I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 471


Chapter 471 Stepping on the green light of Demoness head to become famous in the multiverse

“My Lord God, your favorite believers pray to you, Save me from the wall of origin, and stay away from the poison of these rotten people!” Harley shouted loudly.

“We are rotten? We poison you? Demoness Harley, your skin is thicker than the wall of origin.” The group of demons scolded.

Harry ignored them and continued to shout in a pretentious manner: “My Sovereign Lord, use your Supreme power to set me free!”

“If calling God helps, the wall There won’t be so many gods and demons on the Internet.”

“Demoness Harley is going crazy again.”

“Hehe, let’s watch her perform.”

“I’m not reconciled. I have been wise and martial arts for billions of years, how can I be planted in the hands of a lunatic.”

“Give me strength, God descends to earth!”

At the end of the prelude, Harry tried to activate only the god force field.

“crack crack.”

The rock on the surface of the body appeared at a very slow speed with tiny cracks that could not be detected.

God Field works.

But the effect on the power of bonding is not ideal, far less than the 99% immunity to non-heaven and hell magic elements.

The power of connection has some magical properties, but it is not elemental power at all.

Harry carefully sensed that the cracks on the body surface had already reached a balance,

that is to say, she was almost impossible to break away from the origin wall by only opening God to the earth.

This does not mean that the power of God is inferior to the power of connection.

The God Force Field comes from the God Power Defense feat. To put it bluntly, this is a defense against God Power, not God Power itself.

The God field is for the power of God, and the force field for connection is for the power of connection.

Harry quietly activates the Force Field of Bonding.

“crack crack.” The petrification process accelerated, and the wall of origin where she was standing also shook slightly.

“Satan is above, God has really appeared?!” The demons were dumbfounded.

“Damn it, the god dog is certainly not afraid of the origin wall, but why does it care about the Demoness Harley?!”

After the Demon Kings were shocked, they felt as it should be by rights .

They never doubt the power of God. As long as God is willing to help, it is easy to help the trifling Demoness out of trouble, but why does Demoness get His favor?

On Demoness, the Demon King We cannot see a ray of light that belongs to God.

On the contrary, Demonness seems to be more like Satan than Lucifer, insidious, cunning, capricious, shameless arrogant, unpredictable madness. All are the virtues of hell demons sing.

The First Fall is out of balance.

“Father, mercy, mercy, your humblest servant asks for your glory!”

The angel who was caught in the wall of origin for eating melons humbly yearns.

——Father, open your eyes and see, I am your favorite child!

Gabriel didn’t have the face to call out like other angels, but only screamed in his heart.

God didn’t even look at them.

“Hahaha, Lord Lord is bullshit, long live Lord Lord!”

Harry broke away from the wall, spread her arms, bathed in holy light, and laughed proudly.

“whiz whiz whiz –” Suddenly, a few green meteors in the distance shatter void and flew quickly.

Harry glanced casually, a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, communicated with the big cross, trifling 80,000 merits, and a bunch of golden-bright and dazzling holy lights landed from the City of Silver and enveloped her.

Her silhouette seems to be blurred slowly and urgently, and she is thrown into the sky with holy light.

“The eldest Lord, I also worship you as the eldest, save me, as long as you save me, I will lick your toes and be your dog forever.” cried Spiritual God, a powerful different dimension .

“Jehovah my lord, please tell me, what exactly do you like about Demoness, I will definitely draw a scoop according to the bottle gourd, better than her!” The angels have fallen hearts.

Well, in their minds, to imitate Demoness Harley is to be depraved.

“Jehovah father, I would like to change my wickedness and return to righteousness, abandoning the darkness to the light! I have realized that you are the only Lord in the world, please forgive me and redeem me!” Mammon cried.

The Demon Kings were irritated by Mammon’s betrayal, “Idiot, God’s bastards don’t even care about angels. Will they listen to your prayers?”

“I’m an angel too.” cried Mammon.

“You’ve fallen.”

“Fall can also be redeemed. If the fall is the difference between the mind and character and the Holy Spirit, I can’t fall as well as Demoness Halle. I can’t say that. Over the years, the taste of the boss of God has also changed, so this one is good.” Mamendao.


The gods and demons were calling for God, the angels were complaining, the Demon King scolded and scolded, it was very lively, even if the four green meteors turned into lanterns , hovering outside the stone wall, they were not disturbed either.

The four Lanterns are all little blue men, that is, the Guardians of the universe.

“Ganther, what are you doing flying around? It seems that there have been two waves of green lights before.” Zeus said curiously.

Other gods and demons rarely deal with the ‘cosmic police’ of the material world, but Zeus is Ganser’s old friend.

Ganther, Stranger, the Heavenly Father of Creation Star, Ghost, Old Shazam and Divine King Zeus, once formed a ‘Super Gang’ – Essence Club.

Well, the name seems a bit obscene, but considering the strength and authority of the members, it is definitely the “Justice League” at the universe level.

“We’re here for Demoness Harley, who destroyed the Wall of Origin.”

The Essence has not been in touch for hundreds of years, but hundreds of years are meaningless to the Eternals, It will not affect the friendship between teammates. In the face of the old friend’s inquiry, Ganser happily explained the reason.

“We were vigilant after Demoness escaped last time. When she landed on the origin wall again, in addition to the regular patrol of the green light in the nearby cosmic sector, there were also over-the-horizon surveillance cameras, so we Only in time can we arrive in time.”

Zeus said aggrievedly: “So, the event of the wormhole hitting the origin wall is not the demoness perishing together.

She knew that she had the ability to stick to the wall at will. , The ability to leave the wall of origin, deliberately set up a trap to kill Mamen?”

“From the current results, it should be like this.” Ganser said.

“Mother Fake!”

“Fuck Demoness Daddy!”

“Fuck God!”

hysterical Cursing, forming a cloud of violent Spiritual Fluctuation on the wall of origin.

“Demoness is too dark.”

“If I had known that Demoness was so ruthless, I would have stopped watching the fun.”

“I heard about the methods of Demoness earlier. Vicious and never suffer, I listen to the left ear and the right ear hears it, I regret it, why did I go round and kill Demoness for the bounty of thousands of soul coins for trifling.”

“I knew that Demoness was cunning, but I regret it too much, why risk my life for a son.”

“I really regret it! I live on Wall Street, Demonness controls Gotham, and I have money in the U.S. stock market. The two sides are good neighbors, friendly and comfortable. Who knows when they meet two Crown Princes and pull them into the pit—Oh, Dad, I remembered, Rascoff was looking for you first, you hold the identity of the Demon King, let He was looking for me, Fake, for a long time, and it turned out that you were cheating on me!”

“Ganther, you are not funny, it’s such a big deal that Demones can leave the Origin Wall, what are you doing? Don’t tell me, tell me to prepare?” Zeus complained.

Ganse helplessly said: “She had been dismembered and hung on the wall before. I checked several times, and the lifeform sign completely disappeared. Who knew that she actually pretended to be dead.

She was early Never pretended to be dead before, right?

There was less than a day between when she suddenly left and when she pulled you into the Wall of Origin together.

We thought she was dead. , no one will be kept in custody, and Ou Axing will only receive the news when she does something big.”

“Lying, trough, the Green Lantern Legion is so good? It can actually cut the Demonness in two. It should be the biggest loss that Demoness has suffered since its debut, right?”

“These little blue guys won’t be bragging, right? I think I can beat ten of them one by one, but Demoness seems to be able to beat me one by one. Ten, this.”

“I rarely enter the material world, can any friend give me some common sense about the Green Lantern Legion, and what powers do they use?

trifling single universe How can people in the material world achieve a feat that the five-dimensional gods of the multiverse cannot achieve?”

The gods and demons were shocked.

And their reaction greatly pleased the four little blue men.

Although they rejected emotion, they also understood the identity of the person on the wall and the meaning of the representation.

Nowadays, many bigwigs of the Metaverse are shocked, astonished, unbelievable, and emotionally disturbed by a trifling Guardian’s record, and they are inevitably proud and happy.

“Demoness or cruel and cunning, but in outer space, the green light is just right to restrain her. She is not as fast as us, not as strong as us, not as skilled as us, and it is normal to be defeated by us.

Facts Come on, if she hadn’t played dead obscenely, we would have captured her alive.” A little blue man said proudly.

“I’ve seen forbidden spells like rain, but the rain hits the bananas when they fall on the Demoness. It’s hard to even break defenses.

The green light energy is more terrifying than Spiritual God’s forbidden spell?

I don’t believe it, it’s not magic.

I’ve been in contact with Green Lantern, and there may be something special about Green Lantern, but it’s essentially just an emotional energy.

The forbidden spell not only contains huge elemental energy, but also touches the Universe Rule!” cried Demon God.

“That makes sense, Demon God has descended to earth, and he is not even afraid of forbidden spells and origin walls, but still afraid of trifling green light energy?”

Seeing Demon God’s questioning, the little blue man raised his eyebrows. Turn on the lantern ring and replay the battle scene of the day.

“Fuck, Demonness is really restrained by the green light, this—”

The Demon Gods were dumbfounded.

“Ai, I knew that Demoness was afraid of the green light, why should I spend huge sums of money to hire a group of scraps? Wouldn’t it be enough to just look for the green light?” Mammon said angrily.

“It’s not the green light that overcomes the demoness, but the demoness that restrains the green light.” Neilong carefully observed the battle scene, and pondered: “However, her restraint on the green light is far inferior to the resistance of the gods to magic.”

Beelzebub whispered to several of his companions: “It’s still worth thinking about? Born from hell, there hasn’t been a green light to enter hell or heaven.

In other words, God’s bastard. No control over the source of the green light.

Demoness will not have what God doesn’t have.

So, her god can’t handle the green light energy.”

Several first-time fallers, Demon King, suddenly realized, “According to the urine of dog things, if there is a green light boss who is willing to enter heaven or hell, he will surely ascend to the skies with a single leap and become Demon King or heavenly sacred.”

Seeing a few smug and smug little blue men who clapped their chests and promised to bring Demoness to justice, Beliel felt very unhappy, “I have a feeling that the green light Legion is going to be unlucky, and Demoness is God. The new black hand.”

Mammon hesitantly said: “Then do you want to remind the little blue man?”

“No way!” Belial said angrily: “I can’t see anyone else in me Show off one’s military strength in front of me, I must make the little blue man unlucky.”

“But Demoness——”

“Mammon, don’t forget, hell and heaven are opposite, But they are two departments of the same joint-stock company. God’s Old Dog has benefited, and the head office’s assets have skyrocketed. I can even drink soup when I wait for the Demon King.

The first fallen person can overcome the other dimension Demon King, not only because of our unity, but also because of any Demon King that merges into hell, the source of power is inferior to me.” The Demon Kings said sternly.

Mammon said bitterly: “But I’ve fallen on the wall of origin”

“When the universe is destroyed, even more how the wall of origin? When the time comes you plan to cut yourself off on the Hell?” Belial coldly said.

Mammon was silent.

(end of this chapter)

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