I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 435


Chapter 435 Zhakang’s child

“Bruce, don’t insult the word ‘great’.” Halle said with displeasure: ” Besides, you’re just a Muggle passerby, just eat melons on the side, don’t make random comments in areas you don’t understand.”

“I’ve learned enough, Master Constantine for the The righteousness of mankind, at the expense of his conscience and love, is no less painful in his heart than Miss Zed.

As he said.

In preventing the Holy Son from coming , he himself only lost, did not gain any benefits, the real beneficiaries are all mankind.” Bruce said solemnly.

“The richest man, you.” Zha Kang looked at him with a moved face, “didn’t expect the person who really understands me is actually the big Young Master I have always looked down on.

Pride and prejudice are indeed the biggest enemies of human-to-human communication.”

Bruce also sighed, “I was too arrogant before, perhaps because of the frequent contact with Harley, the mage The group has serious prejudice.

I always think that mages are selfish and willing to sell their souls for the sake of strength, didn’t expect there is a group of Guardians in the mages world, silently protecting the freedom and self-esteem of Earth human beings.”

Harry’s forehead burst out the invisible “#” character, “What on earth did I do to sell my soul to make you have such a big ‘misunderstanding’ about the wizarding world?”

“Ai, don’t mind Harry, I just saw a lot of dark magic around you. It’s the first time I’ve met a respectable person like Mage Constantine who values righteousness over profit.” Bruce sighed.

Harry said with a sullen face: “Since you and Konstantin are on the same page, why don’t you be a good friend. He is the most loyal to his friends.”

Bruce and Zha Kang looked at each other and did not refute, but instead showed a heart-pounding expression of mutual hatred.

“Bruce, if one day you were faced with the same choice as Constantine, would you hurt Selena?” Ivy asked.

Bruce was silent for a long time, then shook his head and said, “I won’t let myself fall into that situation, but if I don’t have a choice, I’ll probably focus on the bigger picture.

There are always many things in life. Helpless, no one can escape.

For example, when a son or husband leaves his mother and wife, and rushes to the battlefield, guards home, and defends the country, doesn’t he choose a greater goal between the country and his family?”

“Nonsense!” Harry angrily scolded: “If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense, but you feel good.

Soldiers guard home, defend the country, of course there is no problem.


But if a soldier wins by handing over his wife and daughter to the enemy for humiliation, that kind of victory and country is not worth it.

John Constantine stands in line between men, gods and demons, no matter what On which side can I blame him?

But he shouldn’t use, hurt, and humiliate his lover for his ‘great ideal’.”

She Looking at Zha Kang sarcastically, “Protector class, to protect human beings from being enslaved by heaven, there are many high-sounding reasons.

That’s right, now is not eight years ago, and you are no longer an anonymous apprentice magician.

You are the Grandmaster, and you have to be the Grandmaster.

If you step on hell and slap heaven by your own abilities, I will now only hold a celebration feast for you with respect and honor. Cheers and applauds for your victory.

But you have ideals and no ability, you can only rely on deception.”

Speaking of this, she was stunned, she seemed to have ideals but no strength, Can only rely on cheating

This is a bit embarrassing.

“Well, I also often use deception,” Halle sighed then said, “but you have to look at the object of deception, and deceive your lover with hostility, don’t you feel ashamed?”

With Zhakang’s intelligence and keenness, can’t he guess the shame and suffering that Zede will encounter after being contaminated by the demon blood essence?

He must know.

But he did it anyway.

Constantine said with an embarrassed expression: “I told Zed to come with me, but she didn’t agree.”

β€”β€”Since she refused to leave and stood firm on the side of heaven, The two stand against each other, from lovers to enemies.

“It’s pointless to talk about this now, John, I really don’t blame you, but I can’t pretend that nothing happened, you go.” Zed wiped his tears.

“Take care of you.”

Constantine glanced at the cold-faced Harley, Ivy, and Carlisle, then looked at Bruce who was full of sympathy and approval, Suddenly, he smiled freely, “I am Grandmaster, I have my own ideas, why do I need others to agree or disagree?

I am here, I explain, just for Zede.”

Finished , he jumped out of the spaceship and flew into the distance alone.

Everyone in the cabin fell into silent silence for a while.

“ahhhh, Harry, helpβ€””

Less than a minute after Zhakang left, the airship was flying silently toward Earth, and suddenly there was a familiar cry for help from the side. sound.

However, the voice changed from grumpy to wailing.

Harry looked over and couldn’t help being stunned. Zhakang was like a fish that swallowed a hook, struggling and tossing desperately in the emptiness of the void, two blood-colored fishing lines were deadlocked on his shoulders.

As the spaceship got closer, they could see clearly that it was two rotting arms with skinned, scarlet muscles showing, infinitely long, extending from nowhere.

The arm is like a rope, and at the end of the rope there is a hook – a ghost with an unreal body, like an octopus with octopuses, holding Zakang in his arms.

“What the hell is that?” Harry asked in disgust.

“Harry, save me.” Zha Kang was terrified, and desperately reached out to the spaceship, like someone who fell into the water looking for a rope for life.

Father Carlisle tentatively fired two holy light bullets, but they didn’t land on the ground. The ghost behind Zhakang was like an illusory shadow.

“Harry, hit it with your fist!” Zha Kang cried out in pain, “This is bloodline tracking, normal attacks have no effect.”

“Who is tracking you? As soon as Harry asked, his heart moved: Zhakang has demon blood in his body, he is a Human Demon bastard, and his demon blood essence comes from Nigal.

As expected, he heard Zhakang shout: “It’s Negal, help me!”

“Follow him and see if he goes to hell or the world.” warrior said.

Forget about going to hell, she wouldn’t dare to follow the demons’ base camp.

“Harry, save meβ€”β€””

Zhakang whimpered like a struggling fish, involuntarily being pulled by the fishing line and slid through the water.

Andy’s radar locked on to the target, and the spaceship followed closely behind him.

A moment ago, a noble castle outside London.

A brazier is made of a human head with its skull removed, fueled by boiling corpse oil.

The forty-fifty brazier is lit, illuminating the splendorous and majestic old halls with ghostly lights.

Negal held up the wine glass filled with blood and shouted to the demons below: “The prophecy has been broken, our archenemy, the Crusaders of the Holy Land, has scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, the tongue of fire. It’s about to go out too.

Listen to you, God’s bastard swearing outside the gates of heaven, and the swearing shook the sky.

Hahaha, enjoy this moment, revel in the angels Sweet voice of the howl of the void, long live the eternal punishment!”

“Long live the eternal punishment, Negar is as clever as a Demon!”

The demons raised their glasses and laughed, heartily, shouting excitedly.


Two white lights appeared beside Negal.

The red hair that floated in the air like seaweed, a tragic white body, no clothes, only a thorny iron wire that pierced the skin and bleeds around the body.

“Ah, two Magistrate adults, you also come to the feast? Or, what reward does Satan Your Majesty have to bestow?”

Happy didn’t say a word, just reached out and grabbed, a clump of sunflowers summon in front of him.

The clump of flowers had no leaves or flowers, only a twisted and ugly trunk, and the branches of the trunk with the thickness of a finger had a tumor the size of one after another eyeball.

Like a deformed species that grew up drinking Fukushima nuclear waste water.

“The tree devil, tell him what you’ve heard.” Huanxi coldly said.

The branches near the root opened one big and one small two holes with pus flowing, ‘look’ to Negal, and the voice screamed: “The green of all things is boiling, and a rotting The fertile energy sprouted new life.”

“What do you mean?” Nigal was stunned.

“The swamp monsters are mating. The Black of Decay is the most fertile ‘soil’ and the ‘Holy Grail’,” cried the tree demon.

“Impossible, a swamp monster is just a walking vegetable salad, it doesn’t even have a second child, how can it mate? Moreover, the black of decay has never returned.”

pause After a pause, Niegal asked again, “What does this have to do with us?”

Painfully said: “It is precisely because the Black of Decay has not returned, that she can be a ‘special’ natural person representative.


Like the unreturned Holy Mother, neither a Spiritual God nor an ordinary person.

The swamp monster, the god of all woods, borrowed the body of Constantine’s ‘Holy Mother’s husband’, Be the representative of the supernatural in the prophecy.”

“Constantine tricked me?”

Negal turned pale and looked at the two Magistrates in horrorβ€”they didn’t come to give a reward , but to arrest him.

“Are you sure the swamp monsters fulfilled the prophecy? Maybe they failed, I can sense that the elemental power didn’t fluctuate violently,” he said quickly.

Pain indifferently said: “The son of prophecy already has the destiny to calm elemental disorder, how can elemental power fluctuate violently?”

Joy coldly said: “It is now determined, swamp monster Sow the seeds in the ‘fertile soil’, and the natural and supernatural are about to give birth.

If there is no fourth-party force other than human beings, gods and demons to intervene, the son of prophecy must be it.”

“So, Negal, you failed, crime deserving ten thousand deaths!” The two Magistrates pronounced the judgment in unison.

“Don’t take me first!” Negal stepped back in fear, waved his hands repeatedly, excitedly said: “I still have a chance, according to the laws of hell, Constantine deceived me and the eternal punishment Legion, as long as the If he captures it and hands it over to you, I will be free from punishment.”

Huan happily said: β€œSatan is displeased, and the Demon Kings are furious, and they desperately need the sinners to be punished for their anger.”

Niegal hurriedly assured: “Don’t wait too long, Constantine has my demon blood flowing in his body, just one bloodfiend method, he can be captured and brought to justice immediately.”

Pain and joy look at each other. , “I’ll give you half an hour.”

Negal stretched his arms and brought Baron, who danced with the devil next to him, to his side, and the demon sharp claw pierced his pipa bone like a sharp blade.

“ao!” Baron let out a miserable cry, directing to Astral Projection – a demon with a painful expression and a twisted body, the demon pipa bone is also attached to a pair of skinned and rotten arms.

“Follow the bloodline and find John Constantine!”

Negal shouting loudly, the goblin was thrown into the void like a fishhook, attached to his pipa bone arm Infinitely stretched, like a rope

“Hahaha, found it.” In just a few minutes, Nigal looked towards Magistrate with a smug smile, his infinitely long arm quickly retracted, and a wailing soul landed in front of Baron, “This is Kang-mother Fake!”

“bang!” An airship followed, with two tiny missiles fired from the airship’s suspension system.

“Satan is on, Demoness is here, run!”

“What happened? Why did you run?”

“I don’t understand what happened What, but this is Demoness’ spaceship, who doesn’t know it? Demoness’s raid means we must fall into her trap, just run.”

“Yes, at least we have a chance to figure it out after we run. , it’s not clear if you don’t run and die.”

“Damn, I get it, we hooked Constantine, Demones fished us with Constantine, and Demoness Harley is so insidious.”

Those demons, whether or not they were affected by the missile explosion, or each one, all ran away after seeing the airship, covered head and sneaked away like a rat.

(end of this chapter)

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