I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 465


Chapter 465 Punching the Air Killing God


At the end of January 2014, the winter was cold and gloomy night.

In the sky above Gotham, there is a natural phenomenon, and suddenly there is a bloody meteor, dragging a long black smoke-like tail, roaring and piercing the sky, falling towards Indian Mountain.

Radar Andy screamed: “There’s a shooting star in the sky, targeting Quinn Manor, Mach 50, ah, it’s actually slowing down under the acceleration of gravity, Mach 49”

“Ugh , this is the meteor predicted by Shangdu.”

In the yard, Harry looked up at the sky, looked thoughtful.

“It’s not a meteor, it’s a flatulent deity!” The stranger on the side had a weird expression, “didn’t expect Lucifer to punish him in this way.

Is this a legend? The jumping platform?

No wonder Meteor is slowing down, he doesn’t want to be killed.”

“Ricky, bang the fuck.” Harley ordered.

“Om – ε‘²ε‘²!” The phase gun that was already on the top of the mountain immediately shot a shallow red energy ray.

The sound of “bang bang!” was very weak when it was launched, like an electric arc beating, but when the energy ray hit the meteor in the sky, it was loud like thunder, and half of Gotham City could hear it.

“crash-bang β€”β€””Blood, minced meat, and broken scales, like raindrops, scattered densely.

“Be careful, there is an imposing manner, a huge evil aura appears ten kilometers away,” the swamp monster reminded loudly, “it’s the mammon mercenary group!

The green of all things is above, many There are more than 20 Demon Lords.

Even the Crown Prince of Sannomiyaji and the Seven Six Brothers are there.

There are also hundreds of Evil Gods and otherworldly creatures, all No less than ordinary Spiritual God.

This is a real lore!

This time hell is real.”

In the end, the god of trees Also started to tremble.

“Harry, you shouldn’t offend the King of Wealth, he’s too rich.” The Stranger said sternly.

In the airship of Archimedes, Zha Kang probed and said, “Hasn’t hell gone bankrupt recently? Soul currency has collapsed, and the finance minister of hell, Mammon, is unforgivable. Why didn’t he seize his property?


He is so generous, madly throwing soul coins to hire thugs, what do the other bankrupt demons think?”

“Don’t panic, everything is under control.” Harley’s heart pounded, As steady as a dog.

She even sneered casually: “On Earth, the company went bankrupt, retail shareholders were ruined, and the company’s CEO was still a billionaire and a man with a famous car. Are there still fewer examples?

Mammon is just forβ€””

“How dare you, who is peeping at this god!”

As she was talking, Harry suddenly felt a spiritual sense. Dark, as if there was a hungry wolf, looking at her face to face with fierce, plot against eyes.

Then, she seemed to open her second pair of eyes – not Sannomiya’s son, the eyes were on her forehead, but her spiritual sense opened her eyes.

This has never been the case.

But she seemed to be very used to this ability, and at a glance, she saw the gray mist floating in front of her, trying to get into her eyebrows.

β€œcourting death!”

As a conditioned reflex of Martial Artist, she punches subconsciously.

“Boom!” A crisp crackling sound.

“ao β€”β€”” The mournful cry of despair came from the lower reaches of the river of time, and only she could hear it.

“Kill the higher demon count and come to heaven with 15,000 merit points.” The voice of the sky gave a dull reminder from the big cross.

Harry blinked, and in front of her was Quinn Manor, and a meteor was falling from the sky.

The second pair of eyes disappeared, the gray fog disappeared, and the demon’s corpse was not seen. Everything that happened before was like a fantasy.

“What just happened?” The Stranger asked with a frown.

“What? What did I just do?” Harry said blankly.

“You were talking when you stopped suddenly, loudly shouted ‘who is watching me’ with your soul, and then” The Stranger shook the head, “I don’t know what happened after that, but just now There are intense time fluctuations around you.”

“Iβ€”” Harry had just said a word, and the feeling of being watched came back.

She opened her spiritual eyes again, and the gray fog rushed towards her face again. Harry had a certain premonition that the fog wanted to drill into her eyebrows, into her soul, and explore her. everything is secret.

This time she calmed down a lot, waited for the mist to approach, and observed it carefully for a while before throwing a punch.

“bang!” is no more difficult than smashing a watermelon, with no difficulty smashing it.

Not just broken, but completely annihilated.

This time, she didn’t listen to the mourning cry of the annihilation of the gray fog, and didn’t care about the added merits of the cross. She unified her thoughts and focused on herself. Finally, she found the clue: the fifth connection. The Force Defense feat is in play – immunity to any form of time threat, immunity to restarts at the Great Universe level.

β€”β€”Some people observe her on the timeline, threatening her in time; some people want to peep and interfere with her fate, but she has ‘jumped out of the Three Realms’, and even the restart of the big universe Can’t affect her independent will.

“Hahaha, the specific defensive effect is like this. It is worthy of the highest level of bonding power. It is too powerful!” He directly raised his head and laughed wildly, laughing until his teammates were unfathomable mystery.

She had suspected before that the Fifth Defense Specialty should be more than immune to time attacks.

Because of the energy that unlocks the Power of Bonding Defense feat, it comes from Manhattan Academician.

The essence of Defense Specialty is that what energy is absorbed, what energy can be defended; whoever absorbs the energy can be defended against.

She opens her defenses with the Manhattan Power, which should be extremely restrained against the Manhattan Academician’s abilities.

And Manhattan Academician is extremely proficient in time observation, selective fate manipulation, and the ability to restart the universe, so her fifth defense specialty should be damned against these magical skills.

It’s just that the Defense feat has a very unfriendly flaw: Harley herself can’t figure it out without trying it.

It’s like a person who knows his head is hard, but he has never seen porcelain before, so he certainly doesn’t know if his head can withstand the beating of a porcelain jar.

“What were you doing just now?” the stranger asked in surprise.


Just as Harry was about to answer, another gaze was projected from the lower reaches of the River of Time.

Fate, Power of Time, and the gray fog of soul mixed with her, rushed towards herβ€”to her fate, which wanted to ‘strengthen’ her future, to rewrite her book of fate.


She threw a punch, 100% of the existence field crit, and it seemed to have the flavor of time and space and fate.


β€œYou—” the stranger asked again.

But Harley uttered a cry from her soul again, and punched the river of time “splashing”.

Even Constantine in the distance felt the waves of time and fate.

They didn’t even have a chance to ask, and they saw that Harley was screaming and punching continuously, as if she had taken the wrong medicine.

“What’s wrong with me today? Why are so many demons and ghosts peeping at my fate? Ada, Ada.”

A dozen kilometers away in downtown Manhattan, on the rooftop of the Empire State Building, a few A magic boss stood in the wind, looking towards the manor.

“Kent, did you see it?” Sage Orchi frowned and asked the Fate Academician nearby, “What is Harry doing?”

“Is there an invisible ghost there? Assault her?” are speculated on.

“She seems to be stirring up the flow of time, like treading water on a river with her feet.” Fate Academician hesitated.

I looked at the meteors that were getting closer and closer to the manor, and then looked at the rolling demon clouds that had reached the Indian Mountains, and said in amazement: “She is not going to face the demons, what is she doing to stir the flow of time?

And, she throws her fists randomly, can she encounter the super-time flow?”

“She must not be stupid, she must do so-“

Fate Academician Thought With one move, try to observe Harry at this time with the power of fate.

In the next instant, his expression changed dramatically, “shit, it’s reallyβ€””

A strange force crossed the river of time and attacked him in the face.

“Bang!” The palm-sized golden cross flew out from the eyebrows of the helmet, but was shattered by invisible force, and the golden brilliance was scattered.

“bang!” There was another muffled sound, and Fate Academician fell backward uncontrollably, as if he had been hit by a huge might bullet, and his helmet was “clang dong clang” dong” fell off.

Without the helmet, the golden cloak on his body and the academic uniform of destiny in two colors of gold and blue faded one after another, revealing a middle-aged white-collar man in a suit and leather shoes.

“What’s the matter?” Everyone was shocked, “Kent, your eyesβ€””

The helmet fell, revealing the pale and horrified face of Fate Academician, blood running down the eye sockets. The temples flow.

Kent endured the pain in his eyes, groped his hands on the ground, felt the helmet, and put it on immediately.

Golden light flows around the body, and the Cloak, uniform, and even Divine Force of Fate Academician, come back to Kent once again.

“Thanks to the protection of the helmet of destiny, otherwise these two eyes may not be able to be saved.” He said fearfully.

“What happened?” asked the sage of Orchi.

Fate Academician struggled to get up and said in disbelief: “Harry is not insane or attacked by ghosts, she is fighting back against all existences that observe her destiny and future.

I was punched by her just now.

A very ruthless and bizarre way of fighting back.

Strength of Backlash and legendary existence attacking both fate and time.

I didn’t want to peep into her future, I just glanced at it to verify what I thought, the backlash is small.

In addition to the protection of the helmet of fate, I can get out of the body.”

“Oh, Spiritual God also has the ability to prevent fate from being pryed, but it’s not as strong as her, how did Harley do it?” The sage of Orchi murmured.

Mrs. Shangdu suddenly remembered something, and the complexion greatly changed said: “Kent, you mean that Harley can detect and fight back against the person who predicted her?”

Fate Academician Strange Glancing at her, was he not clear enough?

“Should be.”

“No, Harry, don’t-” The boss turned his head quickly and wanted to shout at Quinn Manor, but he was halfway through. , she suddenly pupil shrink – the devil has entered the manor, five metal giants form a circle, like a metal city wall, surrounding the villa, and the fireball in the sky is only several hundred meters away from the ground, and it will fall in an instant – this is exactly what The scene she saw in the divination that day.

It’s too late, what’s going to happen has already happened.

She died.

“Harry, Fake Squid!” she simply cursed.

Actually, Harry was also panicking at the moment. She realized that a powerful and unmatched supreme will was watching her, but she couldn’t kill the opponent no matter what.

She shrank subconsciously and really avoided it.

Like a loach slipping through her hand, her fate slips away from the ‘supreme sight’.

It’s amazing.

Uh, this is Mammon’s observation of her fate, the key is that the boss Lu is sitting next to him


The meteor falls, Quinn The manor is like an erected cannon barrel, spraying flames and earth and rocks 100 meters high into the sky.

And thenβ€”

there was nothing.

Indian Mountain was suddenly very quiet, there was no natural phenomenon or sound, the splashing flames scattered all around, and the manor hit by the meteor head-on was like a cemetery, dead silent.

Not to mention the elemental fluctuations of battle, even the five city wall-like iron giants and small half-mammon mercenaries were also disappeared.

The people who eat melons around “this” are either bewildered or confused.

“It’s Spatial Teleportation! The Transmission Formation prepared by Demoness Harley in advance, the flatulence just fell, and it’s teleported away before it’s relieved!” The only iron giant left, Ofuck shouted.

He wasn’t in the iron city wall before. It wasn’t because he was afraid of death and didn’t want to charge with his brothers. It was because he foresawed Harry a few days ago, and he was exposed to a pair of tricks and became protected by his brothers. ‘Disabled Demon’.

There is no need to remind you, such powerful existences as Fate Academician, Hidden Demon King, Angel, etc., all reacted quickly after being stunned.

“They’re in outer space, the asteroid belt of the solar system!”

(end of chapter)

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