I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 460


Chapter 460 unlocks the sixth Defense Specialty

With Harley’s fear of death, how could it be possible for her to go to the Origin Wall to explore, but to Black warrior to stay at home?

When the green light Legion came, the black warrior was worried about being surrounded and unable to exert his power, but also wanted to share the pressure for Harry, so he drove the airship at a moderate pace and left with eight green lights.

At the time, even Harley wasn’t sure if there would be a conflict with the Green Lantern Legion.

So, the black warrior didn’t kill a sudden thrust or something.

It was not until the differences between the two sides were serious and the talks broke down completely that Richie got Harley’s instructions to let Fiora go online and the black warrior to go offline to control the Aki airship with a quantum spirit body.

In the past few breaths, the red-skinned Abinsu on the origin wall suddenly complexion greatly changed, “Your Excellency Guardian, Rodney is dead!

The spaceship jumped out. A warrior with a black cloak and a giant axe with an energy blade. He is extremely fast and powerfulβ€”ah, Romon is also dead.”

“You bring three squads to support.” Gan With no expression on his face, he continued to carry out crushing hammer blows on Harry.

Well, Harry didn’t break out of the cage of green energy.

If it wasn’t for the rock palm she was in was indestructible, the Guardian would have cut off the rock arm and dragged her away in a cage.

“Halle, got it, but it’s been struggling, I’m afraid you can’t use it.”

While Abinsu shouted, Harry also received a message from Richie. .

“Voice of the sky, send me the green light ring in the black warrior’s hand.”

Harry folded her head and let the green fist beat herself as a sandbag , the body surface is continuously flashing arc-shaped magic shield – price magic, shield of protection.

The counter-injury attack fell on the little blue man Ganser’s head, causing him to browse tightly knit and sweat on his forehead.

“Spatial Teleportation needs 50,000 merits.” The Voice of Heaven said silently.

The next moment, a golden light projected from outside the void, passed through the green cage, and landed in front of Harry.

She caught it, a green light ring stained with blood.

The ring resembles Harry Potter’s golden snitch, glowing green, struggling to escape.

“How dare you to snatch the Green Lantern ring.” The Green Lanterns were furious.

Guardian Ganther was expressionless, but he also changed his attack method. It was no longer a fist-pounding that wounded but not killed, but transformed into a green Flying Sword with a long palm.

Except for the green color, it is almost the same as Xianxia World’s Yujian Feizhuan.

The little blue man carried his hands on his back, the green cage wrapped Harry and the rock palms, and the dozens of Flying Swords inside were extremely fast and exquisite, like an antelope hanging its horns, so wonderful that there was no trace of it. Firework smell.

“Heaven Armor!” Harley loudly shouts, and the layers of scale armor spread from her chest, covering her body in an instant.

“ding ding ding~ β€”β€”chi chi chi! “

The Flying Sword fell on the body, sometimes dinging, sometimes piercing the armor forged in divide gold, shooting blood, The magic shield kept flickering, exploded and reappeared.

There were even eight or nine illusory shadows of Harley, which overlapped with her body.

This is an attack that activates Quantum Defense.

“Huh!” Harry was stunned.

She hurriedly reconciled her thoughts and observed it carefully.

Only two or three seconds passed, and there were hundreds of more scars on her body, but she had a happy face, laughed heartily: “Your weak spot is too big? Hasn’t anyone discovered it for so many years?”

“Look at my golden clothes!” She shouting loudly, the golden and silver, two colors heaven armor on her body immediately became golden light, turning into a set of golden armor that emits golden brilliance, more than 2000 watts of armor. The bulbs are also brighter.

β€œding ding ding~!”

All the green Flying Swords that landed on her were knocked flying.

The fierce attack that once could cut through the heaven’s divide gold has now become the fist of the old woman’s love. The speed is slow, the attack is weak, and even the green blade has become illusory and unstable.

“Damn, she discovered the yellow defect of the lamp ring.” The green lights ugly complexion.

The green light energy is restrained by yellow and yellow light, and it is very restrained.

This information was originally concealed by the Green Lantern Legion, and Harry didn’t know it either, but her heavenly armor was originally gold and silver, two colors, mainly silver, and decorated with golden.

Harry is a Defense Master and is extremely sensitive to defense.

When the dense rain of Flying Swords fell, she suddenly found that some Flying Swords pierced through the armor like a wooden plank, which shocked her. The little blue man was as powerful as Spiritual God.

The Flying Sword imposing manner is amazing, but it makes a sound like raindrops falling on a banana leaf.

She certainly understands her Heavenly Duke armor, except for the different colors, the materials and forging techniques of all parts are exactly the same.

So, is it just a matter of color?

Because the only difference is color.

It was nonsense, but it was the only reason Harry could think of for a moment.

There is no loss in trying anyway.

And she succeeded.

Taking advantage of the fact that the lanterns were shocked by the change, she shrank back and put the blood-stained green lantern ring on her hand.

No response at all, and no energy pouring in.

The little blue man Gunther sneered again and again.

“Damn, if you don’t use it, I will destroy you!” She roared, with a ferocious expression on her face, took off the ring, shoved it into her mouth, and bit her silver teeth sharply, like chewing broad beans. , “ka beng!”

The green light energy is stored in the lamp ring, and her first defense feat, food defense feat, Level 6: Devour intermediate Rare Item, including food and magic below Divine Item guide.

The stomach that digests the magic tool must also have the teeth that chew the magic tool.

even more how Green Lantern was never known for being tenacious.

“ka-cha!” The ring is broken into pieces.

Harry swallowed it whole after a few bites.

“The miracle energy in the food is detected, which can be absorbed as the experience to upgrade the food defense specialty.”

“The higher energy in the body is detected, which can be absorbed as the experience for unlocking the sixth defense specialty.”


Two messages in a row came to Harry’s mind.

She hesitated.

Harry didn’t know much about Green Lantern in her previous life. She only watched the “Green Lantern” movie, and knew that the movie was a scam, which made Xiaosplash and the film company suffer a lot.

But the majestic power of the Green Lantern Legion is vividly and thoroughly displayed in the movie.

In recent years, she has also heard the story of Legion’s “arrogant and domineering Semite” in the Forgotten Bar.

So, a long time ago, she had the idea of turning on the Green Light Defense Specialty.

Seeing the green light Legion came to the door, the black warrior immediately opened the spaceship to attract monsters, and then killed a sudden thrust to grab the ring.

It is not a coincidence.

Harry intends to snatch a green light ring and activate level 60 green light defense.

It was an accident that Legion met the green light on the Origin Wall, but a series of events that happened after that were all in her plot against.

However, the accident happened again.

The sudden discovery of the yellow defect of the green light made her hesitant – with such a large weak spot, do you still need to turn on the green light defense?

Just put on a layer of yellow golden armor.

“Childish, stupid!” Seeing her transformed into a golden man and laughing wildly, Ganser was only coldly snorted, still carrying his hands, his expression indifferent, but his eyes changed from casual to murderous aura, even silver radiance emerges from the eye socket.

“chi chi chi!” The seven-eight-handed Flying Sword smashed the ‘golden cloak’, blood splashed, and several layers of shields were excited, and then shattered into light spots.

“What? Yellow flaw gone?”

Harley turned pale in fright, and quickly chose “Enable Sixth Defense Specialty” to suppress herself.

“Why doesn’t it work?” she yelled.

The green light Legion ignored her, but Rich responded: “Harry, the yellow light is still valid here, and the black warrior has killed three green lights.”

” Could it have something to do with willpower? Green light represents courage, and courage can overcome the yellow defect of green light?” Harry asked in surprise.

“I don’t know, maybe Green Lantern also needs cultivation? You are facing the boss of Green Lantern Legion – the Guardian of the Universe.” Strangely said.

Then, he hurriedly reminded: “Harry, you are about to hang up, hurry up and call for help.” The flesh was blurred, and the body was about to break into several sections.

β€œThe voice of the sky.”

20,000 meritorious deeds to complete the healing.

“Ah, what kind of power is this, she actually recovered in an instant?” Green Lantern exclaimed.

The little blue man Ganser’s eyes became colder, and he intensified his strength secretly. The fierce sword light was like strips of elongated green unrolled bolt of white silk, completely wrapping Harry.

“The energy absorption is complete, do you want to enable the zero-level green light defense feat?”

A message came from Evolution Supreme Treasure.

The fragments of the lamp ring in the stomach have not been digested, but the energy to activate the feat is enough.

Harry didn’t hesitate.

Sixth, Green Light Defense Specialty, Level 0: Increases Green Light attack resistance by 20%.

“Gudonggudong.” The sixth feat is turned on, and the restriction of stuck at Level 61 is cancelled. First upgrade to Level 61 to empty the experience jar, and the empty jar is dyed red and bubbling frantically.

“The voice of the sky, teleport all the rings in the black warrior’s handβ€””

Harley paused, puffed out her mouth, and changed the teleportation to the front of the body to teleportation to in the mouth.

“Oh, by the way, wash the ring with holy light before sending it over.” She added hurriedly.

The ring just now was a little salty, and it seemed to taste like blood.

She has Level 6 food defense expertise, and she is not afraid of alien transgenics, nor is she afraid of alien viruses and parasites that may exist in the blood, but wearing the ring on her hand, in case of oil and sweat, in case A certain green light used to press his butt with his fingers, uh, it was so disgusting that Harry didn’t even want to eat it.

“ka beng ka beng .” She chewed the five or six rings in her mouth and swallowed it contentedly.

“You rubbish, prepare to meet the wrath of True King Quinn!”

Halle raised her right hand, the Holy Mother slogan on the back of her head, yellowed: “Show you Gorgeous figure, tears of Gabriel.”

“weng!” A beam of blood light fell from the aperture of her Holy Mother, and the violent elemental fluctuations made the approaching green light Flying Sword unstable. .

There is a small space similar to Divine Kingdom in the aperture of Holy Mother, with a room size of more than ten square meters, which is used by her to store items.

The blood light ends, revealing a one-meter-long pink baseball bat.

The style is exactly the same as the original, only the surface has changed from metal to pink glaze.

The surface has a crystal clear porcelain texture.

Harry ran fast towards Ganser, running “Kaishou Prajna Gong”, the super dynamic vision made the foreground objects slow down infinitely, and the baseball bat was swung repeatedly in her hand.

“ding ding ding~ !” The green Flying Sword was knocked out by most of it, and it was still flying in the air, and the Flying Sword composed of green light energy collapsed and disintegrated.

The little blue man on the opposite side brows slightly wrinkle, a will that contains extreme pain and hatred, when Flying Sword touches the baseball bat, it suddenly presses on his heart, teaching him that he cannot maintain Flying The structure of the Sword.

“sou!” Harley stepped on the air and ran in small steps. The speed was not slow, but the stride frequency was extremely high-the distance she could cover in one step, she literally took three or even four steps.

“sou!” When the lanterns were wondering about her strange steps, her silhouette suddenly blurred, “sou” pulled out a series of illusory shadows, and moved forward several dozen meters.

The probabilistic quantum shift was activated, directly breaking through the green cage that held her.

“Ada!” Harry’s face was full of excitement and ruthlessness, and he swung the stick and slammed it on Ganser’s head.

Ganther still carried his hands on his back, looking at her indifferently, when the stick approached him half a meter, a circle of transparent stance slammed into Harry.

“bang!” She was shot out like a cannonball.

The impact of this intensity did almost no substantial damage to Harley. The person was in the air, and he had already adjusted his posture and landed dozens of meters away.

“Pure psychic power? Why does Little Blue Man look like Master Yoda?!”

Harley didn’t sense the green light energy during the shock, it was pure psychic power.

“biubiubiu” answered her with a green light Legion, a beam of energy rays.

(end of this chapter)

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