I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 441


Chapter 441 The villain still needs the villain to grind

Lei Xiaogu was experienced to the end, although he was brazenly sneak attacked, but he also took advantage of the situation on the ground Roll, not only removes the strength, but also avoids the follow-up attack.

“You—” turning around, he was surprised and angry, “Bronze Tiger, are you crazy?”

“Sorry, Master, I need your head to get rid of That eternal nightmare!”

Bronze Tiger no longer flinched as before, his muscles rose up, and his expression ferocious and fierce.

A black tiger stole his heart before, and after knocking Lei Xiaogu flying, he was like a hungry tiger going down the mountain, catching up fast as lightning, his left leg was like a Vajrapani Pestle in Arhat’s hand, fiercely stomping towards Lei Xiao’s ancient crotch.

If this kick is implemented, Lei Xiao’s ancient iron body and steel-cast will will certainly not be able to withstand it.

Fortunately, he was experienced in combat and rolled sideways and escaped the catastrophe.

“Bang!” The right foot made a small hole on the concrete floor, and the gravel and bullets splashed everywhere.

Lei Xiaogu raised his arm to block.

Who knew that the copper tiger kick was a false move, taking advantage of the emptiness of Lei Xiaogu’s arms, he turned around and came to Lei Xiaogu’s side, his right hand was a tiger claw, Lightning came out, tearing from the creak nest to the lower abdomen, Lei Xiao’s ancient torn skin and gaping flesh, natural, and the clothes were tattered.

“clang when-” A small box fell from a tattered pocket.

“Ah, it’s the bomb remote control, the sick cat cunning, don’t let him grab it!”

Only then did Arkham Yingjie react.

The Frozen Man hurriedly drew his gun and shot.

It’s not Lei Xiaogu, who has a pale face and a red chest, but a copper tiger who is looking forward to the tiger claw and is about to pick up the controller.

“Thorn–” An ice fence stood in front of Bronze Tiger, also freezing the controller on the ground.

Lei Xiaogu also got a respite and immediately retreated into the Shadow Warrior team.

He did not immediately order an attack, but stopped Shadow Warrior who was about to draw his sword, shouting: “All stop, listen to me, Harley Quinn is sowing discord, you are all smart people, don’t be stupid. “

“I just want to leave Gotham.” Tonghu said bitterly.

Lei Xiaogu suppressed the tumbling murderous aura in his chest, said solemnly: “As long as we are united, Harley Quinn can only compromise. We are in strife, both sides suffer, let alone escape, even our lives It may also be lost.”

The riddleman agreed: “Lei Xiaogu is right, if the conditions are not negotiated, there will be infighting, and you are too impatient.”

Lei Xiaogu glanced at him with admiration. Although this guy is not very capable, his brain is very smart and reasonable-

“peng~ peng~ peng~ peng~ !” The riddleman went around the copper tiger , gestured to pull his hand, but suddenly took out a pistol from the back with the other hand, and shot the bullet at Lei Xiaogu.

At the same time, silently walked to the firefly and frozen people on both sides of the Shadow Warrior team, raised the flamethrower and the ice gun, and fired at maximum power.

Fire and Ice Two Layer Heaven.


For a while, the Shadow Warrior team was in chaos.

“Fuck, do you still have any brains and credibility?”

Lei Xiaogu clutched his chest, straightened his brows with anger, and his expression was hideous.

“Fark, I shot you several times, why are you still not dead?”

Edward the Riddler also glared.

“He’s wearing a body armor.” Tong Hu said.

Just now when he scratched Lei Xiaogu’s creak nest with his claw skills, he clearly felt the flexibility of the clothes inside.

“Kill them all!”

Lei Xiaogu completely rejected his plan to continue to cooperate with the Arkham Sky Group.

These bastards are too confusing, too crazy, too unconventional.

A big melee started in the warehouse. Although the Arkham Sky Corps passed the sneak attack and beat the Shadow Warrior a completely unprepared, the people were divided, and they all wanted to grab the head and the remote control. In just a few minutes, several heroes had their backs broken by Baine.

Harvey Bullock snatched the microphone from Gordon’s hand and said eagerly: “Don’t fight, anyone who takes Lei Xiao ancient corpse to Quinn Manor will be forgiven by the Emperor. Order’!”

“You’re crazy, you can’t say things like ‘The Emperor’s Pardon Order’?” Gordon growled.

Harvey said: “Boss Quinn didn’t say that he would only pardon one person, so saying that would make the criminals more united.”

“I’m not talking about pardoning a few people, you are The director of Gotham is known to the public as a member of the ‘Emperor’.”

“She was originally the emperor of Gotham, and the director was rewarded to me by her words. Without this awareness, I would not have become the director. ‘ Harvey said disapprovingly.

Gordon let out a deep sigh, sadness hung on his brows, Shadow Warrior and Arkham criminals were so powerful that even Bateman was bowed down, but Harley only used one sentence to make the horror so terrifying. The ‘criminal alliance’ was torn apart.

He remembered the exorcist’s common exorcism trick: using the power of the Great Demon to drive away the little demons.

The super criminal who can become Bateman’s lifelong enemy is only a little devil in the face of Demoness Harley.

“. This reality is really hopeless!”

At night, Gordon came to Wayne Manor and sighed to Bruce, who was lying on the bed recovering.

Bruce has a goose down pillow under his chin, naked upper body, a ‘teardrop’ necklace around his neck, a thick bandage around his waist and abdomen, exposed skin, scars and bruises everywhere .

He was silent for a moment, then said in a hoarse voice: “Lei Xiaogu is dead?”

Gordon said: “I haven’t died yet, I originally planned to let the Criminal Alliance and Shadow Warrior Internal friction, and when they suffer both sides, GCPD rushes into the fisherman profits.

Well, if the super criminals are scattered, Lei Xiaogu sees the hope of winning at a low cost and will keep fighting.

As a result, Harvey was impatient, and asked the Arkham criminals to unite. Lei Xiaogu saw that the situation was far from good and ran away immediately.

The criminals were united, and there was no major loss of strength. GCPD can’t stop it again.

However, the crisis of Naihe Island’s gas explosion is finally resolved.”

Bruce helplessly said: “My spine is broken, conservatively estimated, within two months Can’t even put on a cape.”

“So serious? Did you ask Father Carlisle?” Gordon said worriedly.

“Therapeutic techniques also have their limits. They are mainly used to stop bleeding, stimulate and stimulate the body’s potential to heal superficial wounds, but I injured my spinal nerves.” Bruce said.

“With the cooperation of me and GCPD, Flying Robin Cat should be able to solve Lei Xiaogu who has become a dwarf dog.” Gordon comforted.

Bruce sighed: “Not only Lei Xiaogu, but the Riddler and Freezer must be arrested as soon as possible.

Lei Xiaogu just wants to escape Gotham as soon as possible, Arkham The super criminal wants cholera Gotham.”

Gordon struggled, “Ask Harry for help?”

Bruce shook his head, “I can ask for help on this matter. No one can ask for help, except Harry.

Gordon, do you remember our highest goal?

Let Gotham achieve peace and quiet ‘clean’ Peace, make law and justice a reality within everyone’s reach.”

Gordon looked solemn, “Understood, I will devote more time and energy to hunting down criminals in the next period of time. “

Brucep nods, said with a smile: “Bring me the phone, I have to work harder.”

“Who to call?” Gordon asked .

“Harry.” Bruce said, “I want to ask her if there is a quick healing method for me.”

Gordon said with a sullen face, “You ask her Help?”

“Bruce asked a friend for help, not Bateman seeking help from the Gotham Underground Emperor.”

Bruce’s expression was very natural, not embarrassed or confused.

“dÄ«ng líng líng” Gordon’s own cell phone suddenly rang.

He got up and left Bruce’s bedroom to answer in the hallway.

On hearing the first sentence, Gordon couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Are you sure Jerome wasn’t kidnapped by anyone?”

“He killed three people with his own hands. A guard, do you think he is active or passive? Jim, that bastard is playing crazy!” Arkham Warden excitedly said.

“Big trouble.” Gordon groaned and murmured.

The warden begged: “Jim, we are old friends too. Now that Arkham is out of the big basket, please help me with Senator Quinn’s pocket.

Don’t forget other criminals, she caught Jerome herself, and she was imprisoned in a special prison.”

“You haven’t called Quinn Manor?” Gordon frowned.

“I’m just the warden, and I’m not qualified to contact her directly. I notified Chief Bullock, and he’ll report it to the congressman.”

——You know the rules so well, no wonder you can become a warden.

Gordon complained in his heart, and wondered again: “Why did Jerome escape from prison at this time? A few days ago, he could easily leave but stayed in the cell without moving.”

“I don’t know.”

Two days later, at midnight, Jerome quietly appeared on the road outside Quinn Manor, holding Lei Xiaogu’s head in his hand.

There are seven or eight Arkham heroes behind him, each holding a part of Lei Xiaogu’s body.

“Ok, I’ll keep my word. From now on, you belong to Bateman.”

Harry took a deep look at Jerome, and she simply and neatly The promise was fulfilled.

Jerome also gave her a deep look, put down Lei Xiaogu’s head, turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

Waiting for Arkham Yingjie to leave happily, the kitten wondered: “Why didn’t you kill that guy?

The humiliation that ordinary people can’t bear proves his firm will. And the belief of revenge.

Pretend to be mad and fool everyone and deceive everyone, proving his extraordinary wisdom.

Killing Lei Xiaogu personally and proving his strategy and martial power

Shit, that guy has been sparring with us for a few years, and he has quietly learned a good martial arts.”

“Who said I was cheated by him?” The short heel of the boot fiddled with Lei Xiaogu’s corpse, while casually saying: “I always knew that he was sober, and he probably knew that he didn’t lie to me, so he didn’t escape when the prison door was opened.

Once he heard about my ‘kill order’ and saw a chance to be freed from my hands, he dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

You didn’t smell blood -reeking qi?

He was bleeding profusely from his chest and abdomen, and I don’t know how many knives he took.”

“How do you know he’s awake?” Kitten asked in surprise.

——Because a fool hit her, there would not be such a high degree of malice.

Harry clicked her temples and pretended to say: “I feel.”

Kitten said dumbly: “Why don’t you kill him? Even if you don’t do it, I will You can also blow his head off several hundred meters away.”

“If you kill him as a flying Robin cat, I will applaud you.

But ‘Catwoman’ Selena can’t do it, you and Ivy who kill him are no different from me doing it myself.

A trifling made me lose interest, and Jerome, who was planted by me as a Heart Demon, It’s not worth my credit.”

Speaking of this, Harry couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “My credit in the supernatural world is almost completely bankrupt, and the meager credit in the mortal world can’t be wasted any more. .

Otherwise, I can’t mix with either side of the superheroes and supercriminals in the future.”

Selena also smiled wryly, “Catwoman Selena can kill anyone casually. , but Robin the cat is a superhero. Even if he kills a perverted murderer, he may be reprimanded by Bateman, or even fired from the team.

He has recently disliked me for ‘wasting’ time doing hair. , seems to have the idea of finding a new Robin.”

(end of this chapter)

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