I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 427


Chapter 427 Heavenly people in the circle of friends

I slapped shit on the dog’s leg and was kicked by the boss of God Feet, Harley was depressed in her heart, and she found a GCPD angel and asked him to lead her back to 13 Baker Street.

Harry got into the kennel, rested on the grass with Duoduo for three or four hours, woke up and was ready to leave.

“I was going to place you in the Duke’s Mansion in Paradise Mountain, but the lower heaven seems to be more lively”

Harry rubbed the dog’s neck, looking hesitant.

Although the bottom paradise is called ‘bottom’, in Harley’s view, life here lives up to the name of paradise.

On the contrary, Paradise Mountain was extremely desolate, with only Richie and Fiora, they stayed in the mainframe all day, and Dodoruo went without a company.

Harry held its dog’s head and discussed it: “In the past few years, there are few people in Paradise Mountain. You might as well settle here first. If you miss me, go to the GCPD angels and ask them to take you to heaven. Is there a video call to me from the mountain gate?”

Duoduo tilted her head for a while, nodded gracefully, and shook her head gently.

It’s a very confusing move, but Harry understands it all at once, and Duoduo agrees, but doesn’t know what to do.

She smiled slightly, spent 20,000 merits, and exchanged a dog tag of Paradise Silver with the letter “Duo Duo, the beloved dog of Harley Quinn, Duke of Paradise Hills, address: 13 Baker Street”.

“I will explain to Gotha who manages this block. You bite his trousers a few times and he will send you to Paradise Mountain.”

Duoduo nodded.

When returning to Paradise Mountain to ‘pick up the car’, Harry was surprised to find that the angels seemed to be in a festive spree, and the whole City of Silver was boiling.

In the past, when I stood on the top of the 10,000-meter-high Paradise Mountain, I couldn’t even see an angel in all directions, which made people mistakenly think that there were no angels in the City of Silver.

But now, hordes of angels, hundreds of people, come and go, busy.

Every angel is like a shining silver star, the angels fly by like a shooting star piercing the sky, but at this time the sky was full of stars, shooting stars everywhere.

Magnificent, dazzling and dazzling.

If every angel is replaced by Sword Immortal, the City of Silver will be transformed into ancient times, and it will become a grand occasion for the immortals to come to the dynasty.

Harry carefully observed for a long time, and found that all the angels have a common purpose: the ghostly prison outside the ‘South Heaven Gate’ where Zaulie is stationed.

In Paradise Mountain, the scene of Lingbo Jail is invisible, and I don’t know what the angels are busy with, but Harry can vaguely guess that it has something to do with the coming of Holy Son.

In heaven at this moment, this major event can be so big.

“The angels are setting up the ceremony to welcome the Holy Son, and the coming of the Holy Son will take place in the presence of all the angels.”

Outside the South Heaven Gate, Zauri explained.

“When is it coming?” Harry asked.

“The last time Holy Son was born at night, this time is about the same time.” Having said that, he turned his head to look at her sternly, and said, “What are you crazy about recently, one after another? Provoking Archangel?

From last night until now, you have offended Gabriel and the always gentle and humble Raphael.

You seem to be still on the streets of the bottom heaven I’m clamoring to make Archangel in Silver City hate you and fight with you?”

“I’ve always been honest and simple, and I’ve never made enemies indiscriminately. My life is always easy to make people jealous.

For example, Gabriel, he was jealous of my outstanding achievements in just a few years, killed many demon kings, and was deeply favored by God, so he took the initiative to intervene in my enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, help justice, cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons.

For example, Raphael, jealous of me, a few words will make ordinary believers show signs of Holy Spirit, jealous of my luck, go Tears of perfection can also be found on the street.

Jealousy drives them crazy, teaches the angels to twist their minds, and I’m just passive.” Harley sighed.

Zhaulie said indifferently: “You are so shameless.”

Looking at the angels in the sky, Harry couldn’t bear it, if they all stepped on her toes, or competed with her. Head, then the experience is not rising, and it directly soars to level 100?

Suddenly, she felt a move in her heart, and excitedly said: “Boss Zaulie, can you recommend me to the Angel King Michael? I have a good ‘national policy’ to play to him.”


“Omg, you don’t even want to let go of Angel King Michael?” Zaulie exclaimed.

Harry corner of the mouth twitched, “What do you think, I really have something to report.”

Zaulie doesn’t feel like he’s overreacting, because Demoness is notorious, Notorious.

“What’s the matter?” He looked at her warily.

“The arrival of Holy Son is such a big event that a grand celebration has to be held.”

“Isn’t it grand enough now? Angels in the entire City of Silver will witness the coming process.” Zau column.

“Of course not enough, we have to hold a show to welcome the new Holy Son,” Harry said excitedly, “For example, a tournament!”

This is heaven, everyone is an angel , or a saint, and today is the big day of Holy Son’s coming, certainly no one can die – even if that person is crazy to death – then she can be crazy to death.

Zaulie shook his head and said, “We are angels, and most of the celebrations are to gather together to sing hymns, dance, and read the Bible. Only the barbaric Greek gods will fight each other in blood. .”

“Ai, why are you more boring than the students at the monastery orphanage–” As soon as he complained, Harry’s eyes suddenly lit up, “The Greek gods in the realm often hold sports games? Can I participate? ?”

Zaulie said with a sneer: “Anyone can participate, but it is at your own risk.”

“Well, maybe I should Innate Dojima to participate in the Amazon Games, from low The level competition starts.” Halle looked thoughtful.

Before leaving heaven, Harry made a special look at the place where the angels were coming.

It does sing.

Countless angels form a huge ring, and in the center of the ring is an array of hexagrams (triangles and inverted triangles are combined to form a hexagram), representing “β–½” for men, and “β–³” for women ”, constantly combining and separating.

Harry didn’t understand it at first, but when she heard the lyrics of the angels and thought of what was about to happen, she began to blush for the angels.

It’s too shameful to be in the public eye. It’s like a human left hand clenched into a fist, a hole in the fist, right hand index finger in the hole

“You really know how to play!”

Harry ran away in the blimp.

She is going back to pick up Ivy, Kitten, and Carlisle to watch Angel “Sleep Sleep”.

Back at Quinn Manor, it was still four or five o’clock in the morning. The lights inside the manor were dark, but the lights were on outside the manor. Several large trucks were loading the leftovers from the old manor. waste.

Haley had slept in the Dodo kennel, Mei Mei Di, and was full of energy, then went to the meditation room next to the bedroom.

Tears of perfection pulled out from his pocket, a total of 39 tears, similar in appearance to tears of repentance, transparent and colorless, but multi-colored in the light.

“Voice of the sky, what’s the use of this thing?” She lay on the blanket, her feet were raised behind her, her chin was resting on her left arm, and her right hand fiddled with the crystals.

“The tears of perfection embody the most beautiful emotions of human beings. Holding them can make it easier to sense other people’s positive emotions towards you, such as love, respect, liking, admiration, and friendliness.”


It cost Harley 2,000 merits for this useless piece of information.

“This is a tool for making friends, and you will never miss a friendly person.”

Harry spent another 10,000 meritorious deeds, using a small piece of N metal forged chain to connect They are strung into necklaces.

Well, the N metal comes from the iron giant’s corpse in the cave of Paradise Mountain, and the ten thousand merits are mainly spent on the material – the voice of the sky uses its own power to cut off a small piece of pure metal from its body surface .

“It’s finally a holy relic, and it’s so beautiful.”

Harry elated put on the new necklace, took a selfie and took a picture with her mobile phone, and posted it in the circle of friends.

“What kind of baby is this? It looks so beautiful.” The kitten immediately responded with a message and added a picture of envy and drooling.

“You haven’t slept yet? By the way, where are you?” Harry asked curiously.

Kitten wrote to her: “I’m in the open sea, helping Bateman to guard the tanker, the ship full of fear poison qi.

Wait for Bateman’s chemists to think I can only go home if I have a good way to deal with this huge batch of poison qi.”

“I haven’t asked yet, how did Bateman win the battle last night?”

Kitten said: “It mainly relies on deception. For example, he has no antidote at all, but he deceives Lei Xiaogu a lot.

From seven years ago, when I first saw you using fear poison qi , he began to study the detoxification formula.

This is true.

But he didn’t study it in depth.

Like Lei Xiaogu, there was no solution to the problem. The raw material conundrum for mass production.

The antidote to Wall Street last night was his entire stockpile.

But he convinced Lei Xiaogu that the offshore cruiser USS Minitz Hundreds of missiles loaded with antidote are installed on it.”

“Oh, the cruiser is a trap. The big explosion from Haikou last night killed the demons? What bombs were used?” Harry was surprised. road.

Kitten said: “He paid huge sums of money to quietly acquire holy relics and sacred relic fragments from the world.

Then melt the materials containing Holy Power and forge them. Into armor, shotguns, bullets, grenades, and even ‘devil mines’.

The devil marquis stepped on the devil mines and was cut into seven or eight pieces by shrapnel.

At that time He didn’t die, and Bateman used the holy element to smash his eyes.”

Harry grinned, “melting the holy relics to make bullets is really reckless waste of natural resources.”


“He’s not bad for money.”

“It’s not a matter of more money and less money. There are only so many sacred relics in the world, and if one is scrapped, one will be lost.” Harley sighed.

Kitten said: “No way, mortals can only use this simple and rude method if they want to kill demons efficiently.”

“Why didn’t you tell me before? Ever?”

“I have to know that too! Ever since I revealed to you about the ‘anti-Harry plan’, he started to hide a lot of things from me, and even secretly put it in my helmet communicator Trojan horse.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is an ‘anti-Robin cat plan’ hidden in his dark and damp bat cave.” Kitten said angrily.

“You don’t need a plan! Go straight to bed, you’ll be so drowsy that you don’t even know how to put a Trojan horse in your helmet.” Harley sneered.

The kitten made several grins, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

Then, she sent another pleading emoji, saying, “Your necklace is so beautiful, can you give me a Christmas present?”

“You are so thick-skinned. .”

“Ai, you know, I’m totally incapable of pretty jewelry. Is it a magic item? Where did it come from?”

Harry laughed, posting After taking a photo, “I met your in-laws last night, and they gave the necklace.”

A group photo of her and Wayne.

“Who is this?” Kitten didn’t recognize the young Wayne couple.

It’s no wonder that she never met Daoist face to face, and the Wayne couple have been dead for almost 9 years.

“Harry, why do you have this photo?” The kitten didn’t respond, but a bat who was diving got excited and called directly, “It didn’t come from P!”

“You haven’t slept yet?” Harry asked in surprise.

“I just woke up, tell me what’s going on.”

“What else can I do, I ran into them on the road, chatted and took a picture .”

(end of this chapter)

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