I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 426


Chapter 426 Coincidence with God Boss

Raphael ran away in a hurry, not waiting for Harry to look over, the other two The name Archangel also immediately set up the Wayne couple, disappeared.

“Don’t go, the fight isn’t over yet!”

Wherever Harry’s line of sight passed, the surrounding angels all retreated in horror.

Looking at the experience jar, it was only 40% full at level 59, and Raphael provided her with about 30% experience.

“Ai, it’s boring” sighed then said, Halle summon the voice of the sky, with 80,000 merits, repair the bloody ‘only the heel’ into a beautiful white sole.

Putting on her shoes and socks, she walked along the street and continued on.

Halfway down the street, Halle found that the previous GCPD angel had been following her.

She turned, and he followed.

It was clear that he was following her.

“What are you doing with me?”

“Prevent you from harassing believers in heaven again. You just saw that the Lord is not wrong, believers in heaven should no longer be with the world. Is there any connection.”

Harry laughed indifferently and asked, “What’s your name?”

“I’m the lower angel Gotha, where are you going? Let me guide you.”

“13 Baker Street, my family’s new home. Hey, this is paradise, don’t you shy away from the evil No. 13? In the mundane Gotham, there is no No. 13 on any street. address.” Harry wondered.

“Who can enter heaven, how can there be evil? Even more how Duoduo is just a dog, can he blaspheme God?” Gotha said with a smile disapprovingly.

Harry nodded, walking behind him, asking, “How is the Wayne couple doing now, do you know?”

“I don’t know, I guess at least a few days of rest. years, or even several decades, depending on what treatment Archangel Raphael is willing to give them.”

“Why are you wearing a GCPD uniform? I walked all the way and it seems that every GCPD is an angel. .” Harry asked again.

Gotha sighed: “Because Gotham has been in the city for hundreds of years, no GCPD has ever gone to heaven, but the city needs police officers to maintain order, and we can only have our lower angels put on police uniforms and take on this responsibility. Let it go.”

“Uh, it’s so miserable, but it’s also realistic.” The corners of Harry’s mouth twitched.

“Since you’re a police officer in this neighborhood, let me ask you something. In recent years, among the people who have ascended to heaven from Gotham, are there any acquaintances of mine?”


Gotha showed a vigilant look, “You want to trick them into tears again?”

Harley said seriously: “I didn’t lie to anyone, I am a nun and I teach them through special methods. Believers are promoted to Holy Spirit, haven’t you seen it? Martha and Thomas had golden lights all over their bodies before and almost became Holy Spirit.”

Gotha shook his head repeatedly, “The Archangel specifically ordered before he left, no matter what you I don’t believe anything I say.”

“Then I’ll change the question. How many of the Gotham people who have entered heaven have experienced my ‘stick repentance’ through my ‘instruction’. ‘ asked Harry.

“This” Gotha was stunned for a while, and said in amazement: “In the past five years, 30 people have entered heaven, and at least ten people have been to your Gotham cathedral. This ratio is really high.”


“It seems that my bat-blow confession method is really effective, but unfortunately this advertisement can’t promote it”

Harley regretfully sighed then said, and then surprised: “There are only 30 people in five years? I remember that when I was mayor, Gotham averaged more than 60,000 deaths a year.

This rate is very low, the probability of 1 in 10,000.”

“In recent years, Forget it, before you got to Gotham, Gotham averaged only 0.35 people a year in heaven.”

“0.35?” Harry grinned, “That means, a lot of times, Gotham has No one went to heaven in a year?”

Gotha nodded, “I have worked in this city for two hundred and thirty years, and not a hundred people in total have gone to heaven.”

“Too bad.”

“Duke Quinn, 13 Baker Street is here.”

Gotha stopped Harry, who was still walking, and pointed to the luggage by the street. The box-sized wooden box child said.

Harry rubbed her eyes, and sure enough, she found the house number on the side of the wooden box – 13 Baker Street, Duoduo’s house.

It also has a dog paw on it.

Harry was annoyed, “My family Duoduo is holding the highest paradise card, so let him live in such a broken kennel?

It’s not even a kennel, it’s a dog coffin, go in It’s hard to even turn around.”

The wooden box is new, with milk-white paint, but the box is so small that Harry didn’t use it as a doghouse before.

How big is the suitcase?

When Duoduo was in his prime, he weighed as much as 45 jins and had a straight tail that was one meter three long.

“Don’t get excited, the wood house uses space technology.” Gotha quickly persuaded, and even bent down and knocked on the wooden door with a big plate.

“Who is it?”

Harry was stunned, the voice was so familiar.

Suddenly, she had an ominous feeling.

The wooden door opened, and a small head with two ponytails stuck out, a heart-shaped face, big blue eyes, a very upturned nose, and the most beautiful girl, isn’t it Harley herself?

“Whoops, Harley?” Little Harley swelled up quickly after walking out the door. She was the same size and shape as Harley, but she looked a little dumb.

“This is Duoduo’s missing body for you. Heaven can satisfy any wishes of believers.” Gotha explained.

“What are you doing?” Harley asked Harley.

That Harley was wearing a tracksuit and carrying a Frisbee.

“Play games with Duoduo, or come in and have a look.” Fake Harry said dully.

The dog hole is small, but Harry can really get into it.

The inside is unexpectedly large, and the entire Indian Mountain and Quinn Manor are 100% present.

“wang wang wang~” a big dog with smooth fur rushed towards Harry with joy.

The fake Harley beside her instantly turned into nothingness, as if she had been a phantom before.

“Hahaha, Duoduo, you are getting younger!” Harley rolled around on the grass with the bully in her arms, feeling very happy.

Although it was only a few hours apart, she felt like a century had passed.

Quinn Manor is not much fun, but paradise, which is still very fresh and novel to Harley.

After strolling around the manor and finding nothing strange, Harry put a leash on Duoduo and went back to the street together.

“There are far more than a hundred people on the street.” Harry wondered.

Gotha said: “There are people who live in the countryside before they die, go to heaven after death, and want to change their lives, so they move to Gotham in an international metropolis.

Gotham on Earth It is dangerous land, but in heaven, there is no old father who persuades his children to avoid Gotham when they grow up.”

He said this, he took the initiative to say goodbye to Harry: “From this street, it has been It’s my jurisdiction again. Duke Quinn, please don’t harass other believers.”

There is a big difference between Gotham in heaven and reality. After walking a few streets, Harley actually got lost.

But she didn’t care, she just wanted to see the world. As long as there was something new to see, it would be fine wherever she went.

“wang wang wang~ “As soon as the rope tightened, Harry was involuntarily led by Duoduo and turned into the adjacent park.

The park is close to the river, and there are not many tourists in it. Similar to the Wayne family before, almost all of them are family-based, camping on the lawn, playing volleyball, and playing guitar

They have a kind of leisure and tranquility that is rarely seen in the world.

However, Dodo didn’t join them with Harley, but stared strangely at the other dog with his head tilted and his tongue sticking out.

Sit on the stone altar of the fountain pool above the steps, overlooking the brown poodle of the tourists below.

“Boss God?” Harry called tentatively.

The poodle glanced at her, full of majesty, as if the universe was constantly being born, grown, and destroyed in its pupils.

For sure, it’s the boss of God.

Harry hurriedly carried Duoduo up the steps, stood in front of the fountain, and said flatteringly, “Boss God, what a coincidence, are you alone?

Why don’t we organize a group outing, I’m new here, you can take me with you.”

“Harley Quinn, don’t disturb me.” The boss of God didn’t even look at her, and continued to observe the ‘human world’ below Peaceful View.

Harry took two steps from the side, flatteringly said with a smile: “Boss, you are really great! Go deep into the grassroots, go deep into the masses, proceed from reality, investigate and study, and grasp the most basic of the masses of the people. Demand.”

Dogyan finally glanced at her and said indifferently: “You think too much, I’m just troubled by a problem and want to be alone.”

” What’s the problem, I’d like to share your worries for you!” Harley patted her huge chest and said with a serious expression.

“I’m stuck with a problem I don’t know what it is, wondering what it is.” God Old Way.

Harry’s face stiffened, “Since I can’t figure it out for a while, let’s solve the problem that can be determined first.

Well, I want to report a person to you, the Angel King on Earth. Gabriel.

It’s not that I am a villain and slander him in the back. Gabriel has a problem with his work style.

He seems to forget that he is a human guardian. Every time he farts, sits crookedly, and leans toward the devil.

My suggestion is that the City of Silver dispatches a special investigation team to carry out a sweeping sweep of the human world, and I would like to be a leading figure .

Of course, he is always the king of angels in the world, and his identity is extraordinary. A direct investigation may shock heaven and make all the angels feel uneasy.

It is better to secretly set up an investigation team, I hope Be a Gold Medal Mission Impossible, and explore Gabriel’s crimes for the boss.

You have to believe me, no one in the whole City of Silver is more professional than me when it comes to undercover.”

The eldest God’s dog’s eyes flashed with humanized impatience, he stood up, flicked his tail, jumped, and was about to jump off the fountain stone altar and leave.

Harry didn’t want to let go of the great opportunity to make friendship with the boss of God, so she rushed over and shouted: “Boss, where are you going? Let me carry you.”

She thought that the first time she met, the boss of God was held in his arms by Zaulie.

Zha boss can hold it, why can’t God Quinn hold it?

“Don’t touch me!” The boss of God roared like thunder, making Harry’s mind confused for a while.

At the same time, it also opened a golden lotus-like aperture around it, trying to bounce Harry away.

“Wow Woof!” Duoduo, who was held in Harry’s arms, struggled to cry twice.

Well, the golden light is hitting its head, and Duoduo is scared.

Although Harley is crazy, she subconsciously activates the God force field to protect her dog.

The next moment, not only was Harry’s own brain sober, but even the golden aperture was like the mist under the sun, and the naked eye was visibly disappeared.

“What kind of power is this?” God was shocked.

Harry laughed and hugged it in her arms.

She didn’t notice that Duoduo leaned against the boss of God, squinted, and shivered comfortably.

And God’s eldest dog has round eyes, and a humanized look of shock on his hairy face.

“Let go of me!” Although the boss of God is like a dog, he is indeed a very large part of God.

Even though it is one level lower than the full God and cannot break Harley’s Level 10 God defensive power field, its physique far exceeds that of Harley.

Speaking with data, the power of the boss of God is more than one hundred points.

So, when it struggled hard, Harry couldn’t stop it at all, and even his lower abdomen was rubbed by it, and his body was like a ball, flying upside down more than ten meters, and rolled directly under the steps.

“Gu dong gu dong.” The experience jar had more than a dozen bubbles.

Inexperienced, but Harry was horrified.

The degree of malice is not zero, which means that the boss of God is very dissatisfied with her!

She just sat on the ground in a daze, seeing the boss of God disappeared.

“That poodle is so weird, not only kicking people over, but also running around with his legs between his legs.”

A kind old man came to help Harry, Mouth whispered.

(end of this chapter)

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