I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 445


Chapter 445 The Guilty Harley

Although Etrigan was vague and refused to explain things clearly, Harley did not hesitate decision, and then take it lightly.

When Etrigen had finished off three bottles of wine and left with two bottles of spirits in hand, she immediately ordered the stewards, cooks, and cleaners of the outer hospital to take paid leave.

Not many people actually.

In a large manor, the most labor-intensive people are actually security guards and gardeners. Quinn Manor does not need these two.

Even Steward Angela, with her child, temporarily moved out of the manor.

Kitten is now transforming into a flying Robin cat, helping Bateman to hunt down Arkham Yingjie, she doesn’t have to come back, she will stay at Wayne Manor tonight.

She used to stay in bat caves anyway.


Harry wanted her to wait in Paradise Mountain, but she would not agree.

Halle let her stay with her, given her ability to move quickly around Indian Hill through the green tunnel.

Carlisle didn’t leave either.

Similar to the combat state in the past, he avoided the frontal battlefield and hid in a safe place to find opportunities for support.

If you have a chance, you will jump out, and if you have no chance to continue to hide, even if the manor is destroyed, you can ensure that you will not be implicated.

Therefore, in the huge Quinn Manor, there are only five people left: Harley, Ivy, Bruce, Fu, and the black warrior.

Bruce and Alfred won’t be around long.

Harry has promised to introduce Bruce to Asal teacher, and when Ah Fu prepares the supplies for Master Wayne’s retreat, she will send the two of them over.

“In addition to the camp bed, bedding and daily necessities, there is enough food for three people for a month, is that enough?” Ah Fu asked.

“Is it enough to ask your Young Master how long he plans to stay in Acharas.” Harry looked towards Bruce.

Bruce thought about it and said, “With Robin the cat replacing Bateman to guard Gotham, I can at least spare half a month to retreat.”

“That’s enough. .”

Harry first asked Ivy to help move Bruce’s supplies into the Aki airship, before taking the two to the private Martial Arts field at the foot of the mountain – a gym the size of two volleyball courts.

A giant array of ten meters in diameter has been drawn in the center of the Martial Arts field.

Harry cut her wrist, and blood dripped on the array, which flowed automatically according to the formation mark.

“Omβ€”” The Bloodline Power in the blood excites the array, and the faint space fluctuation spreads out.

She greeted and the airship jumped out of the Lingbo prison and landed on the top of the three of them.

“shua!” They came to Acharas in another dimension – like a meteorite ruin in outer space.

“Huh” Harley looked suspiciously towards the void, where there was a vague end.

Bringing the two surprised Muggles to the Asal Divine Idol, before introducing each other, she asked, “Axal teacher, is that the Origin Wall over there?”

“Haven’t you seen it before? Acharas has been approaching the Origin Wall. Two years ago, he even escaped from the Spiritual Prison and entered the Prometheus Galaxy.” Azar said strangely.

Acharas was originally the foreign world in the Lingbo Prison. Later, Goddess was robbed, the three palaces attacked, the Small World was shattered, and the fragments fell to the wall of origin-because it was part of Goddess’ body .

But Lingbo Hell is not directly connected to the Origin Wall.

Lingbo Hell is the fifth dimension, Universe Starry Sky in the material world is the fourth dimension, and there is a higher sixth dimension, and the origin wall is the boundary of the multiverse, these dimensions are not directly Connected to the Origin Wall.

Near the Wall of Origin, there is a layer of peculiar regions vaguely connected to all dimensions – the Promethean galaxy.

That is, the thin prison – Prometheus galaxy – origin wall;

Material universe – Prometheus galaxy – origin wall;

The domain of the watchers of the sixth dimension – the Prometheus galaxy – the wall of origin.

Two years ago, Acharas escaped from the Hell and entered the Prometheus galaxy, where he could vaguely see the origin wall at the end of the universe.

In the past few years, Harley has entered Acharas every year and studied with Goddess for a period of time, so she has seen the blurred image of the Origin Wall.

“No, it doesn’t feel right.” Halle muttered: “It doesn’t feel the same to me now.”

“Either it’s changed, or it’s You have changed, obviously, it hasn’t changed, youβ€”” Asar let out a subtle spirit strength to feel her body, and said in surprise, “You are really different.”

“Where is it? different?” Harry asked.

Assar pondered for a long time, then said doubtfully: “You have a little more of a ‘new power’ in your body, that’s whenβ€””

“It’s the power of Manhattan.” Harry A flash of embarrassment flashed in her eyes, and she quickly interrupted her “thinking of the past”.

The truth of what happened back then, absolutely cannot let the teacher know.

Then, she quickly recounted her great exploits for stealing the Manhattan Power.

Assar was stunned for a long time, and sighed: “Harry, you are really my good discipline.”

β€”β€”Is this a compliment or a sarcasm? Or are you implying something else? Could it be that blue Manhattan still left a secret code back then, and it matches today?

Harry panicked.

“As the creator of the Escape Pattern, I have never stolen magic power a few times in my life. You have already stolen multiple Supreme Existences at a young age. It’s amazing!” Asal sighed.

Harry sighed in relief, teacher was just a simple emotion.

“Everywhere, it’s all teacher. You teach well, and famous teachers produce great apprentices!” She had a natural expression and laughed compliment.

“Don’t put a high hat on me, you can steal magic power, all rely on extraordinary natural talent, and it has nothing to do with my Escape Pattern.” Asal smiled bitterly, “Fortunately I am stuck in the origin wall now. , there is nothing to be afraid of.

If I am still alive, it will depend on your ability to cause trouble, once the Supreme Existence who has been stolen by you will know that I am your teacher, and it is the ability I taught you to steal.

Whether it’s for revenge, or to cut weeds and eliminate the roots against the ‘bigger threat’, I don’t have three days to live.”

– You’re so prescient , Don’t say three days, you can’t even survive for three days, and you’ve been ‘retributed’ for more than 20 years.

Harry complained for a while, and trembling in fear for a while: her own teacher’s insight is really strong, and she is about to come into contact with the truth.

“teacher, I’ll introduce you to a teenage hero,” Harry grabbed Bruce who was looking left and right, and the sudden huge force almost pulled him down.

“My old classmate, old friend, Gotham Prince, the richest man in the world, Earth Martial Arts number one genius, Gotham Guardian, the first-class superhero in the universe todayβ€””

“Don’t, don’t say that!” Bruce blushed and waved his hands again and again: “I’m just an ordinary drag hero, with average innate talent, just hard work.”

“Well, Harry is very good. I mentioned you a long time ago, Bruce Wayne.

Let me teach you for a while, if you find it useful and are willing to follow the path I have planned for you, Formal apprenticeship again.” Asar said solemnly.

“Thank you Master.” Bruce looked respectful and bowed to the Goddess statue with an oriental cup one fist in the other hand.

“I have something to do outside, let’s go first.” Harry was about to leave.

“What’s the matter with you? You came in so hard, why do you have to leave? I want to chat with you for a while longer about the Manhattan Power, what are the characteristics of the new power, and what do you have after you get it? Feeling?” Asar asked repeatedly.

In the past, Harley came to Acharas, at least for half a day, at most for a week, and she has never been in such a hurry as today.

It can be heard that the teacher wants to talk about “new power”, she is more and more guilty, and wants to leave immediately.

“Teacher, I’m being targeted by demons.” Harry changed the subject without a trace.

“When did you not get targeted?”

“This time is different. It seems that the Demon King intends to take action personally.” Harry said.

Then, she started from Demoness hunting squad, all the way to the recent flatulence father and son.

“Ai, why am I not surprised at all?” Asar Goddess sighed, “First offend the black mage, then offend the ordinary demons, and then the higher level 1 demon nobles, step by step.

Like the protagonists in third-rate novels, who have been young and old, now it is finally the Demon King’s turn to appear.

According to the common routines in novels, the Demon King is just a new one. In the future, I am afraid that the whole hell will be turned upside down, so that the bad plot and bad cause and effect between you and the devil can be completely ended.

I am afraid that you have the protagonist’s ability to cause trouble, but you do not have the protagonist’s evil spirit Auspicious, the destiny of winning many battles.”

“You are wrong, I’m really different from the protagonists in third-rate novels who get into trouble everywhere and then pretend to slap their faces.

I didn’t engage in the ‘difficulty upgrade flow’ at all.

The first step, I was eyeing the biggest boss of the devil, Lucifer.

Second Step, me and the demons The taboo – little black beans, out of blows friendship grows, and eventually became friends.

That’s why the demons hate me, are jealous of me, and want to destroy me.

As for the black mage , Demon nobles. They have never been my challengers.” Harry said proudly.

Axal said indifferently: “You seem to be very proud?”

“What are you proud of? I was also forced to be helpless. In order to save the multiverse, I became friends with Xiaoheidou. , made a big limelight and made the demons envy, jealous, and hate.” Harry couldn’t help sighing.

“Where’s Lucifer? Someone forced you?”

Harry looked up to the sky and sighed, “Isn’t it because a greater power is forcing me?”

– It’s fate! Fate arranged for a piece of fat to dangle in front of her, didn’t she force her to take a bite?

“Ai, I don’t know what the LORD sees in you, and he treats you with such honor.” Asal misunderstood as it should be by rights.

This is also the answer that ‘everyone knows’ and even Lucifer himself recognized: God used Harley’s hand to trap Satan, and Harley made great contributions and received the blessing of ‘God descended to earth’.

The demons targeted her for that reason.

“Or, why don’t you go to the City of Silver to be a gatekeeper? At least you saved your life.

You worked so hard and spent a lot of money to get the ‘City of Silver account’ ‘, wasn’t it prepared for today’s situation?” Goddess asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, I shrink faster than anyone else when things don’t work out,” Harry assured her.

“Well, in the face of Demon King, you still have the confidence, does the confidence come from the ‘new power’?” Asar Goddess said with great interest.

β€”β€”Why are you talking about “new power” again!

Harry sighed in her heart and said, “teacher, I really have something important to do right now. I’ll talk to you when I’m done.”

When Goddess responded, she vanished and disappeared into Acharas.

“Why do I think she’s weird today, seems somehow guilty, did she do something wrong to me?” Asar Goddess whispered.

(end of this chapter)

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