I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 444


Chapter 444 Etrigan’s Warning

After hearing Harry’s request, Richie in the phone immediately said: “Harry, the program is very simple, it is nothing more than adding a new member to the puppy software family.

But there are three problems that need to be solved.

First, my identity, and the dog’s The core secret may be leaked, you have to spend some effort and make up a reasonable excuse.”

“Well, I picked up an Apocalypse mother box a few days ago, which belongs to the world annihilation and war lord. Wasteland Wolf’s personal terminal, a supercomputer. Have you cracked it?” Harry asked.

Strangely said: “The technology of the mother box is too advanced. I am a programmer and can’t understand its hardware technology at all, but the black warrior is an expert, and now I have some clues.”

Halle said with a smile: “Whether we can really crack the mother box technology or not, we can claim to have successfully mastered it and transformed it into a super-mastermind that communicates across the spiritual prison.

As for you, just change your voice and image, and pretend to be the artificial intelligence of the mastermind.

In this way, you can fool those rude heroes who are not very educated.”

Bruce lightly coughed, saying, “Harry, I can get a bachelor’s degree in psychology in the second half of the year.”

โ€”โ€”I’m not a rambunctious hero with little education.

Harry ignored him and only spoke to Richie.

“The second question is to provide ‘financial services’ for superhero guard dogs, you must first know who is a superhero.

Superheroes conceal their identities, certainly not I would like to be discovered by others.

Finally, exorcism may seem simple, but it requires professional knowledge of magic, which ordinary heroes do not possess, nor can they deal with powerful demons, and it is even more difficult to capture demons alive.โ€

Harry thought for a while and said, “It’s not urgent. When I take control of Heavenly Eye, I will be able to find out the details of superheroes one day without teaching them disgust.

Well, we can find Bateman to advertise and promote ‘Paradise Hill Financial Platform’ first.

Professional knowledge is easier to solve.

Jessica’s superhero In the ‘Star of Tomorrow’ program, my first under the heavens arena is an important training point.

Martial Arts training is a ‘physical education class’, exorcism knowledge is a cultural class, and the moral, intellectual and physical development is comprehensive , is a qualified superhero.”

After she finished speaking, she also looked towards Bruce and asked, “Do you think Bateman will join the ‘Heaven Mountain Financial Platform’ internal testing project?”

Bruce pondered: “You can try it, Bateman also wants to master the orthodox exorcism skills, but will the 50% commission be too high?

After all, heroes often have to fight with their lives in order to hunt a demon.”

“Don’t you often enjoy VIP treatment in your daily life?” Halle counted her fingers, “Airport VIP customers, Banks, barber shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants, foot wash shops and even dog videos also have super V members who pay $98 a year.”

Bruce’s mouth twitched, “So, your paradise financial services Also divided into grades?

Heroes are here to earn merits from heaven, you better, let them recharge first.”

“If you don’t recharge, the knife is useless, and the hero has no money.

I will post some small tasks on the platform, for example, the great ball guard hero will go to Milan to watch the fashion show, he needs two S-rank heroes to be guards, and will be rewarded with Level 3 VIP for one year.

Level 1 VIP gets 55% profit, Level 2 60%, Level 3 65%, Level 4 70%

Of course, heroes are free.

They can also freely Choose to level up slowly, each time you send a demon, add some extra experience according to the demon’s strength, enough experience, you can also become a VIP customer.

It is very fair and just, and completely eliminates local tyrant players.” Halle laughted.

“Harry, you really have the innate talent to be a profiteer, even a superhero.” Bruce sighed.

“Then do you want to join this financial management program?”

Bruce’s expression changed, and he said, “You are the only mercenary in heaven?”

Ha Li said with a sneer: “Don’t think about it, even if there are other heaven mercenaries, they have a guardian dog that crosses the Lingbo prison and summons?

No one has lower operating costs than me.


Even if there is a competitor, I can defeat it through unfair competition and monopolize the entire industry.

When the time comes, how much money I have subsidized will be doubled on you.โ€

Bruce pondered for a long time rationally, but became a mercenary in heaven who was not in the editor.

Because it doesn’t do him any harm.

Normal heroes have less chance to encounter demons.

Without demons, the status of Temporary Paradise mercenary means nothing.

If you encounter a demon, you want to kill it anyway. Instead of doing white jobs in heaven, it is better to make a fortune.

“What do you mean by letting me shoot you with a gun?” Bruce waved Colt in his hand, wondering.

Harry said: “According to our original agreement, your ‘murderous aura’ satisfied me, and I will take you to see Asal teacher.”

“You now Satisfied?”

Satisfied, no malice at all.

Harry’s mood is complicated. Bruce has no ill will towards her, which means that he may not be a like-minded friend, but he must be a friend who can be counted on in times of crisis. Although the abilities of the two are very different, most of the time she In helping him, when she really needed help, he couldn’t help either.

Battman’s zero malice is completely different from Superman’s zero malice.

Superman is a good-natured man with zero malice towards many people, but Bruce is a half-demon on the brink of infatuation.

Betterman doesn’t kill people, only maims peopleโ€”everyone knows it.

The bottom line that Bateman sets for himself is not to kill, because he often has the urge to kill out of control – only those who smoke want to quit smoking, those who drink alcohol will quit drinking, and those who want to kill will quit killing .

Therefore, Bateman is prone to be malicious to others.

Therefore, Bateman’s zero malice towards Harley is far more precious than Rip Man’s.

“You shoot me one more time.” Harry stepped back to the wall, “This is an assessment, and you will show all your ruthlessness.”

“pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng “Bruce gnashing teeth, emptied a round of bullets.

Harry’s left hand is behind her back, her expression is relaxed and freehand, and her right hand is grabbing so fast that she can’t even see the afterimage.

“ding ding dong dong.” He opened his fist, and the bullets rolled from the palm of his hand to the ground, a lot of them.

Zero experience.

“Your speed, eyesight, and reflexes surpass Tearman, right?” Bruce exclaimed in shock.

“It must be beyond your eyesight.” Harry rolled the eyes.

Bruce said, “He gets shot a lot, but you catch it easily.”

“He gets shot because he doesn’t care about getting shot.”

Bruce shook his head and said, “When he cares, I’m afraid he’ll be shot too, forming mental inertia.”

Harry handed him another magazine, “Think of me as an Akka. Murderous fugitive, super criminal.

Work hard!

Without murderous aura, you can’t have Asar Goddess as your teacher.”

“pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng” Bruce emptied the bullet and sighed before Harry could comment, “Facing you, I naturally think of myself as Bruce.

Facing those criminals, even if I didn’t wear a uniform, I would subconsciously Enter the role of Bateman.

The two feelings are going south and north and cannot be confused at all.”

“Why? I’ve been on your ‘list of people to watch out’, You should be very immersive.” Harry said strangely.

Bruce thought for a while, then said, “The object of my watchfulness and opposition is your domination of Gotham, not you.

Just as Roosevelt and Stalin might become Good friends, but destined to walk on different paths.

We are more fortunate, we can be friends while confronting each other in philosophy.”

“Maybe you need more sticks. therapy.” Halle fatally said.

Bruce said with disapproval: “A’Fu often says I’m mentally ill, but I think I’m very sober, and I see it more thoroughly and clearly than you guys.”

Harry sighed: “OK, I’ll open the back door for you, you pass the border, and when you recover from your injuries, I’ll take you to see Asal.”

“Actually, a large part of the reason I met her was to master the fast Rehabilitation skills. Arkham criminals are still at large, Gotham needs a healthy Bateman.” Bruce said solemnly.

“Harley, Harley”

Suddenly, the space in front of Harley swelled and shrunk, one after another transparent ripples appeared in the air, and a loud The voice called her name.

“Etrigan?” Harry was familiar with his voice.

“Why can’t I get in?”

The ripples in the space became more and more intense, but there was always a barrier to keep him out.

Harry pinched her hands to cancel the Formation at the bottom of the manor, and then explained: “This is Quinn Manor, where the Time and Space Imprisonment Formation designed by Array Grandmaster is arranged.”

“Boom!” In the air, a dazzling fire exploded from one point, the flames swept all directions, the space cracked a fire ring channel, and the brown-skinned demon with fin ears jumped out.

“What Grandmaster’s array, I’ve never seen before, really strong.” Etrigan exclaimed.

“John Constantine, he is unreliable, and his ability is not bad.” Harry took out a bottle of brandy from the cabinet, unscrewed the lid, and handed it to him without using the wine glass, “You look for it. What’s the matter with me?”

“Gudonggudong.” After suffocating half a bottle of wine in one breath, Demon Prince said solemnly: “Harry, you are in big trouble, you’d better leave Gotham immediately. , to hide outside the City of Silver for three years and five years.”

“Who is going to deal with me?” Harry asked in surprise.

“This time there is a Demon King intervening” Etrigan said tangled: “It involves Lucifer Your Majesty, I can’t go into details.”

Harry complexion slightly changed, angrily said: “Lucifer swore that after I accepted his punishment, he would not retaliate against me in any way.”

“Your Majesty is not targeting you, he is punishing others, you are just a knife, but The person being punished has a good background, and he wants to fight to the death.”

“Punishment. The person being punished has violated the laws of hell, and it has something to do with me!” Harry’s heart moved, “Is it flatulence or Lasco Husband?

I remember that there is a ‘Demoness clause’ in hell, and failure and humiliation are not sins in me.

Is there any inside story that I don’t know?”

Etrigan’s expression changed, and he shook his head: “Harry, you are very smart, you guessed right, but I am Your Majesty’s confidant, and I must not betray him.”

“But you are now Come to tell me, don’t make uncooked rice!” Harry said.

“Your Majesty is so kind to me, and I respect him the most, but in the little black bean incident, you saved me” Etrigan holding head, look up to sky and heave a deep sigh: “Since ancient times, loyalty and righteousness have been dilemma, and long-standing heroes are full of tears!

I can only say so much.

But I can give you two pieces of advice. First, I have recently asked more about and Hell-related news, second, immediately take your family and friends to your Fiefdom seclusion outside the City of Silver.”

(end of this chapter)

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