I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 478


Chapter 478 The Death of Superman

Superman said sincerely: “Harry, I know you are not a murderer , there is a reason for raiding this manor today.

Although I do not approve of killing revenge, I will not impose my will on you.

But your enemy is only this one Array Master.

His family and friends are not involved in the Demonness hunt for the squid, nor are they behind the hunt for you.

They are all innocent, Youβ€””

“Okay, I see what you mean.”

Harry interrupted him with a hand up, not even bothering to explain that Alex took the money from Sannomiya The dozens of hell titles that arrived were prepared for family members, and turned directly to the people in the Formation who were looking forward to it, said solemnly: “You know the current form better than Superman, you can’t escape today, but you can’t escape tomorrow, unless Get a promise that I won’t kill you anymore.

I can promise you, as long as you can kill Tearman.”

“Harry, what are you doing?”

Superman complexion slightly changed, no vigilance in his eyes, only puzzlement and anger.

Alex and the others were also dumbfounded.

“I’m in a very bad mood right now, and you all know why. As long as I’m in a better mood, I’ll be happy to make concessions on some small things.” Small things’ accent.

Superman said solemnly: “Harry, you are indeed a Demoness, and you use such absurd and vicious means to play with people’s hearts.

However, you underestimate me too much.

I don’t save people to gain gratitude and worship.

I save them only because each of them is a living life.

Even if the people who call for help simply put I treat me as a tool, and I don’t care.

Even if the rescued people thank me face to face, continue to speak ill of me behind my back, call me a ‘Kryptonian devil’, and even go to the Internet to blackmail me, I I still don’t care.

Because what I care about, has been obtained when I save them – protect life, bring beauty and hope to the world.”

“pa pa pa!” Harry applauded softly, “Well said, worthy of being Earth’s No. 1 superhero, mature thinking, clear goals, strong will, plus God-like power, you are almost perfect!”

She Glancing at the blank-eyed Array Grandmaster, “It’s a pity that there is only one superman in the world, and I’m far from your realm.

If anyone offends me, even if they can’t take revenge on the spot, they will be locked in their hearts. Remember, it will never be forgotten.”

“Superman, I’m sorry.”

Alex’s right hand swiped in the air, opening up the Grandmaster’s unique carry-on space, a few green coins The diamond-shaped ‘dagger’ appears in the palm.

“Kryptonite array, get up!” He shouted in a low voice, and the short dagger “whiz whiz whiz” flew into the air.

The dagger is actually a palm-length octahedral kryptonite, each side is engraved with a rune, the eight runes are lit together, a circle of daggers turns, and the emerald green array quickly forms among the five stones.

“Uh–” Superman was enveloped by the green rune’s Formation, and immediately fell weakly to the ground.

When the kryptonite dagger first appeared, with his speed and reaction, he could have retreated in time, or stimulated heat rays to destroy the kryptonite, but he was so shocked that he was stunned for a while.

In fact, when Formation landed on him, Superman still didn’t come back to his senses.

He absolutely didn’t expect this to happen.

This is unexpected.

Harry is going to kill Alex’s family, Alex desperately asks him for help, he comes, saves them, and then just because of Harry’s words, he requite kindness with enmity ?

Superman is not childish.

He has super vision and hearing, and knows how those he rescues discuss him and his actions behind their backs.

Even if in a few days, Alex joins the demons again and shoots at him, he won’t be too surprised.

But now, Alex’s child and family are right around the corner!

What kind of father would trample his conscience and his own dignity in front of his son?

“Why?” Superman roared in the kryptonite glow.

Alex said dumbly: “You said it yourself, you only care about saving people, and don’t care about the attitude of the person being saved towards you.”

“I don’t care, but You should care, look behind you, your son, your parents and close relatives have to look at you.” Superman said weakly.

Alex body trembled, really looking back.

The 12- or 13-year-old freckled-faced boy had a shocked face and opened his mouth not knowing what to do.

Father and son looked at each other, thousands of emotions flashed in their eyes.

In the end, Array Master father’s eyes were full of helplessness, bitterness and sadness.

He lowered his head, muttered: “It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t covet the title of Duke of Hell promised by the Sannomiya, and I shouldn’t offend Demoness Hallie.”

“You You shouldn’t be coerced by Demoness Harley to shoot at me in this situation.” Superman said with grief and indignation.

Alex excitedly said: “What can I do? If you just kill Demoness, I’ll take my family and kneel and kowtow to you.

But you don’t.

You are only responsible for saving people, but you cannot guarantee our future life.

Demoness is terrifying, don’t you know?

Look at my manor.

If she can find me once, she can find me again.

The next time she finds my house, I can guarantee that she will never give me the opportunity to call you again.

Wait for my family crematorium, you don’t even know we are dead.

Meet the Demones on the second day, I can’t say you guys continue to laugh Yan Yan.

Even if If there is a chance to call your name, you will not come.

We know you too well, as long as an accident occurs in the metropolis, we can tie your hands and feet with no difficulty.

You can only save people, never really protect us.”

Superman wanted to argue, but opened his mouth and said nothing.

“Enough? Is that enough?” The Array Grandmaster turned to Harley and shouted with red eyes, “Are you happy and satisfied?”

Harley turned to Array Superman, who was paralyzed on the ground, raised his chin, “I want to get rid of Superman, this is my request before, and now I have not changed my mind.”

Superman struggled to lift the head and looked at her in shock.

“Really kill Superman?” Alex’s face turned pale, “You have used me, and my cowardice is still low, proving the failure of his idea of saving people.”

Harry said with a smile: “You invented a kryptonite array for Superman, don’t you want to kill him?”

“The kryptonite array is for him, yes, But now, just now, he.” Alex said bitterly: “He came to save me, me.”

“Hahaha, Harry, you still lost,” Superman endured the pain, He laughed and said, “No matter what you try to prove, you have failed.

As long as you spread light, no matter how weak the light or how strong the darkness is, the light can always dispel a little darkness. This is what I insist on. .”

Harry smiled slightly, and waved to the mage: “Put the kryptonite array away.”

Everyone thought she had compromised, and all showed a relaxed expression.

Alex obediently disarms the kryptonite array.

Five kryptonite daggers, Harry was going to walk four, throw them at Dachao, Dachao laughed and destroyed them with heat rays.

Harry threw the last kryptonite dagger on the ground, took a few steps back, her smile became weird: “Alex, I’ll stick to the original conditions, kill Superman, your family Freedom.

You can also refuse, I will leave immediately, and continue to hunt down your family tomorrow.

I assure you that tomorrow Superman will never hear your cry for help.”


“Harry, youβ€”” Superman’s face was full of disbelief.

Harry laughed heartily, “Tear Man, this time you also have the right to choose, choose honor over life, fulfill the family you want to protect. Or, do you love your life more?”


Superman’s face turned cold, “I have other options, I’ll take you.”

Before he finished speaking, his silhouette disappeared instantly, turning into a red lightning that shot towards Harry.

“chi chi chi!” seemed to have anticipated his actions. Two meters in front of Harry, seven or eight fence-like vines suddenly grew from the ground.

“bang!” The Superman stumbled, smashed the vines, and fiercely fell to the ground.

His bare, exposed skin again had greenish-brown markings of kryptonite poisoning.

It’s a vine.

The joints of the vines show a little green fluorescence.

“Damn, there’s kryptonite everywhere!” Superman groaned and moaned as he lay on the ground.

“hahaha” Harley was amused, “Even the Gotham gangsters understand a truth, don’t expose your weaknesses.

You are better than a gangster. The Lord is much more intimidating.

Anyone who doesn’t want to be intimidated by your Iron Body will try their best to catch your weakness.

And what do you do when you catch me Use?

Will you kill me?”

“I’ll lock you up until you promise to give up the pursuit of Alex’s family,” Superhuman said.

“Even the Origin Wall can’t lock me up, what are you going to use to lock me up?

And, Superman, you have to figure out that I’m the official!

You idiot hero, you actually want to shut down the official?

Didn’t wake up.” Harry said with a smile.

“Tear Man, are you alright?” The freckled boy ran over worriedly, trying to tear off the vines on Superman.

“I didn’tβ€”uh!” The relieved smile on Superman’s face froze, he lowered his head, and saw that a diamond-shaped green dagger had been inserted into his heart.

The blood gurgled down the blood trough, staining the boy’s hands red.

The boy’s face became grim and contorted.

Harry brows frowned and looks indifferent.

The freckled boy is also a mage. He squatted in front of Superman, hooked his fingers with his right hand behind his back, and the dagger on the ground silently fell to his palm, delivering a fatal blow.

Like an antelope hanging its horns, it’s as neat as it gets.

“Why?” Superman asked with difficulty.

“chi chi chi!” The boy looked fierce and angry, and fiercely stabbed seven or eight times, killing Superman directly.

“You are so stalwart and bright, and my father and I are so humble and lowly, why.” He gritted his teeth.

“pa pa pa!” Harry applauded softly, “good boy, promising!”

“I killed him.” The freckled boy held the dagger and stood up , looking straight at her, “I killed Superman.”

Harry nodded, “Well, you killed Superman, you are crazy! You guys go, take my promise, from now on I will I won’t be bothering you again. Carlisle, cancel the Space Imprisonment.”

Alex looked at his son with a complicated look, but his face was visibly lighter – this world, this world, murderous Vicious is better than cowardice.

No nonsense, Array Master immediately opened the space door and disappeared without a trace with his family.

“Really let them go? Array Master doesn’t matter, his son seems to be a tough character.” Ivy came over, frowned.

“I’ll keep my word.” Harry said.

Carlisle leaned over to check, cry out in surprise: “Harry, Superman is really dead.”

“Put the body away, we’re going to leave.” Harry road.

“Really dead? Do you really want him dead?” Carlisle shuddered.

Ivy said: “That kid is too thief, too ruthless, I didn’t even react.”

“I have other arrangements for Superman. A few days ago, I developed a The new skill – playing dead, just used by Superman.”

“Can you play dead for others?” The corner of the priest’s mouth twitched.

“End the business here first.” Harry took out the communicator and ordered to the younger brother: “Let the prisoners take you to the library and the secret room, and evacuate the books and Magical Artifacts.”


Half an hour later, a ‘thief’ who was proficient in finding secret rooms called out on the communication channel, “BOSS, I found a naked man.

He is not an ordinary man, because he was The golden array is imprisoned, it seems to be the ancient prisoner Divine Formation you said.”

β€”β€” Imprisoned by the Divine Formation, is it Spiritual God?

Harry was puzzled and rushed over without asking in detail.

Since she was ready to loot a lot, Harry certainly wouldn’t really kill all the people in the Strange Ring Manor.

But none of the surviving steward and servants knew about the secret room hidden under the underground warehouse.

At the entrance of the basement, Little Gibbs said solemnly: “Boss, in my experience, this door has not been opened for at least ten years.

In other words, the man below at least He’s been locked up for ten years, but he’s not dead.”

Well, he’s the grandson of old Harley’s old courtier, old Gibbs.

Old Gibbs died of a stroke after drinking four years ago. Little Gibbs did not have the innate talent of his grandfather’s ‘bag inquiries’, but joined the ‘Gotham Shadow Warrior Alliance’ and grew into a warrior.

“The array has been running for ten years without anyone running?” Harry was suspicious.

You can walk along the narrow and old stairs to the bottom of the secret room, and indeed see the splendid array of prisoners.

A pale man without clothes was sitting inside, and the Formation was running automatically, without the Array Master maintaining it.

“weng!” Harry was about to step forward to ask, when the Dream Stone in his chest suddenly glowed brightly, pulling the rope to float up. Prisoner array.

The man lifts the head, with rays of light shining like stars in his eyes, “How could you have my dream stone?”

“Your dream stone, youβ€” “Harry pupil shrink, lost his voice: “Are you the Sandman who has been missing for many years?”

(end of this chapter)

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