I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 477


Chapter 477 The Brother’s Ultimate Move

Harley has been searching for Array Grandmaster Alex.

There are so many reasons.

She is careful and wants revenge.

Compared with the devil, Alex looks like a soft persimmon.

She was afraid and wanted to eliminate hidden dangers.

Alex himself is hard to threaten her, but he can play a one plus one greater than two effect when he cooperates with any party.

She also has a dark mind and wants to try the legendary “murdering to seize the treasures”.

That prisoner Divine Formation can hold her and her enemies, and is a big treasure.

But after inquiring around in the magic world, no one knows Alex’s detailed location.

She only knew that he was from an old wizarding organization and lived in England.

Fortunately, it’s the UK, not the vast and populous dynasty.

The British are small and widowed, and it is easy to go door-to-door.

Britain is the little brother of the United States, and even the prime minister is ‘freely flying’ under the brilliance of the prism, and the ordinary person is even more impossible to escape the ‘clairvoyance’ of American agents.

After Laurie retired and Amanda Waller took over, Harley asked her to borrow some of the permissions of the ‘Omnichannel Information Monitoring Network’ and let Richie and Fiora find it together.

Harry met Alex and heard him talk.

Name, voice and face are locked so you won’t be mistaken.

As long as he’s a modern man.

As long as the wizard brother will pay by phone and credit card.

Even as long as their home is connected to the Internet, they will definitely be able to find it.

Don’t doubt the ability and determination of US agents to monitor the people of other countries.

The search project started before Halle hung the origin wall, which lasted more than four months, and finally came to a conclusion.

In the middle of May, it was rainy and rainy at midnight, 20 kilometers outside Birmingham, England, at the Bizarre Ring Manor.

“bang bang bang!”

In the silent night sky, a series of rapid muffled sounds suddenly came out, like the popping of champagne corks.

The muffled sound quickly rang from the east side of the “one”-shaped second layer building to the west side.

What followed was the chaos of glass and tiles being smashed by heavy objects from the sky.

In the lit room of the manor, exclamations and warnings followed, “Enemy attack, stop—Ahhhh!”

Through the hole in the roof, It can be seen that the classically furnished room has been filled with gray-green gas, and the master and servants of the manor are holding distorted faces and uttering inhuman howls of fear.

“whiz whiz whiz”

At the same time, outside the low courtyard wall of the manor, jumped into the black clothed black armor, black katana, wearing black gas masks’ ninja’.

“chi chi chi” muffled gunshots echoed outside the manor and quickly spread from outside to inside.

The screams, the explosion of grenades, the sound of knives cutting into the flesh, and the sound of corpses falling

“You are Shadow Warriors? We have never offended you, why do you kill people indiscriminately?”


When the black clothed ninjas smashed the door and glass windows and officially entered the manor, the host family finally saw their silhouettes.

“Master ninja has an order, blood-washing the brother club, even chicken and dog doesn’t remain, kill!”

“Knowing this is the headquarters of the brother club, you dare to come courting death— —The Ring of the Black Sun!” Bright magical rays of light pierced through the windows and roof holes, almost lighting up the night sky.

Under the vast fluctuation of elements, a black fire ring with a radius of 100 meters exploded on all sides.

This is a wide range Fire Element forbidden spell.

The mortals outside the manor have been cleared by the ‘Shadow Warrior’, and the mages in the manor have no worries and can use their full firepower.

Seeing that the demonic fire was about to strike, the tall male Shadow Warrior, opposite the mage, reverently shouted: “The king of the three palaces obeys my orders, and hastily as ordered, the three palaces forbidding demons, open!”


“ahhhh, my magic power—” Fire Master turned pale in fright, and the elemental power that was about to form magic suddenly became disordered.

“puff!” A dark shadow flashed past him, and the scenery behind him, above his head, and all around quickly rolled in front of his eyes. The mage blinked and suddenly realized: I lost my head and rolled on the ground. .

Then countless doubts arise in my mind: I have lived for several decades before, and I have never heard of the ‘Forbidden Realm’ that is the bug magic skill of the dead master, but in recent years. Demoness is forgotten , how can even an ordinary warrior under San Gong’s command be able to open the ban? Also let the mage live?

“Demoness Harley, put away your little tricks, I know it’s you!”

Before the mage’s thoughts completely disappeared, he heard the brother’s president Alex roar.

——Demoness Halle? The first wave of fear poison qi opened the way, it is indeed like the method of Demoness, and the super magic resistance field is also a representative magic skill of Demoness, but the field of forbidden magic is clearly opened by men?

His guild leader unraveled the mystery for him: “The entire castle has a perception array that I have buried. You let your younger brother be the commander in front, issue orders, disguise yourself as an ordinary Shadow Warrior, and hide in the team. I can see you, Demoness Harry, don’t hide!”

——Fuck, even kill the Demon King and ruin the Demon King , Let countless Divine King Demon Kings and Heavenly God demons suffer from pond fish, and even leave the origin wall at will. Such a prestigious Legendary giant, in order to deal with a decaying magical organization, how can he be so wretched? !

Too shameless.

With deep shock and resentment, the enchanted Grandmaster dies completely and goes to his creditors.

“Shit, you really found me.”

The ‘Ordinary Shadow Warrior’, who released the Grandmaster’s head of the ‘Ring of the Black Sun’, sensed the fierce Soul Attack falling on him. Sea of Consciousness, with a curse, jumped out of the shadows.

Uh, there is nothing special about her dress and aura, even the Shadow Warrior brother beside her looks suspicious at this moment, “BOSS?”

“Idiot, you are cutting People, be professional.” Harley scolded, simply jumped, stepped on the air, and the silhouette quickly ran out of the quantum displacement effect, through the crumbling walls and crumbling roofs, and came to the sky above the backyard.

There is already a huge golden net the size of a basketball court, like the palm of Spiritual God, fiercely slapped on the golden guardian array.

It’s Carlisle.

The priest’s magic helmet and robe all radiated endless golden light, and the majestic magic power formed a giant net. Although it failed to shake the guardian array, it also sealed the space around the guardian array.

There are also vines dancing like pythons on the ground nearby. Ivy’s green dress and hair band stand on the top of a vine with an indifferent expression.

The guard array comes from a metal disc the size of a pot lid.

Not only Alex from ugly complexion, but also dozens of men, women and children.

“Demoness Harley, you deceived the world and your reputation, you hyped up the great identity of the head of the hero a few days ago, and now you are vicious and merciless, killing the village.

poison qi Below, the ordinary person will not leave a single person, you are so vicious!”

The magic Grandmaster’s eyes were red, harsh words and stern looks, and he cursed with grief and indignation.

“Ivy, go and help ‘Shadow Warrior’ deal with the remaining mages in the manor, I’ll deal with it here.”

Harry didn’t bother to talk to the enemy, and arranged for Ivy, Just go up to the sky beckons with the hand, carry the black warrior of wasteland wolf giant axe, and quickly fall in front of the battle.

“呲呲呲!” The black warrior shot like electricity, the axe blade flashing black and red energy arcs was too fast to see the silhouette.

Harry also drew the blood-killing stick, standing opposite the black warrior, one after the other flanking the guard array.

“Demoness Harley, are you really going to kill everything?!” In a few breaths, the Array Grandmaster turned pale, his forehead was sweating, and the rock-solid golden array also began to sway. .

Harry swung a blow to get a critical hit, and the “ka-cha” in the sky was split open.

She rejoiced in her heart and replied casually: “I am the Lord Quinn, this time I will lead all the helpers of Heaven Mountain to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, cut down Monsters, and eliminate Demons. Well, It’s called the eradication of evil.”

“I fought with you!”

Alex’s eyes flashed with determination, and he opened his mouth and quickly recited incantation.

The God force field is working, but the opponent is neither a demon nor an angel. Ordinary elemental magic can only be immune to 99%, and the Array Grandmaster does not seem to be using offensive magic at this time

Harry looked dignified, swung his stick slowly, and was fully alert, ready to meet the lore card of the Formation Great Grandmaster.

Alex Fiercely glared at her, a grin flashed across his face, and inhaled into the sky, the air crash-bang into his mouth, his chest bulging high, “Superman, help!”

“Whoops—” Harry staggered and almost threw herself away.

“Superman, help!” the Array Grandmaster was still shouting, a thunderous voice.

“Are you insane?” Harry understood what he was thinking, sneered: “Even kneeling on the ground and kowtow to me is more reliable and less humiliating than calling Superman.”


“Shout with me, hurry up.” Alex ignored her and called to the young and old behind him.

“Superman, help, Demons slaughter my whole family!” the old man shouted in anger.

“Wu wu, Superman, help, Demoness Halle is so terrifying.” The teenage boy wiped away tears and cried.

The old and the young help each other, the sadness and cries, the despair and the tragic atmosphere make anyone who sees it unbearable.

The sarcasm and disapproval on Harry’s face disappeared, gritted his teeth, and increased the frequency of his swings.

“pēng pēng pēng – 啵!” With a critical strike, the array plate cracked again.

“puchi -” Alex spit a mouthful of blood, his face was like golden paper, and his expression was in a trance.

“father!” the boy cried even harder.

“Harry, stop first.”

shouting loudly came from the sky, the sound reached the ear, the red lightning had already landed before the golden light array.

“Ah, Rip Man!” Looking at the red cloak standing in front of him, Alex burst into tears, feeling ten thousand grateful and ashamed.


Superman landed between the black warrior and Formation, and he stiffened to catch the splitting axe with his chest.

The axe with the big door is heavy, but it only leaves a little fire star on Superman’s hard, bulging left pectoral muscle.

“Harry, listen to me.”

Superman turned his head sideways, a burst of heat rays shot out of his eyes, almost knocking down the blood-killing stick in Harry’s hand.

“In the middle of the night, you don’t warm the bed with your girlfriend, and you run all the way to the UK, you have something wrong with your brain!” Harry said angrily.

“Metropolis is a few hours later than the UK, and now the talent lights are on, it’s time for daily operations

I met The Flash a few days ago, I compared his speed with him, he It put a lot of pressure on me and pushed my potential out.

Well, I can now fly at sub-light speed in the planet.

From Metropolis to here, three Less than a second.” Superman explained awkwardly.

Let’s not talk about Harley, even Alex and the others in the Formation showed envious expressions.

Superman never seems to fully realize his innate talent, his strength is only determined by his needs.

How strong he wants to be, how far he can develop his physical innate talent.

“Earth is dying all the time, you are fast, you can save them, there are only goddamn ghosts, people who don’t need help.” Harry said.

“I heard the desperate cry of the child, and the cry of the old man’s grief. They are all innocent people.” At a glance at Harry’s indifferent expression, he sighed then said, “I will not interfere with you and Asia. Master Lex, but please let the others go.”

“Are you sure you want to mind my business?” Harry looked at him firmly.

(end of this chapter)

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