I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 437


Chapter 437 Can Harley be Holy Mother too?

My Son Jesus

Harry was once again shocked. These simple four words are such an awesome name.

Said by Zede so blandly and nonchalantly that even Jesus himself could not refute it.

With her own ‘My Friend Little Black Bean’, ‘My Friend Manhattan Academician’, ‘ My God Boss’ compared to ‘My Son Jesus’ forced to fill up.

Harry’s mind wandering off, unfathomable mystery a bit envious of Zed’s ‘pretend to be invisible and unintentional’.

She’s rambling and forgetting about the necklace, but Bruce is keenly aware of the truth.

“Harry, are these my mother’s tears?” he said in a shaky voice.

Harry reluctantly sighed then said, took off the necklace and handed it over.

With all that said, she couldn’t embezzle or embezzle the relics of his parents.

Of course, the premise is that Bruce is her friend. If it was someone else, she would kick him away.

The “weng” necklace with a warm and faint body fragrance just fell into Bruce’s hands, and immediately radiated a scorching brilliance. In the colorful light and shadow, the illusory shadow of Martha and Thomas could be vaguely seen. .

Bruce felt even more deeply, he could even hear voices, they were talking to him, their thoughts and love for him face to face.

“father, mother” he cried again, tears streaming down his face.

Harry and the others were nearby, very quiet looked at him and wiped away his tears, making him feel sorry.

“Harry, you’re going too far, you even want to be greedy for this thing.” He complained hoarsely.

“This is mine. I admitted it to Imperial Capital. I won the toe contest with Raphael. Any angel can testify for me.” Harley cried.

“The toe competition?” Ivy grinned: “You guys are so naive.”

Halle said with a sneer: “After seeing it with my own eyes, I promise to scare you into doing it. Nightmare.”

Bruce said, “If I had your parents’ teardrop necklace, no matter what the cost, I would give it back to you without the slightest hesitation.”

“You This is meaningless, my father and mother absolutely can’t go to heaven.”

“Well, thank you this time, I owe you a big favor.” Bruce sighed.

As Bruce wears the necklace and leaves with a happy face, Zed also stands up to say goodbye to Harry.

“Where are you going? At least leave after Christmas and New Years,” Harley advised.

Zed said with dismay: “You know, I will leave sooner or later.

There are too many memories of me on Earth, and there will be a lot of trouble to find me and me if I stay here. You.

Since you have to leave sooner or later, it is better to leave early, so as to avoid extra troubles.”

I am not afraid to trouble Harry, but if Constantine runs over every three days and gets tired, she will Also got tired of crooked to death.

Thinking of this, she no longer persuaded, but only asked: “Are you going to leave Earth? Go to an alien or a foreign world?”

“Not sure, go to the Forgotten Bar first, It doesn’t matter where you go.” After a pause, Zedra held Harley’s wrist and said in a low voice, “You can send it to me.”

Haley didn’t understand how to send it to the other planet, but she saw Having something to say to herself, she packed her suitcase full of clothes and gold, changed her clothes, and entered the Oblivion Bar with Zed.

Both were well-known and both wore hoods.

But after crossing the door, they did not enter the bar immediately, but stayed in an ash-gray different dimension.

“The Forgotten Bar is an inn at the crossroads, and this is the main road outside the inn. I used a magic trick to stay outside for the time being.” Before Harry could ask a question, Zed took the initiative to explain .

Then, a golden circle of light appeared in the back of her head, the size of a basin, a ring three fingers wide, radiating a faint holy light, not only sacred and noble, but also full of a kind of authority that can be perceived by mortals. Vast formidable power.

Harry didn’t know why, and was very curious, staring at the aperture.

Zed put his hand behind his head and took the aperture off as easily as he took the bulb from the socket, and handed it to the sullen Harry.

“I made you lose a beautiful necklace just now with one word. Now I will make it up to you.” She said with a smile.

Harry woke up and waved her hands again and again, “How can I want this? Tears of perfection are useless to me, and Bruce is also my friend, so it’s not a loss to give it back to him.”

Although the role of the white light circle is unknown, the power contained in it is so clear that it must be of great significance to Zede.

“Look.” Zed handed the aperture to her eyes, pointed to a bloodshot on the edge, and said, “The seal of Holy Mother has been stained, so Holy Son’s arrival will fail.”

Harley’s thoughts were united, and after careful perception, she really found a ray of disharmony in the divine.

“It’s just a love affair with such serious consequences? Or did Constantine use black magic that you don’t even know about?” she asked in surprise.

Zed shook his head and said, “Any black magic that happens to me can’t be hidden from me, and Konstantin just has fun with me.

But it’s like pure water. , the purer it is, the more impurity it can tolerate.

As the carrier of Holy Son, ‘Holy Mother’ needs to maintain the ultimate purity and not be stained with the slightest impurity, otherwise”

Zed is bitter With a smile, “The previous divine punishment not only punished sinners, but also really wanted to purify my filth.

God abandoned this Holy Mother seal.

He wants to destroy My body, soul and even the Holy Splendor who proved my existence.”

“I thought ‘washing’ could be used again.” Harry whispered: “Sinners can repent, Holy Mother why cannot be reformed and rebuilt?

even more how you are a victim of disaster, a victim in need of help and rescue.”

Zed nodded, “Sin can be redeemed, holy Make mistakes but only fall. Since ancient times, which fallen angel has returned to the Sanctuary of Light?”

Harry wondered: “In any case, the Holy Mother Huiyin is also Supreme Treasure, why does heaven give up so easily Are you giving up the business of Holy Son coming?”

Zed was silent for a moment and asked, “Do you know how Holy Mother came?”

“To be honest, I It’s really curious. In theory, you are the mother of Holy Son, and your status is very high. For example, in any normal church in Earth, Holy Mother is almost tied with your son Jesus.

But in reality, angels They have very little respect for you.” Harry wondered.

“Because angels are angels, but I am human. Arrogant angels never look down on their brothers born after them.” Zede sighed.

“Are you human?” Harry was really startled, “I thought you were at least an angel too.”

Zedwin laughed, “Humans and Angels in the Garden of Eden There is no essential difference, they are all children of God.

I am a human being, but not an ordinary person.

Eden is in Earth, but Earth people are not all pure children of God.

In the long past, Earth naturally gave birth to many powerful creatures.

They later obtained the power of magic, mastered the Power of Faith, and became the creators of the major myths of Earth, that is, Sovereign of various gods, such as Zeus and Odin.

The arrival of magic also officially opened the extraordinary era of Earth.

Heaven and hell began to manifest in the world.

In the next few eras, the people of gold, the people of silver, the people of black iron, and all kinds of aliens, outsiders, gods.

The Garden of Eden is in that kind of Only the Garden of Eden, or in other words, only the descendants of Adam and Eve, are the sons of God and the brothers of angels.”

Harry looked thoughtful and said: “So Say, you were originally just a devout female believer among the Edenites. After you entered the City of Silver to become the Holy Spirit, you gradually got promoted and raised your salary to become the leader of the female Holy Spiritβ€”Holy Mother?”

It’s like Manhattan’s Academician ‘Copy of Eden’.

If the shanzhai Eden people integrate into Earth and develop “Saint Β· blue Β· Manhattan Β· scriptures” and blue Christians, will the old things repeat themselves and let blue God become the mainstream of belief?

Thinking of the cottage Eden, Harry immediately thought of Pharaoh.

Is that guy dead?

When you go back, try the Summon, and tell him to rest in peace.

Zed said: “I am the grandson of Adam. I have served God since I was a child. Before death, I entered the City of Silver with my grandfather.

Like angels, I was born with divinity and Divine Force.

This Holy Mother slogan is not given to me by anyone, but the result of my own cultivation.

I give it to you, that is, to thank you for your friendship to me , I also want to put down the burden and start over.”

The words are so straightforward, and Harry no longer hesitates, and some can’t wait to take the holy ring, a warm and vast force is directly from the palm of his hand. In the bottom of her heart, and then in every cell of her body,

Harry narrowed her eyes comfortably, feeling the unprecedented peace and harmony.

“What’s the use of it?”

Zed said with a smile:”Put it on, you are Holy Mother, what Holy Mother can do, give it a shot Fold it in two, you can do it too.”

Hali zi zi put the halo on the top of her head, using her thinking as a support, it really suspended on the top door, shining brightly, setting off the Demonness Became a compassionate Saintess.

“Ah, I seem to hear a lot of people talking to me, and every now and then a strange power is coming towards me”

Zed said: ” This is the prayer of believers to Holy Mother, and the resulting Power of Faith.

If you can master Divine Spark in Huiyin, it is impossible to replace me and become the new Holy Mother.

Of course, this radiant seal is contaminated by evil forces, and it is almost impossible to remove it. You have to be more careful in the future, don’t let the stain expand, and don’t let your heart be stained by itβ€””

“I’m going to buy you!” Zed didn’t finish his sentence, but suddenly he looked at the halo on Harry’s head and exclaimed, “It’s being stained quickly, what’s going on?”

The halo was in ha Li turned the top of her head twice, and then like a drop of ink in a clear pool, the golden-bright and dazzling, fluorescent light circles, naked eyes became visibly cloudy.

“I just put my soul link on Huiyin.” Harry squinted his eyes and looked up, whispered: “It doesn’t feel uncomfortable, but it’s like wearing a shoe for a few days, and it fits better. .”

Zed’s expression was complicated, “It turns out that your mind has polluted it. My previous worries are completely unnecessary, it won’t affect you, but you are distorting it.”

Harry’s face changed, and eagerly shouted: “Zed, don’t slander me out of thin air, I may not be Holy Mother, but my heart is not as black as ink.”

Zed sighed Said: “Holy Mother Huiyin symbolizes purity, even an ordinary good person is not a qualified Holy Mother.

It’s just that the ordinary person will only be infected by it, from bad to good.

You are on the contrary, you are ‘infected’ as soon as you put it on.”

Harry was stunned and realized that many Spiritual God’s energy levels are not as high as Huiyin’s, but she It is ‘God’s skin’, God is naturally not affected by the trifling Holy Mother.

“I’m such a good person, but your Huiyintai is Holy Mother,” she emphasized.

Zed smiled slightly, stepped forward to hug her, and said softly, “Harry, you are a good person, I am so glad to meet you, if I met you first, not John. Alas, Goodbye!”

She finally touched the halo on Harry’s head, took a few steps back, waved her hand with a free and easy expression, and disappeared into a different dimension.

(end of this chapter)

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