I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 463


Chapter 463 Bateman sends armor

Harley recruited Mamen as a mercenary and told him about asking him to help him .

“No problem, just call me when the time comes.” Swamp monster said readily.

It was so crisp that Harry was very happy.

After chatting a few more things about Abby’s pregnancy, she asked: “Constantine was chased by Negar, you know? Why didn’t you and Fate Academician pull him?”


The swamp monster was silent for a long time and said, “For me personally, I don’t like him, and I can’t help him.”

“You have worked together many times, and I thought you liked him very much. “Harry wondered.

β€œThere is no doubt that Constantine is a human hero, but” the swamp monster tangled, β€œsome of his actions disgust me.”


“For example, he betrayed his lover and brought the greatest humiliation and pain of the Human World to her with his own hands” Swamp monster sighed softly: “John is so scary sometimes, I don’t even know what to do How to face him.”

Harry speechless saying: “The reason why he defiled Holy Mother is not because of your instigation?

Although I despise him very much, but you It’s too ruthless.”

“Harry, don’t slander people out of thin air!” The swamp monster hurriedly said: “How could I come up with such a bad idea?

I just let him elope with Zed, miss December 25th, and I can offer some help if necessary.

Also, when I found Constantine, he didn’t have any demon blood in him at all. , and when Negar poured blood into him, he didn’t tell me.

So, I can’t think of a vicious way to defile Holy Mother.”

“Well, not yours. Ideas, but since he is following your orders, shouldn’t you help him solve the repercussions?” Harry asked.

“I can’t do anything either! Constantine has been marked with bloodline and magic power. Unless Supreme Existence takes action, no one can help him.” Swamp monster cried.

“Where’s the Academician of Fate? He is the real mastermind behind the disruption of the Holy Son’s coming, at least he can get Negar.” Harry said.

“Kent must not shoot”, the swamp monster considered his words, “In the event of the advent of Holy Son, a total of three forces appeared, human, heaven and hell.

Human is the weakest, in the Survive in the cracks.

What I do is not to compete for hegemony, but to avoid becoming a fish to be competed.

Now, heaven fails, hell is played, and human beings gain Lee, both heaven and hell are simmering in anger to vent.

If Fate Academician comes forward, it means that human beings are in conflict with hell and heaven.

If only Constantine is the only one Man, he can destroy the coming of Holy Son as his personal act.

Now we have won, the conflict is limited between Nigal and Constantine, which is in the best interests of mankind.

Even if Constantine is pulled into hell, only one of him will be sacrificed – although it is a bit shameless to say so, but once the fate of Academician ends, the Demon King on the other side of hell will definitely take the opportunity to get angry, and in the end There are more than one or two dead.

I said this, you may understand?”

“This is in conflict with Gotham, the boss is to avoid the escalation of the conflict and to keep his hands. The benefits of the slack make the little brother who has made great contributions to the top of the tank no different. What’s not to understand?

The Penguin was an undercover agent for Falcone, and he pitted Fish and Maroney with blood on their faces.

When his identity was exposed, Maroney only vented his flame hair on Cobot, and Falcone kept a tacit understanding and did not go to war with him.

It’s just that , Maroney initially sent an Arkham Island to Fish for Bauerport as compensation.

Later Falcone also sent a justice for Bauerport to quell Maroney’s anger.


You ‘great’ Spiritual Gods seem to be inferior to Maroney and Falcone.” Harry faintly sneered.

The swamp monster said bitterly: “You are too mean, Maroni and Falcone at least have Arkham Island and a judge to send, but how can human beings satisfy heaven and earth? Hell?

Do you want Fate Academician to take the souls of millions of living people to quell the wrath of hell?”

“But if you do this, who will want to be with you in the future? Cooperation?” Harry sighed.

“This kind of thing cannot be forced in the first place. It can only depend on the consciousness and will of the person involved. For example, Constantine, I have never forced him. He voluntarily sacrificed for mankind.” Swamp monster said.

“Hehe, this is different from what I heard. Constantine said to me, heaven, hell, you, all three are forcing him.

No wonder, His status is too special – Maria’s husband, Holy Son’s nominal father.

How is it possible to want comfort?” Harry said.

“Harry, do you still want me to work for you?” The swamp monster flew into a rage out of humiliation, “Since you refused to participate in the beginning, you are naturally not qualified to comment on all of us now. Human behavior.”

“Hey, don’t be angry, I’m a bitch, you’re right, Constantine splashes, deserves it. Conserve strength and store up energy, wait for my summon.” Harley hurriedly said.

Hanging up the swamp monster, she started contacting the Stranger again.

The Stranger didn’t have a cell phone, but in recent years he has settled down on Long Island under the pseudonym ‘Stark’.

Not only has a wife, but also a son and daughter-Harry thinks that it is not his child, but the people around him, including the child and the child mother, think that the stranger is Stark, the biological father of the children. .

So, strangers not only have mobile phones, but also normal people’s work and social circles.

However, the Stranger does not allow her to call his house, much less welcome any transcender to visit his house.

“I see, I’ll go when the time comes.”

The Stranger was also very cheerful.

In the blink of an eye, another eight days have passed.

“ka ka ka β€”β€”” On the origin wall, the stone statue struggled to hold up, and quickly shrank, becoming a half body without lower body.

“Sure enough, the power of connection in the wall of origin is repairing my injury.”

Seeing the little half of the red, thumping heart showing under her chest, Harry’s expression was weird. .

No bleeding, no pain, no discomfort other than being cooler, and even weakness kept away from her.

“Come on your legs!” She hooked her hands to the other end, a rock statue dozens of kilometers away, her legs shrunk in half, turning from stone to flesh and blood, and quickly ran towards this side .

Like a barrel full of viscera, flying fast.

It’s not scary, it’s not creepy, it’s pretty funny.

There was no bleeding or weakness from the lower body.

After touching the upper and lower parts of the body, they are attracted together like a magnet, without the healing technique of Harley summon from the voice of the sky.

The severed organs were squirming and connected together, and the bloodstains on the chest and waist were also visibly disappeared with naked eyes.

Harry jumped, feeling stronger and more energetic than before the cut.

“This origin wall is still the Holy Land for convalescence! If you hang it on the wall to recover after every three or five cuts, I don’t know if it will allow the body to evolve.”

She decided that in the future, no matter what No injuries, always come to the wall to hang it.

Without much delay, after leaving the Origin Wall, she immediately took the blimp and quickly returned to Acharas.

In front of Asal Divine Idol, Bruce, who was doing one-finger meditation with his bare upper body, caught a glimpse of Harry, and immediately turned over and stood up, eagerly saying: “Where have you been, why did it take so long? My The back injury has recovered, and I have to leave.”

He has no magic power, nor the ‘Mark of the Raven’ that locks this different dimension, so he has to rely on Harry to get in and leave.

“Secluded cultivation is less than half a month, what are you anxious about?”

“It’s not that I am anxious, it’s that the citizens of Gotham desperately need Bateman, and Robin the cat finally failed. Fulfilling my orders and hurting myself.” Bruce took out his phone and opened Gotham’s latest news to show her.

Harry just glanced at it casually and said, “What am I doing, Asal teacher didn’t tell you?”

“I’m also curious about what happened to you after that. .”

Assar immediately passed out Spiritual Fluctuation from Divine Idol.

β€œGreen light Legion arrogant and despotic, intending to execute me for threatening the security of the multiverse.”

Haley told the story of the green light to her trouble.

“didn’t expect there are policemen in the universe.” Bruce frowned: “But who gives them the power to enforce the law? Who are the laws and what standards are they made according to?

Nation Unlike countries, laws are also different.

The planet is different from civilization, can it really use the same set of laws?”

Harley said: “Why does the United States call itself the world police? Because of the strength of the United States, the powerhouse can exert its will, it’s that simple.”

“Then did you commit a crime?” Bruce asked.

“In order to save the teacher who fell into the wall of origin, I have carried out in-depth, scientific and normative research on the wall.

If saving the teacher is also a sin, then I am guilty.” Halle held her head high and sighed.

Bruce’s mouth twitched.

“Harry.” Asal was very moved.

Harry did tell her that dayβ€”now I don’t know how to save her, and I need to find a place without Spiritual God stone carvings to study the Origin Wall.

Then the green light came over.

In the final analysis, the discipline was too filial and over-studied, causing some damage to the wall.

One of the ways to save her is to destroy the Origin Wall!

“You didn’t explain to the Cosmic Police?” Bruce asked.

“When the United States took washing powder and wanted to fight Iraq, didn’t others explain it?

If the explanation is useful, what do you need strength for?” Harley sneered.

Bruce sighed and said, “Can I be of any help?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, green light The trial of Legion, the raid of the demon mercenaries, it’s all right.”

“It’s all right” Harry looked him up and down. p>

Bruce shook his head, “No matter what you learn, you can’t rely on them to help you.

But didn’t your Heavenly Armor get chopped down by the green light and fall to the wall?

If you need it, I can send you a set of bat armor.

It was originally prepared for the ‘Superman Defense Plan’, but it has not yet been completed, not even the first model. The style is very simple, but the defense is really strong.”

Harry’s eyes widened, “You didn’t wake up, or were you hypnotized by someone? You took the initiative to give me the armor?”

Bruce frowned: “You’re about to be beaten to death, trifling a piece of armor, what’s the point?”

“Well, I was wrong, you’re still a normal person, you haven’t been completely killed. Bateman erodes.”

Bruce purse one’s lip, “Baterman is the highest embodiment of my self-requirement, is it still a mistake to be strict with myself?”

“I’m not wrong, but the requirements are too high, and you are no longer a normal person.”

Bruce sighed then said, “The devil is coming soon, what are your plans?”

Harry chuckled: “I’m not in a daze these days while hanging on the wall. Under my remote command, the formation of ambush from ten sides has been completed, just wait for them to enter the net.”

(end of chapter)

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