I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 438


Chapter 438 The Pharaoh who cheated the corpse

At Christmas, the Forgotten Bar also placed a Great Saint Christmas at the entrance A tree with a lot of multi-colored small cards hanging on it.

After Harry entered the door, she glanced at random and walked directly to the bar.

“Satan is on top, look, it’s Demoness Harley!” The hell drinker cry out in surprise.

“Look, she is Demoness Harley, she must remember her appearance and temperament clearly.” The otherworldly mage taught the apprentices around him.

The Earth Mage took a sip of eggnog and said to his companions with emotion: “Demoness Harley has done a lot of things in recent days, have you heard? She killed Omar, one of the seven demons. Ni, he also beat Gabriel to the ground, and faced God’s punishment in front of all the angels.”

“It turns out that she is the legendary Demoness Harry, she looks very beautiful and very beautiful. Simple, very kind?” The alien mage met for the first time and felt strange in his heart.

As soon as Harley entered the bar, she immediately became the most beautiful girl, being watched, whispered, and loudly invited by everyone.

She was also familiar with this superstar The treatment, calmly found a chair at the bar and ordered a glass of wine.

“Harry, you don’t seem to be the same.” When Bobo the chimpanzee poured her wine, he stared at her like a Holy Splendor face, and said in surprise: “You look like a Kind and sincere good girl, too terrifying.”

Harry touched her face, is the effect so obvious?

“Am I not a good girl?”

“Who doesn’t know that you are killing people like scything flax, ruthless, swindle, very ruthless?” Bobo said.

Harry’s face was stern, and a holy and majestic imposing manner naturally exuded, “I kill, I cheat, I attack ruthlessly, but I’m still a good girl.

Because I kill bad people, deceive bastards, and only deal ruthlessly with demon spawn.

What I do has guarded the good and the light.”

“God, I almost believed it. Now!” Bobo wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said in horror: “How did you do it? Could it be some kind of evil magic?

Cunning heart, beautiful appearance, peaceful temperament. Could it be that you Promoted to the Great Grandmaster of magic, finally comprehended the law of deception?”

It’s no joke.

It was really infected by her words and expressions just now, but rationally told it that it was a Demonness, not a devout nun.

Harry frowned slightly and whispered softly: “It seems that after returning home, I have to close-door cultivation for a while, and then fully master Holy Splendor.”

Hairy face, she closed her mouth, and a brain collapsed on the chimpanzee’s forehead, “Go and call your Boss.”

The chimpanzee covered his head and cried, “This Heavenly Saint Christmas, Holy Son When the results came, he went home for the holidays.”

“Is Helen here?” Harry asked again.

“She’s here, she’s on duty at Christmas, and a few days later New Year’s will have seven days off. Would you like me to call her for you?”

“I’ll find her myself later” Harley Lowering his voice, he said, “I hunted an iron lump last night, and my whole body is covered in N metal, do you know that?”

“The Seven Devils, Omani, were not very famous at first, but you killed him. After that, he immediately became famous in the multiverse.

When everyone talks about you recently, they all say, ‘She is so cruel, she stabbed Omani in the back of the head with a baseball bat’.”

The gorilla gave her a strange look, “It’s not terrifying to stab someone with a knife, but how could such a thick baseball bat be stabbed in? Omani is a metal body, so appalling.”

Harry didn’t want to explain his secret, but said: “Only the skin of his body is pure N metal, and the muscles, blood, bones, and brain marrow contain N metal ions, which cannot be directly used.

I need a magic metallurgy Master to help squeeze out N metal.

Well, I can’t forge to extract N metal, so I have to find a Forging Master.”

“This is quite simple. The Senagaon people are extremely proficient in the development and utilization of N metal, and they even used N metal to create a unique civilization. You can makeβ€””

Here, the chimpanzee suddenly stopped. , frowned: “Trouble, I suddenly remembered that Sinen, who just became the supreme leader of Senagaon a year ago, seems to be a fundamentalist believer.

It is also the head of the Seven Devils of Ofuck. Admirers.”

“The dignified higher interstellar civilization actually believes in demons, isn’t it ridiculous?” Harry asked curiously.

The chimpanzee’s eyes flashed with wisdom, “The ancient savages worshiped fire because they were afraid of fire, and worshiped snakes because snakes often killed people.

Like Earth humans, foreigners Stars can’t escape the instinct to worship what they fear.

Ofuck’s innate talent stunt is soul absorption.

Senagaon’s strongest innate talent is the eternal soul reincarnation.

Even if God sent the Divine Vestige in front of the Senagans, they would ignore it, because God’s concept of redemption has no meaning for those who are constantly reincarnated.

Ofuck is not as great as God, but his ability is extremely restrained by the Senegalese, so in the uncivilized Barbarian Desolate Era, he has become the Spiritual God of the Senegalese.

Of course, civilization developed to Now, O’Fuck’s sect is not as good as it used to be, and more people have given up their faith in the old Spiritual God.”

“So, can I hire a Senagaon engineer?” Harley ask.

Bobo pulled the back of his head, “If someone from Senagaon, or a mage from the North Star Galaxy comes to the bar, I will leave your contact information for you.

By the way, you can too. Go to Mrs. Shangdu, she seems to have had a relationship with Eagleman some time ago.”

Harry said curiously: “Is Eagleman from Senagon?”

Bobo no Confirmed: “He has been reincarnated countless times, has been to countless worlds, and 80% has been a Senagaon. His eagle wings are very similar to the Senagaon.

When the Kryptonian devils invaded Earth, I I also heard that Hawkman was once a Kryptonian.

Hundreds of years ago, he was reincarnated on Krypton and was a Kryptonian for one lifetime.”

“In the whole universe Inner rebirth, this skill is very good.” Harry sighed and asked: “Do you know Alex? It’s the Array Grandmaster who used ‘Divine Formation’.”

Bobo said: “After the battle with you, he also became famous, the ancient prisoner Divine Formation too terrifying, many Spiritual Gods are inquiring about his origin.

But he is mysterious enough, so far we only know him It’s from a magical organization called ‘Wizard’s Brothers’ in England.”

Not long after chatting with Bobo, Helen dressed as a waitress came to work.

Her magic innate talent is very ordinary, not too high, not too low. She has been cultivating for eight or nine years, and now she is only an official mage, which is a long way from archmage.

But Helen herself is very satisfied and has no plans to give up this job at present.

“Maybe one day in the future, I can be the boss here!” she said optimistically.

Harry asked: “Master Dark Night is retiring? He doesn’t seem to be very old.”

“Have you noticed the long sword on Luke’s waist? The handle comes from the Divine Item from the foreign world, which can make people stay young forever. Therefore, Luke will never die of old age or retire.” Helen said enviously.

“Youth forever”

Harry touched her energetic cheeks and was also a little excited.

It’s relatively easy to extend a lifespan with magic, and many magic Grandmasters can live for hundreds of years.

But youthful permanence is rare.

Like Harley herself.

Lucifer gave her the same curse as Cain, Eternal and Undying, but with age and loss of vitality.

In recent years, she has grown from fifteen or sixteen years old to her early twenties, and her appearance has clearly matured a lot.

If you can get it.

“The Night Blade is both honor and responsibility. Although Luke was born in the United States, he is the descendant of the Maiya guardian family and inherited the Divine Item of his ancestors. , and also assumed the responsibility of protecting Maya.

Well, Maya is a foreign world of Knights and magical civilizations β€œ

β€œwang wang wang~ ”

The two were talking, and they had come to the backyard. The Dalmatian dog, the size of a calf, looked at Harry curiously, and there was a small black dog beside it, barking in a milky voice.

“Hi, Jelly!” Harry extended the hand to the Dalmatians, who hesitated, didn’t respond or hide.

After rubbing the back of the big dog, she laughed up the puppy and said in a negotiating tone: “Ai, your mother passed away yesterday, but don’t be sad, she is living well in heaven.

According to your mother’s will, you want your son, his grandson, to inherit the title of Great General of Queen House, what do you think?”

“Wooof!” Dog Jelly shook her head.

“Hey, jelly, you can’t talk about it! Back then, you had a big belly and lost your appetite. I brought the lesser dragon meat that I bought at a high price to supplement you. Nominated.” Harry exclaimed.

Jelly hesitated.

Helen also squatted on the side and licked her hair, “If you want a loach, you can also go to Gotham to visit it. Didn’t Duoduo often visit you at the bar back then?”

“Wu wu.” Jelly stuck out her tongue and licked the small black dog’s head a few times, and finally nodded the dog’s head.

Two days later, at midnight.

The ‘Black Magic Meditation Room’ at Quinn Manor.

There are no lights in the room, only one candle is placed in each of the five corners of the pentagram array.

Harry put a black cat in the center of the array, cut its neck, blood gurgled out, the hazel wood floor seemed to have an invisible mouth, sucking the cat blood greedily, the floor was untainted by even a speck of dust.

Harry threw down a blood-stained coatβ€”the tunic the Pharaoh wore that day when he was beaten, loudly said: “ninth layer hell, listen to me summon, I’m a friend of little black beans, so Enjoy the sacrifice, call this undead!”

The magic summon emphasizes the meaning, not the shape, as long as the meaning is well conveyed, it doesn’t matter what you shout, if the other party is ‘be kind and charitable’, you don’t even need a sacrifice.

At this time, the object of Harley’s sacrifice is not a specific demon, but hell itself, because she does not know who the pharaoh falls into.

Spirit Masters are also commonly used in this way.

“Omβ€”” The array lit up with scarlet rays of light, the black cat’s corpse quickly dried up and withered, wisps of gloomy aura wafted out from under the floor, wrapped twice in the tunic suit, and quickly again. shrink back.

summon failed.

Harry stared and said incredulously: “Pharaoh is full of evil, yet he hasn’t gone to hell yet?”

She frowned for a moment, put out the candle on the ground, turned on the light, Take the toilet and Archangel’s Feather out of the array again.

Well, Harley was going to summon the Pharaoh’s soul and turn him into a toilet.

After packing up her feathers, she took out the big cross, and came to the Silver City ‘South Heaven Gate’ with a wave of consciousness.

“Boss Zaulie, please help me find out where Pharaoh Adrian Witt’s soul belongs.”

“Can’t you use your merits to find the voice of the sky yourself? ?” Zaulle frowned.

“We’ve been friends for many years, why are you being so polite?” Halle argued with the courage of one’s convictions, “Last time my muse Goddess called me for help in your name, I didn’t say a word, Knife piercing both sides for her.

You should help me once, shouldn’t you?”

Zaulie said with a sullen face: “You have already helped Clio in the name of , and asked me for an Angel Feather.”

“Why do friends have to settle accounts so clearly? You have the time and energy to shirk the blame, and you have already checked things out.” Harry said.

Zaulie reluctantly sighed then said and began to consciously connect with the golden great hall.

“Strange, the pharaoh seems to be dead, but he doesn’t seem to be dead.” He said in surprise.

(end of this chapter)

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