I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 425


Chapter 425 The Collapsing Archangel

“Can’t you be accommodating?” Martha begged.

“Believe in the Lord, all the arrangements of the Lord are for your own good.” The GCPD angel sighed.

Marsha and Thomas were silent.

They wanted to talk to their son, but they also believed in the Lord.

Harry didn’t believe in the Lord, said with a smile: “The head office for the video shoot?”

“This” the angel was full of tangled faces, “There is no ban on this, but I really don’t. I suggest you do that.”

“Without a ban, it means that the Lord approves of it.” Harry waved his hand, turned on the camera, and took in the couple and the beautiful view of the park behind them.

“What do you want to say to Bruce, you can say it now.”

The two couples froze, looked at each other, and Thomas said in a tacit understanding: “Bruce, I I’m really happy today, happy to see you look so strong, happy that you have a beautiful and thoughtful girlfriend, happy that you found your own way.”

I will see this video when I think of my son, He choked a little.

Martha took over the words, “When I first came to heaven, I was always worried that my father and I would die in front of you. Omg, for a child, is there anything more cruel than this? I just can’t imagine the grief you’re going to be in.”

She, too, began to choke.

“I don’t know if you’ve come out of the shadows now, but I hope you forget that night, that dark alley, and those two gunshots. Forget sadness, from now on, Start a new life.” Thomas touched the corners of his eyes and finally burst into tears.

“My father and I are in heaven, everything is fine, really very good, especially when I saw your news today, you are strong, smart and rational, and you have become a Knight in the dark.” Martha burst into tears .

“child, no matter what life you choose, we are proud of you!

Finally, Bruce, you have to remember that we will always love you, and please must love. myself.”

The two couldn’t help themselves, tears could not be controlled, and at the same time, their bodies exuded a touch of golden brilliance.

“Gudong gudong.”

The experience jar of Cheeky (Will) Defense Specialty is bubbling up again.

The unfathomable mystery of Halle.

“Ah, soul sublimation.” The GCPD angel exclaimed.

“Pu Tong pu Tong!” next moment, the couple were like two wooden stakes, they fell upright and their golden brilliance disappeared without a trace.

“What?” Harry hurriedly ran over, and saw that the Wayne couple’s body was like a 3dprojection with unstable voltage, and it began to become unreal.

However, she picked up one of the tears they shed, and went to pick up the second one

“Omg, they’re going to die.” The angel turned pale, lost one’s head out Out of fear, he took out a trumpet, “wu wu wu ———”

Not long after the penetrating trumpet sounded, three Archangels landed in the sky ——imposing manner and majesty than ordinary Angel is a lot stronger.

The police officer pointed at the Wayne couple in panic, “His Highness the Archangel, look at them—”

The Archangel headed only glanced at them, then browsed frowned, “They Tears?”

His brows furrowed higher as he turned his gaze to Harry, who was squatting on the ground to pick up the ‘teardrops’.

“Harley Quinn, what are you doing?”

His voice was very gentle, like the warm wind that wrinkled a pool of spring water.

Harry continued to bow her head, picked up all the tears, put it in her pocket, buttoned her coat pocket, then stood up and looked at the angel.

She is half a head taller than her, about 1.85 meters, slender figure, wearing a golden crown, curly red curly hair draped over her shoulders, red lips, white teeth, big eyes and nose, and a delicate face like a woman, But there is no femininity, but instead gives a comfortable sense of harmony.

“I’m passing by, what are you going to do, please continue.” Harry walked away.

“Wait!” The archangel said sternly: “Hand over the tears of perfection, that is the essence of their soul.”

“What tears of perfection? I heard it first. Say.” Harry walked faster.

“The perfect tear is the embodiment of the beautiful emotions in the world. Only certain people can sense it. It’s useless if you take it.” The palms, like Five Fingers Mountain, draped over Harry’s shoulders, instantly making her unable to move even a little bit.

“Ada!” Harley turned a little short, and turned her body into a Level 1 uppercut.

On the chin of the beautiful angel.

It seemed to hit a rubber tire and bounced, but it didn’t work.

The beautiful angel looked at her coldly, with an indifferent expression, “How dare you play tricks in heaven with your strength?”

Harry smiled awkwardly, “Sorry for disappointing you. Now, I’m sure you will be satisfied.”

“Oh oh oh oh oh!” She smiled restrained, and punched out, creating an afterimage.

The beautiful angel held her hands on her back and stood still, only the anger in her eyes became more and more intense, until—

“Boom!” The quantum critical strike was triggered, and the presence force field attack was launched.

“ka-cha!” The bridge of the nose was broken, and the beauty angel’s face was distorted with extreme pain.

“ao wu—”

He covered his nose and let out a terrifying howl.

“You all saw that, it was his hand that moved first, he touched my shoulder.”

Harry stepped back, looking around the angels all around and shouted.

“Demoness Harley, do you know who you have offended?”

Archangel, who was with the beautiful angel, was so angry that he even pulled out the angel’s great sword around his waist.

“No matter who he is, it’s definitely not right to do something with a delicate and beautiful woman.”

Harry tugged at the shoulders of her jacket and shouted to the angel Said: “Look, the clothes are all torn.”

Beautiful Angel grabbed her tightly, she tried so hard to break free that the wool on her shoulders was indeed torn.

“Archangel Raphael just wanted to stop you, you stole the perfect tear to prepare Holy Spirit.”

“Raphael?” Harry glanced at the nosebleed Hurricane beauty angel.

Raphael is a healer and possesses the healing power of God, so it’s no wonder that Raphael will appear when the Wayne couple is about to burp.

“It’s not the first time I’ve encountered a spirit body and shed tears. I went to Imperial Capital and said, ‘Whoever sows the fruit, whoever reaps it’.

Once it grows and it ripens twice, go on The tears of repentance this time belong to me, and the tears of perfection this time are also mine.”

“Absurd words.”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask the voice of heaven summon. “

Haley is very confident.

Last time Robbie cultivator’s Tears of Holy Spirit, the voice of the sky recognized her ownership of the teardrops and rewarded her with 100,000 merits. Zaulie knew this, so he didn’t take any action— —Now the Wayne couple is almost promoted to Holy Spirit, or because of her, Raphael must also know from the voice of the sky, but still wants to grab it.

With the preciousness of the tears of heaven, with the angels” Ordinary Alien’s integrity, she handed over her tears, can Raphael give them back to the Wayne couple?

Instead of letting them be greedy for ink, she should take it back and make a piece of jewelry.

Raphael wiped his nosebleed and stared at Hallie sharply, “Hand over it, or you won’t want to leave.”

Harry rolled her eyes, said with a smile: “Look at this, can we do this? We are ministers in the same temple. It is not suitable to fight and kill if we have differences. Why don’t we have an elegant gambling fight——”

Raphael is welcome He interrupted her, “I won’t compete with you as an ‘iron head’.”

Harry nodded indifferently, “Alright, let’s step on your toes, you step on me, I step on you. , whoever wins is the boss.”

“Harley Quinn, don’t show off your probabilistic presence, I won’t be fooled.” Raphael said with a sneer.

“I only ask if you dare to compare, let me leave if you don’t, and you go back and save people.” Harry looked at him triumphantly, “You really dare not? No, no , isn’t it?”

Raphael raised her eyebrows, which were more delicate than women, and coldly said: “Let’s go to Lingbo Prison, we will do our best, and we will decide whether to win or lose.”

“Hey~~” Harley exaggeratedly sucked in a breath of cold air, her face full of horror, pointed at Raphael and shouted: “God, please open your eyes and see, just talk This Archangel is going to kill people, he is even more hostile than the Demon King, is he afraid that he will fall?”

“You are not afraid of death, you dare to run against me like this.” Raphael smiled. .

The skin is smiling and the flesh is not smiling, and the Divine Idol is shooting a knife.

Harry seemed to be stared at by a tiger, and a chill crept up her back.

——This pretty boy archangel is not a good stubble.

However, she shook her head, and the worry in her heart disappeared in an instant.

——Afraid of being hanged, even Demon King was offended to death, and he was afraid of offending Gabriel? Even Gabriel was offended to death, and he was afraid of offending Raphael?

There is a lot of debt, so you really don’t have to worry about it.

“Just say if you dare.” She shouted, “If you don’t dare, get out of the way, and don’t block St. Aunt’s family visit.”

“Okay, as you said. , let’s step on our toes.”

Raphael stepped on his feet and took off his mid-tube soft boots.

Harry also kicked off her short boots, revealing her delicate and tender feet.

“First set the rules, we use our right foot to step on the opponent’s left foot, and we will do our best until the opponent admits defeat.”

Raphael nodded and said: “Yes, you First.”

“God descended!”

The god force field destabilized the protective magic on Raphael’s feet.

Harry fiercely stepped over.

She cunning cunning drops, specifically stepping on his little finger with her heel, not the instep.

Raphael was pale, groaned, and his pinky fingernail was broken and bleeding.

“Damn it, why is the Father so partial to you.”

Intuitively feeling the effect of God’s force field on his body, Raphael was not surprised that he was envious and jealous.

“ka-cha!” He raised his big foot, without making any small movements, he stepped on the instep directly, and with just one stroke, he stomped off Hallie’s foot bone.

“ao wu!” Harley was in great pain, she was about to cry when she opened her mouth, but the pain was halfway through, her strength was greedy, and the pain turned into extreme comfort, she wanted to moan, groan, and open her mouth again Shrinking the circle, the eyes are also round. A twisted and weird expression pack is formed.

“Gudong gudong.” The experience jar bubbling.

“Forehead” anti-injury magic activated, Raphael groaned.

The second kick, still did not trigger the quantum crit.

Second, Harry’s foot was deflated.

On the tenth foot, Raphael’s toes were eroded and his bones were exposed.

But Raphael’s tenth foot slammed into the mud.

Harry’s entire foot has been abolished, from the back of the foot to the toes, from the skin to the bone, all into meat.

Stepping on it with one foot, the minced meat splashed, and Harry’s foot was gone.

“Your feet are gone.” Raphael was stunned.

Harry looked down and said casually, “Yeah, you look weak, but didn’t expect so much strength.”

Speaking, she said again stepped on him.

“Your foot is gone.” Raphael looked towards her intact right foot.

“Hey, according to the rules, you can only step on your left foot.” Harry quickly reminded.

“But your left foot is gone.” Raphael said sullenly.

Harry said: “Aren’t you a healing angel? Help me heal my left foot, and then let’s continue.”

——When this guy stepped on his foot, it seemed to move Fierce, but his malice towards her is not high.

The total amount of experience remains unchanged, and the attack remains unchanged. The lower the maliciousness, the lower the experience output power, and the number of attacks will increase.

In short, the experience of the archangel has not been exhausted.

Raphael looked at her with expectant eyes and bright rosy cheeks, her heart pounded a few times, her face turned white, her eyes became flustered, and her forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“Hurry up and help me heal,” Harley urged.

Raphael swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty: “Don’t you feel pain?”

The reason why he agreed to step on his toes with her is because the toes are not the head, the part of the head. The existence of the field attack, there is no fear of his life, and he can make her feel unbearable.

“Very comfortable, hurry up.” Harry’s tone became urgent.

“Don’t you think you’re penetrating when your feet are gone?” he shouted.

Harry said with a lot of aftertaste: “I found that I have fallen in love with this kind of game, or else, when our game is over, how many colleagues can you introduce to come and play with me?

Let’s say Demonness Halle arrogant and despotic, contempt the angels in heaven, and make them all want to trample me to death.”

Raphael stared into her eyes, only seeing expectation and seriousness.

He shrank back a few steps, and said in a trembling voice, “Demoness Harley, you won.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and ran, as if avoiding the plague god.

“Don’t go, I haven’t won yet, you can’t play fake matches!”

Halle is in a hurry with a pack of experience to run.

“Oh, No—” Raphael let out a howl of collapse, holding his head straight into the sky.

(end of this chapter)

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