I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 472


Chapter 472 Essence

“The Green Lantern Legion is the nemesis of Demoness Halle, we will be responsible for arresting her and making her accept justice Judgment.” With a faint smile and obvious pride on his face, the little blue man Watt solemnly announced to the gods and demons on the wall.

“As for saying that green light energy is not as good as forbidden spell magic, anyone who says this can only prove his ignorance.”

The gods and demons wanted to refute, but found that Zeus waited The elders were silent.

“Divine King Your Majesty, isn’t green light energy a combination of willpower and emotional courage? Magic is also a combination of willpower and elements, and the energy levels of the two should be similar.” Spiritual God of different dimensions wondered.

Zeus was silent for a while and sighed: “The green light energy level may not be as powerful as the power of Little Black Bean and the Hand of God, but they are also at the same Level 1, which is one of the highest energy levels in the universe.”


“Grandma Demoness, Zeus, you’re not kidding?” cried an alien demon.

Ganser immediately used his telekinesis to sound transmission: “Your Majesty, you only need to know the secret of the green light, there is no need to say it in public.”

“I know the importance,” Zeus smiled bitterly, “If you let them know that the source of the green light energy is the Origin Wall, the powerful Lantern has the same ability to break free from the Origin Wall as the Demonness. Catch the Green Lantern and snatch the Green Lantern ring.”

β€œIt’s useless to snatch the Lantern ring. Demonness robbed it, but she couldn’t use it. She was so angry that she chewed the ring in anger.” Ganser said indifferently.

Zeus mood grave said: “Demoness is really destroying the wall of origin? Does she know some taboos that should not be known? For example, the unspeakable existence.”

Gan Se said hesitantly: “We’re not sure what she knows.

Just looking at her behavior, she dug dozens of holes in the wall, and seems to be destroying the origin wall on purpose.

But each pit is not too deep, and it seems to avoid too much damage to the wall.

But if she wants to stay strong, why break the wall?

or She’s a lunatic, she doesn’t need a reason for doing things; or she has reasons I can’t think of.

I didn’t want to kill her at first, I just planned to bring her to Oua for detailed interrogation and study her abilities.”

“Hehe, you might as well just kill her. Demoness is rebellious, except for God, I have never seen her afraid of anyone, how could she endure being judged?” Zeus said with a smile.

β€œAll the cosmic criminals arrested by the Green Lantern Legion are rebellious, and none of them are willing to go to trial, but what is the result?”

After a pause, Ganser Another sound transmission said: “We are very interested in Demonness’ ability and innate talent. She is so strange. If we can catch her alive, we will never kill her.”

“Old Partner, listen I said, before the next action, go to the magic world, go to Earth to inquire about the details of Demoness.” Zeus said sincerely.

“The Book of Oa is the Book of Destiny, and it is also a super-brain. As long as the radio waves are emitted from Earth, it can receive and store information.

We have research All the information about Demoness Harley from birth to the present.” Gunther said.

“Oh, the Book of Destiny.” Zeus sneered, “I don’t even dare to rely too much on the Goddess of Destiny, but you guys actually believe in that rudimentary little thing that makes ‘Fate’ laugh.”


“The Book of Oa can’t really predict the future of Demoness Harley.” Gunther said.

“Then you are so lucky.”


Zeus laughed twice, “You can’t see her future, at least you won’t. Being deceived and misled.

Now she can only passively guard her own destiny, and one day in the future, she will be able to weave her own destiny.

Well, now she cannot be predicted The news of her has spread, and it is estimated that in the future, no idiot will believe the contents of the book of destiny about her.

In the early years, Shazam also used the “Book of Reflections” to reflect the past and future of Demoness, I don’t know how much he relied on the information he read in the book.

But sure, the old wizard regretted not giving Demoness the power of Shazam.

If Demoness has become a new generation of ‘thunder Shazam’.hehehe, and if Demoness is really peculiar, the benefits are all in his hands.”

In addition to being a member of the Elite Club, the old Shazam also borrowed The power of Zeus.

Shazan, six letters, represent six kinds of power, among which z stands for Zeus Divine Force – Divine Force of thunder and lightning.

The two have a very close relationship.

Ganther frowned: “It seems that I really should send the Lantern to inquire about her deeds. There is no information about her counter-prophecy in the Book of Oar.”

“There is so much information that I can’t collect it with magic tools or technological instruments. Otherwise, why would I personally arrange for Avatar to observe her up close? It ended up in this field.” Zeus said with a bitter smile.

After a pause, Diana’s father said again: “Have you seen the way Demonness escaped?

Heaven got involved.

Even if you took her away that day If she doesn’t pretend to be dead, you won’t catch her.”

“Understood, I will be extremely cautious about her next plan.” Ganser said solemnly.

“I hope you can avoid the direct conflict with Demoness personally, let Legion deal with her, and after finding out the details, crush with absolute force, and don’t use fueling tactics.” Zeus said .

Ganser was silent for a moment, then said: “From the very beginning of the establishment of Green Lantern Legion, our Guardians have seldom shot.”

β€”β€”Almost never shot, they are all recruited Green Lantern goes to fight, martyr or hero, Guardian is on Oa Prime, calling the shots.

“We received a summons from the watchers. The wall was severely damaged, and there were even traces of Spiritual Fluctuation. The situation is urgent, and the Guardian can no longer hide behind the scenes.”

“So, Demoness Harley had contact with that one?” Zeus mood grave.

“I want to know too.”

Zeus sighed bitterly, “The taboos buried by time seem to be awakened in waves.

Alas. , an unprecedented turmoil is coming.”

“You seem to be planning something. In the past few hundred years, we have hardly contacted, and the gods in the heavens rarely see your silhouette.” Gan Se said curiously.

Zeus said: “If arranging the funeral is also a plan, then I am really planning a big plan.”

“The funeral? Not so.” Ganser frowned.

Zeus complained bitterly: “We, the big men of the past, are like some large companies in Earth that started out with real estate.

In the early years, we used huge amounts of money from borrowing to cheat and deceive. Cheat, go round, go big, cut off, go round, go yo’, cook oil with fire, endless glory.

Let all the ordinary persons in the magic world greedy, lick, and kneel for three consecutive times, I farted, and they kept shouting ‘It’s so fragrant, long live the father of Zeus’.

But the illusion created by the morning mist will always dissipate in the sun.

The borrowed total Debt collectors are never absent.

I don’t know about the omnipotent universe out there, but in our multiverse, things like magic are a zero-sum game with no productive value. ‘Create value’ by deceiving those above, robbing peers, and harvesting those below.

It is now, the day when the total settlement of magic debts is approaching.

Hundreds of trillions of debts , it is impossible to pay it back at all, and only interest can kill people.”

Ganser said strangely: “Even if those companies that rely on blowing bubbles to deceive money go bankrupt, the CEOs and major shareholders of the companies will not Cash out early and get off safely?”

“That is modern society, and there are laws and systems to protect people who get off the bus. In the ancient emperor era, regardless of whether you got off the bus or not, you will be arrested directly, and property will be looted and entered. Ku and people kill the common people.

More terrifying than the emperor on earth is the Great Emperor of magic, the total debtor of magic power.

She will take care of you Didn’t get out of the car?” Zeus said helplessly.

“Get out of the car, it’s just a metaphor. Maybe, you can use a similar method to reduce and seek empty space and find someone to top the tank?” Ganser said slowly.

If it was a daoist face-to-face, Zeus would look a little stiff at this time, and he would stare at the little blue man friend fiercely: some things are just tacit and understandable. Is it right?

“Well, the Origin Wall may also be a good place to invest one-twentieth of my ‘assets’ in retirement here. Even if the multiverse blows up, I won’t be ‘bankrupt’.” Zeus is vague. road.

After that, the Divine Kings of the various gods learned that the green light was going to continue to demoness, so they worked together and contributed their own strengths – when the green light attacked Earth, they would let the Spiritual God of the gods replace them for them Formation.

On the second day, a Green Lantern disguised as an ordinary person entered Earth and set eyes on Quinn Manor.

To upgrade, Halle hung on the origin wall for three months.

When she returned home, more than three months had passed since the space war.

It’s still halfway up Indian Mountain.

It’s the same location, the manor.

But the villa in the manor has changed its shape again.

“This is not our custom villa.”

Back home, Harley is surprised to find that her home has become ‘Downton Abbey’ – an ancient castle that has replaced modernity Light steel villa.

“My idea, anyway, we weren’t in a hurry to move in at that time, just take a moment and choose the most beautiful one, what do you think?” Kitten smiled hehe.

“It’s hard to say what it looks like, but it’s definitely uncomfortable and inconvenient to live in.” Harry shook his head.

“Don’t you think that the castle is more high-end and elegant? Any guest who sees such a classic and luxurious castle on the edge of Manhattan will be full of praise, and then look at us a few times. “

“I just wish the next raid came sooner,” Haley groaned.

Over the next few days, the guests’ reactions to the new Quinn Manor proved that the kitten was right.

Harry’s return didn’t cause much turmoil in Gotham.

Because after leaving the post of Mayor, she has been reclusive and rarely appeared in public.

A group of Gotham’s political and business dignitaries came over to report on their work, and then several presidential advisers from the White House chatted with her about private topics.

But her return caused a huge tsunami in the magic world.

Breaking away from the Origin Wall and using the Origin Wall as a trap are big news that is shocking and breaking ‘magical common sense’.

Almost all the mages she knew had visited, including the Fate Academician Kent.

In politeness or sincerity, they all expressed their appreciation for her new home.

For Gotham dignitaries, Harley simply listened to the report and agreed to Bruce’s request for Arkham Asylum to “return power to the king”.

Well, because of Harley’s ‘Que therapy’ on the ‘inhuman’ prisoners in the insane asylum, Bruce has long since asked the city and government for the management of the Wayne family’s Arkham Asylum.

But without Harley’s consent, no official dared to go through the formalities for him.

The head of the lunatic asylum also does not allow Wayne Enterprises to interfere in the daily management of Arkham, nor does he agree with the Arkham reform plan that Bruce brainstormed.

In short, the Gotham Emperor isn’t nodded, and Bruce can’t do anything.

Oh, he’s not doing nothing, Bateman is frantically collecting information on officials ‘controlled by Harry’ these days.

Several high-level bureaucrats have fallen or fallen.

However, after the new officer took office, he learned that Harry was back and immediately came over to worship at the pier.

What’s more embarrassing is that Bruce knew she was back, and immediately came to visit, watching helplessly. The new official, Gotham’s ‘New Hope’, who was indirectly supported by him, smiled flatly, and was dismissed by Harley with a nodding bow.

(end of this chapter)

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