I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 440


Chapter 440 Arkham Trauma Society

Downtown Manhattan is sandwiched between two rivers, and West City is separated by the Hudson River and Long Island is separated by the East River.

Different from the real New York of Earth, in the middle of the Hudson River between Jersey City and Manhattan, there is Arkham Island, famous for its abundance of Gotham mental patients.

In the middle of the East River between Manhattan and Queens, there is Naihe Island.

From the name, you can tell how helpless the people who were born on that island are.

It is a gathering place for the poor, the homeless, immigrants and immigrants, a breeding ground for chaos, and a cradle for all types of criminals in Gotham.

Countless Gotham heroes are from Naihe Island.

Born on Naihe Island, traveled to the bustling metropolis to the west, and ‘settled’ further west in Arkham.

The lives of most Gotham heroes can be simply summarized as “Naihe Island – Manhattan – Arkham”.

Now, the Arkham heroes have completed the reversal of “Arkham-Manhattan-Naihe Island”.

Fleeing from Arkham, making a scene in Manhattan, and fleeing back to Naihe Island.

“I swear, I will never go back to Arkham Asylum. Now we have the initiative and the right to make our own demands!” Destiny’s Academician’s expression was resolute and his eyes were crazy.

“I miss Oswald (Penguin). After I get out, I’m going to the Iceberg Bar to find him.” The Riddler said with emotion.

“If the GCPD doesn’t agree, we will blow up the natural gas plant and set off a big fireworks on Naihe Island.” Mudface said with a laugh.

“The key is not GCPD, but Harley Quinn!” Frozen Man coldly said: “In the whole Gotham, except Harley Quinn, no one can do anything to us, including Hundreds who have been abolished. Terman.”

“Without Harley Quinn, we people would be able to traverse Gotham with unscrupulousness.” Pig-headed humanely.

“Harley Quinn doesn’t seem to be in charge. More than half of you people were captured by Bateman.” The dwarf Shadow Warrior said.

“Yes, Harley Quinn didn’t arrest anyone personally, except for those few.” The Mad Hatter pointed to the two bronze tigers and angels of death in the corner, who were out of tune with everyone, and sighed: ” The characters who were so heroic, arrogant and despotic back then, look again now.”

Bronze Tiger hugged his knees, his eyes were dazed, and from time to time he turned his head around in horror, as if he was worried about some invisible The ghost suddenly came to the door.

The angel of death Galavin was nervous, treating all his companions as air, and chanting the Bible in a low voice facing the wall.

The Riddler swallowed, with fear flashing in his eyes, “And Jerome the Clown, that guy has a nervous breakdown and doesn’t even dare to escape.


Galvin slaughtered the entire upper class in Gotham.

I don’t know much about Bronze Tiger, but since he is the Martial Arts Grandmaster that Lei Xiaogu also values, he must also Extraordinary people.

All three of them are warning the world how bad it will be to offend Harley Quinn.

If you don’t want your ass to hurt, you don’t want to be put on a hood every now and then , pulled into Arkham’s basement by various kinds.

Hey, I don’t know what they went through.

In short, the mournful scream, like the cry of a Resentful Soul , the whole building can hear it.

No one wants to end up like them, right?”

Arkham Yingjie recalled the midnight dream, Wake up their wailing, and the rumors about Arkham’s basement: potion testing, black magic research, human trials.

They shivered together, “Harley Quinn is small-minded and poisonous. , there is no bottom line .” Angry Roar came from the warehouse gate.

When all the heroes looked, it was a tall brawny man who blocked the sunlight that was projected outside the door.

Wearing a breathing mask with five tubes attached to the back of his head, he exuded a sturdy aura.

“Bane, you defeated Bateman, I respect your strength, but you are not from Gotham and don’t know Harley Quinn.” Frozen said.

“I only know that she is a little woman who is not taller than my shoulders and less than one third of my weight,” Bain squeezed his fist hard, and the knuckles ‘ka beng ka beng’ crackled, “We have Strength has wisdom, as long as you work with a common purpose, you will definitely be able to defeat her, just like defeating Bateman before.”

The pig-headed man raised his fist no smaller than Baine and said bitterly: “Believe me, She is stronger than you.

She once played a ‘boxing game’ with me, we punched each other, and I was punched seven or eight meters away, hit the wall, and broke more than 20 bones .”

The Mad Hatter sighed: “She is also proficient in evil black magic. In the game of ‘Spiritual Collision’, my Hypnosis Technique not only didn’t work for her, but she beat her head with a stick instead. , knocked me out of my mind, and shouted ‘repentance’ again and again.

Believe me, it was the most terrifying Mental Magic in the world, and I actually repented sincerely at that time.”

The mud man said in a trembling voice, “The stick-strike therapy is nothing. The last time she asked me to practice the exercises, I felt ruthless and prepared to turn into a quagmire to drown her, but a terrifying flame suddenly appeared on her body.

I believe I, hellfire, didn’t have the poisonous fire terrifying on her body, it burned my body almost the soul flew away and scattered, the mud turned into porcelain.”

The puppet master said bitterly: “Trust me, Baine, She stood there and told you to fight, but you couldn’t fight.

When I first arrived in Gotham, like you, I didn’t take the Gotham Emperor in my eyes.

It wasn’t until I was thrown into Arkham by Jim Gordon that I first saw her daoist.

Yes, she was small, blushing, smiling, and has several points of Cute.

But with such a cute and pretty face, I used a shotgun and I couldn’t break it.

Harley Quinn is a pervert, she actually asked me to play ‘bullet changer’ Bone’s game.

She gave me a bullet, I shot her in the forehead, and she broke my bone with her hand.

You know that After shooting two boxes of bullets, she couldn’t let her shed a drop of blood, and instead she collapsed on the ground like mud? In your hand, shoot for me.”

Speaking of the end, the villain who likes to make dolls with living people can’t help but turn his head and quietly wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

All the heroes looked dazed and fell into memory.

The originally noisy warehouse fell into an eerie silence.

After a long time, firefly said softly: “She also looked for me, and she said that for the sake of me being Selena’s friend, she would play a more elegant game with me.

I burned her with a flamethrower, and as long as I burned her, she would hold me in ice water for as long as I could.

When I was young and full of energy, I wanted to kill her, so I burned a can of fuel.

A full 15 minutes.

She’s not unscathed.

On the contrary, the special fuel I configured, burns at a very high temperature, can put The steel was scorched into molten iron.

She was burnt all over her body, like a chicken leg that had been forgotten on the oven rack, scorched and shriveled.”

Bane exclaimed: ” She didn’t die?”

“Not only did she not die, but she laughed happily throughout the burning process. The laughter was full of joy and fun, and I laughed so hard that I had one’s hair stand on end and sweated profusely.

After that, she grabbed my hair with her charred and oily claws and pressed my head into the ice water. I struggled desperately and couldn’t break free.

15 minutes, I must have drowned.

But guess what?”

firefly trembled: “When I was about to die, my soul left my body, and I was finally freed, and she used vicious black magic (actually, the heavens) The sacred magic of sound) stuffed my soul into my body and continued to drown.

The game of burning and flooding has not ended more than once, as short as a few months, as long as a year or two, she would always smile I’ll take it to the basement.”

Well, every once in a while, a wave of experience is harvested.

“It doesn’t seem like the devil is perverted by her?” Baine muttered.

β€œI often wake up in the night because in my dreams there is her diabolical grin (laughter), boundless flame, tsunami of water

Speak out Don’t be afraid of your jokes, I’m firefly. I used to like flames the most, and I’m also good at playing with fire.

But now, when I hold the flame gun to burn the GCPD, my body trembles uncontrollably.

Because, I can’t help but think about Harley Quinn’s games.”

firefly turned his head to the side, wiping the wet corners of his eyes.

The Academician of Destiny held up the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said solemnly: “You need a psychiatrist.”

firefly looked at him and said, “Aren’t you a psychiatrist? Help me see. Look, I’m firefly, I can’t be afraid of fire!”

As soon as he said this, other Arkham heroes, including the independent judge Barnes, Bronze Tiger, and Angel of Death, all turned to him. Cast an expectant look.

The Destiny Academician embarrassedly and bitterly laughed and said, “She also played games with me.”

“What games?”

“See a doctor.” Destiny Academician said.


“The name of the game is ‘seeing a doctor’, and the rules are very simple. Two electric shock beds designed by her are connected side by side. Lie on a bed and hold each other’s electric shock switch.

Then ask each other questions about psychological illnesses, and analyze each other’s mental problems. If the person being analyzed is not satisfied with the answer, they will Will press the button and shock the ‘doctor’ for two minutes.

By the end, I lost the energy and energy to press the button, let alone answer her question.

She But blame me for not being serious, call Strange Academician, inject me with stimulants and adrenaline, and play with her until she is satisfied.”

The Destiny Academician took off his glasses and rubbed his redness. With a hoarse voice in his eyes, he said: “So, I’m very afraid to see a doctor now.”

The frozen man sighed: “I also played games with her.”

After a while, a group of Arkham heroes moved a chair each and formed a circle. Just like the Alcoholics Anonymous Mutual Aid Association that often appears in American TV dramas, everyone gathered to share their ‘game’ experiences, and then relax. knot, being reborn.

Even Bronze Tiger and Galavin participated.

After hearing the story of his love general, Lei Xiaogu also looked moved, walked over and patted Tonghu on the shoulder, and sighed: “It’s hard for you, I only understand now that Gotham has many perversions and mental illnesses. But the biggest pervert and mentally ill are the most glamorous ‘normal’ on the surface.

As expected of Gotham, as expected of Arkham residents

However, you Don’t worry, we have control of this factory and the two tons of explosives in the sewer system, and Demoness Harley will have to compromise.”

As he was talking, Jim Gordon suddenly heard the voice of Jim Gordon shouting through the horn, Very loudly: “Lei Xiaogu, Riddler, listen, Senator Quinn has made concessions!”

“Look, she has compromised.” Lei Xiaogu sighed in relief.

“Great, we’re safe.” Arkham Yingjie nearly cried.

Gordon continued: “However, Senator Quinn slightly modified the rules, and only the person who captured Lei Xiaogu or defused the bomb could forever be exempted from the ‘Quinn arrest warrant’ – from now on, no matter what Whatever you do, Congressman Quinn will no longer care.

But only for Congressman Quinn, the GCPD and Bateman will still bring the ‘pardoned’ to justice.”

Lei Xiaogu was furious and roared: “The initiative is in my hands, does she know that? Dare to use some kind of inferior means to sow discord, really think we are stupidβ€”β€””

“bang !” Before he finished speaking, he received a punch that was enough to shatter stone and crack gold in the back of his heart.

It looks like a grenade explodes behind his back.

“puchiβ€”β€”” Lei Xiaogu flew forward seven or eight meters, and the person was still in the air, so he spurted a mouthful of blood.

(end of this chapter)

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