I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 481


Chapter 481 Superman Returns

“You are right, some things are hard to tell right from wrong, but life is only once, It’s the most precious thing.

There’s nothing wrong with saving lives.” Clark muttered.

Having said that, his tone was far less firm than before.

“That’s exactly what I want to say to you. You only have one life, cherish what you have at the moment.” Harry pointed to the two women who were crying on Superman’s corpse below, “They lost the most precious thing and no one saved them.”

“Harry, I’m not dead yet.” Clark excitedly said.

Harry said with a sneer: “What if I’m really the vicious and insidious person you call me?

Your soul can be sold to hell for money, your Iron Body is the best The material of the corpse puppet, while the corpse is not cold enough, can extract the bone marrow and germ cells, clone another torn man

If it is not me, but one of your enemies finally comes to the grave. Smoke, thinking reaches my realm, using the same method to let you die a fool, what do you do?

What do you do with your old mother and lover?”

“For justice, I’m not afraid of sacrifice.” Clark exclaimed.

“This goes back to the previous topic, did you really sacrifice for justice?

If you succeeded tonight, I didn’t say anything and was directly forced to Your power, let those people go.

Second day, I will go after them again, because they summed you up, made me lose face, I was annoyed, and used more cruel methods to kill them Tortured to death, is your persuasion tonight meaningful?

Or, on the third day, I was targeted by the Demonness hunting squid again, and the son of the Array Master dedicated the father’s prisoner Divine Formation to the Demon King , causing me to be captured and brutally killed, is your behavior tonight considered to be taking the side of the evil-doer?”

Harry hasn’t let him go, “Do you know what the worst outcome is when you come to persuade tonight?”

“Isn’t it bad enough now?” he said with a bitter smile.

“Certainly not enough,” Harley smiled grimly. “If I were Alex’s son, I wouldn’t stab you at all.

Of course, I’ll stab you, too. But only stabbed you, deliberately broke down and cried after being exposed, while crying and telling the demoness’s very ruthless viciousness and the fear of demoness in my heart.

Then, I will tell you about the situation of my family β€”β€”Even if you are rescued tonight, you will definitely be called by Demoness tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Demoness.

The power of justice in your heart is surging, bursting with potential, rushing over to detain Demoness, Make her promise to stop ‘killing innocents’ in the future – you seem to have already done that.

Unfortunately, Demoness isn’t easy to mess with, you fight for 30 rounds.

etc You savagely beat Demoness down, and I went over to help you, pierced your heart with a knife, then picked up the corpse of Demoness, held your dog’s head, and laughed wildly.

You said, this way The ending is terrifying or not?”

Clark shuddered and said with a shudder: “It’s not like this, you and I are not that stupid, I can still judge whether a person is lying by heartbeat and pulse. .”

He didn’t quite believe it himself.

In fact, he had long distrusted heartbeat’s way of judging the truth of language.

Because he has met too many serious liars recently.

Like Harley.

“It’s a pity that kid is not of enough rank after all. If he really does what I say, I don’t mind pretending to be dead and accompany him in a play.

And then let you suffer more. It’s a big blow, and I can also fight back in the last wave, and I’m in a good mood.”

Hali slapped her mouth, her face full of regret.

“I just want to save people. Is it wrong to have such a simple goal?” Clark said bitterly.

“There are so many people in the world who need to be saved, and you can’t save them all. Why did you come to stop me from revenge?

There are many ways to die.

As long as there are natural disasters and man-made disasters, you can save them casually. After saving people, you can only gain gratitude.

Vendetta, or group conflicts caused by interests, you’d better avoid them.

There is no right or wrong, once you are involved, it will no longer be black and white.”

β€œI heard many calls for help, and I responded first to the one with you”

β€œ Do you regret it now?” Harry said curiously.

“If I say no regrets, won’t you give me back my soul?” Clark asked rhetorically.

Holy Mother Harley didn’t say a word, the big slap on the door directly stuck on his head.

Clark only felt a Bai Yushan suddenly pressing on top of his head, his consciousness blurred for a while, and he fainted.

This is not the material realm, the Holy Mother aperture pulls the souls of the two into a “Holy Mother realm” similar to the shadow realm – the divine law in the Holy Mother’s radiance, the projection in the Lingbo Hell.

A virtual Divine Kingdom similar to ‘Holy Mother’.

Therefore, the Harley in front of Clark is not what she really is. She has a Holy Mother aperture on her head, and her body is ten meters tall. Her image, temperament, and clothes are also very different from her own.

The thinking dimension seems to be nonsense for half an hour. In reality, only a few breaths have passed. Martha and Louise are still crying sadly on Superman’s corpse.

“Don’t cry, I was wandering in heaven just now, and I met Holy Mother and chatted for a few words. Holy Mother was touched by Superman’s spirit of ‘not afraid of being smashed to pieces, leaving only hope in the world’, and decided to give it to her again. He has a chance.”

“What chance?” Louise’s eyes were hazy, a green snot crossed her lips and hung under her chin.

“The chance of resurrection! Just like Holy Son Jesus, he returned to earth from heaven with the mission of redeeming mankind.” Harry said solemnly.

“Holy Mother, resurrection?” Martha’s eyes were red and swollen, and her expression was blank.

Carlisle leaned into Harry’s ear and whispered: “You pay attention to the influence, in case they spread it around after the incident and let the City of Silver know that you are swindle under the guise of Holy Mother and Jesus, I’m afraidβ€”β€” “

“Who am I lying to? It’s the ‘Holy Mother’ who wants to save Superman.”

Harry pushed him away and walked directly to Superman’s corpse, facing him pale and cold His square-faced lightly patted twice, patted his crooked head upright, then put his thumb between his eyebrows, and said loudly: “Holy Mother Mary, please use the mighty power of God to bring Superman back to loving him. beside him.

Hail Mary, please teach Superman to be more cautious and careful in his choices in the years to come.

Superman, come back Come back to the world with the blessings and teachings you received from Holy Mother!”

Masha stopped crying and looked at Harry blankly.

β€”β€”How come the dignified and decent ball-guarding hero in the past looks like an unreliable goddess now?

Louis stopped crying and frowned, thinking that Harry’s words seemed to have a special meaning. Could it be that Clark’s death has no hidden meaning?

Father Carlisle covered his face with his left hand, unable to bear to look directly.

Ivy looked with keen interest pleasure.

“β€”β€”” Silently, a brilliant holy light suddenly exploded between Superman’s eyebrows.

The holy light is strong but not dazzling, and everyone around can see a faint illusory shadow falling in the holy light, overlapping with the body of Superman on the stretcher.

At the same time, the bloody wound on Superman’s chest also jumped a little golden light, and the wound’s naked eye healed visibly.

“Omg, God has appeared.” Martha covered her mouth and exclaimed, looking happy.

“It’s Holy Mother,” Harry reminded.

“Holy Mother Mary bless!” Martha was kind, and immediately crossed her chest with a face full of piety.

“Uh–” Superman groaned and opened his eyes weakly.

“Clark!?” Louise’s face was full of unbelievable joy and anxiety.

“Louise, mother.” Superman opened his eyes and said weakly.

“Holy Mother mercy!” The two women prayed together, tears streaming down their faces.

Haley laughed meaningfully towards Superman, so she took Ivy and the priest and said goodbye to the three.

“It’s getting late, why don’t Miss Quinn stay at the farm for one night?” Seeing her son come back to life, Martha finally regained her air of being the hostess of Kent’s farm.

“My spaceship is fast, I can go back to Gotham in a few breaths.” Harley declined.

When the owl airship disappeared, Louise helped Dachao back to the bedroom and asked in a low voice, “What the hell happened tonight? I think it’s weird between you and Harry.”


“How did she explain my death?” Clark asked.

“A magical gang called the ‘Justice League’ seeks revenge from another magical gang called the Brother Society. Brother will be defeated. Call Superman. You persuade the Justice League to let the Brother Society go.

The Justice League blames you for meddling and has issued a bounty – whoever takes your head will get a promise from the Justice League.

Brother will take advantage of you and use a kryptonite dagger Kill you in exchange for the promise of the Justice League not to chase them anymore.”

Louis stared at Clark and concluded: “It sounds incredible, the enemy this time is too cunning, but if they If you do that, with your style, you will probably suffer a big loss.”

“Harry didn’t lie.” Clark said with a bitter smile.

Louis frowned: “She just said, Holy Mother taught you in heaven, and told you to face every choice carefully in the future.”

“This” Clark hesitated Nodding, “I did meet a guy who looks a lot like Holy Mother.”

Louis seriously said: “Clark, I think you really need to adjust your style going forward.

It’s not that you are not allowed to save people, but there are some things that are not so black and white that you are not suitable to participate in.

For example, vendetta between gangs.

For example, country to country The friction and conflict between the two”

Clark muttered: “Let me think about it again”

“Harry, wasn’t it the Lay on Hands that was exchanged from the voice of the sky just now? holy light The kindness and compassion in it is unique, and it doesn’t feel like Lay on Hands in the past.”

Queen Manor drawing room, Carlisle hesitantly said.

“You’re very sensitive.” Halle said with a smile: “That’s the power of Holy Mother.”

Carlisle looked tangled, “Holy Mother is no longer in heaven.”

“Have I told you before?” A milk-white, pale-gold divine splendor light appeared on Halle’s head, “Zed gave Holy Mother’s ‘millennium cultivation’ as a gift Give it to me.”

“I know, but… have you become the new Holy Mother?!” the priest shouted with a contorted face, “The Lord is above, the beautiful concept of the Holy Mother is going to be broken. “

“The Holy Grail is defiled, and the Holy Mother’s perfect image of ‘virgin, innocent’ has long since disappeared.

Now let me change to ‘Battle Saint Mother’,’ The characters of the double-knife Holy Mother’, the laser gun Holy Mother’, and the interstellar cowboy Holy Mother’ cannot be said to be able to break out a new Heaven and Earth.” Halle said with a smile.

Carlisle subconsciously fantasized in her mind that the sympathetic Holy Mother statue in the church was replaced by a charismatic Harley, holding a blood-killing stick, or a double knife, or a laser gun, or an alien. spaceship

He shuddered and immediately stopped his reverie.

The pictures were too beautiful for him to think about it.

“You merged with the Holy Mother Huiyin, won’t the City of Silver hold you accountable?”

“I still want to hold the City of Silver accountable!” Harry said angrily: “Holy Mother His beliefs are all over the world, and there are a lot of Power of Faith gatherings all the time. He is a big taxpayer of the second only to Holy Son in heaven.

But the city of silver is too dark, and before the tax was drawn 90%, only the remaining 0.2% of the faith power is given to Zede, and now I have directly cancelled my account in the City of Silver, stingy.”

(end of this chapter)

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