I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 428


Chapter 428 Unlocking the knot, Bright Bateman

“Meeting you on the street? Which street, How in the world can there be such a similar person? Even the temperament and demeanor are exactly the same.” Bruce muttered.

Harry sat crossed on the blanket, patted her thigh, and said angrily: “Hey, I really regret not taking a family photo, otherwise there will be more similar people.”

“What do you mean? Isn’t it similar, where have you been?” Bruce whispered.

“Aren’t you Gotham Detective? What did you think?” Halle said with a smile.

“Heaven?” He said softly with anticipation and anxiety in his voice.

“Today is Christmas, I’ll give you a present before dark.” Halle said with a smile.

Bruce got excited at the obvious hint of that.

“Come on, tell me, have you met my parents in heaven?”

Hearing his voice choked, Harry stopped joking and said directly: “That’s right. , I was wandering on Paradise Street and ran into your family.

Not only photos, but also a video, they have something to say to you, and send it to you in the evening.”

Bruce’s voice was hoarse, trying not to yell, “I want it now, give it to me, I want to know if they’re doing well.”

“Uh, good, really. “

Harry is a little embarrassed, used to be fine, but now.

“The video needs to be edited and processed.”

Cut your father and mother The tragic appearance of the sky and the street.

“I’m going to see the original, Harry, I can’t wait,” Bruce said eagerly.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll cut it now.”

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone and opened the video, “Ricky, help me deal with it. Just a minute.”

“What’s the request?” Ritchie asked.

“Cut out the scene where the Wayne couple faints, and add appropriate background music.”

Strangely said: “I think no background music is the most suitable, Wayne and his wife Sincere words don’t need any noise interference.”

“Hey, then you need to retouch the picture, you have to let Bruce see that it has been processed.”

“Well, how about some intros? Take some beautiful scenes from other shots you’ve shot and put them at the beginning and end to soothe the audience,” Ritchie asked.

It was a hard trip to heaven. Of course, Harry not only made videos for Wayne and his wife, but also recorded many beautiful scenery and scenery on the desktop.

“It’s up to you, I’m going out for breakfast.”

Harry heard the busy voice outside and guessed that Ivy had also woken up and started making breakfast.

“Harry, give me the video!”

Before he could finish his breakfast, Bruce rushed into the living room gasping for breath.

He came in a sports car in a jacket, as Mr. Wayne.

“What video?” Ivy shoved an omelette into her mouth, wondering.

Harry took out her mobile phone, and when the editing was completed, she clicked send, said without thinking: “Have you eaten breakfast, do you want a drawer of buns?”

“Thank you, I don’t want to eat it right now.”

Bruce quickly took out his cell phone, clicked on the video, and the familiar and somewhat unfamiliar couple came into view, and he burst into tears.

“father, mother”

“Bruce, I’m really happy today, happy to see you look so strong, happy that you have a beautiful and thoughtful girlfriend, happy you Find your own way.”

Thomas choked on camera, Bruce burst into tears off camera, “father!”

“What? It makes people cry.” Ivy leaned her head over, and Bruce slapped her away quickly, “Go look at Harry’s phone.”

After he finished speaking, he pressed pause, ran out of the house and sat on the steps, A person watching silently, silently weeping.

The four or five-minute video, he repeated ten times, and when Ivy started watering the flowers with the kettle, he wiped his face and returned to the living room.

“Thanks, Harley, this is the best Christmas present I’ve ever received in my life. But isn’t the video too short?” he said sternly.

“Why is it short?” Harry felt guilty, but his face was not at all obvious, “What they said to you is very complete, they love you, and they want you to take care of yourself. It’s all about this, What else do you want to hear?”

“No,” Bruce pointed to the landscape shot at the end of the video, “you have the time and mind to shoot these things, why not shoot more scenes of their lives, Or gossip.

It’s not like you just said these few words in the video, right?”

It’s a rare chance encounter, if the couple doesn’t hit the street, she will still I really plan to visit their house and make at least a half-hour documentary.

“We talked a lot, but there are so many videos, because at the beginning, I didn’t expect to record a video, chat to the end, and see them miss you so much, I’m ready to let them I’ll call you.

In the end, Gotha was an angel in a GCPD police uniform who was watching a play. He didn’t allow him to make a phone call, so he finally made a video.”

“What did you guys talk about?” Bruce looked at her eagerly.

At this moment, he just wanted to know more about his parents.

“Oh, show them your photo, didn’t your father say you are strong in the news? If you don’t show them your photo, how will they know you are strong? And tell them how you have lived these years. Yes.” Harry said.

Bruce frowned: “Can your cell phone receive Earth signal in heaven?”

“Hey, how can I make a call if I can’t receive a signal?”

Bruce made a note on the “Harry Notepad” in his heart, and then said again: “My father said I found my way, and my mother, what does it mean that I became a dark Knight?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course I told them that you were Bateman, or do you think you’re hiding your identity from them as well?”

Bruce’s expression twitched, “What was their reaction? I think their tone is a little weird.”

“wu” Halle smiled oddly, “because I showed them the Bateman video on the puppy website.”

Bruce’s heart thumped, and he said with a smile: “You definitely won’t show them all those messy things, right?”

Harry chuckled: “Look at the master’s flying. Batman’s ‘Battman was beaten into a flying’.”

Bruce gnashing teeth said: “Don’t watch, I know him and his video, I want to send him a lawyer’s letter, Together with the puppy videos!!”

He blushed with embarrassment at the thought of his parents watching those videos.

So shameful.

Thinking of his parents’ worries, he immediately turned dark.

“If you want the whole network to make Bateman’s ghost videos, you can post it. Besides, there is no lawsuit in Gotham that I can’t win. Gotham Pizza Hut, haven’t you heard of it?” Harry disapproved.

Bruce looked at her accusingly, “Harry, you’re going too far, how could you show that video to my parents? They’re already in heaven, and you don’t understand the truth of letting the dead rest in peace. ?”

“Don’t underestimate your parents, do you know what their status is in heaven?”

Bruce quickly said with concern: “There are still grades of people in heaven? My parents How are you doing?”

“Very good, much better than Superman’s father.”

“Why is Joel involved again?” Bruce was at a loss.

“It’s not my father, it’sβ€”” Harry suddenly stopped, “By the way, do you know the true identity of Superman?”

Bruce’s eyes flickered, ” To everyone else, including Superman, I would say I don’t know.”

Haley understood, “You are not the first person to care about the situation of your loved one in heaven, I also asked Jonathan for Superman earlier. Kent’s situation.

Jonathan was originally a member of the party like your parents, and is expected to go further.

As a result, Superman beats Archangel Uriel, causing his father to be demoted and dismissed.”

“I don’t understand very well, what is the promotion of joining the party?” Bruce asked in confusion.

“Enter the training class, learn Godism, Jesus’ thought, Michael’s theory, get an official position, and become a manager in the paradise city. When the consciousness is improved, you will have the opportunity to become a great character like St. Peter.”

“So that’s what it is” Bruce smiled happily, “I’m relieved.”

Then, he quickly changed his face again, worriedly said: “If I do this in the world, If something happened, will it implicate my parents like Superman?”

“Don’t think too much, you have no ability to hurt those top Archangel. Except for the highest gangsters, ordinary angels have no ability. Small shoes for the believers in heaven.”

“Is Gabriel a high-ranking person in heaven?” Bruce asked.

“He’s the tallest except Michael.”

“Then you beat him to death last night?”

“Hahaha, All my relatives are going to hell, how can he put me in small shoes?” Harry laughed proudly.

The corners of Bruce’s mouth twitched, this kind of confidence was too strong.

“Even if my parents can afford it, you shouldn’t show them videos like that. It’s not fair to me. The ‘wingless bat’ is blacking me.” He sighed.

“I also showed you father and mother’s video of ‘I’m going to make Batman’s batwing’, you can search-“

Glancing at Bruce’s face With a relaxed and happy expression, Harry understood that he didn’t need to search.

This boring guy must be watching puppy videos often, otherwise he won’t be so familiar with his black fans and fanboys.

β€œNot only videos of you, but videos of other superheroes and the super criminals you face.

After watching those videos, they are worried about your safety.

But only by understanding your situation in detail, can you get to know who you are now, not your imaginary son,” she said.

“Harry, thank you, you’ve got your mind. Combined with the context of what my parents said in the video, I feel closer to them.

They’re not empty parents representing their parents.

Symbols, they are my parents!

I think they must think the same.” Bruce sighed.

There are some words in the video, it is difficult to understand the deep emotion in the words without combining the context in which they said those words at that time.

I have watched the video a dozen times before, and I am deeply touched by hearing Harry’s remarks about the scene.

Haley asked, “Can you get out of Crime Lane now? This is probably your parents’ biggest concern.”

Crime Lane is where his father and mother were killed The alley, which was not originally called Crime Alley, died of Wayne and his wife, and it became notorious Crime Alley.

Bruce smiled brightly, “Before today, Crime Lane was the biggest shadow in my heart, and now it’s completely bright.

I’ll buy that street and build a piece in a few days. Monument.

I think I’ll go there often, it’s the closest place to my parents.”

Speaking of this, he looked eagerly towards Harry, “Haha. Li, can you let me talk to them on the phone?”

Haley said in an unprecedented sincere tone: “Heaven doesn’t allow mere mortals to interfere with the rules of the believers. It makes perfect sense. I didn’t believe it, but now I completely I believe.”

(end of this chapter)

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