I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 431


Chapter 431 The Holy Grail of Defiled The angel array grandiose, from a distance, seems to have a silver ocean in Lingbo Hell.

They formed a huge circle, some with solemn expressions, some with direct anticipation and reverence on their faces, and all the angels sang the hymn of praise to God Jehovah in harmony.

The chant stimulates the divine power in the angel’s body, and the spiritual power turns into a huge tornado-like beam of light, which extends infinitely in the Lingbo Hell, like a tunnel, deep into the human world.

“bang!” is like a nuclear bomb falling and exploding, centered on the castle of the Holy Land Crusaders, setting off a tsunami of elements one after another.

This movement is a thousand times stronger than Harley’s extraction of Satan’s power that day.

Not to mention magicians who are sensitive to the fluctuation of elemental forces, even the ordinary person around the world suddenly feels that the sky in the direction of the UK has suddenly become brighter, and the air around them is fresher.

A beam of Holy Light Power is like a conduit connecting heaven and earth.

Accurately connected to the Crusader headquarters in Glastonbury.

Around the beam of light, there is one after another Venus twinkling.

That is a holy angel.

In the eyes of mortals, they are golden stars.

“O Divine Vestige! Such Divine Vestige, appearing at the Crusaders headquarters, is the highest honor the Lord has bestowed upon me!”

The bespectacled crusader pope looked up at the sky, Excitedly with arms outstretched.

At this time, the natural phenomenon has been naked eye visible, the contact point between the spiritual power beam of heaven and the human world is like a grinding disc emitting golden silver light, hovering over the castle and slowly turning.

Below, headed by the Pope, thousands of crusaders, with frenzied faces, recited aloud the scriptures on the birth of Holy Son.

Lingbo prison, on the blimp on the edge of the silver spiritual power beam of light.

Father Carlisle was also moved to tears, “to witness such a sacred moment, even if I die now, I will die without regret.”

Harry grinned, “As for what? You also saw Xiao Heidou shaking hands with God back then, isn’t it more sacred and greater than it is now?”

The priest said solemnly: “The meaning of Holy Son’s coming to believers and mankind is completely different.”

“Are there so many angels? Millions, Heaven is too powerful.” Bruce facial expression grave, “If they are going to be bad for Earth, how do we stop them?”

“Mr. Wayne, don’t speak blasphemous words here and now!” Carlisle said sternly: “Angels represent justice and light, they can only protect Earth, and their enemies are only evil and sin.”

Harry also said: “If this word reaches the ears of the angels, your parents will probably be ‘deprived of political rights for life’ like Jonathan.”

Bruce twitched a few times and sighed: ” You say, what is the purpose of the angel’s such a big move to bring the Holy Son down? Who is it aimed at?”

“Because of the prophecy, the turmoil of elemental power will be quelled.” Carlisle said.

Bruce worriedly said: “I know the content of the prophecy, but will there be more demands in heaven?

If the second Jesus appears on earth, will Earth return? In the age of theocracy?

What’s the point of the idea of democracy, equality and freedom in the face of the expert Holy Son and the ’12 saints’?”

“You Thinking too much.” Harry said.

Bruce insisted: “My guesses may become reality.”

Harry disagreed: “It may become reality, but it is a concern of ‘meat eaters’

You are a mortal, you can’t touch heaven on the top, and you can’t go to hell on the bottom.

You can’t reach even if you can’t reach it, so what can you do even if you are worried?”

“Then tell me, who’s the meat eater?” Bruce asked.

“Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! “Suddenly, the sound of a spiral fan spinning rapidly approached from behind.

“Hey, where did the voice from Lingbo Prison come from?” Harry was surprised and quickly turned on the radar.

Before Andy got to work, an owl-eye-shaped window floated in an old-fashioned propeller fighter.

The style is 100% simulated fighter, but it is the spirit body of ash-gray.

This is a plane imagined with spirit strength.

And the pilot in the driver’s seat is Harley’s old friend, Constantine.

“Hey, Harry, you’re here too!” He smiled and waved to the window.

The aircraft did not decelerate and hovered in front of the Archimedes airship in an instant.

Harry was stunned for a moment, then turned her head to Bruce and said, “He and the people behind him are carnivores.”

Then, before Bruce asked again, she wondered. looked towards Zha Kang, “What are you doing?”

“This is another application of the Spirit Communication Technique – traveling in Lingbo Hell in a spirit form, as I told you , I’m the real spirit walker!” Constantine said proudly.

Wanderer is Ritchie’s screen name.

In the early days when Halle and a few of them first met, Constantine did boast that he was very good at wandering the Spirit World.

“What are you doing here? The army of angels is over there, aren’t you afraid they will rectify you on the spot?”

Harry knew his attitude towards the coming of Holy Son.

Constantine jumped and jumped out of the fighter’s cabin. The fighter was connected behind him, turned into a silver light, and merged into his back.

His figure is more solid.

Zha Kang took another step, passed through the round glass window of the owl airship, came to Harry, and sighed: “I’m worried about Zed, I want to come and see”

“What have you done?” Harry frowned.

“I” Constantine opened his mouth and closed it tightly.

Harry gave him a deep look, and stopped talking, her eyes fell on the sky-high beam outside again.

However, her mood was no longer as relaxed as before, and her eyes looking towards the castle on the ground also brought some worry.

Whatever the plan of Zhakang and the Life Council was, it must have been done at this time.

Zed is about to ascend to the church wearing a wedding dress

It’s too late, now whoever dares to go up and shout “I oppose this marriage” will face millions of angels sword.

Glastonburg, on the square outside the castle, the ceremony enters the highest tide.

The Holy Mother appears.

“Zed.” Harry murmured softly.

At this time, Zede put on a white bridal gauze dress, and under the guidance of the old priest, under the devout gaze of the believers, and in the singing of the Holy Mother chorus, he slowly came to the sky silver spiritual Below the power beam.

She lost her gravity, opened her hands, and her gauze skirt fluttered. Surrounded by the holy light of golden and silver, she slowly rose into the sky.

The holy light fell on her moon-like face, reflecting the radiance of holiness, kindness and tranquility.

Thousands of crusaders on the ground looked frenzied, stretched out their right hands as if they were praying for redemption, and shouted in their mouths: “St. Mary, Hail Mary, Holy Mother Virgin, Mary, full of grace, you will return with the Holy Womb to save our sinners’ souls from the Sea of Bitterness.”

“Holy Mother Mary!”

Carlisle ignored the gazes of the others in the airship and began to chant Holy Mother aloud.

“It’s about to begin” Constantine clenched his fists and looked sad.

Bruce has been observing this “giant”-Harry said he is a carnivore who can interfere with the influence of heaven on the world-at this time, seeing his complicated expression, he couldn’t help asking: ” What are you worried about? For the fate of mankind, or the Holy Mother?”

Constantine did not look back, only said without thinking: “You are an ordinary person, how come you are here?”

“The coming of Holy Son will also affect all aspects of the ordinary person.” Bruce hesitated: “Harry said that you are the Guardian of Earth human beings and can decide the success or failure of this coming.

I I’m very curious, what choice did you make in the end.”

“I didn’t expect, I’m still a great character in her eyes.” Constantine said strangely.

“Don’t get me wrong, he misunderstood me.” Harry said indifferently.

Constantine stared at her for a while, turned to Bruce, and said: “The choice I face is very simple, love and human, choose one, destined to fail the other.

Or hurt. My lover.

It is the Holy Mother who is flying in the sky, teaching her to lose her sanctity and to bear sin and shame forever.

Or hurt human beings and help my Holy Mother lover to climb to the ground The throne of honor that belongs to her, holds high the kingship, and overlooks the world. At that time, human beings will become the slaves of heaven again.

Mr. richest man, if you were me, what would you choose?”

Bruce pupil shrink , bowed solemnly to Zha Kang, and sighed: “Thank you!”

Constantine’s eyes flickered, “Why thank me?”

“Thank you A sacrifice for humanity.”

Bruce looked towards Zed’s eyes with pity.

“What are you talking about?” Carlisle asked in surprise.

“It’s useless to say anything, the arrival officially begins.” Ivy reminded.

“Shit, the father of the Holy Son predestined by heaven is actually Archangel Uriel, isn’t that too much nonsense?”

Harry exclaimed absurdly.

When Zed escaped from the material world and entered the Ling thin prison, a golden light and shadow that could not see the face walked out of the Silver City, descended rapidly, and finally met Zed in a golden radiance.

It is Archangel Uriel.

He was naked, and his bottom was so high that he eased off on Zed’s wedding dress, revealing her smooth and hairless body and body–the silver hair on her head was shaved, creak nest and Lower body… uh, Halle doesn’t know if she originally had it.

Carlisle was more shocked than Harry, “Where’s God? Why not God himself.”

He thought he could see the legendary ‘Lord’ today.

Not only the two of them, there are many mages, gods and demons who came to watch the grand ceremony in heaven. They were originally hidden all around, but at this time, they were too surprised and showed their bodies directly.

It was the angels who didn’t react in any way.

Although Uriel took off Zed’s wedding dress and wanted to do that thing with her in public, the strange thing was that their behavior not only did not appear wretched, but instead had a sense of sacred ceremony.

Each frame can be used in the church as a mural of the advent of Holy Son for believers to pay their respects.

If there is a sculptor or painter watching this process at this time, in the next several decades, countless masterpieces related to the birth of Holy Son will inevitably be born. If there is no subsequent tragic change.

Ulay stroked Zed’s face with joy and confusion, then he lifted her leg and filled her with holy light.


“Noβ€”” The golden halo behind Uriel and Zede’s head, representing the holy, suddenly became scarlet with a degenerate aura. Archangel screamed, like a goat crazy, crawling on Zede’s head. The body squirmed back in pain, exiting her body, holding the holy root that seemed to be bitten and bleeding, hunched over her waist, jumped her feet and mourned.

The “hahaha” scene was so funny that Harley couldn’t help laughing.

But soon she couldn’t laugh anymore.

Zed’s pretty face twisted in shame, lying hysterically moaning.

Carlisle looked terrified and murmured: “The Holy Grail contains the blood essence of the devil, and it is contaminated.”

(end of this chapter)

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