years, From Tulsa to Gotham, from a newborn puppy to a mother, to a grandmother. Although you enjoy the riches and honors of the world, every day you enjoy the delicacies of mountains and seas, and meat from other worlds, and you also date the handsome dog from time to time, butβ€” “

“Don’t be, the heaven card has been activated, it went to heaven.” After checking the dog tag, Carlisle stood up and said indifferently: “It can’t be said that it has entered the Quinn Palace at this time.” , is still helping you see the door.”

(end of this chapter)

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