I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 450


Chapter 450 Midnight Daddy

After a few more nonsense, Midnight Daddy began to introduce products for fashion women: ” This Demoness body armor, with its characteristics of defense and deterrence, has a special soul pressure on police officers, gang members and demons.

Wear it, even if you are walking in the back alleys of Gotham at night, don’t be afraid.

The GCPD who wants to wipe the oil, the bastard who is looking for prey, the vampire who hunts in the dark, and the low-level demons will all be afraid of you when they see you at first sight, and avoid them.

Even if you hang it in the main room, it can ward off evil spirits and keep the house safe.”

“Are the functions a little less?” The fashionable woman was not satisfied, “dignified The Divine Item of the Demoness attribute, not to mention that wearing it can kill as big as Demoness, at least it should have the protective effect of God A-level?”

“Hey, Miss Miranda, you asked for it at first. I didn’t ask for any special defense effects, but only said to escape the harassment of the demons you skinned.” Father Midnight said dissatisfiedly.

Stylish woman said: “Defense represents a characteristic of Demonness Halle, shouldn’t we have higher requirements for it?”

Midnight Dad said: “Fifty million A beautiful knife, it’s its price, how much do you want for this money?”

“Holy crap! 50 million is not expensive?” the fashionable woman exclaimed.

Midnight said solemnly: “It’s a Divine Item made by a master craftsman, not to mention its efficacy, only the craftsman’s manual fee, trifling 50 million, is that a lot?

If you can ask a master craftsman to help me, I will pay you 500 million dollars, no limit.”

“50 million is indeed not expensive, and a famous painting by a mortal is worth a lot. Tens of millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars in knives, why is the craftsman not inferior to mortals?” The devil bastard said.

How can a customer speak for the store boss, isn’t this guy a supporter?

Harry glanced at it and said, “This ‘Demoness’ body armor’ should be a failed concept Divine Item.”

“Can concept god fail? “The fashion girl was stunned.

Harry said: “The major belief systems in Tianjing pursue the maximization of benefits, and focus on supporting promising concepts.

The ‘traffic stars’ that have become popular are quickly monetized, using Throw it away when it’s finished, and it changes very quickly.

The ‘Demoness’ body armor’ was very popular back then, but now Demoness has abandoned the mortal body armor and replaced it with the heavenly Divine Item armor.

He is rarely active as a drag hero in public.

The popularity has dropped and the topic has decreased. , that’s why she appeared at the merchandise counter.”

After thinking for a while, she sighed again: “If Demoness can be included in the god system, let her cooperate with the maintenance of the ‘body armor Harley’ character design. It will last for more than ten years, and this dress may be able to mature.”

The fashionable woman was originally shy, but now she heard that the bulletproof vest was a ‘defective product’, so she turned her attention to the previous one. Guitar picks, “Can you make it cheaper?”

“It’s 850,000.”

“You can buy a box of this stuff in a musical instrument store for a dollar.”


“It’s the work of the Grandmaster of Magic! And it’s a favorite of Constantine.

Do you know how hard it is to win at the gambling table from the Grandmaster?

“It’s the work of the Grandmaster of Magic! p>

That bastard has never lost, except for this guitar shrapnel, you can’t buy any magic item belonging to him.” Midnight gritted his teeth with resentment.

Harry became interested, “Since he never lost, how did you win the guitar shrapnel?”

After a moment of silence at midnight, he said, “In that game, the gambling table There are Demons, Tree Demons, Spiritual Gods, Alien Mage, and the most valuable bet is the Tree Demon Essence from Grade 1.

Drink it to awaken the Druid bloodline and master the tree-walking Skill.”

“Oh, tree walk, that’s a very high level skill.” Harry was shocked, “Is that Tree Demon crazy? It can help people learn the essence of tree walk, I’m afraid it will kill it.”

“Going to the gaming table is like stepping into Arkham Asylum with one foot, not crazy or crazy.

Not to mention Half-Life, it’s not uncommon to lose the soul directly.” Midnight Dad sighed, β€œHe deliberately lost the guitar shrapnel to me first to show his sincerity.

Well, he said that the shrapnel was for him. It has a special meaning.

Seeing that he carries it around and plays with him from time to time, so that ordinary metal pieces are endowed with strange magic, I believe it.

When I cooperate with him to clear the other gamblers, When he was going to have a Peak duel between the two, he used the toilet as an excuse to run away with the essence of Tree Demon.”

“Since he won, can you give a discount, 850,000. I’ll take a moment. I can’t come up with so much cash.” The fashionable woman wondered.

Midnight said: “If you are inconvenient, I also provide loan services, not usury, and the interest rate is similar to that of the National Bank’s small household loan.”

“Then I will take out a loan. .” The fashionable woman skillfully took out her mobile phone, “Which app?”

“Eh, no app has been developed yet,” Midnight took out a formatted contract from the drawer, “With the soul as the Mortgage, there are three months, six months, three years and other grades, if you don’t pay it back, I will take away your soul, no matter where you hide it is useless.”

“Soul.” Fashion Goddess hesitated. .

“Mo Ganlin!” He walked to the door at midnight and shouted, and a handsome man in a suit with a halo above his head and a pair of angel wings behind him followed.

The bases of the wings are covered with colorful scales, from unknown creatures.

“This is Mo Ganlin, the lower angel of the City of Silver. He is responsible for signing the contract. You don’t have to worry about any problems.”

The fashionable woman doubted: “He is not pure blood. Angel, can you enter the City of Silver?”

Mo Ganlin’s eyes were cold, “Anyway, the interest rate is the same, you can’t trust us, you can go to the National Bank.”

Dad Midnight stared Glancing at him, he explained to the fashionable woman with a smile: “Mo Ganlin is a high-ranking minister under the king of angels Gabriel, and he also has the status of a lower-ranking angel in the City of Silver, although he has never been to the City of Silver.

Just like Demoness Harley.

She has never entered the City of Silver, but no one can deny her status as the Duke of Heaven.”

“The loan contract can be recorded in Gabriel. ?” Harry asked.

Dad Midnight shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Only people like us who are rude can engage in financial business.

How arrogant and noble is Gabriel, the king of angels?

Mo Ganlin is like a servant of the ‘Angel King’s Mansion’, using the name of the Angel King to seek life, the Angel King will not care if he knows about it.

But when something goes wrong, he also You have to be responsible for this.

With Gabriel’s strictness, guests don’t have to worry about Mo Ganlin’s little tricks.

There are so many ways to make money, put your own life into it, It’s not worth it.”

When the fashion girl left with the angel banker, and other customers didn’t ask to buy any products, Harry said, “I’ll buy news.”

Daddy Midnight looked like Plainly nodded, with a command to the younger brother, he took her into the empty living room on the third floor.

β€œThis is the first time the guest is here. I don’t know what to call him?”

β€œWhen I ask my own question, you can immediately guess who I am.”

β€œWhat do the guests want to know?”

β€œHow much do you know about hell?” Harry asked.

Midnight smiled proudly, “If the guests want to inquire about other dimensions, I would recommend you to go to the Oblivion Bar.

If you are in the Oblivion Bar to inquire about hell or heaven, especially When it comes to Earth, they’ll advise you to come to me.”

“So confident?”

“Just try.”

Harry said: “The soul currency system of hell has collapsed, what will happen to the flatulence?”

Midnight’s eyes flickered, this voice, this imposing manner, this temperament, this body shape, this question vaguely in his mind guess.

“I can’t tell the ordinary person this news. To the ordinary person, it’s meaningless and worthless.”

“If it wasn’t for the ordinary person, how much would it be worth?” Halle said with a smile.

Two fingers at midnight, “Two hundred million.”

“Let’s hear it and see if it’s worth the price.”

Harry The tone was relaxed, but he did not show any proof of ability to pay.

In the middle of the night, he stared at her for a while, and said: “The flatulence is executed by Satan Lucifer – go to hell with Demoness Harley.

The punishment should be executed immediately, but flatulence The father is the king of wealth, Mammon.

Their family is rich!

Mammon bought Belial and Beelzebub with two million high-quality souls, not asking for commutation, but asking Him They were suspended for half a month.

The currency system of the soul of hell collapsed, and the three rulers of hell, including Lucifer, suffered heavy losses, so Belial and Beelzebub agreed to Mammon’s request.

It has only been two days since the half-moon period, and Mammon has madly spent 5 million soul coins, secretly recruiting more than 20 Demon Gods in hell and other dimensions.

His thoughts It’s also very simple. On the day and moment when the flatulence is executed, all the demons will go to Quinn Manor with him.

To kill the Demoness with the crushing force, the flatulence can not only survive, but also get the right to hell. Demoness offered a bounty, obtained a large amount of Demon King origin, and ended the Supreme glory of Demoness.

It can’t be said that it can offset the previous investment of Mammon Soul Coins, and make a lot of money.”

“As expected The king of wealth, good plan, good courage.”

, the news is detailed, logical and 80% true.

“Is this news worth $200 million?” said midnight with a smile.

Harry took out her phone and pressed it a few times.

“ding dong .” next moment, a message alert sound came from the mobile phone in the pocket of my shirt at midnight.

Take it out and see that it is the public account of Midnight Bar, with 200 million to the account!

“Cheer up!” He gave Harry a thumbs up.

“Can I get the list and abilities of Mammon’s mercenaries?” Harry asked.

“Mammon is still recruiting around, so the current list is definitely not complete.”

“As many as you want.” Harry said.

“Okay, this message is also counted in the above service.”

Daddy Midnight recounted the twenty-four ‘mammon thugs’ in general.

The information on demons and Earth black magician is very detailed, and the otherworldly Demon God is not even sure about the abilities.

Harry frowned slightly. Of the 24 thugs, none of them were proficient in divination.

Those who are more impossible are Supreme Existence.

Is it true that the melon-eating masses killed Shangdu?

Not necessarily, maybe some more cryptic news was missed at midnight.

“You should guess who I am, right?”

“I didn’t guess, I don’t know anything.” Midnight said with a serious look.

Harry, corner of the mouth twitched, said: “How much does it cost to buy out the news that I’m coming to you?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t need a penny, I will never reveal what we met today, this is the basic conduct of our informers.”

A few drops of sweat crept up on his forehead at midnight, and he used honorifics.

β€”β€”Demoness is testing him, if he dares to collect money, it implies that he has the idea of betraying her, and then she can kill a witness to silence them logically.

As expected of a Demoness, so cunning, so vicious!

“You really don’t want money?” Harry suddenly turned his face away.

Midnight quickly expressed her position: “It’s really not necessary, I swear to keep my mouth shut-”

Harry stood up, a murderous aura flashed in his eyes, “If you don’t charge, it means you don’t. For my duty of confidentiality, it seems that you plan toβ€””

“I accept it, fifty million!” Midnight said eagerly with a trembling face.

At this point, he has been brow beaded with sweat.

“You are so capricious, teach me how to trust you?” Halle coldly said.

I was dumbfounded at midnight, and I was at a loss. Should I accept the money or not?

(end of this chapter)

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