I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 458


Chapter 458 Green Light Legion in Action

The woman’s voice is kind, like a mother’s lullaby, making people want to get close.

But the more this is, the more vigilant Harry is, because by her nature, she will never get close to any strangers at all – unless the other party is a giant, getting close to it will be beneficial.

And it’s only superficial closeness, what she thinks in her heart, even she herself can’t predict.

She hurriedly stopped absorbing the power of connection and asked, “Why are you in the wall of origin?”

The other party could talk and find her, it must be because she absorbed the power of connection , destroyed the wall.

“The Wall of Origination is not what you think of it as the Guardian Wall of the Universe, it is my Land of Sealing.

I am the Mother of Creation, who created this multiverse, within the universe. All beings are my children, especially the Earth people, which contain the Life Essence that I sowed in them.

But this universe is not isolated, there are many evil forces outside the universe.

I wanted to protect my child from being enslaved by evil forces outside the universe, but in the end it was.”


A loud chirping sounded between Halle and Papetua.

A dazzling silver radiance emerges from a crack in the Origin Wall.

The majestic silver energy forms the appearance of a giant eagle spreading its wings on the surface of the wall.

“Ah, the evil forces are here again! Child, go on! Destroy the origin, and see the truthβ€””

Papetua’s voice faded and eventually cut off Reach out to Harley’s spiritual connection.

“This is.”

Harry’s face was solemn, and she felt it carefully.

As she expected, silver energy is the pure power of connection – the power absorbed by her, the power to maintain the existence of the wall of origin, and the power to seal Papetua, the self-proclaimed mother of creation.

“crack crack!”

Because she squeezed the power of connection, the cracks in the origin wall began to heal quickly under the effect of the connection power of ‘Eagle’.

Except for the addition of an arc-shaped pit on the wall with a radius of two kilometers and a depth of less than one kilometer, everything that happened before seemed like an illusion.

Harry stood by the wall, as if in a dream.

“It turns out that the Wall of Origin is really a prison, and the Mother of Creation is sealed inside. However, what Papetua said is not necessarily true”

The corner of her mouth twitched. A sarcastic sneer, a Great Expert who seems to possess great power, is not very good at lying.

Papetua said that foreign evil forces wanted to enslave the multiverse, and she was sealed to protect the universe.

Here comes the problem, the origin wall has existed since the multiverse had historical records.

If the evil forces outside wanted to enslave the universe, it has already been enslaved, how can there be peace and tranquility now?

Well, the dc universe is ‘full of vitality’, of course it has no relationship with peace and tranquility, but it is all a bit of tossing within itself. At least for now, it has only been an intruder in the Academician of Manhattan for tens of billions of years.

However, Harley didn’t completely see Papetua as a liar.

Because the person who can be sealed by the power of creation (giant eagle connecting power) must also be a god of creation.

Although not in contact, Harry is convinced that Papetua also has the power to connect.

Even if a creator god tells a lie, the lie also contains the truth about the core secrets of the universe.

For example, Halle determined that at the beginning of the universe, there was a battle where one creator god was defeated by another creator god and sealed inside the wall.

For example, Halle determined that Earth was closely related to Papetua, because when he called her child, there was no sense of incongruity, but a closeness that came from the depths of the bloodline.

This is bizarre and normalβ€”debtors of bloodline and power often fail to reject creditors.

“Fake, it’s still a good idea to be on guard. From being born in Earth, all Earth people inevitably owe Papetua an unrepayable debt.” Harry Gloomy face cursing.

The ordinary person of this world is too difficult.

The supreme leader of this world is also difficult, because there are too many competitors and it is too convoluted.

Human beings are like a commodity. From birth to death, they have been branded with countless brands, and countless powerful existences have tried their best to grab the final ownership of the commodity.

It’s tragic and horrific.

“Neither Papetua nor the eagle god who sealed him are good stubborn stubbornness, but may be a threat.

Well, in order to protect myself, I must defend against the power of connection. Specialty level 1 again!”

Harry found a perfect excuse for the greed in her heart, and her eyes looking towards the Origin Wall became firm and hot.

Although extracting the linking power of the Eagle God will destroy the Origin Wall, and if the Origin Wall is broken, Papetua may be freed, but the power is in his own hands. .

Well, her defense expertise has improved, she is at ease and safe, as for the rest of the multiverse. This is something that superheroes need to consider, she is no longer the mayor, and she is not in her position. politics.

Moreover, the strength of the seal also obeys the barrel effect, how much water the barrel can hold is determined by the shortest board, and the strength of the origin wall is determined by the weakest wall.

She has dug a hole in the wall. As long as the remaining hole is not as deep as the first one, it will not change the strength of the current seal.

After comforting herself, Harry put aside the psychological burden completely, like a cheerful hamster, driving the Archimedes airship, digging holes around the wall of origin, each hole as far as possible , the distance from the first hundreds of millions, even tens or tens of billions of kilometers.

The sixth dimension, the field of anti-matter, the base of the anti-monitor.

A few hours ago, when Harley landed on the wall of origin.

“Why is she okay?” The anti-prisoner king was shocked and puzzled.

Pharaoh’s knowledge of the Origin Wall is far less than that of him, but he is not very surprised, “She absorbed Joan’s power to a certain extent, and Joan didn’t stick to it when she came in. By the way, how did I get in in the first place? ?”

The anti-prisoner king was relieved when he heard what he said, “You are very smart, and you chased after the blue giant.”

Pharaoh frowned and thought hard. , “How to pursue the power that disappeared for several years?”

“You had it at that time.” The anti-prisoner said pointing to the Archimedes airship.

Pharaoh stared at the airship, muttered: “Before it was transformed into a magical ship by Harley Quinn, the only thing that was peculiar about it was the power engine.”

After thinking for a while, he suddenly realized Said: “I see, it’s the engine. Everyone thinks it’s a perpetual motion machine, but it’s not, it also needs fuel.

It’s consuming quantum energy.

Good luck Joan , after the failure of the eigenfield experiment, not only did he not die, but instead entered a dimensional space full of quantum energy in a quantum state.

He is the only conscious life in the quantum space.

When His mind senses those quantum energies, and they are branded with his soul brand.

The quantum space becomes Joan’s private space.

The quantum engine on the airship can draw from the quantum space Energy, in theory, can also track Joan’s moving wake.”

The pharaoh was excited, excitedly said: “The anti-prisoner king, quickly snatch Harley Quinn’s airship, with it, we will I can find Qiong again, and even enter Qiong’s quantum space.”

The anti-prisoner king looked at him with a strange expression, “Will the blue giant fall into the same pit twice at the same time?”

“Of course not, he’s not stupidβ€”” Pharaoh stopped abruptly.

“In this restarted universe, I haven’t had time to use engine tracking for the ‘first time’.” He said aggrieved.

The anti-prisoner king sighed: “It has never happened to you. For us, you tracked him with an airship, and it has happened in plain sight.

This universe It is different from your original universe.

Including me, many supreme existences have not given up tracking the blue giant.

If the airship could still be used, we would have stolen it and used it for ourselves It’s over.”

Pharaoh gritted his teeth and said, “Restarting the universe is just playing hooligans, it’s worse than playing games in the archives, it’s simple and rude, and has no skills at all.

Poor mortals are incomparably wise, There is no chance of struggle.”

“You are wrong, the reboot is not a save game, it is only the single universe and the life in the universe that is restarted.

The trauma of the multiverse itself And the wear and tear, not only did not disappear, but intensified because of it.

Continue to restart, and one day the multiverse will collapse.” The anti-supervisor king said.

“Hey, what is she doing? How did she turn into a stone giant?” Pharaoh was surprised.

At this point, Harley made her first attempt to absorb the bonding force within the wall.

“Damn, she’s destroying the wall of origin.” Seeing the wall shatter, the stone lost Divine Force and turned into ashes, the anti-prison king was both shocked and angry, with seven points of fear.

“Stop, idiot, you don’t know what you’re doing!” he growled in lost self-control.

But Harry couldn’t hear it at all.

His voice didn’t get through.

“Do you have other defense mechanisms? It’s not just surveillance, no punishment, right?” Pharaoh reminded.

The anti-monitoring king looked gloomy, “Although our three brothers are all monitoring the origin wall, Wan Tianyi (material universe) is the domain of the monitor, and he is in charge of the origin wall.

As long as the watcher is not dead, he must have noticed the changes in the origin wall, and let’s see how he arranges it.”

The two waited for a full day and two nights before they saw a hundred and ten green meteors from Flying out of the sky into the monitor lens.

“They are” Pharaoh rubbed his eyes vigorously, “people? They are all aliens, are all aliens so powerful?

These green men are over a hundred They don’t seem to belong to a race, they can both have fleshy body space jump and sub-light interstellar flight.”

“Don’t you see them being wrapped in green light?”

“Even if the green light is as powerful as the most advanced individual armor, what about the pressure of acceleration on the body?

” Pharaoh said.

“They are Green Lanterns, two Guardians have come here, they are very cautious, but” the anti-prison king brows slightly wrinkle, “What is that guy Marnou doing, why didn’t he come in person, didn’t immediately catch up with him? To?”

Harry hung cross-legged over the palm of a stone statue of Spiritual God, her right hand resting her chin in thought.

During two days and two nights, the owl airship took her to fly for hundreds of millions of kilometers, dug a total of 23 holes in the wall, and finally filled the jar of expertise and experience.

Fifth, Linking Power Defense Specialty, Level 10: 1. Save any form of time and quantum energy threats, save origin judgment, normal power attack immunity 50% – 70%;

2. Consciousness is immune to the restart of the great universe level;

3. The force field of connection: immunity from the mortal attack effect of the multi-universe level, partial immunity from the mortal attack of the omnipotent universe, self-inheritance The field is indestructible (universal universe level).

The Specialty has been upgraded to Level 10, and the defense attribute has not changed, only the defense strength has been strengthened.

Rush out of the multiverse, initially involving the omnipotent universe.

Coupled with an ‘Exemption from Origin Judgment’, Harley has almost figured out the source of the bonding force absorbed: outside the dc multiverse, there is a place of origin, and the place of origin has a giant eagle form ‘s judge.

For some reason, the inquisitor sanctioned Papetua.

(end of this chapter)

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