I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 457


Chapter 457 Papetua, Mother of Creation

“Witter, do you want revenge?” said with a smile.

“How?” Pharaoh asked.

The anti-prisoner stared at the three-dimensional projection image, “I have to wait, until she gets closer to the origin wall, until she completely relaxes her vigilance.

I will use the power of antimatter, Leverage the Universe Source and set off an elemental storm against the wall.

If you’re lucky, you can blow her against the wall in one fell swoop.”

“Not 100% successful ?” said the Pharaoh.

The anti-prisoner king indifferently said: “Before destroying the positive-matter universe, I cannot leave the realm of anti-matter and directly interfere with affairs outside the sixth dimension.

Leveraging the Universe Source trick, I learned it from the blue giant.

I had this idea when I saw Asar.

The two masters and apprentices have the same ending in the same way, maybe it is The arrangement of fate.”

“With the power of the Origin Wall, why do you need to monitor it? As soon as a living person approaches, an alarm is immediately issued, which shows that the King attaches great importance to the Origin Wall.” Pharaoh asked.

The anti-monitoring king gloomy face said: “Our three brothers are monitoring it, and no one was even allowed to approach it in the early years.

Now the surveillance equipment is still there, but we seldom pay attention to it. It’s a problem.

If I hadn’t met Harley Quinn today, I would have dismissed the alert as spam.”

“Why?” Pharaoh wondered. .

The anti-prisoner king sighed: “There is indeed a big secret about the fate of the multiverse hidden within the origin wall.

Don’t ask what the secret is, I can’t say it, or even think about it.

Belief is the initial power of faith, and it is a powerful force.

The less the secret is known, the safer it is.โ€

Lian Anti-Monitoring It was also regarded as a taboo secret, which made the pharaoh more and more curious.

But he didn’t ask, he just stood quietly watching, and when Harry got closer and closer to the origin wall, pouting and ready to exhale, the anti-prisoner king tapped the keyboard, and a selection box popped up, And looked towards Pharaoh again.

Werther hesitated for a moment, but still gritted his teeth: “Although I can’t take revenge myself, it’s not bad.

When I help the king replace the current multiverse with an antimatter universe, you can go to her jeered loudly by the tomb of her.

Better, she could hear it.”

At the signal of the anti-prisoner, he pressed the button to activate the elemental storm.

“huhuhu” elemental power was chaotic out of thin air, flashing multi-colored magnificent colors like aurora in the dark void, Harry was caught off guard, and stuck it on the origin wall with a snap.

“Mother Fake, why is there still wind?” she scolded as she climbed on the wall.

cursed, she immediately felt awe in her heart: I’m afraid it’s not a coincidence that it’s the same as Asal.

โ€”โ€”Someone is messing with her, someone is watching her!

“Mother Fake, why no effect?” The anti-prison king and the pharaoh were stunned.

“Holy shit, Harley, youโ€”very good, it turns out that Harley, you are really extraordinary natural talent, a peerless genius with culture, I am saved!”

Asar Goddess was so shocked that he wanted to jump, but at the end burst into tears of joy.

“What?” Harry was stunned before he regained consciousness, and twisted against the wall, but there was no hesitation.

“It’s actually the force field of connection!?”

After perceiving carefully for a moment, she was surprised to find that the wall of origin had a weak reaction with her force field of connection.

The reaction is not strong, but the origin wall loses its sticking effect on her.

“Could it be that the clinging ability of the Wall of Origin comes from the power of connection?”

The thought jumped into Harley’s mind abruptly but as it should be by rights.

The Force Field of Linking is part of the Fifth Linking Force Defense feat.

Although the force Harley absorbs from Manhattan Academician is called ‘quantum force’, in fact quantum is only appearance, in essence it is the connecting force of quantum attribute.

The fifth defense feat opened by this kind of power is naturally the defense of linking power.

What energy is absorbed to activate Defense Specialty, and this Specialty is specialized for what energy.

If Harley can absorb “Poverty Power” and activate Poverty Defense, then she will never be knocked down by Poverty again.

At this time, her fifth defense specialty blocked the wall of origin, which means that the wall of origin sticks people close to it by the power of connection.

This is another example of the power of connection flowing through the walls!

“Definitely not the Manhattan Academician’s linking force, because the Origin Wall wasn’t built in Manhattan, then.”

Harry’s eyes shined, heart beating furiously: Fifth Defense feat now Level 9 does not mean that it cannot be improved. For example, the Third God Defense Specialty will be upgraded to Level 10.

If you absorb the new linking power, the Fifth Defense Specialty can’t be upgraded to Level 1 again!

“hehehe” Thinking of the beauty, Halle leaned against the wall and laughed.

“What are you laughing at, so wretched? Saliva is flowing out and sticking to my forehead.”

Azar’s surprised voice woke her up.

“Uh” Harley wiped her pink lips, and sure enough, she saw a wet mark on the palm of her hand.

“Haha, I’m happy,” she simply put pride and joy on her face, “teacher, guess why I’m fine?”

“You extraordinary natural talent, what energy? Can you steal?” Asal asked.

โ€”โ€”Fuck, do you want to kill the teacher and keep your mouth shut? You actually told our secret directly!

“I do, but if I could do it, I would be invincible in the whole world.” Harry sighed.

“What’s the reason for that?” Asar said curiously.

โ€œBecause I absorbed the power of Manhattan a month ago and became a ‘white Harry’.

If I can’t resist the sticky force of the Origin Wall, what will Manhattan Academician do? Traversing into our universe?”

She said more and more vigorously, but it wasn’t all lies.

Manhattan, relying on its own power of connection, took the initiative to escape the bondage of the power of connection within the wall.

It’s like a trap Master who uses his skills to escape the Killing Formation arranged by another trap Master.

Harry is purely defensive, passively resisting the effect of the bond force on her. Like a reckless man who doesn’t understand anything, relying on his iron armor to sway the Master’s trap.

The effect is the same, but the method is different.

Applicability also varies widely.

Looking back, Manhattan can also ‘set traps’, but Harry can only resist all the Master’s traps.

However, Harley is not without the power of connection. After raising the specialty to Level 9, the rest of the Manhattan power was absorbed by her body.

That’s why she seemed so relaxed, without the bumps and bumps that the armored man had when he fell into the trap.

“For whatever reason, can you save me?” Asar asked eagerly.

“How to save? I feel like I’m falling on an ordinary but invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable wall. I can’t touch any ‘mechanism’ in the wall, no telepathy, no magic or array fluctuations.” Harley Embarrassed.

“Didn’t you plan to steal the power within the Origin Wall? Didn’t you even sense that power?” asked Asal.

Harry quickly said: “I was about to ask you, where is the energy, why am I not feeling it?”

Asal thought for a while, and said, “Let’s press The original plan was to pick up the Divine Chain, and I’ll pass on the feeling of that power to you.”

Harry didn’t object. To the fluctuation of the emptiness pattern in another part of the void, the two are connected by a strange wave.

Gradually, a feeling of emptiness and desolation hit Harry’s heart.

She seems to have become a rock candy falling into the sea, unable to help but melt into the vast expanse of nothingness.

“How?” Asar retracted his mental tentacles, and Harry became a hollow ball that was pulled into the seabed again. After losing the pulling force, it floated up at an extreme speed, ushering in the light on the sea, and sending it away was impossible to move even The pressure of a little bit.

When she came to the surface, she seemed to be alive again, gasping for breath, and said in shock: “It’s terrifying, I feel like I’ve fallen into someone else’s stomach, and I’m going to melt into endless void. Could it be that the origin wall is eating people? ?”

“Well, you only sense nothingness?”

“What else should there be?”

“Energy feedback.” Asal said: “The Wall of Origination is not draining my energy like a battery.

It absorbs my energy and then feeds it back into me.

The Wall of Origination terrifying is terrifying here .

Energy circulates between my body and the wall, like blood flows between my left hand and right hand.

Isn’t this equivalent to me becoming part of the wall?

So, the longer it hangs on the wall, the harder it will be to wake up, and eventually it will become the lifeless stone sculpture you see.”

“Let me think about it.”

Maybe she should revoke the position of the power of connection in order to feel the power of the wall of origin.

Harry waited until the elemental storm vanished as suddenly as it came before leaving Asal’s forehead.

After driving around in the airship, I found a blank wall with no Demon God statue a million kilometers away from Asar.

Well, if she absorbs the power of the Origin Wall, she must stay away from the teacher so as not to hurt her.

Harry left the airship again, spread out her limbs, and directly threw her five bodies into the wall, sticking it on.

Revocation of the force field of the bond – “crack crack!”

She’s like a trick “turn you into Terracotta Warriors Divine Palm”.

The entire body rapidly petrifies.

The origin wall that was originally invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable had become a soft swamp, and her body slowly sank and swelled rapidly.

Harry, who is 1.72 meters tall, suddenly swelled to a height of 5,000 meters after the whole body was rocked, which is bigger than Asar.

But she didn’t notice the change in her body for the time being.

The same as when she was connected to the spirit of Asar before, she felt that her body melted into a bowl of sugar water, and the power within her body. Harley suddenly woke up.

She has the power of a hammer within her.

She has absorbed countless hell magic powers, ranging from low-level demons without titles, to demon kings, Demon Kings, and even Little Black Beans, and the huge magic powers close to Demon King, all of which were transformed into Bloodline Power by her.

To put it bluntly, the power is in the bloodline.

Later, she absorbed the power of Manhattan and merged into her body, so she could not directly use it.

So, she has no power in her body, so she can’t flow out power.

But now there is indeed power flowing.

The power cannot come out of thin air, which means that the power of her fleshy body is squeezed out by the wall of origin like lard?

Harry is a little creepy.

But next moment, that power comes back into the body.

Exactly what Assar said.

There was another power mixed in with the power that came back.

The power flowed into her body, and her consciousness became a little dizzy, and the connection between her body and the stone wall seemed to be closer.

โ€”โ€”Discover the power of heterogeneity, whether to open the fifth defense specialty upgrade?

Sea of Consciousness Evolution Supreme Treasure comes with this message.

“Sure enough, it’s the power of connection!”

Harry was delighted, and immediately stored the power of alien connection into the upgrade jar.

The energy in the body continues to flow out, into the stone wall, giving back a part of the connection force, sucking up the connection force, and then outflowing the energy

“This connection force is so strange, forcibly the different Life and stone walls are connected.”

Happy, Harry began to panic again.

The existence field of the living person is the force that connects atoms together to form the human body; the existence field of the universe is called ‘the force of connection’, which connects matter and energy together to form a complete universe.

For example, Manhattan’s connecting force can connect two universes into a new universe.

The connecting power of the Origin Wall is to ‘connect’ life into the form of a stone wall.

Why do this?

The power of connection must have a master.

So, why did the ‘creator’ spend the power of creation (the power of connection) to create this strange origin wall?

Just to keep people in and out of the multiverse in and out?

“ka ka.” The sound of the wall shattering came from beside her.

Harry wakes up from her musings, and is surprised to find that she has grown bigger, bigger than the teacher of Asar – which means that the supernatural power within her surpasses that of Asar.

Meanwhile, she sank deeper into the wall.

As the bonding force on the surface of the wall is absorbed cleanly, the invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable stone walls are automatically broken and fall off the wall. Smashed out a deep pit, deep cracks like cobwebs, densely covered the wall.

“child, child”

A vague call, down the gap leading into the depths of the wall, into Harry’s Sea of Consciousness.

She was stunned for a while, then had one’s hair stand on end: There was someone inside the wall, a woman!

“Who are you and why do you call me child? Why are you inside the wall and everyone else is glued to the outside?”

“child, you’re from Earth, right? I It is Papetua, the creator of the universe, by whom I created all the people of Earth.”

(end of this chapter)

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