I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 483


Chapter 483 Luther’s Jealousy

Harley had anticipated what happened to the Alex Gilbert family.

The benefits and threats of the ancient prisoner of Divine Formation are too great, even she is afraid, even more how others?

I guessed they wouldn’t end well when I let them go.

She didn’t allow them to end well either.

To forget the bar, isn’t it just to spread rumors?

Just didn’t expect them to be devastated that night.

“Who gets the secrets of the Divine Formation of the Ancient Prisoners?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know, those Grandmasters have changed their makeup and breath.” Scorpion Demon said.

“It’s all about Earth’s magic Grandmaster?”

Scorpion Demon Demon, “I can’t recognize Grandmaster, but I’m always counted by demons, not even human, demon, otherworldly The creatures are also indistinguishable, and they all speak English.”

“Earth has only those Grandmasters, can you guess who they are?” Harry asked.

“I don’t dare to guess, but since it’s Grandma Demoness, I’ll guess Mr. E and Talaraq.” Scorpion Demon sound transmission.

Harry said playfully with a smile: “They seem to be the ‘Upright Sect'”

“So they are masked to hide their breath.”

After letting the Scorpion Demon get out of the way, Harry followed Bobo back to the bar, and was about to ask about the metallurgical mages of Senagaon when she heard a few alien mages whispering not far away, talking about Superman.

“We’re going to step up and catch Superman’s soul before it’s gone.”

“Which Superman?” Harry couldn’t help asking.

The big-headed doll alien wizard with yellow toad skin glanced at her and said timidly: “The last Kryptonian.”

“Where are you going to catch him? Soul?” Harry asked again.

“Go to Lingbo prison near Earth.”

“Why is his soul in Lingbo prison?”

The big-headed mage hummed and seemed not to I want to say too much.

“Come on.” Harry glared at him.

The big-headed mage shrank and said in a trembling voice: “Demoness, you killed him. Heaven doesn’t have his soul, so he can only find it in Lingbo Hell.”

“Before I Didn’t you hear that? I didn’t kill Superman!” Harry said.

“Yes, Superman is your friend, you didn’t kill him, he was killed by gangsters.” Datou Mage said.

β€œWhat does it mean?” Harry asked Bobo behind the bar, pointing to Big Head.

Bobo Wei: “Harry, you have a lot of adults, don’t make it difficult for these hard-earned soul catchers.”

“Who is buying Superman’s soul? How are you sure there is no superhuman soul in heaven?” Harry changed the question.

The big-headed mage hesitated, mumbled a few words, and simply pulled a few big-headed partners and ran away.

Only the angels of heaven are most sure of whether Superman is in heaven or not. Uriel has been dismissed from all his posts, and he is also locked in the Silver Tower, which is specially designed for angels to ‘think behind closed doors’, and will not be able to come out for at least a hundred years.

But besides Uriel, who else is interested in the superhuman soul?

Halle pondered for a long time, but couldn’t figure it out, she turned to Bobo and said, “Have you recruited a wizard to smelt N metal?”

“I have encountered a few superstars in the North Pole galaxy. capable, but they are not interested in the tedious and boring ‘blacksmith’ work.” Bobo said.

β€œWhere are they?” Harry asked.

“What do you want to do?” Bobo asked cautiously.

“Interest can be cultivated, I help them cultivate interest.” Halle said indifferently.

Bobo said with a bitter smile: “The Forgotten Bar is absolutely safe and reliable, so everyone can come in and have fun and communicate.

If I cheat a guest for you today, I will be here tomorrow. There will be no more customers in the store.”

Harry thought for a while, then said with a smile: “The Seven Demons are the primordial beliefs of Senagaon, and there are still people who believe in them, but there are also clear-headed ones. People hate them, don’t they?”

Bobo suddenly nodded, “You want to recruit Senagans who oppose the Seven Demons as the ‘Seven Demon Busters’?”

” Can you do that?” Harry asked.

“You can try.”

Metropolis, Luther Group.

The elevator for the president goes all the way from the minus 15th floor to the top 34th floor.

“ding dong!” As soon as the elevator door opened, Luther, like a wild boar, rushed to the secretary’s desk in the office and roared, “Mosi, connect me with Quinn. Manor, immediately, immediately!”

Mo Xi frowned and looked towards BOSS, his face was full of uncontrollable anger that had never appeared before.

Then she saw the bald middle-aged man she hated the most — the wizard consultant hired by BOSS two months ago.

Magic magic, she hasn’t seen it yet.

But he stared hard at her face and the sleazy eyes on her chest, which appeared every time they met.

This time was no exception.

With the disgusting feeling that a toad fell into the crevice of her chest, Moxie accompanied Luthor into the president’s office, and reminded softly, “Boss, if you plan to talk to Miss Quinn, it’s the most important thing to do. To get your emotions under control first.

You can get angry with anyone, even Mr. President, but not Miss Quinn.

In every sense of the word, she’s not Someone who can be easily offended.”

Luthor gave her a cold look, but really started to take a deep breath.

A moment later, Mo Xi saw that he was almost calm before helping to make the call.


“Harry, do you remember promising me that you would never do anything to Superman?” Luthor gritted his teeth.

“You’re mistaken, I never said such a thing.”

“After the Krypton invasion, when we discussed cooperation in researching Kryptonian weapons and power technology, you asked I promise not to interfere in any of my actions against Superman.”

Luthor was chewing on a piece of iron, each word full of stamina.

“I’ve said this, but you have recently created superhuman machines and clones one after another, and you haven’t shared these technologies with me? Besides, I didn’t stop you when you made superhumans. ‘ said Harry.

“Biotechnology is not within the scope of cooperation.”

“Mechanical Superman is also biotechnology?”

Luthor hesitated for a moment, and then said frankly: “Do you think He’s a robot, but he’s actually a living human with a mechanical skeleton and appearance.

In fact, you’ve seen him, Hank Henshaw.”

“The man who studies spirit strength Hank Academician of information technology? He uploaded his consciousness into the mechanical body?” Harry was surprised.

“It’s him, but the technology of mechanical superman is far more than the upload of consciousness. Its evolution potential is greater than that of superman. Give me two years, and I can make it surpass the real superman.”

Luthor was complacent at first, but at the end, he couldn’t help but burst into anger, “Harry, you ruined my plans and ideals!

You killed Superman, why did you kill it? Superman?

Or in that way of shattering his hypocritical ideals?”

“Uh, who did you hear that? I didn’t kill Superman.”

“Don’t try to fool me, the supernatural world has spread, you use evil and cunning but exquisite means to kill people and make Superman die.”

Luther was as excited as Goddess Confessed failure, spent years trying to improve himself to meet Goddess’s requirements, only to find halfway through that a hooligan got Goddess’ entire body and soul loser at the price of ‘lollipops’.

Harry said oddly, “Are you jealous?”

She knew it, because the emotion in his tone was too obvious.

“I’m angry!” Luthor said angrily.

Harry happily laughed and asked, “Aren’t you a Muggle, where did you get the news from the wizarding world?”

“You think I’m a fool? I’ve seen magic It’s amazing, and you still turn a blind eye to it?”

“So what? You shouldn’t have magical innate talent.”

“Huh, it’s just what you think, I’ve used meditation now Instead of sleep, one hour of meditation is equal to five hours of sleep, and sooner or later I will be able to activate my magic.

Now, I have the money and can hire a magic engineer consultant who can teach me magic and help me with magic I have overcome scientific and technological difficulties, and naturally I can help to inquire about the trend of the magical world.”

In the end, Luther’s words began to use Shanxi Old Chen vinegar again, and the sour smell could be smelled through the telephone line. , “You’ve made a good major event recently, I’ve heard of it.”

The Demon King, Demon King, Hell, Heaven, Origin Wall, Cosmic Police. It’s a sensation in the multiverse at every turn, and Earth doesn’t seem to be The law restrained her.

Sometimes, when Luther is tired from work, he will be stunned for a moment: Is it too narrow to keep his eyes on Superman?

The world outside is so big and wonderful. Harry can stand on the waves laugh and stand proud in the whole world. He is not inferior to her. Maybe he can do better?

“Actually, you really don’t have to be jealous of me, Superman will always be yours, I’m just his friend.” Harley’s rare harmony, patience and meticulousness, put what she did that night, and what she did that night. The intention, all said again.

“So, you can rest assured, I just taught Superman a small lesson, taught him to understand the helplessness of reality, and to know how to advance and retreat in the future.”

Luther He was even more excited and jealous after listening, “Just because he made you unhappy once, you just do it”

He couldn’t go on.

The sourness and shock in his words, even he could hear it.

But he still couldn’t help thinking – just because Superman made her unhappy once, she followed the beckoned ‘Immortal Flying Over The Heavens’ and killed her.

Superman made him feel humiliated and hated countless times, but he still tried his best.

Now compare Harley’s simplicity and efficiency. It’s like an antelope with horns hanging on its horns, ingenious craftsmanship, and full of sinful artistic sense.

What’s more, she also deliberately did not kill him, and taught Superman’s soul in a condescending and triumphant manner, so that Superman could see the pain caused by his ‘stupidity’ to his relatives. K, this is the highest realm of his greatest pursuit in his life (killing Superman and making Superman suffer)!

What he could never dream of in the past could be done easily in Harry’s hands.

Obviously, that night was a sudden occurance, and Harry wasn’t like him at all, preparing for years in advance and figuring out a plan.

She just adapts and plays on the spot.

Luthor felt breathless, his chest filled with unwillingness, jealousy, and inexplicable anger, about to explode.

Then he shriveled quickly again.

Depression is the best emotional fire extinguisher.

Let the excitement turn into a deep depression and depression.

β€”β€”Is he really not as good as Harley?

“Harry, why are you.” He hesitated, murmured, pondered, “Why is your criminal innate talent so outstanding?”

Harry is somewhat of an unfathomable mystery, and also Very dissatisfied, he said solemnly: “Luther, friends are friends, but if you talk nonsense and slander me out of thin air, I will still be angry.”

“I’m not kidding.” Luther said sadly: “I I am very envious of your criminal art of Superman, and would like to ask you for your experience.”

(end of this chapter)

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