I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 468


Chapter 468 Unlucky Zhakang

“Satan is on top, how did I fall on the wall of origin?” the demon howled.

“Omg, what happened?” The angel who secretly followed me to eat the melon wailed in confusion.

“What a vicious Demoness, set the spaceship jumping point directly on the origin wall, she wants to pull us perish together!” Evil God cursed.

“Where’s Demoness? Demoness Harley, I know you’re on the wall, too, come out and talk.” The hooded, cloaked Spiritual God roared.

“It’s useless to say anything now. Hanging on the wall of origin is eternity. No one can break free, and no one has ever broken free.” The nearby gods and demons said bitterly.

Hood Spiritual God said angrily: “I want justice!

I want her to make it clear!

I was just curious and watched a scene. , why are you shooting at me?”

“Yes, Demoness comes out, give me justice!”

“Demoness comes out, give me justice!”

People , God, devil, angel, wizard from another world, the same voice, the same appeal.

“I don’t even bother to care about you, a bunch of fluff. But it’s my sin to let you keep calling and disturbing the other people on the wall.” Harley said indifferently.

“You’ve hurt us so badly, and you still call us slapsticks? Are you still not a person, do you have any conscience and morality?” The voice was sad and angry, and seemed to be crying.

Harry sighed then said, “As long as you have a brain, you should understand that my goal was never you, but I can’t warn you in advance.

It’s not ethical and conscience.

It’s just your unlucky life, life is so beautiful, why must you watch the big drama?

It’s over, just accept the ending calmly.”

“I don’t accept it! As long as you have a conscience, you shouldn’t use this perish together vicious killing game when there are so many innocent people around.”

“What do you mean? Yes, for the sake of you rubbish, should I give up my plan and die in vain at Mamen’s hands?” Harry coldly smiled, “That’s why I said you guys are slapsticks.

Only slapsticks do. I can’t afford to lose, look at the Demon Kings and Divine Kings around, who scolds me?”

“Demoness Harley, you still have the face to say it? Fuck, you Nina!”Demon King Beliel cursed.

“Demoness Harley, you slobber!” Demon King Mammon was hysterical.

The other big guys are all Avatar entering the world, and naturally Avatar is trapped in the wall of origin, only his mammon, the complete real body, completely eliminates the future.

What is even more sad is that, in order to enter the material world with his true body, He also paid a huge price to buy Beelzebub, Belial and Gabriel, the king of angels.

This is money to die for!

It’s still father and son on the same wall, too bad.

“Demoness Harry, you are such a damned bastard.” Even Zeus was scolding.

A Sanshen said with heartache: “Demoness Harley, you are also the original superhero!

Which hero is not making an all- when dealing with super criminals Out effort to protect the surrounding bystanders?

You’re better off, in order to deal with trifling ordinary bank robbers, you just dropped a nuclear bomb and killed everyone around you.”

“Shiva, the rough mother, who are you calling a thief?” Mammon said angrily.

After a long time, the scolding stopped, Archangel Raphael shouted: “Demoness Halle? Demoness Halle, why didn’t you speak?”

“What are you talking about? The more fierce it is, the darker I feel, and I will say it to make you happy together? Hmph, don’t even think about it, I want to be alone.” Harley said.

Another wave of foul language like a tsunami of landslides.

“whiz whiz whiz!” Several streams of light and shatter void appeared outside the wall of origin.

“Three Houses are on top, this is-“

Two Crown Prince Rascoff was stunned.

The origin wall here is obviously a large bulge, each with different shapes of Demon Gods, close to a thousand people, radiating a radius of dozens of kilometers, people are stacked on top of each other, with embarrassed postures, expressions or hideous expressions or at a loss.

“Rascoff? How are you all right?” Mammon said in shock.

The second Crown Prince is the second-in-command of the mercenary group, the vanguard commander appointed by him.

Even the Boss He is fading, and the Pioneer Commander should be hung somewhere on the wall!

Also, when attacking Demonness, the second Crown Prince was by his side, when was it disappeared?

“Uh, forgive me, Mammon, I did a flash, didn’t Jump into hyperspace.”

Rascoff’s face was happy, but his eyes were a little embarrassed.

——Fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, fortunately that he has learned a total of 127 escape techniques in the past few years, and quietly retreated without the Demon King noticing; Strengthening the friendly army, shrinking the friend, we will be aggressive, and the friend will advance, and we will shrink”, and insist on implementing it to the end.

Well, that is, diligently wooing potential allies and enemies of Demoness Harley around to expand the scale of the ‘Demoness Hunting Alliance’; when his comrades cowered, he stepped forward and encouraged everyone; When his comrades came forward excitedly and wanted to start a great decisive battle with Demoness, he successfully retreated and retreated to the second line.

It turns out that his fighting strategy against Demonness is right!

Second Crown Prince took a closer look.

Except for him and the blind sworn big brother O’Fuck, the four hundred Demon God of the mammon mercenary group, all hang on the wall.

There are also hundreds of gods, demons, mages, and Avatars of Divine King and Demon King, with a total of nearly a thousand people.

With one move, more than a thousand extraordinary giants were killed, and the Heavenly God demons were almost wiped out.

Demoness’s vicious madness did not disappoint him.

But Demoness himself is transformed into a giant stone sculpture, which is so delightful.

He won the final victory.

He defeated Demonness!

“Flicker, what do you mean? I clearly ordered everyone to prepare the forbidden spell and rush together.” Mammon wondered.

“What else can he mean, he’s habitually shrinking again.” Harry sighed.

The second Crown Prince’s life is too hard.

Ultra Space Jump Origin Wall tactics, the first since the birth of the multiverse.

She also deliberately hid this fate with her fifth link power defense feat.

It’s absolutely abrupt, no one expected it.

Many Divine Kings and Demon Kings have been recruited.

But it’s the second Crown Prince who has fallen into the trap.

This bastard is also too clever.

“Demoness is going to slander people out of thin air, I just—” The second Crown Prince’s thoughts turned sharply, and suddenly the space door opened not far away, and the stranger and the swamp monster walked out one after another.

“Oh, I thought about it—cough cough, I mean, I should have thought about it, it’s a trap! At that time, I saw that the stranger did not enter the wormhole with the spaceship, and I was suspicious. I stayed.”

The Stranger, Constantine, and Swamp Monster were indeed informed in advance – once Harley called “jumping” in the middle of the plan, they would immediately use their means, or use their own strength to force The Gravity of the Space Wormhole at your fingertips, or the Space Jump at a short distance in an instant

In short, immediately interrupt the next hyperspace journey to death.

But even if all of this happened, it would only happen in a split second. When the spaceship opened the miniature wormhole, the fluctuations in time and space were extremely violent. Even Demon King didn’t find the stranger staying in place, and the others didn’t have time to react. .

However, the Stranger only glanced at the second Crown Prince, but did not expose his lies. He turned his eyes to Harry’s stone statue, his expression became heavy, and sighed: “Why be so strong.

According to the original plan. Well, that’s a fake plan – to kill flatulence by running to create a time difference.

As long as it can be realized, this catastrophe will be over.

Now hang up the wall of origin, and it’s impossible to think about it again.”

The gods and demons on the wall of origin finally understood.

Demoness Harley’s real evil plan is hidden from even her companions.

“You did this for me, right?” Mammon said abruptly: “The only difference between this time and the previous Demoness hunting operation is that there is an additional Demon King, which is me.

However, in order to take revenge on me, I risked my own life, how is it so crazy and very ruthless?”

“Don’t blame yourself, mammon king, you are just a guide The fuse.” Harry comforted him and sighed deeply: “In the past few years, especially in the past year, the demons in hell have carried out the Demonness hunting operation three to five times.

One failure, the third The second time is stronger, the second time fails and the third time comes.

Isn’t it that the demon king came first, the demon king declined and came to the Demon King projection, and the Demon King projection declined and replaced it with the three demon kings The giants, the three giants declined and they changed to the Demon King

Alas, it is even more boring than the revenge plot in the street novels.

I am tired and tired, so I simply By hanging the wall of origin, you can get complete peace.”

The gods and demons wanted to distort their expressions, but they were all turned into rocks, and they couldn’t even make a micro-expression.

“Demoness Harley, you are a pervert, a lunatic, a demon, a source of distortion, a cancer of the universe,” pronounced the Neon Divine King.

“Ai, we pushed her too hard.” Beelzebub self-examined.

“Well, it’s time to slow down, let her rest for a few years, restore her twisted and perverted body and mind, and then start.” Neilong said.

“It’s also my fault that she is so hateful. People who see her and hear news about her can’t help but get angry and want to kill her.” Belial sighed.

“Can you shut up? It’s not ashamed to eat melons and eat melons to the origin wall, and show your existence here loudly?” Harley taunted.

The gods and demons really stopped talking.

Demoness is right. It’s the first time since splitting heaven and earth apart to eat melons and eat them on the wall of origin. It’s really embarrassing.

“Harry, you are really ruthless, you kill a thousand enemies and lose a thousand yourself, I’ll take it!” The swamp monster gave a thumbs up, “But you still show loyalty, although you used a The fake plan fooled us, but he didn’t mess with his teammates, unlike Constantine—”

Speaking of this, he was stunned and wondered: “Where is John Constantine going? now?”

“Isn’t he with you? Where’s my black warrior?” Harry wondered.

The Stranger said: “According to our agreement at the time, when you sent a message to ‘jump the ship’, I took the black warrior to stay in the distance, Alec escaped into the green of all things, and Constantine jumped into the The Transmission Formation drawn in advance.

Now the black warrior is sent back to Earth by me, Constantine. I don’t know where he teleported to.”

“Ai, it’s all my fault that I only Focusing on Demoness, seeing that she is always on the platform, there is no doubt.” Mammon said annoyed.

“I’ve been watching Demoness too.”

“Me too.”

“Who isn’t?”

“No Who is she looking at? She’s the Demonness Halle, the trifling Stranger. Well, the Stranger is also a superhero, but I just can’t help staring at her and ignoring everyone else.”

“Me too.”

“Who said it wasn’t?”

There is also Demon God who said: “I was watching the black warrior, but saw a blur, when I lost his trace, he had entered a wormhole.

Before I could wonder, I slammed into the wall of origin. It was too fast to react!”

“Of course it was too late to react, this is the Demoness conspiracy! If you think about it carefully, Our previous jumping point is at the edge of the Prometheus galaxy, only a trifling ten light-years away from the origin wall.

With a few tenths of a second, what can we do in time?”

“Demoness is too cunning!”

Thousands of words finally came together into one sentence.

“Harry, Harry, where are you? I am. What’s going on here!”

At this moment, a weak Spiritual Fluctuation, intermittently from afar come.

The swamp monster flew over immediately, flying several dozen li before cry out in surprise: “shit, why did Constantine fall on the wall?”

(this chapter end)

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