I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 436


Chapter 436 My Son Jesus

The world of shadows.

“It’s so dangerous!” Negal patted his chest with lingering fears, and when he turned his head to look around, he couldn’t help but feel sad when he saw that there were only three or two big cats and kittens left in the team that used to be as high as 300 people.

“How come you met the evil star Demonness!”

He wanted to be angry, but he couldn’t find someone to vent his anger.

When Demoness came, Magistrate was the most excited, not only did not run away, but also took the lead, teamed up with pain, released various single forbidden spell-level magic one after another, and shouted loudly: “Don’t run, don’t be afraid. , Demoness Harley is only one person, we are numerous.”

Negal ignored the two Magistrates at all, running faster than his younger brothers.

I don’t blame him for being timid, he really knows that Demoness is more than one person.

Demoness had invited him to hunt squid, although he didn’t agree, he also became an Outer Member.

So, Negal knew the details of last night’s battle, and knew that Demoness was accompanied by a black warrior who was suspected of being a Kryptonian devil.

Even the demon king is not a match for the black warrior, he is a low-level duke, can he fight against the combination of the black warrior and the Demoness?

As for the two Magistrates who talk about pain and joy

Well, if he was plotted by Demoness (Astra Incident, ambushed by Zaulie), he would not be afraid of those two Magistrates. A silver pewter tip.

“I told you not to run away, why don’t you listen?” Just as he was thinking about it, Joy’s stern rant came from behind.

“Blessed by Satan, are the two Magistrates all right?!”

Niegal was really shocked, and the joy and pain were unscathed!

“It’s very difficult for us to enter the human world. Before, there were only two Avatars.” said painfully.

“Negal, you don’t listen to the command, you flee before the battle, and the crime is one more class.” Joy announced the sentence.

Niegal cursed in his heart: You only have two Avatars, of course you are not afraid of death, but I am the body!

He held back his anger and said in a muffled voice, “Master Magistrate, haven’t you encountered any black warriors?”

“What black warriors?”

“Could it be that Demoness did some trick, Avatar didn’t pass the memory back?” Negal wondered.

“I’m back.”

“How’s the battle going?”

Could it be that the Black Warrior didn’t make a move, only the Demonness was the only one, so the status of the two was not low. Did you do it in Magistrate’s Magistrate?

Even Avatar, but in such a short period of time

The painful expression is a bit embarrassing: “At that time, I only felt that the magic power was stagnant, the casting failed, and the red light paved the surface, and I lost consciousness.”


Negar is sullen, no wonder even the black warrior doesn’t know about it. He didn’t meet him at all.

“It’s the black warrior’s heat ray.”

He recounted how Demonness hunted the squid last night before saying: “So, I’m not timid.


Demoness is prudent and well known to the world.

There are rumors that she goes out to the supermarket, and also has the airship follow in the shadow world, always ready to be ambushed by others, and always ready to ambush others .

Since she has a black warrior, it is impossible not to be around.

Especially now, she uses Constantine as bait and takes the initiative to raid my lair, how could she be unprepared ?”

Huanxi said with a cold face: “Since you know that there is a black warrior by her side, why did you just run away without letting us know?”

“I thought you knew that yesterday The battle at Quinn Manor in the evening caused a stir in most of the magic world.” Nigal said aggrieved.

Happily stretched out a hand, and the spiked iron wire flew out from his body, binding the Demon Duke firmly, “Anyway, you failed, you didn’t complete the task, you have to accept the punishment.”

“Master Magistrate, I have something to say. Constantine has my blood essence in his body, that is, my family and servants. I can use the bloodfiend method with no difficulty to find his traces, even thousands of miles away, and teach him that life is better than death. .” Negal said eagerly.

“Tell this to Lucifer Your Majesty.”

The two Magistrates stopped listening to his sophistry and dragged him away.

Crossing the shadow world is the Gates of Hell. Only through this gate can one officially enter hell.

After that, the two Magistrates, together with the prisoners, flew like meteors, crossing layers of hell and flying towards the fourth ring of the Ninth Layer.

“Hey, Lord Magistrate please hold your steps.”

At Eighth Layer, they were stopped.

“Two His Highness the Crown Prince, save me!” Negal immediately shouted at the sight of the person coming.

Happily glanced at the group of people approaching, in addition to Crown Prince Sannomiyaji, there are six giant-like ‘stainless steel metal people’ – Austrian fuck and his five brothers.

β€œRascoff, you want to interfere with my brother’s case?”

β€œNo no no,” Rascoff waved his hands repeatedly, β€œI am friends with Duke Negal, When I saw him being bound, I was curious, so I came over and asked.”

Huanxiously asked, “What are you doing?”

The second Crown Prince pulled a few iron giants , said with a solemn expression: “I met my brothers and sisters at the same time and took pity on each other. We decided to make blood alliances and forge a closer relationship, and vowed to be absolutely irreconcilable with Demonness.”

“What relationship?” Huanxilai interested.

A kind smile appeared on Rascoff’s face, “My father has taken them as adopted sons, the San Gong Sanzi and the Seven Devils are all in the past, and the new era of the San Gong Qizi has come.”

“This is really true.” The three demons on the opposite side have a strange expression, “I’m glad to congratulate you, Demonness has added a few more fighters to hunt for squid. Are you still going to do it?”

“Of course!” Rascoff firmly nodded.

β€”β€”If he doesn’t continue to hunt Demoness, why does he bother to persuade Dad to accept these six metal lumps as his adopted son?

In the process of hunting Demonness last night, he encountered a dangerous situation. After he habitually ran away immediately, his reputation in the devil’s circle was completely stinky.

The first time he only cheated on his big brother, the other demons didn’t feel much and didn’t feel anything, but the second time, last night, he abandoned his allies, and once again he was timid and offended. There are too many people.

There are top-level black magician, there is flatulence that fall second generation (the direct descendants of fallen angels), there is another dimension Demon God Omani, and there is the brother of primordial ancient demon.

No one dared to team up with him easily.

But the Demonness feud has to go on.

In desperation, he began to think of a way to increase his credibility: first seduce the seven demons with the name of the son of the third house, and then use the name of the son of the third house to attract other allies.

For wild demons other than the First Fallen, the identity of Crown Prince Sannomiya is still very attractive.

Look at the territory of the three sons of the three palaces and the seven demons. The three sons of the three palace demons monopolize Las Vegas, but the seven demons are forced to leave Earth and seek a life in the galaxy.

The difference between the Son of Three Palaces and the Seven Devils is not their strength, but their background.

“Although I failed last night, today I will regroup and prepare to form the second phase of the ‘Demoness hunting platoon’.

The team is just starting to build, and urgently needs warriors to join, it is better to let Duke Niegal convicted himself?” Rascoff suggested.

“I object!” Nigal jumped and shouted, “I still have a chance of redemption, as long as I can take Constantine.

And, even if I am ultimately convicted, There are other ways to commit crimes.

Just join the Demonness to hunt the squid.”

“It’s not the squid, it’s the platoon!” The second Crown Prince emphasized it again before frowned: “You are afraid of being with the Demonness. Enemy?”

– I’m afraid to be your teammate.

And with the direct enemy of Demonness, how high is the mortality rate!

Niegal said solemnly: “Of course not, I have a blood feud with Demoness, but my main target now is Constantine.”

Second Crown Prince cursed fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness and left with six brothers.

Harry rescues Zhakang’s soul, only to find out that the swamp monster is using his body and Abby to sleep.

“Is the baby in Abby’s belly yours or the swamp monster’s?” Harry said curiously.

“Physiologically, it has my genes in it, but divinely and spiritually, it is the Son of Spiritual God.

Like Holy Son Jesus, his body Inheriting the bloodline of mortals, but no one ever thought he was the son of mortals.” Constantine sighed.

“You go.” Harry told him to leave.

Zha Kang glanced at Zede again, sighed, and disappeared into the sky.

Back at the manor, Harry found that it was still dark.

“We can still spend Christmas Eve.” Ivy suggested.

Bruce took out his phone to read the news for a few minutes, and said thoughtfully, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to have dinner with you, Lei Xiaogu and the group of Shadow Warriors are still hiding somewhere in Gotham.

And the fugitives from Arkham Asylum

Gotham needs Batman and Robin the cat, or, would you like to have a special Christmas Eve?”

“Don’t you want us to accompany Bateman to fight criminals?” Harry asked curiously.

Bruce said with a smile: “We sacrifice a Christmas Eve in exchange for a peaceful and peaceful night for millions of Gotham citizens, don’t you think this is particularly meaningful?”

” You’ve really changed,” Harry stared at his bright blue eyes that seemed to dissipate dark clouds. “Before, you would only look at it with stern eyes and question with a hoarse and indifferent voice.

Now You actually offered us the ‘criminal gangster’ an invitation to share Gotham management.”

“Harry, I’ve always been willing to walk with you on the right path.” Bruce said earnestly.

“I don’t care about your ‘right way’,” Halle waved. “Go find Selena.”

She will never be a true superhero in her life. hero.

Bruce sighed, took out his phone, and sent Selena a message.

Today the Heavenly Saint is celebrating, there is a world-class jewelry fair in Times Square, and the kittens would rather see cold, sparkling jewelry than the ‘unfathomable mystery’ Holy Son.

Seeing Selena’s reply to the necklace picture, Bruce moved in his heart, staring at Harry’s chest that was much bigger than when he was in high school. Could it be the reason for practicing martial arts?

He swallowed unnaturally, and said, “Harry, can you show me your necklace?”

“What necklace?” neckline asked.

Bruce said hesitantly: “For some reason, since we met this morning, I have been attracted to your necklace. The closer I get to you. Or, the closer I get to it, the stronger the feeling.

Is it a holy relic?

I also collected a dozen holy relics, but none of them can be activated, does it fit me well?”

Harry didn’t know how to explain it. .

Zed, who had been sitting on the sofa in disbelief, turned his head and said, “Harry, it’s useless to you, only Mr. Wayne can make the most of it.”


Harry said: “I wear it, and I can sense the beauty of human nature.”

“It can make Mr. Wayne never fall into the dark, which has been for two thousand years. It’s the second time I’ve seen tears of perfection.” Zed said with a complicated expression.

“Two thousand years?”

Harry looked at her, pupil shrink, and looked shocked.

Zed gentlyp voted Jesus, “Although I failed to come to ceremony, I am rapidly awakening previous life memory.

Once, I shed tears on my face.

I once shed tears on my face.


So I understand what the necklace in your hand means to Mr. Wayne, it’s not just a relic.”

(End of this chapter)

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