I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 424


Chapter 424 The Wayne couple who watched puppy videos in heaven

Looking at Bruce’s shy and expectant look, Harry wood.

“Bruce, why are you here?”

She was 100% sure that Bruce in front of her was not a phantom.

But intellectually she knew that this Bruce must be a phantom.

“My family and I are out to play.”

“Omaika, Miss Quinn?” A familiar voice came from across the street.

Harry looked up and saw another old acquaintance, surprised and felt as it should be by rights.

Bruce is here, is Fu still far?

This Ah Fu is also ten years younger.

In addition, he was holding an eight- or nine-year-old boy in his hand, similar to Bruce.

At this point, Harry had vaguely guessed the truth of the matter.

“Miss Quinn, have you grown so big?” Ah Fu was surprised.

β€œWhere are Mrs. Martha and Mr. Thomas?” she asked directly.

A Fu subconsciously pointed to the barbecue stall in the park, “We’re in line to buy food, please wait a moment, they’ll be there.”

At this time, a man dressed in white was exercising. The angel who served came over and whispered a few words to Ah Fu, and Ah Fu took the two Wayne Young Masters and left with him.

Another angel in a GCPD uniform flew close to the road, came to Harry, and said, “Duke Quinn, have you forgotten the regulations of the lower heaven?

As a person in the world, you can’t communicate with anyone here.”

“I accidentally met an acquaintance here, and I can’t say it is the guidance of the great voice of heaven.”

The voice of the sky was used as a toilet once again.

Don’t mention it, Harry’s nonsense really stunned the other party.

The GCPD angel pondered for a moment, nodded and said: “Marsha and Thomas have joined the ‘Holy Spirit training class’, and their ideological awareness far exceeds that of an ordinary person, but they can learn some worldly news.”


“Wayne and his wife went to Holy Spirit School for further study? So, joining the ‘Party’ is just around the corner?” Harry was startled.

If Martha Thomas died and entered the bottom heaven. It’s hard to say other multiverses, after all, the attributes of the big capitalists are there, but in this universe, the couple is really whitewashed.

In order to protect the poor students’ public school from being demolished, Martha built high-end apartments.

Thomas worked as a doctor during the day, stopped by the Wayne Group to make a card, and worked hard to be a black man at night.

Even if they were still big capitalists, their behavior guaranteed that there would be no problem in ascending to the bottom heaven.

But the City of Silver Holy Spirit is exaggerating.

During his lifetime, he was a big capitalist who monopolized the lifeline of the city’s economy. Let them take all the benefits, teach others how to balance psychologically?

Anyway, the goddess Quinn, who has a small stomach, is a little uncomfortable.

The Wayne couple has reserved a Silver City account, and Holy Spirit is ‘dead mind’ – except for Silver City and God, everything else is garbage in their eyes – definitely won’t envy her Silver anymore With a ‘rural hukou’ on the outskirts of the city, how could she have “30 years of Hexi” in front of them?

She kind of doesn’t want to see them anymore.

“Ommai, Harley Quinn? Is that you, Bruce’s classmate? The little gymnastics queen.”

Harry was thinking wildly, recovering twenty-six-seven The golden-aged Wayne couple came, holding a large bag of barbecue, smoked sausage and other food, the aroma made her a little hungry.

“Hi, Martha, Thomas, what a coincidence.” Harry smiled kindly and cheerfully.

Thomas murmured, “Isn’t Bruce so grown up?”

“Harry, why are you here? By the way, Bruce is okay? ?” Martha asked with concern.

Harry stared into her eyes and said, “I just saw Bruce by the woods.”

“Oh, he’s the missing body in our minds.” Thomas With a natural expression, he explained with a smile: “The heaven we are in is located in the fifth dimension of thinking called ‘Lingbo Hell’.

You can understand Lingbo Hell as another universe, and heaven is The planet in the universe.

In this dimension of thinking, reality is different from Earth, thinking and imagination are no longer illusory.

So, that Bruce is really ours too Son.

Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Harry puffed out her big breasts, indifferently said: “I’m Lord Quinn, Duke of Paradise Hill, you can Enter the City of Silver at any time.”

Wayne and his wife were not shocked, only a flash of doubt flashed in their eyes, and then sighed in relief, saying: “It seems that you understand, that’s fine.”

Martha looked at her again, “Can you tell us about Bruce?”

Harry didn’t pretend to be forced, but her doubts outweighed her disappointment, “You know the difference between me and you. Is it?” Thomas nods

and said: “You are alive, we are dead, and you can come to heaven, it seems that your identity is not ordinary.”


“But you are not normal to me. I’m not surprised at all.” Harry wondered.

Thomas smiled slightly, with a detached Zen feeling on his face, “This may be the reason why Mr. Angel allowed us to meet you.”

” Everyone has come to heaven, so why bother about external affairs.” Martha also said very openly.

Harry secretly wondered, the ‘cultivation’ of these two couples is not shallow.

It seems that the Holy Spirit school training is really effective.

Looking at the detached couple again, Harry moved in his heart, took out the Paradise Mountain mobile phone from the woolen trench coat, and first opened an exclusive interview with the world’s richest man Bruce Wayne by Time magazine, which included his Cool big photo.

“Ah, Bruce, he has grown up and matured.” There was no trace of indifference and detachment in the couple, and they were excited like ordinary parents who received their son’s admission letter from Tsinghua University.

“Ai, he actually wandered outside for seven years.” Thomas said sadly.

β€œThere is a shadow on his face, and there is no satisfaction or happiness in his eyes.” Martha sighed.

Harry stared at the photo and looked at it, seeing all the pixels, but didn’t notice any ‘shadows’.

“This is his current girlfriend.”

She opens up another photo of Selena’s life at Quinn Manor – the luxurious Eldest Young Lady version of Anne Hathaway.

“Bruce is very discerning, so pretty and well-educated.” The couple grinned slyly.

“Actually, she’s a snitch, she didn’t even go to middle school,” Harry said.

The expressions on the Wayne couple’s faces froze.

Harry then opened Bateman’s news again, “He is also Bruce, and now he inherits the ‘Black Man’ Legacy and becomes a drag hero.”

“Oumai Karma !” Martha thumped Thomas hard, and excitedly said: “It’s all your fault, serious parents, how could a child be a drag hero?”

“There’s nothing wrong with being a hero, at least He’s not bad.” Thomas whispered.

Harry opened the super criminal section again, and clicked on the video of several criminals using super power to kill citizens.

“This is the criminal that the cross-dressing hero is going to deal with now.”

“Omay!” Martha covered her mouth and almost cried.

Thomas also turned pale, and said in disbelief: “It’s only been a few years, how has Earth changed.”

Then he said eagerly: “By the way, The Martial Arts Secret Book I kept in my computer, did Bruce learn it? That is the exercise method I searched from the Internet, and more practice can greatly increase the chance of survival.”

Harry opened Bruce Video of wrecking pier dummies with Chinese Kung Fu.

Like Changshan Zhao Zilong out of Cao array seven times.

“Wow, he’s better than he was, much better than I was.”

Thomas smiled reassuringly.

“What a great guy.” Martha smiled reassuringly.

The corners of Harry’s mouth twitched, and she opened the dog video, looking for the owner named ‘The Bat That Can’t Fly’.

He is a Batman fan of Ranked 1st, a dog video network, and often edits Bateman’s embarrassing videos.

Similar to the ghost video of Tianchao B station, a certain Kun who plays basketball, a certain big sign.

Harry picked one that was not a spoof, just pure “Betterman was beaten” “Cheng Xiang” electronic music mixing and cutting.

Exciting music sounded, robbers and villains from all walks of life stepped on the drums, punched Bateman, shot Bateman, electrocuted, burned, beat, beaten, stepped on. Bateman also stepped on He was abused to the beat of drums, showing all kinds of painful expressions.

Watching the video to the rhythm of the music is very good.

More than 400 million hits, 500,000 coins, and 1.2 million barrages.

It’s terrifying.

Seeing the Wayne couple stunned, pale, panic-stricken, and trembling.

“How could this be, is Bruce okay?” Thomas also shook his faith, and said bitterly: “I He shouldn’t be encouraged to be a hero.”

“Gudonggudong.” The experience jar was bubbling frantically.

Harry was stunned for a while, only to realize that it was the second will defense specialty.

Increase your own will defense experience by attacking the tenacious will of others.

This wave has risen by one-fifth.

It took Harley six or seven years to upgrade this feat from Level 3 to Level 4.

One-fifth is an exaggeration.

Harry rejoiced in her heart, and hurriedly opened the videos of “real super” heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman, “This is also a superhero.”

“Omg, Bruce’s It was this and the others.” Thomas’ face became even more worried. “He was not only physically destroyed by super criminals, but also mentally beaten by other superheroes. Bruce is too difficult.”

Ha Li was a little disappointed that the jar stopped bubbling.

Is it all gone?

She was comforted again: “Don’t worry, Bruce also has the ability to make money, you see”

She opened the up owner of ‘I want to be Batman’s Batwing’ – a The homepage of Bateman’s brainstorm.

With “victory” as the background music, Batman’s bat gun, bat dart, all kinds of cool bat Battle Armor, bat motorcycle, bat war chariot, bat fighter. Batman’s equipment, including body Hot and spicy Robin the cat, all one after another showing, one after another showing him using these gear to wreak havoc on Gotham criminals.

At the end is a line of words: the body of a mortal, the equivalent of a god.

“Who is Robin Cat?” Martha was more concerned about the women around her son.

“It’s Selena, for Bruce, she gave up her identity as a Snitch, abandoned her darkness, and became his superhero assistant”

Kitten is always her friend, of course Harry wants to Take the opportunity to help her speak nicely in front of her mother-in-law.

For example, although she didn’t go to high school, she got an Academician degree in art and jewelry appreciation, and opened an art gallery in the busiest street in Gotham by her own ability.

“It’s such a good girl.” Martha was satisfied.

“Martha, this is my son!” Thomas continued to stare at the next autoplay video.

It’s still a hot-blooded clip from the brain.

Thomas was so excited that he could not wait to put on the bat cape and fight side by side with his son.

“Bruce, I’m so proud of you!”

Harry sighed: “Your approval is probably what he wants to hear the mostβ€””

Speaking of this, she was stunned for a moment, then turned on the camera with a smile, and stood in front of the Wayne couple, “ka-cha!”

“Can you take pictures? Let Bruce see?” Martha guessed what Harry was thinking and became extremely excited.

“And video calls.” Harry opened the address book, ready to dial Bruce’s number.

“No way!” The GCPD angel who had been watching the play stopped her and said, “Duke Quinn is a member of heaven and can barely communicate with people in heaven.

Bruce Wayne is a purely earthly man.

Mortals are forbidden to approach heaven in any way, so as not to adversely affect those in heaven.”

(end of this chapter)

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