I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 447


Chapter 447 The second sister is also a gamer

“Your divination has been going on for a while, don’t you see anything? Here?” Harry asked.

“I saw a flaming meteor fall from the sky and hit your manor.” Shangdu’s eyes were blurred, muttered: “I also saw a steel city wall surrounding the manor, and the Earth Dragon inside turned over, tearing the ground.”

“Then what? What exactly do these natural phenomena represent?”

The expressions on his face became horrified, “I also wanted to know what they meant, so I looked closer, and then disappeared, intense The pain ripped apart my consciousness instantly, and even annihilated my soul.”

Harry said solemnly: “Is it the Supreme Existence who participated in the siege of me, or did you make a mistake and offended me? A big guy who is eating melons?”

“I don’t know.” The boss turned his eyes for help to the death who was thinking about his chin.

The goth girl frowned and said, “I’m also curious about what kind of power and person can break the death immunity from death itself.”

Then, she looked at Ha Li said: “In the next days, I will continue to pay attention to your manor, if the battle does happen one day, that person should appear in the vicinity.

As you said, it Either a participant in the battle or an onlooker.”

“Sister Death, it’s an honor to help you, but there may be Supreme Existence among the enemies, and it’s too dangerous to fight them, I’m going to now Go to Paradise Mountain for seclusion.”

Harry showed a kind and simple smile, “Of course, if you buy an insurance for me, eldest sister, I will go through water and tread on fire, and I will do whatever it takes.”

“What insurance?” The goth girl didn’t know why.

All said with a sneer: “She’s afraid of death and wants you to promise a chance to resurrect.”

Gothic girl said with a smile: “Demoness is really cunning, It’s obviously your battle, but when you say that, it’s you who fought for me, and I have to pay you.”

“But I’m telling the truth!” Harley said aggrieved. : “As long as my mind is normal, I will avoid that battle, right?

elder sister, you also really want to know who broke your Death Rule, right?”

“Harry, you are so rude, you actually call the death lady ‘elder sister’!” Shangdu lowered his voice, angry and ashamed.

I’m angry that Harley doesn’t know how to advance and retreat, and mess up the relationship.

And ashamed of my friend’s shame in front of Supreme Existence.

Harry argues with the courage of one’s convictions: “Dead elder sister looks younger, but she is definitely older than me, what’s wrong with screaming elder sister?”

It’s not that she doesn’t know how to advance or retreat. On the contrary, she is too good at hitting snakes.

The first time she called Death “Sister Death”, the other party didn’t learn Magistrate Joy, or Harley herself, came to say “Don’t call me sister, you don’t deserve it”.

Then Halle tried to call “Miss” directly.

The other party still has no objection.

Then it will be closer and call “elder sister”.

No, death still didn’t refute it.

That’s why Halle is righteous.

Even though he was called out by the boss for the careful thought of breaking the relationship, Death still smiled and seemed to have no grudges, “I control the Death Rule, I can easily control life and death, but I will not break the rules. , bring the dead back to life.”

“Is there anything special about it?” Harry asked.

The goth girl tilted her head and recalled: “Nimue, that was two hundred years ago, right?” 18th century.

I settled in France, became a celebrity in high society, and made friends with Queen Mary.

But prosperity was short-lived, as early as ten years before the French Revolution, I saw the fate of the Bourbon dynasty through astrology.

I asked Queen Mary to make plans early, or I persuaded the king to make efforts to reform the country; or prepare a retreat, leave Paris, leave France.


She took my admonitions as a joke.

Alas, she was far worse than the great Kublai Khan of the East in listening to his advice humbly.

So I left Paris on my own and moved to the Spanish countryside.

But I have always regarded Queen Mary as a friend, a kind and gentle person who treated me with respect and kindness.

When the French Revolution broke out, when she and her husband child were imprisoned in the castle, I saw the end of their family through the stars again, and I couldn’t help but move the compassion.

I put on the goblin silk cloak , smeared with the morning dew of the winter solstice, until the dew dries, most of the ordinary person can’t see me.

I passed the guards and found her in a shabby and cold stone chamber.


Moldy stone walls, dirty chamber pots, rotten and spoiled moldy bread. An air of despair enveloped her, she was no longer young and beautiful, she became bloated and old.”

Harry was thinking wildly there, and Shangdu’s memories continued.

“I was going to take her away, but the Stranger’s bastard disrupted the plan.”

“Why did the Stranger come out?” Harry asked in confusion.

Said with a sneer: “Under the instructions of the voice of the sky, that guy interfered with almost all major events in the world in various capacities.

He didn’t want me to disturb The course of history.

When I was talking to Queen Mary, he deliberately appeared behind me and said that the Wheel of Fate was rolling over me, scaring me scared witless.

But guess what?

Only I can see and hear him, Queen Mary can’t hear or see.

Watching me talk to the air with expressions Terrified, she was terrified, thinking I was asking the hell Evil Spirit for help.

She called out to the guards in panic, and the Stranger left ‘I’m sorry’, disappeared.

I was still trying to figure out what he meant when the guards rushed in.

In order to speak to Queen Mary, I undid most of the invisibility cloak so the guards could see me.

They smashed me in the head with the butt of a gun, called me an ‘evil witch’, ripped off my cloak, and put me in the Bastille.”

Harry was speechless, the Stranger was clearly in a trap Shangdu.

The two are standing on the second floor to fortune for Queen Mary’s fate, but the stranger sees her future on the roof. The difference between the two is a bit big.

“How can you say that you are also a magic grandmaster, a forest fairy, and can’t even deal with a few mortal soldiers?”

All said: “I told you, I Lost your magic power.”

“Well, you said, Forest Ancient Divine General, you abandoned it, took all the power that was given to you, and made you from forest fairy to mortal. But you also said that, later Part of the power is restored in the east.” Harry said.

“This.” All faces were embarrassed, and the embarrassment turned into embarrassment at the sight of the smiling and kind death on the side.

“I did regain my strength, but then I lost it,” she said with difficulty, blushing.

Harry said curiously: “How many times have you lost your powers in your life?”

Breaking his fingers, “The Forest Ancient God in the early days, and then briefly borrowed the Life Council and The power of the god of order, and later, when I traveled to the east, I had an intersection with the Spiritual God over there, and finally.”

She looked towards death, which was self-evident, and finally hugged the giant thigh.

The Gothic girl said with a smile: “In prison, Nimue was unable to prepare a potion of longevity, and in just one week, she changed from a young girl to a gray-haired old woman.

When she was about to meet me (old to death), I showed up at her summon ceremony, used divination cards, and gambled with her.

In the end, she won herself a chance for immortality.

Demoness Hallie, do you want immortality?

Yes, as long as you can beat me to death, any way.”

said When finished, she was disappeared.

“What does my sister mean?” Harry asked Shangdu.

Well, the title has been upgraded again.

“You’re so shameless.”

“My sister doesn’t object, what are you excited about as an outsider?”

All said with a sneer: “She doesn’t object because she doesn’t care at all, just like you don’t care what the ants on the ground call you.”

“Since she doesn’t care, and I’m happy, why should you be excited?” Harry said with a smile.

“You’re too shameless, I’ll be ashamed of you.”

Harry shook her head, “Today I call her sister, tomorrow I will become the supreme, still call her sister, this is sincere

Today, because of her power and status, I lowered my personality and respected her with a shy face; tomorrow, my power and status surpassed hers, and I immediately put on a cold face of aloof and remote .

What is this called?

This is hypocrisy.

I chose the rarest kind of sincerity to treat people, but you say I am shameless, what the world is!”

Mrs. Shangdu was stunned, this fallacy seems to have some truth.

“You have to pass the disaster of flatulence first, and then go to the dream of Supreme God. “

Harley said expectantly: “Tell me about your blessing of eternal life. If I also defeat my sister, this disaster will be nothing.”

All said with a bitter smile: “You know that she is the death of the endless family, the embodiment of the Death Rule of the multiverse, you should understand that it is almost impossible to defeat her in death.”

“But you did it.”

“I was in a special situation at the time” and pondered: “I was locked up in prison, couldn’t make potions, and lost my magic power, I was almost an ordinary person .

An ordinary person who has lived for more than a thousand years, and his life is about to end at the next moment.

summon death is the last fight in despair, I use tarot cards and She bets, like an ordinary person gambles with playing cards.

I shuffle and she cuts. Every card turned over represents a true picture of a certain stage of my life, and the last card will decide My final destiny, life or death.

I was supposed to die, because no one can reverse their own death from the hands of death.”

Harry gentlely, two People seem to be gambling cards, but in fact there is no element of luck, and it depends entirely on strength.

All the above means are used, fantasy defy the heavens and change the fate, and death must maintain its own order.

Theoretically, as a mortal’s upper capital, there is no chance of winning.

All smiles slyly, “From the first Priestess, the second Eight of Grails, the third Magician reversed to the penultimate scepter reversed, everything is under the control of Lady Death. .

But the last card that appeared logically surprised her.”

“What card?”

“Death God. Reversed.”

Harry was also startled.

“hahaha!” They all laughed proudly, “My life comes to an end, and there will be Death God, Death God is death, she is here, sitting across from me and playing tarot cards .

So, the last card representing the last moment of my life must be ‘Death God’!

However, in the rules of tarot, Death God is reversed. Freedom and a new beginning, I won!”

(ps: The process of Mrs. Shangdu winning a new life from the death of the ‘second sister’ is actually very exciting.

But it is very exciting. It’s ugly and understandable. At first, I didn’t understand it at all. Later, after I learned a little about the rules of tarot cards, I barely understood how Shangdu won.

Shangdu bet his life with the second sister, and every card drawn The cards are all manifestations of the fate of Shangdu. For example, the first card, Priestess, represents the days when Shangdu was a forest fairy, symbolizing wisdom and insight. At that time, the integrity and strength of Shangdu were still there, almost Peak in life.

The second card, the Eighth of the Holy Grail, represents a setback and seeks help from the superior – she has lost her magic power, is displaced, borrowed magic everywhere, and is constantly being abandoned. Sad reminder.

According to the order of the cards, the last card must be a portrayal of the state of Shangdu at this time.

What was the state of Shangdu at that time?

She summoned Death God to her face, and she ushered in Death Goddess.

Then, the card representing her final destiny must be ‘Death God’.

Tarot The Death God in the card is not death, but a new life.

In this case, the death of the second sister must comply with the rules of the game, so that Shangdu can return to youth.

There are two points to need here. The idea, the death of the second sister summon was the initiative of Shangdu.

She did it on purpose.

When death wanted to take away her soul, Shangdu deliberately made a bet with the second sister , use tarot cards.

Everything is her plan.

Mrs. Shangdu has been foolish for a lifetime, but a fool has all kinds of worries, and there must be something to gain, which is the most critical in life. I finally got smart again.)

(end of this chapter)

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