I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 479


Chapter 479 The Sandman of the same fate as husband and wife

β€œYou know me?”

Pink dream power wear After passing through the prisoner god array, he came to the man and was sucked into his nose and mouth.

The Ancient Prisoner Divine Formation not only imprisons the magic of miracles, but also suppresses the physique of the imprisoned.

Even if Spiritual God enters it, he will be too weak to stand up, such as Omani who fell into the battle with Harley that day.

Another example is this black hair man.

He had previously slumped on the ground, listless and weak.

At this point he stood up.

The phantom black robe is faintly discernible on the body surface, like a voltage-unstable 3dprojection.

“I haven’t seen you before, but I know your elder sister’s death and ex-wife Calliope, and I’ve heard rumors of your disappeared, dream kingdom in turmoil.”

Halle looked him up and down, just like her sister’s death, pale skin and long shaggy black hair.

However, although her sister died in a gothic girlish style, her body was full of joy and vitality, and she had a very cheerful personality.

There was a gloomy look on the man’s thin face.

I don’t know if it’s because of the dull and melancholy nature, or because of the change in temperament after being locked up for a hundred years.

“Is the Dreamland in chaos?”

Sandman froze there, whispering softly, “That’s right, it’s been almost a hundred years.”

“Are you really the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus the Sandman?” Harry confirmed again.

– Sandman is a serious Supreme Existence!

Dignified is the highest, is it too exaggerated to fall into this situation?

The last time his ex-wife Calliope was imprisoned by mortals naked for decades, it has set the Spiritual God’s lower limit.

Now he personally helps his ex-wife to relieve the embarrassment, and is promoted to “the most shameful Spiritual God” with a stronger and more irrefutable attitude.

The Sandman didn’t notice her complicated emotions, just stared at the gem that still exuded the power of dreams on her chest, and said softly, “Thank you for saving me.”

He The ability to stand up depends on the power of dreams absorbed from the Dream Stone.

The Stone of Dreams was originally part of his origin.

But he was trapped in the Divine Formation, and the Divine Force disappeared, and nothing could be done.

If Harley blocks, he can’t draw energy from the Dream Stone either.

Harry looked left and right and asked, “Only the Dream Stone, I’m afraid it can’t help you break through the Divine Formation. How can I save you? There is no Array Master, why does it keep running? ?”

“Give me the Dream Stone back, okay?” Morpheus asked.

“cough cough, let me be clear, this dream stone once belonged to you, but you gave it to Calliope, right?”

Sandman nodded .

“Then your wife’s ex-wife, she” Harley looked strangely, mulling her words, “she, like you, was imprisoned by men naked for decades”

Sandman emoji Calm, without any emotion or shock.

Halle felt an urge in her heart and wanted to ask: Have you two offended the ‘God of Imprisonment and Discipline’, so both of you were locked up by mortals for all kinds of tossing?

“She has suffered a lot over the years, and her divinity has almost withered, so when I save her from the Sea of Bitterness, she feels that she should thank me with the most precious treasure.

She gave me the dream stone, not I picked it up or stole it.”

Morpheus was looked at by her eyes as a ‘good family man who was sexually assaulted’, explained : “The people from the wizard’s brotherhood didn’t do anything to me.

They took off and stripped me, not what you think, trying to desecrate my body.”

“Well, that’s not the point.” Harry was a little embarrassed, did she act so obviously?

Morpheus continued: “My clothes are all Divine Items from Dreamland, which are part of my power. They take off my clothes to strip my power.”

He then pointed to the Stone of Dreams and said, “Give it to me, and I will repay you with a richer gift.”

Harry didn’t hesitate to take off the necklace and threw it in. array .

Even if there is no benefit, for the sake of Calliope and the second sister, she is willing to help him out of trouble.

even more how the other party made a promise as a dream Sovereign.

“Thank you.” The melancholy young man thanked again, and while holding the Dream Stone in his hand to absorb energy, he explained the previous problem: “The reason why the Formation needs to be presided over by the Master is because of the operation process. It needs to consume magic power.

The magic power comes from the Array Master, but it does not necessarily have to be provided by the Array Master himself.”

Harry said strangely: “It’s not you, it’s the maintenance of the prisoner. Divine Formation’s magic battery, right?”

The Sandman sighed then said, gently nodding.

“It’s too miserable”

It’s already miserable and humiliating to be imprisoned by mortals, and then to be imprisoned by mortals in his own power.

Suddenly,’ Supreme Existence is also not so unattainable’ idea, which once again appeared in Harry’s mind.

Well, before Morpheus the Sandman, there were already three Supreme Existences, one after another, breaking the line in front of her.

Lucifer broke the majestic, inviolable mask of mysterious by her.

The boss of God seems to be under the power of angels.

Manhattan Academician is willing to be smitten by mortals for a black girl

Could it be that the supreme being of the dc universe is more down-to-earth?

“Absorb this dream stone and you’ll be free? Do you need me to destroy the array?” she asked again.

“ka-cha!” tone barely fell, and the golden light film over the Sandman’s head, which was upside down like a bowl, cracked.

It cracked together, as well as the magic wood floor under his feet.

“Ah, don’t destroy the array,” Harry quickly discouraged, “you can just come out yourself, don’t destroy the array under the floor.”

Sandman paused, wondering. : “What do you want to do?”

“The Divine Formation of the Brother Society can trap even Supreme Existence, and it also draws the spirit power of the trapped spirit to automatically run. It’s amazing, I want to learn.” Ha. Lily obediently and honestly said.

“There is no need to learn.” Sleeping demonic path: “I will not allow it to continue to exist. When I recover my strength, I will modify the rules from the cosmic level, so that this prisoner Divine Formation specially created for the endless family Completely ineffective.”

After he finished speaking, he made a vigorous chest expansion exercise, and the power of the hazy color exploded from him.

“Boom!” It exploded like a blister, the Divine Formation’s brilliance was annihilated, and the floor all split up and in pieces.

“Abolish a Formation from the level of rules.” Harley looked complicated.

This is the same as modifying the physical constants and abolishing the foundation of scientific and technological civilization.

It’s more ruthless than chasing down an Array Master who understands Formation.

β€œIt’s no wonder that the Divine Formation has never been lost since ancient times, and it can’t be considered many taboo powers.” She sighed.

The development history of the Divine Formation is probably the history of the struggle between human mages and gods and demons.

With wisdom and courage, one party strives to improve the technology to make the Formation suitable for the new Universe Rule, and then goes to the next level to reap the benefits.

Once the other party suffers, they will immediately overturn the table with their mighty power, and use a method almost cheating, with no difficulty, to abolish the life-long efforts of the human mage.

“You saved me, how should I repay you?” Sandman’s robes dragged on the ground, like a graceful Young Master, completely no longer in the previous embarrassment.

“How are you going to repay me?” Harry asked rhetorically.

The Sandman was silent for a moment, then said, “I can grant you a request within my power, and I owe you a favor.”

“How did you figure this out?” Harry said curiously.

“Your act of saving me by accident is considered a favor to me, and you can make a request.

I took your dream stone, and I should also make compensation, but The Dream Stone is only worth one favor.” Sandman indifferently said.

β€”even the kindness is so clear and straightforward, the Sandman is a strangely decent person.

Harry put a label on Sandman in her mind and asked, “I don’t know you very well, what do you think I would need?”

“I don’t know you either? .Or, write down this account first, and then come to me in the dream after you think about it?” Sandman frowned.

Harry was about to be nodded when suddenly a thought moved, “Can you master the dreams of everyone in the multiverse? Just like my sister’s death masters the death of all life.”

“Your sister?” Sandman raised his eyebrows, that’s my sister!

Harry seriously nodded, “My second sister and I died at first sight, and she has now become the kindest and best elder sister in my heart.”

There is nothing wrong with this sentence. , even in front of the second sister, she dared to say so.

The Sandman was stunned, “didn’t expect you and the second sister to have such a good relationship, it seems that meeting you today may be fate.”

Endless The seven brother sisters in the family are the fate of the eldest, the death of the second, the Sandman, the destruction of the fourth, the desire of the fifth, the despair of the sixth, and the frenzy of the seventh.

the name speaks for itself, and they all, like their names, represent a fundamental force in the multiverse.

The Boss Fate holds the real Book of Fate, which is said to record the fate of all people.

The Sandman thought of his big brother from his second sister, and then he said it might be fate.

“You think too much, I have already jumped out of my destiny.” Harry said proudly.

“No one can escape fate.” Sandman shook his head in disapproval.

“Hey, you can go home and ask your big brother.” Harry smiled complacently, and quickly withdrew his expression, said solemnly: “You haven’t answered my question, can you master all living things, including The dream of the devil and the Demon King?”

Sandman indifferently said: “My big brother controls the fate of all living beings, and my second sister controls the final destination of all life, and I am no exception. There is no one person’s dream, Can escape my control.”

Harry brows frowned, she hasn’t forgotten her fourth defense feat!

β€”β€” ‘Nightmare Power’ Defense Specialty, Level 1, immune to 50% “Evil God” attack, immune to ‘Nightmare Power’ attack.

The power of this nightmare is completely different from the power of the Sandman.

When she holds the Dream Stone in her hand, she can sense the power of dreams inside.

But the choice given by Sea of Consciousness Evolution Supreme Treasure is to absorb energy and unlock new defense feats instead of evolving the fourth defense feat that has already appeared.

For example, she used the origin of Satan to activate the third defense specialty, and the origin of the devil, the power of God, and the origin of the little black beans are all strengthening the third defense, because all the powers have the same sect.

“I’ve met an Outland Demon God who mastered the ‘Nightmare Power’.” Harry repeated the ‘Evil God’ thing.

The Sandman suddenly said: “That is also my domain of power. There are eight Divine Domain dimensions in the multiverse, all of which are symmetrical in pairs, heaven versus hell, heaven versus underworld, creation versus apocalypse, and dream versus apocalypse. Nightmare.”

“You mean, the owl Evil God is your servant, borrowing your power?” Harry frowned.

The Sandman shook his head and said, “Most of the dreams in the fifth dimension come from the mental projections of the creatures in the four-dimensional universe. Can you say that I am borrowing your power?

If I didn’t guess. Wrong, the owl Evil God in your mouth does not come from outside the multiverse, but outside the material dimension.

It is also the sixth dimension above the spiritual hell.

The thinking of the four-dimensional creatures, projecting to the Nightmare Country of the fifth dimension.

The nightmare of the fifth dimension, and then projecting to the sixth dimension.

Some Sovereign of the sixth dimension, maybe The power attribute is stained with part of the nightmare attribute.”

Harry thought for a while and said, “I want the greatest dream power you can give outsiders.”

(End of this chapter )

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