I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 484


Chapter 484 The fatal flaw of Dachao?

“Well, actually, I don’t commit a crime at all, I’ve never committed a crime in my life.”

Harry was embarrassed to hear Luthor humbly ask about the art of crime.

She didn’t forget that Luthor is Superman’s biggest enemy and the character of DC’s first-class super criminal.

Now the number one villain in the dc universe is asking her for criminal skills and experience. Isn’t this insulting that she is also a super criminal?

Oh no, more evil than super criminals, super super criminals!

β€œYour shameless spirit, who has done bad things behind your back, but is full of justice and light, and mingled with superheroes, is also something I admire and envy.” Luther said sincerely .

He definitely doesn’t do as many bad things as she does, but superheroes don’t like him, and of course, he doesn’t look down on them either.

But they have a good relationship with her, and many heroes even take her as a senior hero.

The ability to confuse good and evil and reverse black and white is something that an ordinary person cannot do at all.

For example, he and Superman.

When he was in Smallville, he really liked Superman and regarded him as his Little Brother, but Superman just couldn’t tolerate his criminal behavior.

If Superman is half as tolerant towards him as he is towards her now, they won’t fall out.

Because of Superman’s ‘cleanliness’, the two eventually parted ways, from falling in love to killing each other.

Her crime can be more than a billion, but Superman is her good friend. The two are also ‘flirting’, you persuade me to be a good person, and I will teach you to understand by killing you” The right way to be a good person.”

Thinking of this, sour water began to boil in his stomach again. It should be him, Lex Luther, who came to teach Tearman to be a man in this way!

“Halle, is that the reason for your original family and upbringing?

Your family is full of fraud, deceit, violence, depravity.

Your life Gotham, is also the evil capital of the world, so you can achieve what you are today?”

The more he said, the more certain Luther’s tone became, “Ai, I am different, father is a destitute scientist , mother is a small town woman who has received a higher education, and her hometown Smallwell has a simple face like a superman.

In such a growing environment, my criminal innate talent is not as good as yours, and it seems to be very scientific. “

Finally found a scientific and reasonable excuse for his inferiority, and Luther’s mood became lively and relaxed again.

Harry’s face darkened, “I don’t want to compete with you in crime art. Superman is not dead, you can continue to practice your art with him.”

She hung up telephone.

Luther still refused to let her go, and immediately called back.

“Harry, listen to me, I really want to share my experience with you.” Luther said eagerly, “We are friends too? I’ll ask you for help this time.”

“Ai, I really don’t have much experience, I never thought of dealing with Superman.” Harry said helplessly.

“I don’t believe it. Your way of dealing with him is so savage and vicious. How could you have not thought about it in advance?” Luther said firmly.

“Superman is my friend. I have thought about my plan to kill my friend. Isn’t my brain sick?” Harry asked.

Luther glanced at the Caipao Mage who was playing on the mobile phone on the sofa opposite, and thought to himself: In the supernatural world, who doesn’t know that you are crazy and can’t make assumptions with common sense?

“Are you purely dive light flashed?”

Harry sighed: “It’s just a coincidence, who knew that Alex would call Superman before he died, who knew Superman It’s really coming?”

Luther said: “Your on-the-spot reaction was an inspiration, but you should have considered the weakness of Superman’s human nature earlier, right?”

“Neither, because his weaknesses are too obvious to consider.” Harry said.

Luther gritted his teeth secretly, what was she implying?

β€”β€”Superman’s weaknesses are so obvious that they don’t need to be considered, so why does he fail repeatedly?

Harry must be secretly taunting him!

“Harry, I also understand the weaknesses of Superman and good people, but I’m not one of those unstyled ordinary people.

I don’t just want Superman to die.

Hijack a villain who is ready to commit murder in a dark alley, stuff his belly with kryptonite bullets and high-explosive bombs, and hang him on the roof of a building in the Metropolis. When Superman comes to the rescue, press the bomb switch.


The cost is only a few hundred dollars.

But that’s not my purpose!!

I I want more, I want to prove that Superman is not a god.

I want to break the human superstition about him, as well as his position of aloof and remote, like God – to bring hope to mankind.

Fake, human beings do not need his false hope, human beings need a smart and rational hero like me.

I want to declare to the world that human beings have enough wisdom and strength to protect themselves, no Need a red cloak with a curly forehead to be our god.” Luthor excitedly said.

“I can’t seem to help you, your ideals are too big (changed) big (status).” Harry sighed.

“But you’ve already done it.” Luther said in frustration, like a deflated ball: “You prove his ideals and persistence are a joke.

His Death isn’t heroic at all, it’s like a third-rate joke.”

“I didn’t think about it too much, I just wanted to hit him,” said Harry.

– I’d rather you think a lot and plan for a long time. I worked hard, and finally succeeded once, instead of doing it casually, I achieved my yearn for something even in dreams.

Luther scolded and said sincerely: “If Superman is tired of teaching and does not change, and continues to interfere with your normal revenge actions in the next days, what will you do?”

“Isn’t it? He’s not an elm knot head.”

“His iron head must be harder than an elm knot.” Luther said resolutely.

“Then repeat it again, anyway, I don’t lack kryptonite daggers, and my revenge object doesn’t lack an ungrateful, sinister and cunning heart.” Harry said casually.

“I’m afraid Superman won’t trip over the kryptonite vines twice.” Luther said.

“In addition to the vines, I also have the Kryptonite Formation that I have seized, and there are two versions of the red sun beam, scientific and magic, to ensure that Superman will come once and throw once.” Harley laughted.

Luthor is tempted to say that the Metropolis Superman fanbase has used kryptonite and red sun generators long ago, but they’re all in Blackgate now.

“Is there any other way?” he asked.

“Of course there is. It’s actually very easy to deal with Superman.”

Luther was shocked, and quickly asked modestly: “Tell me.”

“Have you noticed that Superman’s powers are superhuman, but his mind isn’t superhuman at all?” Harry asked.

Luther frowned: “Although I think he’s hypocritical, ordinary person likes him very much.”

“Hey, your perspective is still too low, Superman is who? A typical American, the child of an American farmer, received a Western-style education under the most orthodox Christian doctrine.”

Luther looked thoughtful, but still couldn’t grasp the point, and couldn’t help but be anxious, “So what?”

“So, he has all the shortcomings that Americans have. The shortcomings of American values are also loopholes in his thinking.

If I really want to deal with him, There is no need to kill at all, and there is no need to punish him.

Just let him show his true colors in front of the world and show his true face as a ‘American country’.

How much the world people hate America, they will hate him even more,” Harry said.

Luther hesitantly said: “It’s true that Superman was educated in the United States, but his thinking has long gone beyond the boundaries of the United States.

Superman should be a benchmark and hope for all mankind, naturally He is confined within the framework of U.S. interests.

In fact, he is extremely disgusted with U.S. first.

He and the Manhattan Academician who helped the U.S. military fight Vietnam are completely two types of people.”

“Luther, you’re a super confidant!” Halle praised.

“However, you are also American, and naturally you will make a big mistake – you will subconsciously think that the universal values of the United States are really correct.

In short, the United States Things that people don’t think are right, like the Vietnam War, Superman certainly won’t do.

But what all Americans think is right, you and Superman instinctively think that’s right.”

“Harry, what you’re saying is a bit reactionary.” Luthor narrowed his eyes.

“Are dissidents more sinful than super criminals? In fact, we are now discussing how to ‘sully’ a pure human god, and this topic is reactionary enough.” Halle said with a smile.

“You give an example, how to do it.” Luther said.

Harry smiled oddly, “Like.”

Ending the call with Luthor, Harry immediately called Clark Kent’s cell phone.

“Where are you?”

“I took two days off to help my mother repair the house in Smallwell.” Clark paused, then hesitantly said: ” I proposed to Louise and she said yes.

My mother was very happy and decided to rebuild the old house.”

“Congratulations, you should thank me, right? I let you see the truth in adversity.” Harley laughted.

“You make us understand that we need to cherish the present and the people in front of us, but Superman’s thoughts and actions will never change. Superman will never fail the ‘S’ in his chest. On Krypton, it represents hope!” Clark said solemnly.

“Oh, you really have an iron head,” Harry smiled indifferently, “I’m calling you to remind you, be careful recently, Luther is going to deal with you underhand.”

“He never gave up to deal with me.” Superman’s tone was not very good, and he seemed to be still complaining about the suspended animation.

“Take care.” Harry hung up the phone decisively.

Two days later, Superman reappeared in the Metropolis, saving people from misery and suffering, and received numerous compliments.

On the third day, he heard someone calling Superman in the far east.

He thought of Harry’s warning.

But after hesitating for a moment, he went from his heart.

On the north-south tidal-fresh border.

A group of North Koreans trying to smuggle to South Korea are spotted by warriors guarding the border.

The intimidation of soldiers with guns and the cries of women and children in the crowd formed a tragic scene.

Superman is coming.

Suspended in mid-air, the red cloak pulled out the pennant of freedom in the wind.

He looked down at his soldiers with dementia, and said solemnly: “Let them choose their own lives freely.” (ps)

He speaks English, but the chiefs of the soldiers can listen Understand.

Conflicts inevitably break out.

Superman still didn’t kill anyone, he just broke the soldiers’ guns like sugar cane, the heat ray destroyed the approaching armored vehicles, and stunned those who attacked him.

Then he said to the group of ‘refugees’ who were huddled together, full of fear and anticipation: “You are free.”

Someone among the refugees used a mobile phone to film the whole process , and upload it online.

On the third day, refugees on the US-Mexico border called for Superman.

That night, several countries in the Middle East that were invaded by the United States and targeted by the United States all had victims calling Superman.

A week later, Superman suddenly disappeared from Metropolis.

No one cares about his whereabouts except those who happen to be in distress and long for Superman’s rescue. Now everyone is scolding him, and he hides, just to prove that their swearing is right and it works .

“Superman is arrogant and domineering, very ruthless and vicious. He is provoking the Korean state, and he is Midi’s lackey!” Attacking soldiers in an attempt to provoke war.

“Superman is ignorant! Who does he think he is and can decide the national policies of other countries? Is he randomly putting foreigners into the country’s borders and using the laws of the Republic of Korea as a decoration?” South Korean press officials criticized loudly at the press conference .

“Superman is not as good as a beast, but he actually took action against the soldiers who guard home and defend the country!”

The Washington Military Times sternly rebuked Superman for interfering with two American soldiers in Afghanistan against local youths The woman’s ‘normal body search’ resulted in one serious injury and one mental trauma.

“Superman is the evil accomplice of the Mi Army!” After Superman rescued the U.S. citizens detained by the **X organization, resulting in the XX organization losing hostages and being slaughtered by the rice army, the XX organization Chief-In-Charge in the peninsula The TV station complained with blood and tears.


(ps: The plot of “Saving” North Korean Illegal immigrants belongs to Supergirl, I forgot which cartoon movie it was in, Superman has done a lot too Something like that.

No matter how great the setting of Superman is, he is always the protagonist of the comics written by the Americans, and always has a strong American three views.

How many people don’t like it In the United States, how many people should not like Superman.

The most typical example is “Iron Man”, Tony Stark is too popular with the audience, and the praise of “mortal body, comparable to Spiritual God” is also He is widely recognized.

Celestial netizens, including myself, also love him very much and regard him as a hero.

But is Iron Man really a hero?

He put on Mark Battle Armor and went to Afghanistan to fight against the XX organization. It seemed very righteous, but the problem is that the war in Afghanistan came entirely from the United States, and he never had any bad views on the American army who started it, but hated it in his own homeland. Afghans fighting guerrilla warfare.

These three views.

Many superheroes in American movies cannot be deeply analyzed. Once analyzed, they can see in their hearts An editor and cartoonist with purely American positions and values.)

(end of this chapter)

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