I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 423


Chapter 423 Harley, you are so beautiful

Harley wiped her dry eye sockets, put down Duoduo and pressed it into a The corpse of Meatloaf sighed, “Even if I have prepared it in my heart, I’m still a little unaccustomed to changing from a live dog to a god dog.”

“Then go to the Forgotten Bar to adopt one, what’s the name of that Dalmatian dog? ?”


“Yes, Jelly, wasn’t it pregnant half a year ago? You even discussed with Helen at that time that when Duoduo died of old age, it was just for her grandson. Or granddaughter to take over.” Carlisle said.

“My heart is empty and I’m not feeling well.” Harry looked around, “Ivy, help me get the spaceship ready, I’m going to heaven to find Duoduo.”

Carrying the water bottle, Ivy was watering the flowers in the garden and said, “First the Demon Lord hunted Squad, then Gabriel, tossing around all night, aren’t you tired?”

“Ai , If I don’t look at Duoduo, I’m always worried, it died so miserably,” Harry looked sad, “I don’t know how scared and sad it is now, will it have a psychological shadow?”

There is a biochemical laboratory below Indian Mountain, and the military joined hands with the Wayne Group to build an underground fortress.

After the “Resident Evil” accident that year, the bunker was emptied and did not blow up.

Break up the bunker, and Indian Hill has to collapse.

The property right of Indian Hill belongs to Harley, and after a series of formal legal procedures, the bunker has also become her property.

Over the next few years, she turned the bunker into an underground military fortress that incorporated an arsenal, warehouse, and nuclear bomb shelter.

The various missiles, Vulcan cannon bases, and drones that were used against Demoness hunting squid earlier came from the bunker.

And Duoduo, along with the steward, cleaners, and guards in the manor, all hid into the shelter in the mountain through the tunnel.

Everyone in the manor is fine, but Duoduo is dead.

Probably worried about Harley’s safety, she secretly drilled the dog hole (vent) halfway and ran back to the tunnel leading to the living room of Unicom Manor.

As a result, the floating island in the sky was smashed down from a height of tens of meters, the house and the foundation, the entire landslide, Duoduo was old and late, but did not escape, and his body was crushed into flesh and mud, which was miserable.

Well, it looks miserable. In fact, for Duoduo, there is not much pain at all, and death is only in an instant.

The floating island comes from the mountainside, which is a relatively flat piece of land in the mountainside.

Harry went to Europa yesterday and was not at home. Demonness hunted the squad and drew two arrays there: Divine Formation, and Fall into Hell.

Magic Grandmaster Alex breaks through the formation, first disarms Carlisle’s Space Imprisonment formation, then through the space greater teleportation, draws the formation’s land on the mountainside, moves the whole piece to the sky above the manor, and then activates the prisoner. Divine Formation, covering Harry.

When Alex escapes, the floating island falls like a meteor.

“Alex, Array Grandmaster, right?” Harry stood in front of Duoduo’s corpse with a gloomy expression: “Dare to kill my dog, I want his dog’s life.”

The corners of Carlisle’s mouth twitched, “Can you change the reason, for example, he is the core member of the hunting squad, and for example, his prison Divine Formation is very dangerous to your life.

dignified Great Grandmaster , or the extremely rare Array Grandmaster, don’t teach him to die too embarrassingly, because of a dog”

“Do you know his details?” Harry asked with a sullen face.

“Not quite clear, there are too many ancient magical sectors on Earth.” After a pause, the priest said again: “Before today, there has never been any news of the ‘Ancient Prisoner Divine Formation’ reappearing, it can be seen that How low-key he is.”

“Divine Formation” Harry’s eyes flickered, “Rich, where is Constantine?”

“I don’t know, that bastard is too cunning Now, get rid of me in just two days.” Richie said sullenly.

“The coming of Heavenly Saint Son is over, when the time comes he It shouldn’t be hiding again.” Carlisle said.

“I hope he can live until the end of his coming.”

Harry sent a “blessing”, then got into the Archimedes airship and disappeared into the night sky.

Through the big cross, the thought is close to the City of Silver, and it only takes a moment.

Arriving at the gate of heaven by airship fleshy body, you need to fly slowly.

“You are so bold that even Gabriel dares to fight.”

Seeing Harry, Zawle’s expression is a little weird, not like censure, but like admiration ?

“It’s been beaten, what else can I do?” Harry said disapprovingly.

“Aren’t you afraid of him getting revenge on you?” Zaulie said curiously.

“I’m broken now and I’m not worried about debts.” Halle said with a smile.

β€œIf you fall too many times, the jar will break one day,” Zaulle warned.

Harry said helplessly: “He’s going to trouble me first, what can I do? The iron giant is covered in N metal, which is of great help to my strength improvement, and I won’t give it up no matter what.”


Zaulie pondered: “Actually, Gabriel is right, killing Omani, his six brothers will definitely not give up.

Earth and the Milky Way, There will be a big turmoil.”

“Omani, I’m sure to kill, I said this, it’s useless when God comes.”

Put down With a cruel word, Harry immediately flew to Paradise Mountain.

Silver City is a Floating Void City with gold as the floor and silver as the bricks, emitting white holy light all the time.

Like Asgard, appear out of thin air in the empty “universe”.

In the periphery of the huge Silver City, there are stone mountains, like satellites surrounding the Silver City.

Harry’s Queen’s mansion is built on the top of a huge floating mountain with a radius of 100 miles and a height of 10,000 meters.

The giant floating mountain, which connects ten surrounding peaks of different sizes, is the Fiefdom of the ‘Duke of Paradise Mountain’, Harley’s private domain.

It is said to be the Quinn Palace, but in fact there is not even a complete house on the top of the mountain.

There is only one gate building, with the letter ‘Quinn Zhenjun’s mansion’, but the back of the gate building is empty.

Oh, it’s not empty, there are pieces of things that look like photovoltaic power generation panels, a set of computer mainframes as large as a Dongfeng truck, and seven or eight monitors.

Just no house.

“Harry, you’re here.” Richie, like a lamp in a magic pot, emerged from the surface of a monitor, with a human upper body and a foggy lower body, still connected to the screen.

“I’m going to kill the Iron Giant, and it’s safest to put the benefits in my pocket.”

The reason for the fight between Harry and Gabriel is for the Iron Giant, naturally , the Iron Giant cannot die until the result comes.

The Iron Giant was placed in Quinn Manor, and Harley was worried that when she played the ‘Iron Head’ game with Gabriel, she was too busy to take care of him, and was secretly ‘jailed’ by the Demon King.

Then, she spent 50,000 meritorious deeds to ask the voice of heaven to send the iron giant to Paradise Mountain and be guarded by Richie.

“My lord with supreme might, please accept the sacrifice from the Duke of Paradise Hill, and use your Supreme glory to purify his sinful soul!”

Harley communicates with the heavens With a sound, he slammed the big cross into the back of the iron giant’s head – the hole she knocked out with God’s stick at Quinn Manor earlier.

“Omβ€”” A dazzling holy light shot out from the cross, almost illuminating the stainless steel giant into transparent glass.

“No, no, no, noβ€””

It’s not a man whining.

Harry was surprised to see that illusory silhouettes flew out of the iron giant’s body.

It’s all soul.

The same soul.

The soul leaves the body, is pulled back, and turns into nothingness in holy light.

The whole process lasted a full 3 minutes.

Harry couldn’t count how many souls appeared, but it was certain that there were at least a thousand.

In the next instant, a message came from the cross: “Kill the Demon Lord Omani, reward 5 million merits, sacrifice the soul of the Demon Lord, reward 1 million merits, kill the Demon Lord Reincarnation, you need to pay The merit is 4 million, and the total reward is 2 million.”

“What?” Harry jumped with excitement, jumping three meters high.

“Voice of Heaven, you actually cheated me for money?!” She roared at the cross, “I killed three Crown Princes, and got a total of fifty million merits, killed the Great Crown Prince and San Gong Avatar, and rewarded eight Ten million.

Even if Omni is not as good as the two sons of the third house, it shouldn’t be so much worse, only two million?”

“Because I don’t need Omni’s The source, because I need the source of the three palaces.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

Harry was stunned, then quickly put his hand into the back of Ao’s head, scooped up a handful of something white and bloodshot, and poured it into his mouth.


Icy cold, a little sweet, like jelly.

Level 6 Food Defense Specialty is activated, which can consume intermediate Rare Items (Divine Item, magic items below the Divine Fruit level).

In addition to the nutrients that replenish fleshy body’s physical energy, there are also strands of magic that spread from the stomach.

Harry didn’t run the Escape Pattern, but introduced the magic power into the Fourth God Defense Specialty.

If the speciality is absorbed, it means that the origin of Omani is the same as that of the Sangong Demon. Can complete the power of God.

The Voice of Tomorrow is lying.

If you can’t uh, really can’t.

“Omani is also an alien Demon God, why is it useless to you?” Harry said helplessly.

“Useless is useless.” The Voice of Heaven did not explain.

Even if it doesn’t explain, Halle can guess the reason: God got the origin of the other dimension that gave birth to Omni.

“What do you mean by reincarnation?” she asked sullenly.

A trifling Demon Lord, only earning two million, so boring.

This time, the Voice of the Sky did not charge any fees, and said directly: “N metal is the ninth metal that surpasses the eighth divide gold, and can modify the rules of physics.

Omni’s soul was Impregnated with the power of N metal, it will keep memory reincarnation and never die.

Without the supreme power beyond the ninth metal, they will never be able to truly kill them.”

Harry thought The Hawkman and Hawkgirl who are constantly reincarnated.

“Where is Senagon, and why are there so many ninth metals?”

Heaven’s voice: “N metal is only one of the ninth metals, just like ordinary Metals are divided into iron, copper, silver and gold.

For example, the metal promethium on Earth.

And the N metal in the entire universe comes from Senagon.”

Ha Li looked at the mountain-like body of the iron giant and asked, “Can you help me extract N metal?”

“Yes, you only need to pay 70% of the N metal as the extraction fee.” Tian voice.

Harry didn’t even bother to jump this time, so she simply “hanged up”.

The lower heaven and the shadow world have several points of similarity.

The shadow of the world, projected into hell, is the shadow world.

Therefore, the scenery of the shadow world can correspond to one after another in the human world.

The shadow of the world is projected to heaven, that is, the bottom heaven.

However, the scenery of the bottom heaven is not exactly the same as the world, and the difference is very big.

Because there are ‘people’ in the bottom heaven.

Man can build houses, cultivate fertile land, and change the environment dramatically.

Harry comes to a city that seems right but actually isn’t with Gotham.

The sky is sun shone brightly, the air is fresh, the blue sky is full of miles, dotted with a few lovely white clouds.

In the city, the buildings owned by modern Gotham are all here, but they are newer and more dynamic, like a layer of warm light, which makes it more comfortable to look at.

But there are more buildings here than Gotham has never seen before.

Haley guessed that they were newly built by the inhabitants of the area.

The streets are wide and tidy, not as clean as the real world.

In addition to the human beings with a leisurely posture and a kind expression, there are also angels with wings among them.

Harry swears that even the most perfect Gotham in Bateman’s dream will not be lost. Not as good as one-tenth of the harmony here.

Just thinking of Bateman, Harry’s eyes widened and exclaimed, “Bruce?”

The teenager on the park bench by the road turned around and said in surprise: “Harry? Why are you so old?”

“I’m old?” Harry’s face darkened first, then stepped forward quickly, staring at him for a long time.

It’s all Bruce Wayne, ten years ago, Bruce, a junior high school student in acne.

“You’re an adult?” Little Bruce blushed and said, “Harry, you’re so beautiful.”

(End of this chapter)

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