I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 454


Chapter 454 Demon wind rises again and kills Harry

“What are you laughing at?” Goddess angrily said: “I I know this attitude is unsightly, but if I could control myself at the time, I would have run away, and would I stay here to make you laugh?”

Harley also felt that she was too “rebellious”, and quickly apologized: “Teacher Mo Angry, I’m not knowledgeable, I’ve never seen an elemental storm, and I can’t imagine its danger.”

“Did you find a living statue in the vicinity when you came over?” asked Asal .

“There are so many stone carvings, I don’t know which ones are alive.” Harry said.

“Look at the color, you can see the difference between me and the surrounding stone carvings.” Asal said.

Harry took a closer look, and there was a big difference between the two.

Assar’s colors are more gorgeous, obviously with the vitality of life, and other decorations are more like stone carvings.

“Are these stone carvings ever Spiritual God?” Harry asked.

“Of course not, how can there be so many Spiritual Gods in the multiverse?”

Harry drove the blimp again, quickly circled a few hundred thousand li in a radius, and returned to the original place. He said to Goddess teacher: “It seems that you are the only one in this area.”

“Hey, it seems that I was the only one in the elemental storm back then,” Asar said bitterly, “It was obvious that at the time A large group of Spiritual Gods, I am not the weakest one, why am I the only one unlucky.”

Harry changed the subject: “I want to ask, you are bound because of its force field characteristics. , or is there some kind of strange power intruding into you?”

“I’m not quite clear yeah.” Asar muttered: “As soon as I hit the wall of origin, I lost my perception and Spiritual Fluctuation quickly fell silent.

If it wasn’t for the part of my body that Acharas was equivalent to, I would have fallen into a drowsy sleep that day.”

Harry moved closer, only ten meters from Goddess’s forehead , you can even see the rock texture on the surface.

“Teacher, you are the founder of Escape Pattern. You have a special innate talent and sensitivity to stealing energy. Can you tell if there is energy in the origin wall?” She whispered.

“Hecate on top, Harry, you’re crazy!”

Axar Goddess almost jumped up if there wasn’t a wall of origin clinging to her.

“Ai, watching teacher you stick to the wall and suffer year after year, I can’t bear it!” Harley revealed her true feelings and sighed deeply.

Asal was moved and reminded: “The Escape Pattern can only steal magical power.”

“Maybe the origin wall is a kind of magic, and the essence of magic is the power of miracles. , you don’t think this wall is a miracle enough?” Harry said.

“It’s amazing, far more than magic,” said Asal.

Harry smiled, “Are you implying that there is really a mighty power in it?”

She is about to reach Level 61, only because the sixth defense feat has not been turned on. Unable to upgrade.

If the wall of origin is clingy because of energy, she can touch it, and once she touches it, she’ll be completely immune to it, and then

a crazy thought creeps into her. Mind forming.

The idea didn’t come up at this very moment.

When she returned from the midnight bar that day and brought Bruce and Alfred in, she had a general idea when she caught a glimpse of the vague end of the sky (the Wall of Origin) in the distance.

“Don’t go crazy.” Assar warned sternly: “I am the founder of Escape Pattern, and I know its limits best.

Its fundamental theory is among the bloodline. It contains power.

All energy that cannot be extracted from the bloodline cannot be absorbed by the void pattern.

Moreover, since the birth of the multiverse, no one has ever escaped from the origin wall. .”

Harry was silent for a moment, then asked, “teacher, are you believing or not spiritual sense?”

“What do you feel?” Asar asked in surprise.

“For some reason, after entering Acharas the day before yesterday, when I saw the vague shadow of the Wall of Origin again, I suddenly lost the sense of horror in my heart.” Harry sighed.

Any idea will not appear out of thin air, there is some trigger point.

Harry doesn’t just get out of his mind when he’s hot.

In her early years, the Stranger promised to introduce her to a mentor.

After the little black bean incident, he did introduce her to the sage of Orchi.

But after studying with Aoqi for a period of time, Harley found two problems: First, the sage of Aoqi’s house was too far away. Busy; secondly, Sage Orchi’s specialty is ‘Nine Nine Gods List’, a lot of knowledge is not suitable for her, far less than Asar’s ‘professional counterpart’.

She simply gave up the opportunity to become the apprentice of the sage of Orchi, and concentrated on being the disciple of Asar.

Over the years, she has come to Acharas at least once a year, lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

So, she was very familiar with the changes in Achalas.

After the ruins left the Lingthin Prison and entered the Prometheus galaxy, Harley once saw the blurry wall of origin at the end of the universe, her mind was like a shadow, and a heavy sense of depression filled her. chest.

That was a warning from spiritual sense to her.

And a keen spiritual sense is the only innate talent that Halle gets from the ‘Harley Quinn’ bloodline.

As the years passed, the closer Acharas got to the Wall of Origin, the more pressure she felt in her heart, until the day she brought Bruce in, the weight of her heart suddenly disappeared.

“Any transcender believes in spiritual sense, and also believes that spiritual sense will be wrong. If you make a mistake this time, your life will be lost.” Asal said.

“That’s why I asked you about the feeling of being stuck,” Harry said.

Asal thought for a while, and said, “I have a method that is safer than touching the stone wall with my hands.

If you insist on stealing the power of the Origin Wall. “

“God, saying that makes me feel like a lunatic!” At the end, she started yelling again.

“Stop shouting, what’s the method first?” Harry said.

Axal said: “If you want to know what it feels like to be stuck, you can connect our spirit strengths together through the resonance of the emptiness pattern, and my feelings can be almost 100% restored to your mind.

The problem is also here, the feeling is so real, if your spiritual sense is completely wrong, you will incarnate as a rock, like the meteorite of Acharas, pulled by me to fall into the wall of origin.

But before you fall into the wall of origin, can the spaceship snatch you away and maybe rescue you in the City of Silver?”

Harry said with a smile: “This is a good idea, wait for me Validate one more time and start.”

“Validate what?” asked Asal curiously.

Harry slowly approached the origin wall, 9 meters, 8 meters, 7 meters.

“I want to make sure that the stickiness of the origin wall is not purely from the force field.”

If it is a pure force field, with no power to absorb, then she willβ€”β€”

β€œhu hu——” Suddenly, the empty space of nothingness, appear out of thin The colorful ‘Aurora’, which is bright and splendid, covers Harry like a heavy dark cloud.

Asar’s heart was also enveloped, and he wailed hysterically: “Harry, run, the demon wind is here again!”

At this time, Harley was only a short distance from the origin wall. With two centimeters left, she was pouting, trying to take a breath at the wall.

“pa!” The ‘demon wind’ hit, she was caught off guard, and her body was like a pancake, completely sticking to the wall.

“It’s over.”

Time goes back to Christmas.

Solar system, Europa, Eden in the Academician Manhattan.

On the second floor of the castle, the pharaoh stood at the window, looking down at the servants who dressed up the Christmas tree, slaughtered chickens and slaughtered sheep and prepared feasts without getting his orders. Now there are no servants in Eden. , only citizens.

“They’re totally disobedient, everything is as the little bastard expected.”

They love him, follow him, respect him, and do everything according to his will. At the center, he felt that their emotions were so cheap that they didn’t even deserve his attention.

Now they live happily and simply, there is nothing special about him anymore, and he is very lost.

Thinking about it carefully, the past ten years in the Garden of Eden seemed to be the most peaceful time in his life.

“Little bastard, he has a darker heart than Lao Tzu, and the watchman really has a successor!”

He couldn’t help but yell at Harley who caused all this.

Can be emotionally cursed, and scratched the bruises on his face, the old man could not help but grin.

“However, she’s still too tender, she doesn’t do anything, I thought that would trap me.”

old man smiled coldly, and slowly took it out of his pocket Take out a small glass bottle as thick as a thumb, with a few white crystals the size of a broad bean in it.

“Hey, maybe I can’t build a cosmic spaceship in the Garden of Eden. There are too many parts and it takes too long, but it only takes five minutes to make a bottle of potassium cyanide.”

“Tonight on Christmas Eve, let’s all sit together and drink eggnog.” He looked at the busy crowd below, the temperature in his eyes disappeared, there was no murderous aura, just cold, like watching a nest of ants blocking the road .

“Little bastard’s laws are perfect, but no matter how perfect the law is, it needs people to enforce it. Kill everyone who knows the law, and I’ll become the new legislator, hahaβ€”hehe!”

Just as he was smugly laughing, his heart suddenly cramped, his breathing was rapid, his face turned blue, and his consciousness gradually became blurred.

“Pu Tong.” He fell to the ground, and the glass bottle containing potassium cyanide gu lu lu rolled far away,

“Fuck, I was poisoned, Little bastard, you did good, so cruel, I hate so much”

An illusory shadow of the soul invisible to mortals floated up from the old man, with pain and confusion on his face, slowly rising and leaving The castle, leaving the Garden of Eden, floated to the surface of Europa, and began to accelerate suddenly, leaving the material world as quickly as a flash.

But at the moment he entered the thin prison from the material world, or in other words, in the interlayer between the material world and the thin prison, a silver lightning light enveloped him and quickly pulled him into a dark yellow. Empty world.

It looks like the Gobi Desert at dusk covered by a sandstorm.

In the center of the Gobi Desert, there is an all-metal base, the size of three football fields side by side, with several sparkling Energy Towers erected, which looks like a red police base.

The silver arc that wraps the Pharaoh’s soul is connected to the Energy Tower in the center of the base.

“sou!” Pharaoh came to the top of the tower, a brightly lit, spacious and spacious hall.

“Adrian Witte, I finally waited for you.” A man covered in high-tech armor smiled.

“Who are you? Where am I?” said the Pharaoh blankly.

“You know your status code?” the armored man asked.

The pharaoh was stunned for a while, and then scolded: “I was rude to her father, who promised to let me spend my old age in peace, and tried my best to constrain me with a set of laws, but it ended up in my belly early.

Fuck, 80% because Laurie and Tearman are there, she doesn’t want to show her true vicious face!”

“It looks like you know you’re dead.” The armored man seriously said: “You are a smart person, you should understand that since I stole you here halfway, I must ask for something.

My request is very simple, be loyal to me and do things for me.

After it is done, I will grant you any wish, even rule a universe.”

“If you want my allegiance, you must first tell who you are!” Pharaoh said with a bitter smile.

“MΓΆbius, the Anti-Monitor.”

(end of chapter)

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