I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 466


Chapter 466 The Fog of the Battlefield

“Demoness is cunning, well prepared, and uses a trick of ‘eat bait and spit the hook’ , catch the flatulence and run away!” The Mamen mercenaries behind the advance army exclaimed.

“In the asteroid belt of the solar system, I can sense the approximate positions of several brothers. They are still in the material world, right in the solar system. We immediately teleport there.” Ofuck shouted to Rascoff at the outer edge.

Uh, as in the past, the second Crown Prince led the team to charge Demonness Harley, but fell at the end. Before the mutation happened, he cautiously did not enter the manor, so after the space array was activated, he stay on the periphery.

“The big brother is right, we can’t give up a few brothers.” Rascoff agreed immediately.

In terms of attitude and position, he was never at fault.

It’s just that the Transmission Gate will be turned on later. When he really wants to go to the battlefield, he will still walk last.

Safety comes first.

The mercenaries hesitated, “Demoness is cunning, there must be an ambush in the asteroid zone, we are walking right into a trap.”

The second Crown Prince shouted: “If The asteroid belt really has traps, and we went to the traps where we can fight the Demonness with numbers.

But if we don’t go, the situation will be even more difficult for the flatulent brothers and the righteous who were kidnapped by Transmission Formation.


There is even mortal danger.

If there are no traps in the asteroid belt, we are fooled by the reputation of Demoness in the past, wouldn’t the flatulence brother die wrongly?

So, Whether there is a trap or not, we must go through it immediately.

You know, we have calculated in advance that even if all the relatives and friends of Demoness gather together, the hard power is not as good as ours.”

β€œ Mammon King?” The demons still called for Mammon.

Mammon revealed her figure, looked up at the outer space, said solemnly: “Have you fixed it?”

“Don’t worry, just confuse a few human terrorists. , just tether him to Metropolis, it’s easier than calling a dog.” Rascoff said casually.

“One hundred percent sure?” Mammon was still worried.

Rascoff took out a ZTE mobile phone and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can use it to watch the news. Puppy Video Network, some netizens are broadcasting live.”

Mamen He actually took the phone in his hand and looked at it.

Tonight, the metropolis is particularly lively. Dozens of public entertainment venues have been attacked by terrorists. Only now, more than 500 people have been killed or injured, and they are torn back and forth over the city like a red light. Even the camera had difficulty keeping his image.

“It’s really” Mammon’s expression was weird, “Tear Man once fought against the Sangong Demon, and he is physically stronger than me, so I always regarded him as tonight. The worst enemy, didn’t expect him to be like this – “

“Ai, it would be great if Demoness was as simple and kind as Tearman.” He sighed.

“If she was honest and kind, she wouldn’t be our peerless enemy.” Rascoff said disapprovingly.

“Since I didn’t tear Mann, I’ll take the lead today!”

Maman smashed two Crown Prince’s cell phones, and pulled her arm down heroically, opening the space in front of her. a gap.

His eyes were fixed on the demons, and the demons looked at him eagerly.

After a moment of stalemate, Mammon said impatiently, “Don’t hurry in.”

“Didn’t Your Majesty want to take the lead?” A pair of Evil God wondered.

“Didn’t I open the space door? Opening the space door is to fire the first shot, and I’m showing my sword to Demoness Hallie!” Mammon said while staring.

“I knew it was the first shot of this kind, and I shot it too.”

There is also Mo hiding behind his teammates and whispering: “Just take one step and you will be at the side of Demoness, who knows what will be waiting there.”

“According to the old days of Demoness The habit of 80% will have a wave of fire, whoever goes in first will become cannon fodder.” There are magic replies.

“Fake, you bastards, don’t forget that 95% of the final payment is with me!” Mammon said angrily.

“That’s what I’ve always wanted to complain about.” Some Evil God was probably provoked and provoked, and shouted unhappily: “I’ve never seen such a stingy owner who only pays half a deposit. If you die, wouldn’t your life be worth half the bounty?”

“He just calculated this, the dead don’t have to pay the final payment, which can save a lot of money.”

Mammon’s imposing manner skyrocketed, and the demonic flames soared into the sky, and the night sky over Indian Mountain was dyed black.

“My commission is ten times the market price, and half of the deposit is equivalent to 50% of the market price. Are you still not satisfied?”

“King Mammon, don’t say we are greedy, After all, you’re dealing with Demoness Halle, Demoness Halle!” cried the Two-Headed Demon.

Ao fuck worried about his brother, and was impatient, “Your Majesty, as long as you can save my five brothers immediately, I will not only not pay the final payment, but also return double the deposit!”

Rascoff patted his big brother’s shoulder soothingly, and suggested, “How about you, King Mamen, come first, and the brothers will follow?

If you don’t hurry over, I’m afraid the flatulence brother who is the number one target , will be unable to hold on first!”

“You cowards.” Mammon clenched the teeth, “Okay, I’ll be the first to go.”

The demons watched Him.

He swiped his hand to close the previous space door, and then swiped to reopen a space door.

“This” all the demons were at a loss.

Mammon didn’t explain, just took one step and disappeared over Gotham.

The doubts in the hearts of the demons were quickly answered.

When they cautiously entered the space gate, they discovered that the battlefield was at least 30 kilometers away from the battlefield.

The demons were dumbfounded.

After a while, Mamen still didn’t move, and the demons looked towards him with doubtful eyes.

“Your Majesty, although there is no sound transmission in outer space, but my eyes are sharp, I seem to see the flatulence Lord screaming under the Demoness Iron Fist.” Rascoff with four eyes emitting golden and red rays of light reminded.

In addition to flatulence, his five brothers and more than a dozen Archfiends were also struggling in the Divine Formation. Whoever tried to escape was immediately slashed and kicked by the strangers guarding the periphery. go in.

The battle was brutal.

Mammon still didn’t move, didn’t speak, just sent a pair of vigilant demon eyes around.

Rascoff said anxiously: “Your Majesty, Demonness’s red stick is so powerful, it has already knocked your flatulence out of your head, and your brains are bursting out!”

“That’s me. Son, what are you in a hurry?” Mammon glared at him.

Rascoff opened his mouth and was speechless.

“What are you waiting for, Your Majesty?” Ofuck said impatiently.

“I didn’t wait, I was releasing Divine Sense to scan the nearby hundreds of miles of void to see if there were hidden traces of Magic Talisman text, as well as nuclear bombs, photon missiles and other technological weapons that could threaten us.” Mammon said slowly.

“Your Majesty is really cautious.” The demons exclaimed.

Since those in charge are not in a hurry, they are happy to be safe.

But the Crown Prince couldn’t hold on.

The newly sworn brother fell into five

The key is that the big brother didn’t fall into it, and he was anxious and urging on the side. He must show the same anxiety as the big brother.

“The flatulence brother’s body is cracked and his brain is broken. If he delays further, I’m afraid he won’t be able to live.” He said anxiously.

“Huh, do you think I didn’t take into account the current situation?” Mammon smiled proudly, “Before my son jumped to the roof, I bought the jailer and sent him to Asclepius. He is very hard to die.”

“The healing bowl of Asclepius?” Rascoff exclaimed.

“Yes, the Healing Bowl and the Medical Serpent Staff are the most famous and powerful medical Magical Artifacts. I specially purchased them from Asclepius for 5 million Soul Coins. , enough to guaranteeβ€”even, no!”

Mamen said proudly, the surrounding demons were amazed with envy, when suddenly there was a violent fluctuation in the surrounding space, and the powerful suction force was about to pull They and a nearby meteor entered another dimension.

“It’s the FTL!” cried O’Fuck.

“bang!” Under the watchful eyes of the public, the splendid platform of Formation in the distance disappeared into the meteorite belt.

Meteorites within a few dozen kilometers of nearby disappeared together.

Einstein said that gravity is not a force, but a curvature of spacetime.

Bending space-time between two objects creates a powerful gravitational force.

The hyperdrive is a warped flight that bends time and space.

In simple terms, when a spaceship enters the superluminal speed, it will pull the surrounding mass objects into the wormhole space, and travel together to another cosmic space.

For example, with the small spaceship of the baby super, there are also a large number of meteor showers containing kryptonite that come to the small town of Smallwell.

A few months ago, when the Kryptonians invaded Earth, they also brought a lot of kryptonite meteors.

There is only kryptonite in the Kryptonian galaxy, why did it fall to Earth?

Obviously, the meteorite was not brought by Baby Super and Zod on the spaceship.

They all opened wormholes in the Krypton galaxy, and when they jumped to Earth’s outer orbit, they took all the meteorites near the take-off point with them.

Of course, time jumping can pull inanimate meteorites, but it can’t pull Demon King Mammon and his mercenary group.

They both broke free of that pull and stayed where they were.

“Where did they go?” Rascoff asked hastily.

Mammon’s face was gloomy, “At least a few hundred light years away.”

Flatulence is His Son, and He can vaguely sense his location through the connection between the bloodline.

“Hundreds of light-years.” Rascoff complexion greatly changed, “Opening a space gate that teleports to hundreds of light-years requires a lot of magic power, and the landing point is a thousand miles away. .”

In the magical Lingbo prison, technology is far inferior to magic, and the development of Krypton for tens of thousands of years has not been able to develop the engine for free flight Lingbo prison, but a few hell witches, But knocked out the Aki airship with a hammer.

Once you enter the infinite material universe, magic is far less convenient than technology.

Especially in interstellar travel, the most common interstellar spaceship is also stronger than the most powerful Demon King.

“Will you still chase?” asked Evil God in the team.

“Of course.” Mammon clenched the teeth, inserted her hands into the void, and pulled hard to the sides.

“Uh!” Even with the strength of His Demon King, his forehead was sweating and his expression was hideous.

Like muse Goddess Clio, the frequency of Spiritual God’s body is turned down when Mammon enters the material plane from hell.

Hard power does not change much, mainly because the body loses the ability to never get tired and instantly recover from injuries after being materialized.

“Hey, Mammon, don’t close the door yet, let’s hitch a ride.”

Before Mammon entered the ultra-long Transmission Gate, Neilong, Beelzebub, Belial and other Shadow Clone cast members from the Demon King rushed over.

“King Mammon, please do me a favour, the distance is too far, and we can’t locate it.”

Before the Demon King projection disappears, another group of demons, The black mage leaned over.

Mammon coldly snorted, neither agreeing nor refusing, let the space door close naturally.

“whiz whiz whiz!” Before the space door was completely closed, hundreds of thousands of multi-colored lights passed through.

“Should we go?” asked the boss.

Oqi Sage said with a bitter smile: “Outer space is not a thin prison, if we human mages do not have high-tech equipment, even survival will be a problem.

Even if we rely on Magical protection, you won’t die for a while, but outer space is so vast, if you get lost in tens of billions of light-years away, you are likely to run out of magic power and die.”

Mrs. Shangdu looked towards Fate Academician, he Certainly not lost in outer space.

“Earth is a mixed bag at this time, and even the Demon King was put in by Gabriel and Satan. If there is a different dimension Evil God ravaging the world, but I am not there, then.”

“Gabriel just hated Harry, so he let Mamen into Earth. He definitely won’t tolerate Evil God slaughtering the world.” Shangdu said.

“If the rules are broken once, you will lose your trust completely.”

Everyone looked at the deep space of the universe and wondered: “What exactly does Harry want to do?”

(end of chapter)

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