I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 430


Chapter 430 The Holy Son Arrives

“Zed, she.” The swamp monster’s face wrinkled into a ball of dung , “Ai, it is now 100% certain that the Crusaders of Advent are over, and the decades of planning in heaven are over.

John, you have done your job.

Life Council I won’t treat you badly.

A new Holy Son will be born in this world, inheriting my will and your bloodline.”

“I’m not for this.” Constantine smiled wryly Shaking his head.

“The promise must be fulfilled, and your contribution to mankind must be rewarded. This is the cause and effect!” The swamp monster slapped Constantine’s forehead, the illusory Constantine’s soul floated out, and the fleshy body collapsed. Collapsed.

The tobacco leaves stretched and rolled up Constantine’s body, disappearing into the green passage along with the swamp monster.

Leaving Constantine’s spirit body at a loss.

next moment, thousands of miles away in the Amazon jungle.

“Pu pass!” The swamp pool splashed.

Under the camphor tree on the bank, the silver-haired girl Abby looked around, “Alec?”

“It’s me!” Constantine’s voice sounded in the mud, and then the ripples swayed , he stood up and stepped out of the water.

“You’re Constantine? But” Abby wondered.

“Constantine” touched his crotch and grinned, “Abby, I’ve been holding it for almost ten years, and it can’t wait.

But, we have to wait. For half a day, wait for the Crusades to fail.

Abby, the Holy Son will be born from your womb.”

“You’re really Alec, who’s prank?” Abby hesitantly said.

“Of course.” Alec Constantine hooked his fingers, and a sapling in front of him quickly grew into a towering tree.

The pure green of all things is undoubtedly the swamp monster.

Abby sighed in relief and wondered again: “Why choose Constantine?”

“According to the prophecy on the stone tablet of hell, after the winter solstice, nature will combine with the supernatural, Welcome to childbirth”

Alec Constantine sighed: “I represent the supernatural, you represent the natural, but I don’t have a body to make you pregnant, I can only borrow the body of a mortal.”

Abby frowned: “I know Constantine, he’s a glib, train-talking liar, and I don’t like him. Just change to a stranger and I can make it easier.”

“Also It has to be him, he is the contemporary ‘Joseph’!” Swamp monster seriously said.

As long as they come to the world, no one jumps out of the ground out of thin air. Harry is no exception, and so is Jesus.

He has mother Mary, father Joseph, and younger brother Jacob.

However, Joseph is only a father in name.

Jesus is Holy Son, and the father of Holy Son is God Jehovah.

“Which Joseph?” Abby didn’t respond.

The swamp monster said: “Mary’s husband Joseph, isn’t Constantine the husband of the contemporary Maria?”

“I don’t understand, since the Council of Life wants to create Man’s own Holy Son, why should he follow the procedures of heaven.” Abby wondered.

“This” the swamp monster looked towards the big trees shining in the sun, “Members of Congress, I don’t quite understand it?”

“Think about it, Why combine the natural and the unnatural, why is the Holy Son on the Christmas day after the winter solstice originally a trick made by heaven, if they don’t follow their rules, will they still give birth to Holy Son?” The old birch sighed.

Sequoia loudly said: “Although the rules are made by them, winning or losing has to rely on their own efforts.

It’s like the British invented modern football, but the British can every time Hold up the big ear cup?”

Camphor tree said with a smile: “Heaven is the host and referee of this game, it should have been won.

However we Bought the opponent’s player.

No matter how hard the referee works, it will not be enough for his own players to give away their heads.”

“hehehehe.” A group of old trees laughed proudly, and the forest was full of joy atmosphere of.

Alec Constantine worriedly said: “Since it’s the football world cup, will there be other players?”

Willow Tree said: “Hell on the stone tablet ‘s prophecy, only the combination of natural and unnatural is simply written, and hell seems to belong to the whole universe.

Could it be that the random combination of natural and unnatural in the universe can give birth to Holy Son?

That’s not the case.

Don’t think about the aliens, only Earth beings are eligible to participate in the game.

Earth is again in the control of the Academician of Fate, whoever wants to make trouble secretly will run away But his Eye of Destiny!”

“East Earth, it’s the 25th now, why don’t we give birth to Holy Son before the Crusaders of Advent?” Abby asked.

“Only one person can sit on a chair, and now the Holy Son in heaven is in front, and only by kicking it off can we help our Holy Son sit on the throne.” Alec Kang Standing Road.

“I thought that Holy Son would be reincarnated into me.” Abby muttered.

“Of course not!” The old camphor tree excitedly said: “That is the Holy Son of heaven, we have our own Holy Son.”

“Who is it?” Abby asked.

“It’s called ‘Sprouting,’ and it’s a brand new, pure Holy Spirit, completely the child of you and Alec.” Sequoia said solemnly.

“Can it be done?” Abby worriedly said: “The Bible says that Holy Son has long been a heaven above the Nine Heavens, and will only come to Mary’s arms when the world needs his redemption. , walking in the world as Jesus. The budding new life can be compared with the Holy Son of billions of years of cultivation?”

“It is indeed worse.” Alec Constantine sighed: “The real meaning The Holy Son on the top is the son of Yahweh. He is like the first emperor of a generation, the founder of a dynasty’s authority.

Even if the first emperor used mud to paste the throne and carved the Imperial Jade Seal with bricks, the mud throne and the brick Imperial Jade The seal can also be a symbol of kingship.

Following successors will scramble for mud and bricks.

The birth date and manner of the Son of Jehovah, like the Throne and the Imperial Jade Seal.

We gave birth to Holy Son at the time of its birth, imitating the way it was born, which is equivalent to grabbing the throne and the Imperial Jade Seal to inherit the authority of the first emperor.

Holy of the Holy Crusaders Son is its blood relative. Our Holy Son is just the adopted son who steals the dragon for the phoenix.

When the blood relative fails, the adopted son can ascend to the throne.

The adopted son is of course not as good as the blood relative, more Not as good as the First Emperor himself.

But we also don’t expect Germination to be able to dominate the wasteland and span the multiverse like the First Emperor, as long as we master the fate of Earth human beings themselves.”

this time Abby fully understood.

Holy Son of Life Council is a low-profile knockoff.

Life Council also doesn’t expect its copycat products to sell well in the universe. It only needs to establish a ‘national brand’ to meet the needs of human beings’ ‘wearing shoes’ and occupy a small domestic market.

It doesn’t matter whether the shoes fit, whether they are comfortable or not, whether they are durable or not. Finally, the fate of wearing shoes is in the hands of my own family, and I will no longer be stuck by foreign manufacturers.

“However, the prophecy on the stone tablet shows that the Holy Son is for the entire multiverse, with a mission to quell elemental disturbances across the multiverse.

Our child , can you take this responsibility?” Abinane said.

Alec Holland said embarrassedly: “It’s difficult, but it’s not completely hopeless. Innate is not enough, it should be cultivated. As long as the world, heaven and hell support it, it should be possible.”


Abby was silent.

Old Willow Tree said with a sneer: “I doubt whether the real Holy Son ever existed.”

“Isn’t Jesus the Holy Son?” Alec wondered.

Willow Tree said: “There are rumors that it is the son of Michael, the traitor king steals the authority of God, acts in the name of God everywhere, and even the son pretends to be the son of God, so Lucifer refuses to Pay homage to it, so Gabriel left heaven and became the king of angels on earth.”

As soon as these words came out, the whole forest fell silent, and even the old trees in the Council of Trees were stunned. .

“Who did you listen to? This is the ultimate blasphemy! If it reaches the ears of the angels, we communicators will also be in big trouble.” Sequoia trembled.

Willow Tree is the ‘inquiry’ of the Tree Council, through which information from the outside world and orders from the Tree Council are conveyed.

“This rumor has spread several times in the wizarding world, but it seems to have come from heaven.” Willow Tree was uncertain.

“Hey, heaven is going to fight again!” Zhang Shuhuan said joyfully.

“This rumor is too fake and unreliable.” Oak said disapprovingly.

“It’s not necessarily fake, I also got news that the Holy Son who came this time is probably the son of Uriel.” Willow Tree said.

“Fuck, No way?” Several old trees almost jumped, if not rooted in the earth.

“True or false, we’ll find out tomorrow night,” said old Willow Tree.

“Hey, someone is summoning me.” Alec Constantine was surprised, closed his eyes and carefully sensed the summon’s voice

“It’s Harley, she met with three ‘Demoness hunts the squad’ headed by a monarch.”

“She’s such a troublemaker,” muttered the old oak.

“You are a human now, and Holy Son is about to come, but you can’t respond to her.” Birch said solemnly.

Alec Constantine nodded, “I understand that Harley has always been cunning and will definitely not put all her life on me.”

At this moment, December At noon on the 25th, Quinn Manor.

A sumptuous Christmas lunch was on the table, and the Quinns and Waynes sat around.

Leave eggnog high and shout a Christmas message before lunch officially begins.

“We’re going to see Holy Son coming tonight, so we definitely can’t stay at home for dinner, so the Christmas dinner was changed to noon.” Harry explained to the Flying Robin Cat who had just returned.

Selena asked Wayne, the old, middle and young people on the opposite side, “You also want to see Holy Son come?”

Bruce inserted a piece of steamed pork into his mouth, and said vaguely. : “I’m a little interested, but Alfred and Dick will go to the Zatanna Theater to see a magic show.”

Harry glanced at the boy beside him, eight or nine years old, with a childish face, Full of energy and vigor, and not afraid of life, she noticed her gaze and looked at her generously.

She didn’t see anything in common except that her father and mother were both murdered right before her eyes.

The two have different personalities, Dick is obviously outgoing and lively, but Bruce was a boring bottle gourd when he was a teenager.

She was curious, what was so special about him that deserved Bruce’s ‘love at first sight’?

Is it a legendary fate? (ps)

“Why did they come here?” Selena approached Harry and whispered.

β€œI showed Bruce a video of his parents and he kept pulling me and asking what they said, how life was, what heaven was like.” Halle shrugged, β€œfrom morning to noon , when it’s time for dinner, let’s spend Christmas together.”

Bruce looked up at the two girls and said with a smile: “The turkey and eggnog were brought by Fu, your Christmas The food, along with the Christmas tree, were all destroyed in the battle last night.”

“Your smile is a bit weird, like a different person.” Selena said oddly.

A’Fu smiled happier and brighter than Bruce, “Miss Selena noticed it too? My lord untied the knot and became much more cheerful.”

“dΔ«ng lΓ­ng lΓ­ng “Suddenly, Harry’s cell phone rang, and when he took it out, it was Richie.

“It’s Christmas lunch now, what’s up?” she wondered.

“Are you still eating? The ceremony is about to start.” Richie said eagerly.

Harley exclaimed: “Didn’t you say that the evening starts? It’s only noon.”

“It’s already night, of course, not US time, the second generation Holy Son will Born on the same day a Holy Son was born, a Holy Son was born in Palestine,” Strangely said.

“Ah, in terms of the time zone in the Middle East, it’s really late at night.”

Harry suddenly remembered something. According to this calculation, when she went to heaven yesterday, she actually It’s Christmas Day.

(ps: Dick Grady, the first Robin, later Nightwing, he and his parents are both acrobats, Bruce went to a show once, just in time When his parents fell off the rope – the rope was tampered with.

That is to say, Dick, like Bruce back in the day, witnessed the murder of his parents with his own eyes, which reminded Bruce of the time when his parents were murdered. himself, so he adopted little Dick.

At this time, Alfred has started to call Mr. Bruce, and Dick is the eldest son.)

(end of this chapter)

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