I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 449


Chapter 449 The Magic World’s Market Experience

“Don’t you think this dress is very beautiful?” Arms, turned around in place, dark green leather skirt flashed magnificent colors under the light.

Harry nodded, admiring: “It’s really beautiful, you have great taste.

Actually, I recently hunted a demon, and I’m also considering using his leather to make a few suits.”

The skin of the iron giant is N metal, which can be stripped of armor, weapons, and airship shells to cope with the imminent crisis.

“Really?” The fashionable woman was very happy when she met her confidant, took out her mobile phone and said, “Why don’t you add a friend, I’m not boasting, I’m not very strong in magic, but I’m peeling skin and making clothes. In this regard, even the Great Grandmaster is not as good as me.

I know the characteristics of 128 kinds of leathers of demons and outsiders, and what each leather is suitable for, I will record it one after another.

At Paris Fashion Week last fall, I had three Devilskin pieces on show.

By the way, I’m a costume designer.”

Harry used her small No., and ‘Hell Leather Designer’ added attention to each other.

Midnight glanced at her, brows furrowed and immediately unfolded.

β€”β€”This woman has no magic power in her body, and her breath is calm, but it makes his spiritual sense inexplicable pressure. What’s going on?

“This guitar shrapnel is just right for you, take it with you, those little devils won’t dare to come near you.”

He took a piece of metal from the box and placed it on the redwood counter .

It was a heart-shaped pick with two huge letters engraved on the surface, JC, made of copper alloy.

“Such a small pick has no magic power, what effect can it exert?” The fashionable woman asked suspiciously.

Harry felt the faint but tenacious magic fluctuations from the picks, lightly exclaimed, and her expression became odd.

“It is a favorite of a magical Great Grandmaster. It looks small and has weak magic fluctuations, but it is especially effective against demons.” Midnight introduced.

“Which Grandmaster?” asked the fashion woman.

“John Constantine.”

JC, the abbreviation for John Constantine, made Harry both familiar and unfamiliar.

It should be the work of Zha Kang when he was a teenager.

“I haven’t heard of it.” The fashionable woman shook her head.

“Don’t even know Constantine?” Midnight stared at the bull’s eye, “He has done a really big thing recently.

Because he played with heaven and hell at the same time, Someone started calling him ‘Little Boy’.”

“Little Boy? What a strange name.” Harry said with a smile, holding back.

“This title doesn’t sound like a great character either.” Fashion girl frowned.

Midnight seriously said: “Demoness Hallie, who is famous in the multiverse, you always know that? Little Boy Demon is actually a variant of Little Demoness, and Constantine changed his name to ‘Little Boy Demon’ when he was a man.


His reputation is far less loud than Demoness. It’s not that what he has done is not sensational, but the main reason is that Demoness’s achievements are too exaggerated.

Some time ago, the Holy Son came and the Holy Grail was defiled. You know? Constantine did it.”

“Well, it’s actually a low-profile version of the male Demonness Halle. It seems that I’m really ignored and inexperienced. Even the magic world has such a big deal. Guys don’t know.” The fashionable woman said suddenly.

Midnight Dad handed over the metal piece, “Would you like this guitar piece? $850,000.”

“850,000.” Fashion girl complexion slightly changed, “This is Can you buy a genuine demoness drive demon path for the price?”

Harry quickly said: “I’ve never heard that Demonness makes a demon path drive, if there is one, it’s definitely a fake. .”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Midnight Dad bent down and took out a violin-sized stainless steel box from the safe.

After opening it, I saw neat and tidy folded a thick piece of clothing.

“This is.” Harry didn’t recognize it for a while.

“Demoness Harley’s body armor, the one that fought more than 100 GCPDs in Gotham Bali Street. In the mercenary supermarket, it is still the most popular body armor in the economy. ”

At midnight, with a solemn expression, he took out his clothes and spread them out on the counter with a gesture of devotion like a Chinese painting hobbyist unfolding Along the River During the Qingming Festival.

A tattered windbreaker covered with bullet marks and blood stains appeared in front of everyone.

“How is that possible?” Harry exclaimed.

“You noticed?” Midnight glanced at her, then turned to the dazed fashion woman, “It’s a Demi-God Artifact!”

“But it’s just a piece Broken clothes!” Fashion Girl muttered.

“I sensed Divine Force fluctuations, it’s really a Divine Item!” A demon bastard next to him exclaimed.

Midnight Daddy placed his palm on his collar and entered magic to activate it.

“Omβ€”” A blood-colored illusory shadow floated out from the windbreaker, staring at everyone with a murderous aura, “I am Demoness Harley, you and other ugly people, come and die!”

The speech is a bit mechanical, and she is still very second, but she looks like a little Harry in appearance.

Well, Harley, a girl around fourteen years old.

“Mother Fake!” Harry was stunned and wanted to shout: You’re Demoness Hallie, who am I?

“I buy Karma!” The fashionable woman covered her mouth and exclaimed.

“Gabriel is on top, really strong baleful aura and murderous aura, just the divine might make me dare not get close.”

The devil bastard turned pale, back.

Midnight explained: “This body armor is stained with the blood of Demonness and strong spirit willpower.

Tianjing Divine Craftsman first extracted the concept of ‘Demoness body armor’ from it, Conceptualize this phantom as the real Spiritual God.

Believe in God.

Nurture it with the belief of all beings.

Over the years, It has finally become a concept god with some Demoness killing breath.

Finally, with the concept god as the soul and the body armor of Demoness as the body, it is forged into this Demi-God Artifact with good formidable power.”


The fashionable woman said calmly: “I’m sorry, it’s only been three years since I accidentally picked up the magic book, and I have been in contact with the magic circle for a shorter period of time. I really don’t know the meaning of the concept of god and heaven.”

“The realm of heaven is the heaven of the gods other than Christ. It is like a joint venture. Countless old gods who feed on faith gather together to create a ‘land of thunder and thunder’ that is as famous as the heaven of God.

Concept God.”

Midnight frowned: “Miss Miranda, do you know the concepts of Lingbo Hell, Eight Divine Domains, New God, Old God?”

“I know a little bit, the first page of my magic book is the multiverse map and overview.” The fashionable woman said.

“In this case, you must also understand that Lingbo Hell is actually a dimension of thinking.” Midnight thought for a while, and said: “The wise men of the Celestial Dynasty once proposed ‘One with Heaven and Earth’ after wandering in different dimensions. ‘ concept, they compared the multiverse to a single person.

It’s very interesting and quite reasonable. If you’re interested, you can go to the study next door, which collects the magic masters from all over the world. Codes and cheats are not expensive.”

Lightly coughed, he immediately returned to the topic, “If the multiverse is human, then the physical universe we are in is its body.

Lingbo prison is its meaning Sea of Consciousness.

In people’s Sea of Consciousness, there are thoughts that are either tame or uncontrolled, illusory but very real.

Thoughts in Lingbo Prison are life in thinking, they are worshipped as Spiritual God by human beings.

Believe in God.

Concept God is the lowest belief in God.

It is only a concept at present, which can absorb the enthusiasm and belief of human beings for this concept, so as to maintain extraordinary power.”

The fashion woman looked thoughtful: “The bulletproof of ‘Demoness’ Clothing itself has become a concept that we know and personalize.

This concept is constantly appearing in news reports and in human oral traditions, and has the potential to absorb beliefs and incarnate Spiritual God.”


Midnight Dad nodded and said: “That’s it, there are a lot of similar concept gods and concept Divine Items.

For example, the Winscott ace I just sold is the owned Winschert. Belief in the concept of sentient beings of the Schott gun family.

For example, Lincoln’s revolver, which works wonders for the High Rank Demon.

For example, George Washington’s Axe, which is specially designed for flora A mage and a believer in the green of all things.

Even Divine Idol, a free girl in Manhattan’s Haikou, has been transformed into a concept god.”

The fashionable woman was stunned and took a long time to understand. : “What is the use of these concept gods? What can they provide for the great master god who has tried his best to enlighten them?”

“This.” Midnight was uncertain: “Perhaps for the sake of creating Weapons? I don’t know much about the main god of the realm.”

Harry sighed: “The old gods relied on belief for food, and depended on the beliefs of all living beings to maintain their life and strength.

But now human beings not even god and heaven Damn, other gods can only be worse.

In order to survive and develop, those main gods can only develop new businesses according to human needs.

For example, the concept of God.

No matter how low the concept god is, it is also a god of belief, a low-level god under the command of the main god.

The main god and the main god’s lineage should take at least 50% of the belief power gained from the gods.

For those concept gods who have no growth potential, the deduction is even more severe, 80%, 90%, and they will be squeezed to death.

For example, BB machine gods and cassette machine gods are electronic products that appear in stages in the development of science and technology.

Like the free Goddess, it should be treated better, it represents the freedom. Before the collapse of the United States, it will not collapse for the time being. “

“They are the great Spiritual God, why do they sound like evil capitalists who force us to be 996 and say they are good news?”

Each of the gods has become a company that pursues efficiency. The fashionable woman exclaimed in disbelief.

Harry said solemnly: “Don’t use the capitalists to blaspheme the gods, they clearly set the price, and they have never insulted the concept gods with good news!” “

After a pause, she added: “The gods in the realm also need to support their families, so as long as they don’t break the law, they can make money in any way. “

The fashionable woman’s expression is distorted.

“I used to wonder why, in the past few hundred years, the Spiritual God has come to Earth from time to time to do some strange things.

They are like junk collectors with ‘old mobile phones, old computers, 20 yuan a’ speakers hanging on the streets and alleys, searching for ‘brand-name’ items everywhere.”

Midnight Dad suddenly realized , looking at Harley’s eyes became more cautious – a person who can tell such secrets will never be an ordinary person.

Harley sighed: “I also recently encountered a person who pulls all over the place. The Neon God, who joined the group, became interested in inquiring about this information.

Then startled, I didn’t expect the living environment of Tianjing to be so bad. “

β€”β€”Neon God wants to recruit her into “Neon Faith Unlimited Liability Company”, she is qualified to become a Faith God!

Midnight Dad has a clear comprehension in his heart, and he is more and more curious about her identity.

“Just one word to put it bluntly, volume! “Harry sighed: “In the closed market environment of Earth, the scale of the economy is still shrinking every year, can it not be seriously involved?” “

“I heard that new gods don’t need faith. A black mage next to him said.

“The old god understands his own rules, Divine Spark is completely his own, has no cosmic responsibility, is free and at ease.

The New God must conform to the Diversified Universe Rule and become the cornerstone supporting the universe.”

Harry thought for a while and said, β€œThe old Divine Idol private enterprise, Survival of the fittest, powerhouse survival.

Xinshen is a civil servant, with an iron job and relatively little pressure in the workplace.

But civil servants are heavily dependent on the state of the country.

Our multiverse encounters crises every three days and two times. Every time there is a big crisis, the new gods follow scared witless, and the living environment is not necessarily better than the old gods.

It can only be said that these days, it is not easy for anyone to live. ”

β€œAwe-inspiring and thought-provoking! “Midnight can’t hide the admiration on his face.

The other mages also looked at Harry in awe.

β€”β€”A person who can have this insight and emotion is definitely She is a big boss in the magic world. Looking at her disguise, she looks like Spiritual God who travels everywhere.

(end of this chapter)

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